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Loras *Spoilers*

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#1 Defeatarion


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Posted 31 March 2014 - 09:03 PM

Hi guys, I'm new here. Ok straight to the topic. Me & my cousin were talking theories on if Loras has actually gone to Dragonstone as reported. I know some people believe he found something there or that he has taken the fleet to fight the Ironborn. I feel it's something bigger than that. No I dont think he's AA or a Targ, but I think it could be game changing. I think the Tyrells have made the decision to help the Reach vs the Ironborn, then to take Lannisport/Casterly Rock. I haven't seen anyone say anything like this but what do you guys think? A blow to the Lannisters would be huge. And there's no doubt the Tyrells are scheming. I understand the current situation would make this theory a stretch, but as we have learned through this great series; anything can happen.

#2 40 Thousand Skeletons

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Posted 31 March 2014 - 11:02 PM

This theory has been discussed. The general thoughts I have read are that Loras isn't really that hurt, because only Tyrell people said he was and we don't trust them, so he currently commands all the royal forces because Cersei gave him the command how dumb of her (remember how eager Loras was to rush to his death?). He definitely could have taken Dragonstone without the need to put himself in danger, it was only held with a light garrison.


Going along with that is another theory that says Aurane Waters is working for the Tyrells (he stole the Lannister fleet if you recall), and that would mean they control the royal army and navy leaving the Lannisters totally screwed.

#3 The Mountain That Flies

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Posted 31 March 2014 - 11:12 PM

To the OP, welcome. Glad for you that you've got someone in your family you can discuss things like this with.


While I agree a lot of things surrounding Loras' "burning" are very suspicious, I doubt the Tyrell's are actively plotting to full-on attack the Lannisters. This would be unnecessary since they already control Tommen, the Lannister army is a shadow of what it had been at the war's beginning, and Tywin (the most dangerous member of his family) is long dead. Attcking them gains the Tyrell's nothing they don't already have, and with Stannis still active and JonCon rearing his head, they're not going to watse forces on vanity missions.

Realistically, Loras' ploy was to free up the forces of the Reach to fight the Ironborn, and that's it (though I'd bet money to say it was his sister's idea). My main curiosity is how long is the deception supposed to last? Eventually Loras will have to show up again, and horrific burns should leave at least the tiniest bit of scarring.

#4 Shebara


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Posted 01 April 2014 - 02:03 AM

I don t think it is so unrealistic for the Tyrells to plan an attack vs. the Lannisters/Casterly Rock.


Cersei has ruined the peaceful union Tommen/Margaery Lannister/Tyrell by her plotting and intriguing against Margaery. The Tyrell (well Margaery is no stupid little girl!) knew that Cersei wanted to get rid of her (and of the Tyrells) and if they wanted to stay in power they had do something.against it.....better now wait until Tyrells get shoved out of KL but attack instead before anybody can see it come!


The honor of Margaery and with that the honor of house Tyrell has been severely put into question.


Last not least:don't forget: Kings Landing is a spiders net, with Varys the spider at the very center of it. Varys wants war between the Tyrells and the Lannisters...and I think he has enough to whisper into Tyrells ears (especially into Loras ears who loves his little sister....) to get those ears hot enough for Fire and Blood.

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Posted 01 April 2014 - 02:10 AM

I think going on the offensive is not the Tyrell style. They like to win their wars with charm. Renly was an exception possibly, however in that case they had all of the Stormlands and Reach together to make their bid and it looked like winning numbers. Arguably they did charm Renly who they thought could win so that counts.

As for Loras, I agree he may not be injured. But if he is with Aurane Waters it would surprise me. UNLESS the Tyrells are about to side with fAegon. Because I am pretty sure that Aurane stole those ships to help fAegon.

#6 Greymoon


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Posted 01 April 2014 - 05:15 AM

WARNING crackpot... The theory was nice while it lasted, but I've just read (didn't remember that) that Satin appears in Clash already. Anyway, still posting just because it took me so long to write it all down ;) and the idea was nice.... such a shame really!


I don't think it works with the timeline, and I believe we do see Loras in Kingslanding sometime after the Battle of the Wall, though I'm not certain since the timeline is often tricky when moving from the one Pov to the other and here, it's spread over two books...nor do I have the patience to read through all that again -- the thought was nice as long as it lasted, though. So I'll still post it, who knows, maybe someone can manage a proper argument in favor for it?


Here it is:


Loras = Satin, he did go to Dragonstone, or near enough to make no matter, but didn't actually lead the attack -- instead he changed course swiftly, as soon as he learned about Stannis preparing to move up north. :)


1. Satin shows up at the Wall at just about the same time Stannis does.

2. Many have long suspected that Satin is more than he appears to be. He can read for one. And for someone who is untrained in martial arts he's quite a good archer (Jon remarks on his skill, doesn't he?)

3. the Tyrells have some links to Oldtown. Lazy Leo comes to mind -- there being a link would make any backstory more believable -- at the very least Loras is familiar with the Reach.

4. It would even put a spin on Dany's vision in the HotU = the blue rose growing on a chink of wall, spreading sweetness... Satin wears sented oils and what are the Tyrell's words again? Growing strong --their symbol? a rose. Loras is spreading the Grand Tyrell conspiracy north... it would explain also why Satin is always forgetting his duties as a steward, he's used to being attended to, not the other way around...

5. both are very pretty, and have brown hair. Golden eyes for Loras (hazel?), brown for Satin I think, from Jon's perspective (again, hazel?)

6. they are about the same age +/- 18

7. Satin was 'taken' from Gulltown...that's on the wrong side of the continent if you come from Oldtown but surprisingly close to Dragonstone.


White Cloak or Black Cloak, what does it matter? Would Stannis recognize him?



The time line really doesn't work though.... :frown5: