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  2. Catelyn was killed in her own PoV
  3. Yea, no me gusta. I'm pretty sure I made a similar post last year, but games like last night are the reason why KU always wins the Big 12. They don't drop games they should win like that. I have watched TCU play a lot this year and I know that they are a good basketball team, but the fact remains that 8 games in, they are at the bottom of the conference and WVU is at the top. You have to win those games if you want to stay in the hunt. I wasn't too bothered by losing @ TTU or losing to Kansas in Morgantown (though WVU really blew it against KU) because you just are going to take a couple losses to the top half of the conference in a double round robin. But games like last night... that's how KU ends up 2 games ahead of the pack.
  4. they idea that there is no law at all is not true, we actually hear of a unified code of law introduced by jaehaerys I. The World of Ice and Fire - The Targaryen Kings: Jaehaerys I Where his grandsire, King Aegon, had left the laws of the Seven Kingdoms to the vagaries of local tradition and custom, Jaehaerys created the first unified code, so that from the North to the Dornish Marches, the realm shared a single rule of law. Now how faithfully it was executed by the Lords of the realm that is a different matter, and here i agree that there is a lot of room for the Lords to maneuver.
  5. Hm some good points, I’m not particularly sold on it myself but I just wondered if there was a pattern there we were meant to notice. I can see the Citadel possibly being a favourable option for some gay younger sons the Night’s Watch does seem rather miserable.
  6. A very interisting thought is: Where will danny arrive in westeros? If we assume she isn t going to start an all out war with Aegon the moment she arrives then dorne, crownlands and stormlands are out. This means she would set sail to either the vale or the north. Then we have moqorro, marwin and maybe gilly sailling to meereen. If these characters talk to danny and convence her she is AA and the others are coming I wouldn t be surprised if she decides to set sail to somewhere north to invistigate the matter... To me the best outcome of this attack for jon would be him being in a coma for a few days because he is stuck inside ghost (he warged into him and doesn t know how to get out) and bran sends him dreams while he is in ghost. Like how to warg back into his body, some history about the previous long night, some info about the others, maybe a clue about lyanna, something about the burst of extra strenght jon seems to have when he is mad... There is a lot of potential here to explore. I think you are forgeting that without mel's pov nobody would think jon might be dead because grrm doesn t kill characters in their own pov. So she was needed for the cliffhanger. One of the things that I have realized is that the major reason for bowen and co attacking jon is because they think they must give ramsay what he wants. So one of the first things he would do if he is succesful in his coup is capture mel, selise, etc... So either mel and company will get away as fast as possible or she will intervene very fast and she and jon allies will arrest bowen and convince the rest of the NW that jon is alive and recuperating. Because if he dies nobody knows what might happen to her and the wildlings (don t Forget the hostages). As long as the new LC is anti wildling (which is very likely) he will also be pro Bolton because the watch can t fight the boltons right now... Either way I don t think jon can stay dead/comatose for a lot of days...
  7. Sunday’s game makes me wonder if teams shouldn’t let their coordinators interview for new jobs until the team’s season is over. Because our offense and defense was not prepared for that game and our OC and DC were fielding interviews all week.
  8. The latest Deloitte Football Money League 2018 So Pool are 9th richest in Europe and 4th in UK.So hopefully we finish 4th and get CL. Anyway,some of the figures from smaller clubs are really crazy!For example:
  9. So is it safe to assume that the former security chief and some others on the ship came with Lorca?
  10. Those are some muddy waters you're wading through. Jon Con is an only child yet seems to have homosexual feelings for Rhaegar. Third sons tend to be surplus and need to earn their own way in life, unless your dad is Walder Frey, in which case you're married off. Joining the NW for a few noble houses is deemed a damn fine idea, and it distances you from any suspicion that you would attempt to usurp. I think that's all there is to it. And there is no evidence to suggest that homosexuals identify the NW as a good place. Most of them are convicts each with varying degree's of felonious behavior in their past. Furthermore, Bowen Marsh, an experienced member of the NW is prejudiced towards Satin for his previous status as a whore. Combined with your points made I don't think there's any plausibility in your notion. Besides, if you want to be gay without prejudice I guess you could just go to Dorne? I don't think they give a damn about who you put what in.
  11. Good point, but i don't know about thousands of ravens if you wanted one for every castle with a maester in the North a few hundred sure but thousands seems a bit much.
  12. Phillys fans have made a big mistake. If they had won gracefully, there would be no retaliation. But Vikings fans are furious at how they behaved, and they have to come to our city now. They should expect equal treatment.
  13. I agree on house Slate, Blackpool there seat as petty kings is probably one of the lakes just above the Rills, since they are with the Ryswells and the Dustins when they burn the Ironborn ships anchored on the banks of the Saltspear river.
  14. Reading this thread just now resulted in an interesting sort of self awareness. Apparently I'm kind of like a Facebook genie... you have summoned me... and I do have phenomenal cosmic powers.
  15. Or rather, 80 Houses which Castle Black has ravens for. Remember, each raven can only fly to one destination, and you will want multiple ravens in stock for the most prominent Houses - those you want to communicate with most often. Therefore practical constraints will likely mean that Castle Black will not have ravens that can fly to every minor castle with a Maester in the North. Else they would need to keep thousands of ravens at any given time in their rookery. Not to mention the ravens meant for all the castles in the South.
  16. Well the power to impress and gain the respect of the citadel is probably closely tied to how rich and powerful a house is, so i think we are on the same page on this one.
  17. I was under the impression that Coldhands couldn't go through the Black Gate, not that he could not cross the Wall. Good catch! I think GRRM has, at some point, referred to "ice wights" (e.g., the black hands etc) v "fire wights" (e.g. Beric and Stoneheart) being different things. I have no idea of what the Gregor monster is; probably something entirely different. Exactly! I think this is a woman who's become good at self-delusion, even better than her considerable abilities to delude others. Her chapter, which showed us her doubts and her bag of tricks, was extremely enlightening. Well, so she thinks. But do we EVER see her outside in the cold for very long? She sits inside baking herself in front of her fires constantly; when you do that, you will stay warm and comfortable for a long time when you go outside into the cold. And even then, she's generally right by one of her huge, wasteful bonfires built to placate the sun god and ensure He will rise the next day. And that's the simple explanation of why she doesn't think she's bothered by the cold. Plus, dressing scantily impresses the rubes. Good catch on the tactile sense! On the other hand, the shadow baby birthing deal may not have any relevance to her age, as it's not at all a normal "baby", and she doesn't take the full 9mo to hatch one. We know that wights CAN. Or at least, they can be transported across the Wall and then reactivated at will. We haven't seen them cross under their own power yet. Interestingly, Jon can't communicate with Ghost when they're on opposite sides of the Wall. But apparently that skinchanger with the bird could maintain contact when the eagle flew over Castle Black. At least, until Melisandre made it crash & burn (or vice versa). Now that was a disturbing trick. Thanks for that! I agree. If nothing else, GRRM has been meticulous in fitting fantastical things into a logical, structured framework. (That's why it takes him so long...)
  18. Good point about the Houses Allied to Roose who might not have ravens sent to them. Regarding House Slate, they were once petty Kings, once held the Wolfsden similar to the Lockes and Flints, and are sworn directly to Winterfell and not to one of Winterfell's vassals. They are a major House of the North.
  19. Is Joker showing signs of being washed?
  20. So if i understand you correctly. Stannis sends 40 ravens (the two score from the quote) but this excludes the houses that he knows to be siding with Roose Bolton and since that excludes half of the major house on FNR's list, this means there are probably twice as much houses with a maester in total for the North. So about 80 houses in the North with a maester, is that correct?
  21. So many great posts in this thread! Jaime killed Aerys because he wanted to; it amused him, just as plopping his arse on the IT did. In Jaime, we have an unreserved and unrestrained character who's not afraid to call BS and you can tell that he's noticed the futility of oaths and honor - 'so many oaths'. He literally disobeys E V E R Y O N E in the story. His father, his sister, both of his kings, Ned too I suppose and when Bran jeopardised his relationship with Cersei he just went ahead and dealt with it. When Robb surprised them at the Whispering Wood he charged out to deal with it. When Tyrion was abducted by Catelyn he went at Ned full steam. He even wanted to make his relationship with Cersei public. He's proud and strong and handsome and I actually agree with Jon Snow's estimations that 'this is what a king should look like'. And Tyrion notes that Jaime 'wouldn't untie any knot he couldn't slash in two with his sword'. The picture we build of Jaime is a proud and defiant one, he's never set up as the dutiful son or loyal Knight. So for us retrospectively, when he see's Aerys ranting and raving, demanding Tywin's head and the burning of KL, it stands to reason that Jaime basically just said nope and cut that knot in two. Perhaps it was naive, or maybe he's too self assured to understand the big picture. Jaime is his own man; he has his own mind and thinks autonomously from Westerossi standards and traditions. He's aggressive in the face of an immediate threat and we see this so many times prior to his maiming, most of which I covered in the chapter above. Barristan who is essentially the poster boy for the modern KG despises Jaime for his actions, and yet serves King Robert all the same. Is that honor? I don't know. I don't think so. Posters on here favor empirical evidence but a rationalist approach is just as valuable as the author essentially wants you to decide for yourself. It's the same with Tyrion killing his father. Can you rationalise Tyrion honoring his overbearing father whom had his first wife repeatedly raped? I just don't believe you can. One last thing, we KNOW what motivates Jaime: Love. His love for Cersei, his love for his brother, his perceived affection for Brienne. These motivations have seen Jaime throw himself into danger with little regard for his safety. I mean he jumped into a bear pit ffs. If you need empirical evidence to tell you that he's chivalrous then there it is! As his love dies, so too does his sense of duty. We see this happen in his relationship with Cersei and Tywin. We see it grow with his relationship to Brienne. Did he break his oath? Frick yeah he did! And for many readers, it's a sort of honor that surpasses the likes of Barristan who'd humbly serve a tyrant purely to nurse his own foolish sense of pride at the cost of so many innocents.
  22. Has everyone heard about how Susanne Colins and her talking stick ended the shutdown!?! I remember when I was in the second grade too.
  23. All i know is that it's by Soderbergh,stars Sharon Stone and is a murder-mystery with unreliable narrator (s). But here's the official synopsis:
  24. Yes, the Republican Party will continue to talk about it's "pro growth market based solutions" and then be completely clueless why everyone else snickers, horse laughs, and rolls their eyes, at their buffoonery. See for instance:
  25. I wouldn't tie it to respect, but wealth(or power) since citadel wouldn't work for free and neither the maesters sworn to a castle would buy all the ingredients out of their pocket.
  26. I have been reading: Prince of Thorns King of Thorns Emperor of Thorns Prince of Fools The Liars Key The Road to Osheim I read these all back to back over the Christmas and up till the other day when i finished. I loved them all tbh and I am sad they are over. I have just started The Name of the Wind as I have heard its great (Although my sister said it was boring and nothing happens).
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