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[Book Spoiler] The Reeds

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#101 Bloody-Nine



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Posted 04 May 2012 - 05:32 PM

Does this mean Bran is going to eat Osha-paste when he gets to Bloodraven's Cave?

#102 House Snow

House Snow


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Posted 05 May 2012 - 06:37 AM

So they released the summary for episode 10 and it seems like Master Luwin won't be going with Bran. IMO that makes it much more likely that they plan to cast the Reeds for season three.

#103 Storm of Words

Storm of Words


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Posted 05 May 2012 - 10:23 AM

Well. I really hope that the Reeds will appear next season. I really liked them in the books.

#104 Davos55


    Landed Knight

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Posted 05 May 2012 - 10:26 AM

So they released the summary for episode 10 and it seems like Master Luwin won't be going with Bran. IMO that makes it much more likely that they plan to cast the Reeds for season three.

What does the summary say?

#105 Direwolf Lager

Direwolf Lager


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Posted 05 May 2012 - 10:35 AM

i didn't even realize

No Tower of Joy flashback from Ned so I don't hold much hope for the Knight of the Laughing Tree either.

Can't even really blame them for cutting the Reeds as much as I like them. Cuts out two extra actors from the budget and they have to be practical about the fact they have Natalia Teena as Osha. She's most likely getting paid a lot of money and brings in name power not just as primarily a film actress but someone from the harry potter films, and yes I know there's at least one person who only started watching Game of Thrones exclusively because she's a huge potter fan and loved Natalia Teena in them. Considering she's the only harry potter fan I know I'm going to assume there are others.

So they're left with two choices. Suddenly start making up a lot of Rickon scenes that never happen in the books to keep Teena onscreen or they have to send her with Bran because it's hard to see them sending off Natalia Teena to not be seen again for who knows how many books worth of the show unless she leaves the series on her own accord.

harry potter fans should stick to harry potter

#106 madman2711



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Posted 06 May 2012 - 02:22 AM

I think she should get sent away with Rickon and with her paycheck we can get both of the Reeds and Ramsay

#107 _Oberyn_



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Posted 06 May 2012 - 05:29 PM

i didn't even realize

harry potter fans should stick to harry potter

I think she should get sent away with Rickon and with her paycheck we can get both of the Reeds and Ramsay

Amen /dunno.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':dunno:' />




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Posted 06 May 2012 - 05:59 PM

the Reeds were a very important part of the books, the idea of jojen's green dreams always coming true adds to the intrigue and mystery of the story,

but if they were to cut the Reeds out of the show, which they have, the thing to do would be to get Bran to the Wall, then have Coldhands take him and Hodor the rest of the way to the three eyed crow, oops, i mean the three eyed raven now, geez, am i right? anyway, that would be the most logical thing to do to sort of stay true to the books, that way Osha can still take Rickon to Skaggos and Davos can eventually be sent by Lord Wyman there to bring Rickon and his wolf Shaggy back to the North,

like I said, this would be the most logical thing to do,

but knowing television writers and network executives, they will probably try to capitalize on the actress playing Osha and her popularity, she is famous for playing Tonks in the harry potter movies, and while i enjoy her acting and don't have anything against her personally, it would be a shame if her and bran and rickon and hodor all went north of the Wall together instead of splitting up as Maetser Luwin suggested before he dies. this means no possible Davos/Rickon storyline all the way down the road when it calls for it in the storyline,

but i don't think the boys behind thrones would be crazy enough to keep luwin alive and have him with one or both of the boys, he needs to die at the end of the season like he does in the book to reinforce the notion that anyone can be killed and no one is safe, if they keep him alive and invent new dialogue and storyline for him instead of delving into other aspects of the books, i just may loose even more of my enthusiasm for the show, for every thing that gets cut from the books for the show, be it large or little, from renly's peach to dany's bloodrider loosing his head, always makes me weep a bit.

#109 Rockroi


    The Rock That Roared

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Posted 06 May 2012 - 07:32 PM

The Reeds are eminently replaceable characters. All of their dialog and additions can either 1) be told by other characters (Osha and Bran) without any loss in continuity or 2) discarded.

The Reeds are perfects characters in a book. In a book you don't have to pay someone to write about this or that character. Therefore, you can enhance the story by adding in a variety of characters and settings without limitation (except if you really stretch it ie: The Iron Islands in AFfC). That all works out very well. Hence, in the book, the Reeds fit very nicely- they add depth and structure; they add perspective and dimension.

In a TV show you have ten hours. That's it. You have to tell your whole story in that strict time frame. You also have a budget. Every actor costs money that can be spent elsewhere. That's reality.

The Reeds are ancillary characters that are utterly unimportant but for their relationship with Bran. Well, if that's the case, can we just add their elements- their supporting rolls- to other charters? I think you can. Bran has picked up very well from what Jojen "added"; Osha is going to do enough for Meera. What can either character do or say that cannot be accommodated for? Nothing. They are strictly supporting characters that have no relevance outside of Bran. I think in that regard their exclusion is a wise choice given the strict limits of a TV show.

#110 White Harbors Wrath

White Harbors Wrath

    Hedge Knight

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Posted 10 May 2012 - 06:48 AM

Another thing is...look at the truncation of the Bran storyline at Winterfell...that's not because they don't like's because there's too many other things going on. What besides Ros would we like them to cut so they could try to explain the Reeds now after the fact?

You've got three episodes left to do it because I don't want them cutting Greyjoy and Martell storylines next season for psychic swamp children.