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  2. This. I love the direwolves more, but the truth is the dragons are more important to the story, at least in the tv show right now. If Jon were to be a warg like in the books, then Ghost missing is a huge mistake. But unfortunately that is totally missing in the show. Neither Jon or Arya are wargs in the show, only Bran. So the wolves are sacrificed. They also cost more more, to CGI and to direct. The owner of Ghost spoke about it on reddit. It's a good read. I enjoyed his information about the wolves, and in particular Ghost (Quigley his real name): It’s said that 10 minutes of CGI can cost up to $800,000. That is a lot of money and with wolves the costs are higher cause Jon will not be sitting on a green thing like Emilia. Add to that than this season you had the battles between Euron and Yara, the big one with Dany against the Lannisters, the retarted mission Beyond the Wall and the wall coming down in the end. That means a lot of stunt actors, different camera crews and lots of extras. It is also reported that the lead actors have renegotiated again for season seven and that, thanks to a ‘licensing clause’ that will see them profit from distribution rights, their pay might skyrocket to up to $2 million per episode. Plus, they film on locations. That's a lot of money guys. The unreal cost of making Game of Thrones They have to cut things and it's about making choices. Would rather have Ghost or a Giant? Would rather have Ghost or a Polar Bear? I would rather have Ghost myself, but I understand why they chose a Giant. I don't understand the Polar Bear however. Yeah it was cool but unless you do not intend to use dead animals within the dead army for season 8, then what's the point of spending those money for a one time bear? Useless, IMO. Just D&D acting like kids. lol And no (to a previous poster) the cut scene with Ghost in season 7 wasn't yet done with CGI.
  3. Actually, this had nothing to do with Breivnik, it was another mass murder much earlier. And not all the nations have strong firearm regulations, although they'll generally be stronger than the US. I'm not sure why Norway's death rate by firearms is particularly relevant though (and should have nothing to do with relative populations since it is a rate). The key isn't firearm homicide, its homicide and suicide full stop. That's why the Australian experience is so inconclusive - yes firearm homicides and suicides have reduced, but so have non-firearm homicides and suicides.
  4. There seems to be a lack of economic realism in the books - presumably grrm was not concerned with such..
  5. So, my topic is pretty straight forward, and probably someone has asked it before. However, as I reread AGoT for the fourth time, I wondered why King Robert Baratheon did not mint his own coins, Firstly, from in book sources it seems like each previous King had his face on some coins. Secondly, Robert hates the Targaryens. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it would be realistic or feasable to replace all the coins, but he could have started minting his own coins, or perhaps even reminted some coins he had a hold of. Instead of golden dragons and silver stags, he could have minted golden stags and silver wolves (or silver falcons). For that matter, even if Robert was too lazy or Jon Arryn thought it was a waste of time, what about when Tywin Lannister became the Hand of the King? Coinage has the power to reinforce the current power bloc. By keeping golden dragons, you silently approve the Targaryens as the true top house in your cuture. I would have thought Tywin would have minted golden stags and silver lions (or he would somehow switch this without admitting Joffrey's true parentage). Anyways, I just wondered what people thought. Why didn't Robert, Jon Arryn, or Tywin ever even consider this?
  6. I think Stannis might well fit into the definition of "tragic". His actions caused his fate (assuming he dies, of course... :))
  7. Seems to me ned is tryng to be reasonable here! As much as he can be while his sister is held in the keep behind him and in front of his men He lists all the disasters for the crown...hes pretty much screaming at them the war is over ...theres no reason to do this!
  8. Yup. The great success of the "conservative revolution" was to convince around half of the population to vote against their own self-interest, election after election.
  9. Because in such countries guns are already pretty heavily restricted to begin with. It was already said in this thread that regulations can't prevent all tragedies. No doubt in Breivnik's case the Norwegians concluded that the regulations were not what had failed them and thus that no extra ones would be necessary. Just read about Norwegian gun laws and you'll understand. After all, even after Breivnik's devastating killing spree, Norway's death rate by firearms was still lower than that of the US. Which is remarkable when you bear in mind that Norway's population is sixty times less than that of the US.
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  11. The Reason Why... OK, I forget my classical education, being an old geezer. I've done, now, 25 minutes or so into the clip - his treatment of catharsis... [in the classical sense is interesting and debatable]. The conclusion circa minute 34 or so is interesting, and very arguable, and continues with catharsis. He asserts that catharsis does not actually occur in grrm's works. OK, interesting... The triteness of the TV show is reasonable... Though I have total sympathy for the TV producers since there was too much material early on, and then no material later on. They botched planning the series, and are fully culpable for the last retched seasons (IMO). Ultimately, the criticism that is delivered is that the books, or show, does not rise to the level of great literature in the canon of Western civilization. Vs Conrad, Chekhov, Capote, Cooper (doing a "C" theme here :)) Because... it just goes on, with no over-arching themes and such. That it is a, sad, parody of LoTR, etc... Perhaps too strong of a characterization, maybe - that no character, or character arc, or plot arc has any resolution. Which is a good point, but were still two books out, so... The Reason Why is the title of a book about the horrible history of why, after lots of bits, and Irish folk starving to death, the Light Brigade charged to their death in the Crimean War. That, somehow, sums up my feelings about this review, the books, and the series...
  12. This. There is an italian tv series called Gomorra, one of the best tv series I've seen. There are hardly any redeeming characters in the whole series (2 so far, the 3rd coming on the 17th of november). Yet is beautifully written, so realitstic, and the whole thing done so well (setting, the actors, the music, the direction) that you love it.
  13. 100% agree. If we are using real world standards, then Aegon II being able to bond with dragons disproves the X-linked theory. I don't know how to put it any simpler than that without getting into a pointless argument with someone unable or unwilling to understand. I disagree with this. It is not so much ripping off Tolkien as drinking from the same well of inspiration as Tolkien.
  14. Its the first WS matchup between 100 win teams since the 1970 series of Reds vs Orioles. I'm all in on the Verlander/Altuve bandwagon, Go Stro's
  15. I lurk in this thread sometimes but I usually don't have much to contribute, but today I do have an uplifting story which I think we all need in the days of Trump. I work at a Chinese university and I assist the students with the English and Foreign Affairs clubs. And one of my students in the foreign affairs club organized a conference on LGBT issues and invited me to speak at it. I was very honored that they invited me as a speaker, and I was very proud of them for organizing this at all, in a closed system like China these kind of things are not encouraged and viewed with a bit of suspicion. Anyway we had a nice discussion and had a good attendance of students. We discussed issues Chinese students face and showing tolerance. Especially treating these things a bit more seriously there is little out and out hatred here but being gay is seen as a big joke especially to Chinese boys. I spoke a bit about LGBT issues in America and how while we have come far on some issues America is not a perfect by any means and we still have a long ways to go. I also discussed some solutions to problems LGBT people face in China. Many Chinese parents would be ok with the general concept of someone being gay or lesbian but would be very against it in their own children as getting married and having children is very important here. So I tried to bring up some solutions to show that being gay doesn't mean you can't have a family with adoption and surrogacy and that with these things it is still possible for a gay or lesbian couple to have a family. Honestly I was a little out of my depth, I'm a CIS white male and not as knowledgeable on these topics as many of you all. But I did my best to foster an atmosphere of sharing and tolerance, and also provide a bit of hope. Chinese sometimes think that they will never progress on these issues and so I tried to share that America is not perfect on these issues and China is more accepting now then America was 35 years ago and while the issues faced may be different they can be solved the same way through exposure education and acceptance. Anyway I know it's just a small thing but after being a teacher for four years this is the proudest I've been of my students, and I was very honored that they would consider me as the person to invite to be a speaker about this. I know for me the election of Trump has made the world seem a lot darker and it's nice to know some people are trying to bring some light to the world in places you might not expect.
  16. Yes he does. Not on the wedding night - which in anycase the whole "consent" thing of that night is a grey area - but he rapes her for many nights after that. To the point that Dany even considers suicide. Actually, I think the whole thing made more sense in the show rather than the books. Anyway, her relationship with Drogo both in the show and the books was gross, and it sounds more like a Stockholm Syndrome to me.
  17. No problem. Lol It is indeed about the books though. He starts with the show just as an excuse to speak about the books ultimately. More specifically why he thinks the series will not end.
  18. I only got 8-9 minutes into it before totally losing interest. Sorry I didn't stick around to hear book stuff, so to speak. The books and the shows are very different things, and while paralleling the two in a critical fashion can be good, non-the-less, OP was looking for critiques of the book. Sorry for not having the patience for going the whole 35 minutes... I suppose a transcript would be useful.
  19. How will it affect a Hound/Arya reunion? I think we see here that Arya has left a positive impression on the Hound. He harbors no resentment, and I think Arya will be fine with the Hound in his redeemed role as a warrior on the right side in the great showdown to come. I think theres likely a grudgingly mutual respect for each other as two figures who have both been through a ring of fire of sorts, and are still standing stronger than ever.
  20. Gobbledygook
  21. So reading the news lately I am somewhat concerned about the lefts seeming lack of support for any immigration control whatsoever. After Trump’s election it just kind of happened where now you see a lot of articles bemoaning the deportation of undocumented immigrants. I mean as the law stands people lacking a visa have no legal rights to be in the country unless you change that I really don’t see the issue with existing laws being enforced. I’ve seen articles bemoaning an immigrant being arrested for dropping off their kids, and this one talking about ICE agents arresting people at court. Shockingly the law is enforced at a courthouse. I mean I get what their criticizing that it makes it hard for undocumented immigrants to use the court system, but that’s really criticizing a symptom rather than the problem. The problem is that we’ve failed so much with immigration control that undocumented people need to use the courthouse or are even allowed is the problem. I mean I’ve lived abroad quite a bit and I can’t think of a country where I would be able to go to court with no visa. I’d need to show my passport and with no visa well then I would be deported. I understand the temptation to move somewhere when you really want to without the proper visa. I’ve lived places without 100% correct documentation, and if I was found out by the police I would expect to be summarily deported or at least fined and need to be careful around police. I live in China now and some teachers are working illegally on a tourist visa or without proper documentation it opens them up to exploitation by their employer, but no one says oh they should just stay in China. The answer is to get correct documentation. I mean take a look at this article here, it’s meant to be sympathetic look at the police harassing the brown people. But the reason they are doing it is because those people have no right to be in the country and the job of ICE is to remove people who are not in the country. Many of the articles I’ve been reading on left wing news sights seem to take an issue with this. I get that Trump is horrible and a racist and I get that ICE rounding up families and people who have committed no crimes, but lack the documentation to be here feels very fascist. But every country controls their borders and what many on the left seem to be passively advocating although I don’t think they’ve thought it through is a system where if you manage to get here you can stay whether you have a visa or no. Which to me seems an absolutely insane proposition, if you wanto fix the immigration system then fix and if you can’t then leaving people in a legal gray area and rewarding those who break the law to come here but just letting them stay in limbo is an absurd proposition. I don’t see any problem with deporting people who lack a visa or residency permit just like every other country in the world does and I think the left really needs to think about what many of us are advocating.
  22. Awesome theory I love it great work
  23. Hey dont neglect how much of a mess all that glass is going to make. That's a lot of cleanup. Especially as that big room doubles as mess hall, farmers market and execution chamber. Maybe the bulk of Neganss people were eating dinner and so got a lot of glass in their food! Holy shit!
  24. She has a faith/delusion in her own greatness and is moving to gain power for herself. She already thinks it's Tyrion, who she perceives as envious of her.
  25. To be absolutely honest, I'm not sure you'd care for Bran after reading the books if you didn't care for him after watching the show. His chapters are certainly more interesting in the books, but Bran doesn't too much interesting in the books. I know bookreaders who are just as indifferent to Bran as you are. For me, I root for the Starks so I root for Bran too. He was crippled very early in his life, which is why I would like him to have some kind of happiness in the end, if thats possible now.
  26. Perkin's treatment after his "confession" is quite interesting. He was treated as a royal prisoner, as opposed to being executed immediately, and had privileges, though not "access" to his wife - a scion of Scottish nobility - and, reportedly a great beauty. She gave birth to a male child shortly before his capture, whos whereabouts and survival are not known. But, it is said that Henry VII fancied her, and she was later set up, for life, with a nice manse and income. His fate is odd, considering he was an existential threat to Henry VII. He was, however, executed a year or so later - he escaped the Tower along with another Yorkist with a theoretical claim to the thrown (I think the last Earl of Warwick (??), at the time, who was a simpleton that Lambert Simnel stood in for - but, again, I am denying myself Wikipedia for some perverse reason... I forget how he was executed, but it was not the typical, high crimes and disdemeanors, style of being hanged, then drawn and quartered. Anyway, Aegon vs fAegon came up in the thread, and has not been argued thusfar. Nice.
  27. I hope one day most of us will find our ways back to each other, everyone is busy with kids etc. The kids will grow up and maybe we'll have more time and energy then. There at least haven't been any major bridge burnings, just a drift.
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