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INFO: Wanted Characters & Recruiting

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Posted 03 November 2010 - 07:28 PM

On the game +cdb/wanted will list the currently most suggested characters. We'll occasionally try to post a sample of where it stands at here in the forums.

If you are a prospective player and none of the wanted characters appeal to you, or if you are a current player who would like to see a particular character in play, please post to this topic as well.

Prospective players interested in PC family members can post here and ask if anyone wants to recruit them for their family. A good idea is to post some general ideas for the kind of character and concept one is interested in.

Current players can recruit for family member, characters otherwise connected to their character or just characters they would like to see in play. Keep in mind that these character suggestions may not have been cleared with the Admin and are not guaranteed to be suitable.

NOTE: If you post a recruiting message for a specific character, try to remember to remove it if someone takes up the character.

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Posted 12 April 2015 - 02:56 PM

Hey, relatively new to the MUSH and was just looking at RP'ing a 'Wanted' character! I'm already at the CGing process, but just wanted to ask last minute if anyone had anything particular in mind for when they asked for the character Ser Jon Roxton. I saw that Askatla thought it'd be interesting to bring a Roxton into play and was just wondering what someone was thinking for the Heir to the Ring. I have a whole write-up already done but would appreciate feedback on what role you think he could play.


Since it's kind of a lot, here's the assets and flaws I've already picked out for him to give a brief overview of the character:

ASSETS:                           FLAWS:

Adept: Sword                    Affliction: Minor (Depression)

Adept: Shield                    Lost Love

Knight                               Defect: Insecure

Skilled                               Rival: Minor (Jaesin Lannister)

His mother's a Lannister so I thought it'd make sense for them to foster him at Casterly Rock. He's around the same age as Jaesin too so I thought there could be a slight rivalry there. I don't know how to mail people in the client yet though, so if someone could help get me in touch with the player who RP's him, I'd appreciate it!