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When is it airing where I live?

In the U.S. and Canada, it premieres on March 31st on HBO, and will air every Sunday after that over its run. In the U.K. and Central Europe, it'll air on April 1 on Sky Atlantic and various versions of HBO (plus C-More in Scandinavia) and will air every Monday after that over its run. Other countries without these options may have different times.
Is this a miniseries? How many episodes is it?

It is a full series of 10 episodes.

Why is it called Game of Thrones?

That's the series title. The first season does indeed cover the first book, but the concept for future seasons is that each season will equal one book, more or less.

Official Links:Why can't I see the thread I started?

We want this forum to be as spoiler-free as possible for those who haven't read the books, and we've found that not everyone follows the rules of "no spoilers in the thread title." So to prevent that from happening, new threads will require moderator approval before they go live.

How should I treat spoilers in posts that go beyond the spoiler level?

Please do not spoil the fun for those new to ASOIAF by posting stuff from later in the series unless you use the spoiler code. Those who do not comply run the risk of having their comment edited or deleted by one of the mod team.

How to I create spoiler code?

[ spoiler ] Spoiler text here [ / spoiler ]
If you take out all of the extraneous spaces, you should end up with

If you wish to test the functionality of this before you make a long post, head on over to the official testing thread.

Is "Topic Preview" spoiler-free?

As of right now, NO, it is NOT spoiler-free. We haven't figured out how to keep spoilers out of the "topic preview" function. If you're worried about spoilers, steer well clear of topic preview.

What happens if the show catches up with the novels?

Nothing. The executive producers have a broad sense of where GRRM intends the story to go, and can always ask him for more details. They're fully prepared and able to continue on on their own without new novels to guide them.