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  2. That's definitely a creative take on things. I agree that once she's lost her children, Jaime will be the only thing left to take. It's also a fun twist that the YMBQ would be the great-granddaughter of the woman who gave Cersei that fortune. But Jeyne doesn't have to marry Jaime to make this work. All she has to do is convince him to side with her on something. Jaime is already done with Cersei, so finding another lady to champion is a definite possibility if he survives whatever will happen with Brienne and Lady Stoneheart. If Jeyne somehow ends up near LS and convinces her to let Jaime live, he'll owe Jeyne his life and this could get very interesting. Did you know there was another Jeyne Westerling who was wed to Maegor the Cruel? Fun stuff, but hopefully it has no bearing on the current story.
  3. There are some fantastic memes for both sides of the issue in the responses to that Tweet.
  4. Once you answer my question -- 'why is a raven like a writing desk...' -- perhaps I will consider letting you in on the secret... I'm not quite sure what you mean. Are you sure you 'mean what you say' and 'say what you mean'? I just know you like answering riddles with more riddles! Don't feel a fool -- no one is yet to answer Carroll's famous riddle 'why is a raven like a writing desk' satisfactorily! In contrast, GRRM's prophecies are only marginally more transparent...
  5. I feel that's practically all it is, 5-6 WW at a time. I believe we've currently only seen three white walkers die (I haven't seen the leaked episode). Jon, Meera and Sam have each killed a White Walker each. Yet we do constantly see 5-6 despite this so I would say it is more or lews just them being kept in reserve.
  6. Well put. Some people get very angry when they lose a point in a discussion, and go right for personal attacks - usually of the kind we see here. Not sure why really, if their life truly is that amazing and busy, but eh. People will be people.
  7. I don't think you can be legitimized into kingship when the dynasty you ostensibly belong to has ended. But really, at this point it all comes down to who's left standing after everything is over rather than this or that tiny detail. Say Dany and Jon and Cersei and a number of other ambitious lords have all perished, yet Gendry is alive and his parentage is widely accepted (those are a lot of ifs and rather implausible) then I guess it's not impossible that he could end up being King. Currently, Cersei theoretically rules on as a sort-of continuation of Robert after all. IF Gendry survives at all, it's possible that Jon (likely) or Dany (possible) would restore him to the Baratheon line (where he'd be at the top) as Lord of the Stormlands however, as much for "services rendered" as for his blood.
  8. No, its kind of giant lamp, attached to the firmament, shining down on us (with the Grace of Gods Love, if you don't mind me saying so )
  9. Will there be fertiliser porn?
  10. The next egg will be a custom one for my oldest son. This one will have scales.
  11. Idolators.
  12. Wait so the Moon is still the back of the sun, right? Pretty sure I remember all this from Pink Floyd class
  13. Give Bronn 10 good men and some Valyrian swords and he'll defeat them.
  14. bump
  15. Is this merely a theory with no name, or is it also a theory with no theory? Admittedly I'm sleep-deprived (and should be sleeping now) but I seem to be missing something. Shall all be revealed or is the Sphinx the riddle here?
  16. /Catchy tune
  17. in b4 locc
  18. lmao holy shit
  19. shadows are fairly consistently used, in a mythic context, to mean the psychic projection of an individual or of a gestalt. Melisandre has, by her own admission, used up Stannis' psychic reserves. He has no shadow remaining in the mythic sense of the word.
  20. The Bears looked good in the 1st half. Mike Glennon was moving the offense, the running game looks very solid with Cohen, the defense was getting at the QB and making tackles in open space, and Deonte fucking Thompson. What a Kick 6 that was.
  21. So the world seems to be all abuzz with news of this once-in-a-lifetime-event, where the moon will occlude the sun, casting swaths of this country into darkness, and weakening the boundaries between this world and the next allowing denizens of the Abyss to project their will onto the material world. Full occultation will be considerably north of where we are, but we are planning on taking the kids out to a close by park to see it; thanks to the 3D Blu-Ray edition of Cars 2 for the complimentary viewing glasses! Incredible to think this movie came out years ago, how did they know? lol. Anyhoo, as education as this may be, lets not let our guard down and ingnore the dangers it could represent. I personally have seen any number of local (maybe? Were they bussed in?!) at the mall, all decked out in black and decorated in various occult symbols. This gathering can't bode well for the good people of our community, but no one seems to heed my warnings... cluck cluck, never heard of Chicken Little LOL Thankfully, I think there may be a ray of hope. Haha, get it? Lol winky smiley. I have recently been turned on to some very enlightening websites spreading the turth of a "Flat Earth". have you guys heard of this before? Frankly, it has blown my mind! So many things I have taken for granted, the really opened my eyes to. At first I was skeptical, but it's really hard to refute their arguments! Believe me, I tried, but they have an answer for everything, its incredible. And it lines up with many of the teachings of the Gospels. In short, I am feeling considerably relieved now, knowing that the sun will not be totally blotted out, simply a flat band (caused by the disk of the Earth) which explains the fact there is only a narrow belt of the country that will be in darkness (if the Earth was round and the sun was totally blocked, wouldn't the whole planet be darkened? Amazing these guys have thought of everything!) So, basically, my question is, what precautions are you guys taking to guard against these marauding bands of (Visi)gothic teens roaming the country side looking for sacrifices or other occult rituals, even if they are deluded as to the true extent of their power during this time?
  22. The issue is for myself I can say 'maybe' to this, but you don't appear to think it could apply to you. Are you considering it could be you (or even both of us) doing mental gymnastics? Conversations where B keeps treating A as capable of mental gymnastics but B doesn't treat themselves as capable of doing that are pretty damn lopsided affairs...really just a form of gas lighting.
  23. Yeah, it was a shitty thing for me to bring up given the events of the day. I've been in a negative mood of late.
  24. I tried to fucking warn you... First they came for the statues, and I did not speak out Because I was not a statue or something.
  25. I have a variation on that which you might like. Far too crackpot even for my series, besides which it piggybacks on the fine work of another forum member. To the general discussion... GRRM has said that Ashara was at Starfall during the war but "was not nailed down" at Starfall. So yes, she could travel, but traveling safely outside of Dorne would be far too risky. We know she left court at some point, and the rumors of a pregnancy combined with that information do make it seem very likely that she was forced to leave when it was discovered that she was to be an unwed mother. No matter how tolerated bastards are in Dorne, no matter what Elia personally felt about it, the wife of the crown prince and mother of a future king cannot have a woman around her who would go to bed with someone prior to marriage (and not at least drink moon tea to ensure there was no proof). Back to plain facts, serving as a lady-in-waiting at court was something you didn't just volunteer for and leave when you felt like it. Barristan remembers that his choice for the QoLaB would have been "a young maiden not long at court." So Ashara was near the beginning of her service as lady-in-waiting to Elia. We don't know whether ladies-in-waiting were meant to stay indefinitely or were at court on rotation, but the fact that she hadn't been at court long rather points toward her going back to KL or Dragonstone with Elia after the tourney. For the remainder of her time at court at least, Ned is likely out of contention. And given GRRM's statement about her being in Dorne during the war, that means she left court before it started or at the very beginning of of the hostilities. Jon's conception can be calculated in one of two ways: based on GRRM saying he was born 8-9 months before Dany was, or being within a month--two at the absolute most--of Robb's conception. We know Robb was conceived prior to the Battle of the Bells (Riverlands), because Hoster didn't start fighting until his daughters were married. If we could get a good understanding of when the Battle of the Bells took place in the calendar year, it would make this easier, as it is we know that it was the fourth battle of the war, and that Robert fought in it after having fought also in the taking of Gulltown (Vale), Summerhall (Stormlands), and Ashford (Reach) as well. It shouldn't take a huge amount of time to get from Summerhall to Ashford, but the other two trips were probably longer. We also know for certain that Ned was not only present but one of the commanders during the Battle of the Bells. He is not listed as a commander at Gulltown, Summerhall, or Ashford, nor is the North listed as participating in any of those battles. That makes sense considering the size of the North and the distance from all the major battle sites. It would have taken Ned time to get home, call the banners, get the men assembled, and get to the fighting. So from the time the raven arrives in the Vale demanding his head onward, Ned is busy. Dany's birth was nine months after the Sack of King's Landing, at the tail end of the war. So subtract 8-9 months for Jon's birth, then another 9 for the pregnancy. Again, a nice calendar showing us exactly when the Sack of KL occurred would be great. The month of wiggle room GRRM gives can easily be taken up by Ned's ending the siege at Storm's End and getting to the ToJ. If he finds Lyanna about month after the Sack, and she's just given birth to Jon, then Jon is 8 months older than Dany is. Childbed fever can take anywhere from days to two weeks to kill (the longest I know if is twelve days), so GRRM has given a very appropriate window without being exact. Jon can be born up to two weeks before Ned gets to the ToJ and it is within the 8-9 months GRRM said. Whether you believe R+L=J or not, you have to admit it fits beautifully. Sadly this still doesn't give us much insight into what happened to Ashara.
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