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[Book Spoilers] EP 208 Discussion

The Prince of Winterfell Game of Thrones HBO Book Spoilers EP208

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#541 Buckwheat


    Her Royal Spamness

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Posted 22 May 2012 - 04:56 AM

I honestly do not know what to think of it.

I liked Jaime and Brienne scene, it will be fun seeing much more of it.

Also, the Arya and Jaqen scene was as good as all her scenes till now, and I loved her look when she realised Tywin is leaving and she was too late to wish for his death. A lot disappointed by the lack of the weasel soup, though, I feel robbed of it.

I hated that they gave Robb the lines that Eddard is supposed to have told him about a man being brave when he is afraid. Ok, they left the lines out from the discussion between Brandon and Eddard at the beginning. It is shame, but I can live with it. But giving this to Robb talking to this random Volantene is just wrong.

As is the whole Robb+Volantene romance. She is becoming his personal Ros now. Also, he was terrible to Catelyn, much more than is the books.

I do not care about Asha and Theon much, they were good, I suppose. I loved the scene with Luwin findding out that they were still alive.

Still no House of the Undying? I thought they were going to show it at least 2 episodes ago, and still not?

Ros has a point in the plot now, thank the Old Gods. The thing with the necklace made sense. It was interesting to see Tyrion all concerned for Shae, it really showed that he loves her. But since when can Shae read?

#542 Rapsie


    “People don't want other people to be people.”

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Posted 22 May 2012 - 05:04 AM

But since when can Shae read?

Since the TV forgot the time setting they were in and gave it modern day sensibilities. It seems the TV show has become in parts, what GRRM describes as bad fantasy. http://www.westeros....our_Vancouver1/

#543 Buckwheat


    Her Royal Spamness

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Posted 22 May 2012 - 05:46 AM

Since the TV forgot the time setting they were in and gave it modern day sensibilities. It seems the TV show has become in parts, what GRRM describes as bad fantasy. http://www.westeros....our_Vancouver1/

Gah, that is definitely bad fantasy. The part where he talks about the "cheeky stableboy telling off the princess" reminds me so much of the Volantene nurse telking back to Robb and being allowed to randomly walk into the tent while he is discussing war with Bolton.

I definitely understand Bolton's betrayal now.

#544 legba11


    Hedge Knight

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Posted 22 May 2012 - 05:51 AM

Been ages since I read it, but I remembered Jon and the Halfhand being cornered with no way out, not ever exactly captured. Could be wrong, though.

I'm not sure what the difference between being captured and being corned with no way out by an opposing force is, but in the books, Quorin realizes they are going to get captured, the Wildlings had been pursuing them for days and they were quickly losing ground. He sends the really cool red shirt Ranger to take a sniper's perch and try to hold them off, while he and Jon flee. Once the sniper is taken, he realizes they will be caught, so he picks a cave to make their last stand (and enact his plan to save Jon)

I thought the execution of the infamous dinner with Cersei went off well, but I did SO want to see Tyrion twisting Cersei's arm and cowing her as well as her guards. I personally believed that was such a crucial moment in the book, when he "reached for his father's voice and found it; he sounded cold, uncaring." Instead, Cersei just sits there smiling and says "Get. Out." And so HE is routed! Why are they doing this role reversal? It just makes no sense. Cersei has her sexuality and low cunning, and Tyrion has superior wits. They're making poor Peter Dinklage look a bit like a fool. .

I'm not sure how Tyrion looks like a fool, Cersei is gloating over the trap she sprung on him, and it turns out she had fallen for his decoy. He plays it straight (otherwise it would be revealed as not his whore), and then delivers his killer mini-speech about ashes in her mouth. My non-book fiance said something like, "Go get her Tyrion!" after that scene. Funny how people see the same thing different ways (I don't mean that sarcastically, I find it interesting).

I wanted to add (to my negative review of this episode) that one thing this season has done very well is display two of the things that really highlight how brilliant Martin's is writing in the novels. He takes two generic fantasy situations and twists them with real-world problems. Theon takes a major city with an absurdly small force and a great plan. This happens all the time in novels, but rarely do you get to see the aftermath of "What do you do now?" Theon is as trapped in Winterfell by his dual nature as Bran and Rickon are by their last names. He was raised as a Stark, and trained in military planning (Ned, could have done anything worse to set your kids up for failure? At least you trained Arya with a sword), yet his troops are Ironborn reavers, not soldiers. The show has done a great job of how this mix is not going to be successful. So what can Theon do now? His men simply want to take the loot, rape the women and burn it down. His training says, 'We're at war, we had the major control point of the region, we MUST hold it at all cost, including my own life. To leave it would disgrace me." This story has been a true highlight this season, more interesting than the books even (IMO)

The second one is the classic "Big Clash". Stannis is about to attack KL. We don't like Stannis. He is not a good man/ Even this week, when he gives a very redeeming speech to Davos, he ends it being very unlikable. He is fighting Tyrion, who we all love. The best character on television right now. They could not have done more to make Tyrion more likable this week, adding sadly misplaced love to his resume. However, next week, who are we rooting for? Tyrion is fighting to keep Joffery, the shit-heel of all shit-heels, on the throne. I think this is why they have played up some Stannis's lesser qualities this season. (Plus it will make his face-turn more interesting next season)

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