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Some semi-FAQs, from new guests (Season 02 is airing!)

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Posted 02 April 2012 - 07:45 AM

Some additional FAQ:
  • Can I play a Stark? Not right now; our Stark family tree needs some serious updating. Additionally, the game is set in King's Landing, and as we all know, Starks don't often go far from home.
  • Can I play a Greyjoy? Not right now; Greyjoys and other Iron Islanders, similar to Starks, are very hard to get out of their islands! There is the possibility in the somewhat near future of playing an Iron Islander, but we will be looking for players who have some MUSHing experience, as well as who have read most of the books.
  • All of these characters have names and birthdays. Does that mean they're all made up already? No, it doesn't. They have names, parents, spouses (in some cases), siblings, and children (in some cases) to help them fit into the game world. In a setting like ASoIaF, being all on your own without family connections can make politics very difficult to play, so all characters have this basic information already pre-determined. A non-CG'd character is otherwise effectively a blank slate that you can create a history, personality, and goals for.
  • How much code is there? We focus primarily on RP, and certain functions (our rumours system, the jousting/combat systems) have accompanying code. Generally otherwise you RP being highly skilled, middling skilled, etc. in your acts - a character who's competent but not highly skilled at playing harp might pose an occasional wrong note, or seeming to struggle with stretching his/her fingers to catch the next note right on time. This means as well that whether you come in today on a non-CG'd character, or in six months on a CG'd character, you have the chance to compete on an equal level with other characters that may have been around for years, because of how you choose to allot your points, and that not everything is numbers: we focus on RP.

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Posted 29 August 2012 - 10:22 AM

What does Tier mean?

Tier determines CharGen setup. Most characters are IV, with III, II and I having a certian quota.

What is the difference in Teirs, and is that important?

Not much really, it basically detirmines how many points you get in the CharGen setup, certain characters are set up to get more or less with their Teir. Really, though, it isn't the quantity of points, -- as BoD is not a code heavy game and not all about "leveling up,"-- but how you use the ones you have, building a story around that and taking a bit of time to learn more about that skill to raise its point level.

Fleshing out your character's history to properly accomodate what you have for skill/stats is more important than any amount of points, most of what you do is written and not coded, afterall.

As to importance, no, not really. Most of the players here are tier IV's. :)

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