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  2. I agree entirely. But with everything we know about the way attitudes towards college have shifted among Republicans in recent years, the steady drumbeat among Republicans to always cut taxes lower, to make up for the resulting budget shortfalls out of education budgets, how they feel about liberal arts education, and their desire to privatize schools as much as possible or, in some extreme cases, to abolish public education altogether, etc., etc. It all makes me ask why would anyone be shocked by this outcome? This was a pretty predictable step towards the eventual Republican endgame for education for a long time now, and transparently so. It's so predictable it's almost up there with "the sun will rise in the east and set in the west tomorrow." So my question isn't why oppose it, or why one would think it's a horrible move, but why be surprised by the development?
  3. Luckily for his lawyers, Trump isn't actually paying for them. The RNC and Trump's 2020 campaign are paying.
  4. I'm wondering if that'll actually be the case. There don't seem to be many people who put their reputations before Trump as it is; they're all seen as corrupt now by everyone except his (fairly small compared to the USA at large) base. For whatever reason, time and time again Trump throws people under the bus and people keep volunteering to jump next. He even has lawyers working for him despite a well-known history of not paying up. His current lawyer was never reimbursed for $130,000 paid to Stormy Daniels and still works for him. Maybe his charisma is compelling, or he is excellent at getting idiots to follow him, but Trump has an endless supply of people to do his bidding.
  5. Well I don’t like peanuts or peanut butter anyway so hard pass thanks
  6. The good thing is, at least it isn't about TWOW ('cause he promised that he won't be cryptic about it). So, probably about something super important, like, dunno, "Wild Cards" or football.
  7. Ha, fair play. It's certainly fair to say the Russians are in denial about the brutality of their recent history. But he who is without sin and all that, all nations have their skeletons, we are hardly clean in that regard. We've had a bad relationship with Russia for so long. I just feel like WW2, this is something we were allies on, this is something we both feel great national pride over, this should be a positive for our relationship.
  8. Because education and inquiry should be valued and fostered. Turning Universities into mere training schools is just sad.
  9. Whoah, whoah, whoah, I don’t consid... nevermind
  10. Second Dance of dragons? From Aegon's viewpoint it is "trying to avoid being fucked by aunt's dragons"
  11. Of course it is. When used by a prominent politician, talking about a serious political matter, especially given the current geopolitical climate, it absolutely is. Say Hitler, and Auschwitz, extermination policies, and genocidal total war instantly pop up as primary associations in public consciousness. I am really not clear on why you pretend otherwise. He's really not. There have been many, many dictators, autocrats and totalitarian leaders that we have to be careful to compare to Hitler as some kind of shorthand. Even going back to WW2 era, was Mussolini like Hitler? How about Franco? Petain or Quisling? Shall we talk about Saddam Hitler, Assad Hitler, and countless other little Hitlers (maybe current Saudi leadership wrt Yemen)? Pinochet Hitler, Salazar Hitler, Calero Hitler and Chamorro Hitler, and on and on and on. It's silly, counterproductive and ultimately meaningless.
  12. @Castellan I have been trying to send you a new PM but a little message comes up saying you cannot receive messages.
  13. You might add the Turtle Soup confessional to the noxious soups, although it was not lethal. Tyrion was risking death by mocking.
  14. Yes, this site mostly consists of weirdos. I tend to quickly click onto some other tab if an adult family member walks by while I'm indulging myself here, out of instinctive embarrassment. I'm a grown ass man, after all, obsessing away about fantasy characters and fake worldbuilding arguments. There must be a name for this condition. I don't think it's entirely normal.
  15. I Loved this episode, again. This season has been my favourite since season 1 so far. Major’s wrestling brain was hilarious and the dance off was great. Also liked That I was correct on the open relationship thing, but that they are also highlighting that these things aren’t all always easy. Filmore Graves really is a reprehensible organisation though. It’s...troubling seeing Major carry out their orders.
  16. Aren't we the weirdos then?
  17. I think he missed the word 'not'. The sentence, even without the missing word, suggests that he has not seen any evidence.
  18. Thats a good idea. Maybe he finally does a cameo and didn't want to spoil it.
  19. Considering the travel stuff it might be connected to the Nightflyers series or the GoT sequels. He writes his books at home, and unless he no longer has, you know, internet, he can tell the world from his home that he his finished some book. As he did in the past.
  20. Given that I'm Polish, I don't actually need a lecture on holocaust survivors, but thanks. And no, it really fucking doesn't. If you think it's impossible to refer to Hitler without previously going 'hmmm I am going to make this reference on purpose to damage someone' then I really don't know what to say to you. Is it possible that that's what happened? Sure. Do I think Austin went into the meeting going 'hmmm what comparison can I make that'll cause the loudest international incident'? I really fucking doubt it. Like I say, it's the obvious comparison when you're talking about that use of sporting events. In any case, when your state commits chemical attacks on other people's soil, in my view you lose any right you had to complain about them calling you names, and if you don't want to be compared to history's most famous dictator, don't be a fucking dictator. Not every Hitler comparison is about the very worst things Hitler did, unless you think anyone who calls their boss a 'little Hitler' is accusing them of genocide. He's a shorthand for totalitarianism overall.
  21. As long as I still get my cheese.
  22. Today
  23. Really? Can you provide a quote? (I doubt it)
  24. I agree. Discussion about delicious popcorn can only feed one for so long
  25. I don't see it. And not just b/c the abomination sorta did that w/ a massive dose of saccharine and no guilt for St Snowflake. I don't think Jon will die, but that doesn't even matter here. I believe he will be changed by the experience, but not a different person altogether. I can see the character becoming 'darker', ruthless, implacable. But not anything like you suggest. When Jon read the PL he chose love. He killed the boy, and chose love. He will be even more determined to save as many as he can, and his ruthlessness will be directed at those who try to oppose him. But to just use Rickon as bait, or simply "let him die" as if he now is bff w/ Selyse? Really, really don't see it.
  26. I will say this for it, the visuals are stunning (film quality for television), but everything else looks like crap.
  27. Maybe in Belfast, Northern Ireland, observing shooting of last episode, or celebrating with the show-crew the end of filming?
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