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  2. Why is Robertson not being given a run at LB? Moreno, much like Lovren, can put in a decent shift defensively on the odd occasion but has proven to be far too unreliable over a sustained period of time.
  3. Thanks for the response and welcome to the party jump right in. I'll just mention the most important red flags in Tyrion's reasoning. We start with a false premise of Joffrey not knowing Valyrian steel. As LiveFirstDieLater pointed out Joffrey saw Ned being executed with Ice a Valyrian steel blade. He should be at least slightly familiar with it. It's often described as looking different and other characters notice Valyrian blades at first look. Yet Tyrion seems to think Joffrey shouldn't know Valyrian steel for some reason. Tyrion convinces himself that on this alone and then constructs his case upon it. Tyrion misremembers the conversation with the Hound. This is by far the biggest. It could be brushed aside by calling it author error. But I really don't think it is in this instance.To me it seems very intentional. Tyrion remembers Joffrey saying "send a dog to kill a wolf".What he actually says is send a dog to kill a dog. Send Sandor to kill Summer. Joffrey actually had no interest in Bran he just wanted the wolf to shut up. It's Sandor who said it would be a mercy to kill Bran, Joffrey disagrees. Tyrion then rejects his own premise. Even Tyrion doesn't think Joffrey is stupid enough to use a Valyrian dagger that could easily be traced. If we're to trust Tyrion should we not trust him on this point. For me this reasoning is so bad that it seems as if Martin is intentionally trying to to show us that Tyrion is wrong. You raise an interesting point that hasn't been discussed too much, by me anyway. Which is how we read Joffrey's reaction which sparks Tyrion's suspicion. I can definitely see your point of view on this. However, put yourself in Joffrey's shoes. He's just smashed up Tyrion's present and demanded a new one. Tyrion is described as shaking with rage by Sansa, if she can see it Joff can too. Tyrion's come back is to offer him a new dagger. Imagine you are intentionally provoking, you want an argument, a fight but all you get is an offer of a new wedding present. Wouldn't you be shocked? Maybe give him a sharp look and stumble over your words a little in surprise. I think it's fair to say that the scene can be read two ways. Jaime's motive is fine. It's how or more why he gets there that troubles me. Jaime has been feeling guilty about not being able to be a father to Joffrey. These are ASoS quotes of him thinking about being a father to Joffrey. I think it's safe to say that a theme of Jaime in ASoS is thinking about being a real family and a real father especially to Joffrey and then regretting it when Joffrey dies. So it's natural that his motive for Joffrey reflects just that. It's not a keen insight, it's not even about Joffrey, it's about Jaime's regrets. Then we have the Cersei lie or the Martin mistake in that chapter. Where she tells Jaime that she had a conversation with Tyrion about the dagger which as far as we know never took place. It seems as though this is author error or it's intentional. If it's intentional then Cersei is lying and trying to pin the blame on Robert. When that fails she mentions Myrcella which makes Jaime think of the children which steers him to Joffrey. He starts the conversation thinking she did it and through her manipulation he concludes that it's Joffrey. It could of course be another author error there's no way to prove it either way or it could have happened off screen. It's just that Tyrion never thinks about this conversation when he's piecing things together or after or ever. There's just too many mistakes too much faulty reasoning. If you discount the evidence that is wrong or fallacious we really are left with nothing that implicates Joffrey.
  4. ok here is my 2 cents...first i voted..and there was a clear yet cunning clue which deserved it, in my not so humble opinion. that being said i thought iwas the perfect clue for dany...she avoids getting burned because the words about the eggs was wrong and her decision was corroberated when she not only lived, though her clothes burned, but the eggs hatched in dragon...the ultimate gargantuan...however once i knew that was wrong, i went knew the hound and/or the mountain were the only other characters that could credibly be described with that word. i have an issue with a different clue...and without naming it, i will just say i thought theories and forum speculation were not to be included in our clues. i think and will be glad to be proven wrong, that a part of this particular clue was based not on the text but on a fan theory. ah well...
  5. Help, I've been shrunk and pixelated. I don't even know what I am anymore.
  6. Murkowski declares her undying love for simple minded libertarian bull crap. She also, whether she knows it or not, has a problem with Medicare. Hope she's upfront about that with the people who elected her. And then confusedly likes the idea of universal healthcare, but then has no idea how to achieve it.
  7. I truly believe that loyalists to House Stark will be in control and Rickon will be their figurehead as he is still a minor, Davos will sort of be his defacto Hand. Along with Glover.
  8. I have not been to this site in a while and just happened to check in today and saw that about 7 hours ago, Castellan quoted something I wrote almost two years ago. How did you even find this thread (rhetorical question -- no need to answer). To try to answer your question, the "eye button" is a button on the toolbar that appears above this text box. In other words, while I am typing in this text area (the toolbar only appears while someone it typing in this area), there is a tool bar that appears above the text area -- the buttons start with "B I U" (for bold, italics and underline), the next set of buttons are symbols -- the first is a supposed to look like two links from a chain (to symbolize inserting a link), the next button is a closed quotation mark (looks sort of like this -- " and used to put text into a quote box), the next button is a set of "carrot-style" brackets (looks sort of like this -- <> and used to insert code), the next button is a smiley face (used to insert emoticons) and the next button looks like a human eye (an oval with a filled-in circle inside and used to make text "hidden content"). After the eye button, there are a number of other styling buttons (I won't continue to bore you with a description of the remainder of the buttons -- hopefully by now, you tried to type something in the text area at the bottom of the screen and found the toolbar, including the eye button). So the "eye" button can be used by highlighting text (typically by using the mouse to move the cursor to the beginning of the passage, holding down the button on the mouse and moving to the end of the passage and then releasing the button on the mouse -- there probably are other ways to highlight text as well but I think that approach is most common), and with the text appearing on the screen as highlighted text (don't click anywhere else in the text box as such an action will "un-highlight" the highlighted text), using the mouse to move the cursor over the "eye" button and clicking the button on the mouse to activate the hidden content feature. The highlighted text should become hidden content that can be seen only by clicking within it (by using the mouse to move the cursor over the hidden content box (which will become a hand) and clicking the button on the mouse). I hope that helped -- let me know if you have any follow-up questions (although I cannot promise when I will see it as I might not be back here that soon as there is not much interest on this board at this time for obvious reasons). Either way -- please let me know how it goes, as I am curious whether I have been able to answer your question.
  9. My initial shock was thinking it referred to the one scene but that the wording didn't refer to Sansa instead. That would have been pretty poor wording. After noting it referred to a second scene, it's less poor wording and more the typical unexpected reference that the author didn't anticipate. Even I, the best and near infallible player of this game, have made clues that inadvertently refer to other characters, clues that are too vague and clues that are just bad. It happens. Clue 3 isn't the worst clue, tbh. Not our best round as clue makers.
  10. The guy once had his helmet ripped off during a game and still ran for the first down ... in the PRE SEASON! He used to not cash game checks if he felt he hadn't earned them. He's a fellow lawyer! And he's the guy who, during the NFL - official's strike - said after the Green Bay- Seattle debacle on Sunday Night Football said: "... everything about the NFL is inelastic for demand. There's nothing they could do to hurt the demand for the game. So the bottom line is, they don't care. Player safety? Doesn't matter in this case. Bring Division III officials? Doesn't matter. Because in the end, you're still going to watch the game, we're going to all complain and moan and gripe and say there's all these problems and all the coaches will say it, the players will say it — it doesn't matter. Go ahead, gripe all you want. I'm going to rest. Let them eat cake." The guy is a fucking stud. Oh and he threw 6 TD passes in a Superbowl, son Superbowl MVP and is a Hall of Famer. But, seriously, lets hear Dan Founts try to talk about the inelastic demand of the NFL.
  11. Klopp better get rid of Moreno in Jan.Moreno is a bad player and will always be a bad player no matter how much Klopp coaches him.Can't turn shit into gold.
  12. The Tyrell and reach military might have not suffered much so I guess Euron is there to bleed them. Whether he gets a dragon or not remains to be seen.
  13. Tyrion was in charge of cisterns and drains at Casterly Rock in his youth. Maybe he could know a passage to enter Casterly Rock in secret (like Daenerys took Meereen) when he returns to Westeros. I don't expect a Lannister civil war because only Cersei remains.Most of them are missing/dead/too young and there are more to come (R.W vol.2, Aegon's invasion,etc). I find it easier that Cersei flees King's Landing when Aegon takes it and makes Westerlands her independent kingdom.
  14. Call me Hemingway. Guesses:
  15. Gonna be watching this tonight.
  16. I LOVE TRash! EVERYTHING DIRTY OR DINGY OR DUSTY! EVERYTHING RAGGED AND ROTTEN AND RUSTY! I love it because IT'S TRASH! I also love X-ray. The rest of y'all are here because of my Oscar percentage. X, if you weren't here I might not still be a human people. Xoxo.
  17. All of this. X-Ray is my favourite.
  18. Hmmm, I suspect it's velocity is too low for that. The ecliptic is also highly inclined to the galactic plane, so the high angle compared to the ecliptic wouldn't be unexpected for an interstellar object.
  19. Hello, It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet
  20. X-Ray is the most amazing person, a kind, intelligent, snuggly, cat and bird lover, death metal, kick your fucking ass, tattooed warrior queen.
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  22. I'd say bb, too, but indigo is quite deep blue, so... a polygenetic trait, apparently
  23. X-ray - You are who I aspire to be if I could just manage to be I little cooler. (I can’t, so I’m stuck with looking up to you). Thanks for the Birds, the gin, and the flaming sword of righteousness wielded justly.
  24. Yeah, they do not mention TPtwP in the show, when it comes to Aemon and Rhaegar. They do mention for Jon and Dany though. Melisandre thinks is Jon, Kinvara thinks it's Dany. Now in the show, they never showed that part of Dany's vision (and other parts as well) but the name Aegon for Jon is a bit strange. If this is GRRM idea, then, I'm thinking it is possible that Rhaegar is speaking to Lyanna and not Elia. One of the reasons is also cause when he's speaking about his son, it is clear for Dany that he's speaking to the woman. But when he says "there must be one more", she isn't sure to whom is he speaking to. To the woman in bed or to Dany? I find it interesting that she isn't able to tell that part. But it might be very well a ref. to Jon, and since his parentage is still a mystery in the books, that's why that part is ambiguous as well. p.s. I will always call him Jon.
  25. I stick to this site for asoiaf stuff - it saves a world of time. No matter, I like the theory already; it chimes with what I've been reading in Kevan's chapter: Cersei is attended by moon maidens, and her fire is quenched. (It's an ironic twist that it's feared she might corrupt the girls, when in fact the Moon has corrupted her.)
  26. I think you could say it has a negative view of Christianity but remember the family were kicked out from their previous community for being so strict so I see it more as criticising evangelical Christianity that is oppressive and rigid and miserable I understood it fine but I'm British an Def agree subtitles would have helped a LOT of people with it
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