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  2. You raise at least one very important point: Even though gross gender stereotyping (say, simplifying sex down to chromosome) is normally a completely valid way to explain observed differences in group behaviour (because of effect sizes), it is very unclear what the explanatory power is for individuals that lie at the cognitive extremes. To phrase this differently: “Women” and “men” can be characterised in many different ways, including chromosomes or self-assigned gender role. None of this matters much for understanding differences in group averages because the definitions overlap in the general populations. But… this argument completely disappears when discussing “women who X” and “men who X” (where X is “have an IQ over 120” or “like maths” or “read science books for fun” or “are socially maladjusted” or “self-identify as sentient trees”) because these subgroups are small and heavily selected, so the original definitions suddenly may become extremely correlated with X. — That being said, a constant source of frustration in this entire debate is the unwillingness to even agree on an epistemological framework. Many conversations could be improved by stating up-front which source of knowledge (disciplines, discursive traditions, sciences, epistemologies) can be brought to the table, and which are viewed as toxic to the debate.
  3. I think we are all in agreement that one of the queens is Cersei. Margaery seems very likely also, not because she's going to fuck things up herself, but because her family is going to have a tense relationship with the Faith no matter the outcome of her trial (but especially if they find her guilty). I really don't know about queen #3. "What little peace and order the five kings left us will not long survive the three queens" suggests the queens he's referring to will be central to conflicts. Wouldn't he want Sansa to be seen as bringing peace and order if she is to be a queen of any sort, not a destroyer of it? I think it's unlikely it's Selyse because she's gone when Stannis goes, and it's probably not Olenna because that's redundant with Marge being a "queen". And I doubt he takes Dany any more seriously as a threat than Mace Tyrell and Randyll Tarly do. There aren't many candidates left after that.
  4. Just said in a presser he is coming back but coughed a few times...
  5. Pell has just give a press conference saying that he has been granted "leave" by the Pope (i.e. stepping back from his duties temporarily?) and will return to Australia to face the charges. There was no indication of him being in ill health or that he may not return to Australia.
  6. it does seem that, while frowned on religiously, socially it was acceptable, practically expected, for lords to have bastards, only those lords were only supposed to go so far as making sure their illegitimate kids were provided for, but not care for them beyond that. like make that bastard entered into an acceptable apprenticeship somewhere, or this bastard gets squired off to a family the lord trusted, but other than that, never really interacted with.
  7. I'd say the inspiration for the Ironborn was a mash-up of the vikings of Scandinavia and the pirates of the Caribbean. The vikings may have been savages but they were noble savages. They were warriors (not thugs) and conquerors who often settled in the lands they invaded and became kings. Nobility of character is something decidedly lacking in the Ironborn. They resemble the buccaneers of Caribbean fame more. The scum of the seas, thugs, hit-and-run bandits, medieval gangsters. Bloody losers.
  8. Yes, I get the deadlock reference. I also understand the word pedantic and the posting of a veiled hint to one poster about another poster.
  9. @sweetsunray At least you could appreciate the pun on 'deadlock' -- get it, the endless discussion back and forth about the meaning of the 'lock' of dark brown hair!
  10. what if we are looking at wealth the wrong way? when we are speaking of weatlh, are we talking straight up hard currency, land and property ownership, or ownership in business? and how about how they use that wealth? littlefinger has shown he's a wizard with money, when he wants to be, so i would guess most of his wealth is tied up in businesses, then titleholding of debts and contracts, then bribes and blackmails, and most of his actual hard currency is in a nest egg in a personal vault at the iron bank, with only enough on immediate hand to handle quickly needed payments for bribes and what have you. i think tywin might have more straight hard currency, or at least his house, than bealish, then in land, then in busniess. i would guess the tyrell are in order of land, then currency, then business. the argument on whether the freys are wealthier that manderly's might need perspective. i think the frey hoard the currency they collect on their tolls, which are likely quite high for something so simple, but traffic might be higher thatn we think. it is the only crossing of the green fork north of the trident, so they likely get more business than we realise. it might not look much from a map, but that portion of the riverlands might be well populated, and there might be a lot of traffic from seaguard up through the twins to reach the kings road, and on to the coast of the bite. and they have to be wealthy, for such a relatively backwoods house to be able to provide 4000 troops for robb's army. so i would guess a lot of hard cash, collected form forced tolls, limited business, they probably charge the riverboats that ply the green fork under their bridge, but i dont know how much land they actually control around the twins. the manderlys strike me more as those who might invest their wealthy, rather than hoard it. white harbor is considered a major port in wesrteros, and the only port in the north, where the north ships out its exports, what ever they may be. i would hazard that the family invests in shipping companys, trading houses, and property ownership in the city, ans surrounding lands.. might have very little hard currency at any one time, but are still very wealthy, just have to move things around, liquidate some stuff, when they need hard cash for something.
  11. They really, really do. As soon as Clive left "to get better reception" I knew what was going to happen there. Why hasn't Ravi tried to figure out how or what tainted it? Or am I just not remembering why he couldn't replicate it? What the hell was Major thinking getting re-infected???? He was cured! And why didn't Chase see the value of having a human on their side? How will they screw up him and Liv next season? So what was up with the Mr. Boss cameo earlier this season? I'm thinking he has it in his contract that as a recurring character he has to appear in a certain number of episodes per season or the contract is void, and they wanted to make sure he's available for next season.
  12. Ok this is a tinfoil theory but one possibility is that the WW will invade the south which will become an iced wasted land. In this case the conflict maybe resolved by the crannogmens shattering the neck with hammer of the waters (recovered with the help and knowledge of Bran). The south will become an island or even a group of islands like valyria, and the undead that cannot swim will be unable to cross the sea. Eventually the WW will disappear when the winter ends and the spring comes. The north will remain the only kingdom, maybe extended by some land north of the destroyed wall that freed of the WW will become green again like before. Given the above there is not really any need to do anything about cersei because just remaining in KL will become her doom.
  13. I already gave the reason: she's an infiltrant of Oberyn, and only there wouldn't be that many soiled septas, let alone high profile soiled septas who are the mother of one of Oberyn's Sand Snakes. She's hiding her identity from JonCon. On the "lock": see previousposts. No point in repeating myself. @ravenous reader It seems you've got an issue with me for several months, ever since our discussion about LS's glimmering eyes. That's fine, but I don't appreciate the passive aggressive snarkiness.
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  15. Lots? I mean, if you care about them, why do you refuse to pay them what they're worth?
  16. I'm amazed that so many people have congratulated you on your great attitude in this thread. You've been condescending throughout (lots of "Sigh"s when trying to explain to us dummies how stupid we all are, or using the "lmao at your nonsense" emoji). And you're repeatedly telling us that you understand the books better than we do. I'm not seeing the grace and good humour you're apparently exhibiting in this rubbish thread.
  17. some have commented on how the reach siding with the lannisters would have spelled robbs defeat either way, so i fell i must ask, what if robb had sent an envoy to them first? yes, wait til renly had died, but what if he had sent someone to highgarden immediately after? the tyrells seems to be opportunists, sliding to who ever offered the better deal, so what if robb had managed to speak to them before the lannisters offered to marry joffrey to margery? maybe offer a deal where they help robb beat the lannisters, and in return he helps to support whoever they want to put on the Damned Chair of Crazy Talk? with the implication that the north remains free of the throne, and the state of the riverlands at least up for negotion. maybe this is just me hoping deep down that robb could have managed to wed margery instead of a backstabbing frey, so im sorry about that, but i happen to like margery.
  18. Me oh my... OK let me see if I can break this shit down. I am not projecting my own opinion into the text. I am quoting Cat. She is the one who earlier declared Robb to have the cunning worthy of a master mummer. Sharp tone does not equal sharp teeth. There was approximately 90 seconds in between Robb's initial sharp tone and Grey Wind leaping onto the crypt and baring his teeth. I am not grasping at straws, but I would argue that the rest of you are. I am not being facetious here. I am employing a good deal of humor because I know pretty much no one agrees with me, and my OP was unusually snarky because it was mostly just a response from another thread that I copy+pasted to start my own better thread. But I seriously think Cat was named the heir and that the idea of Jon being named is absurd. I seriously, seriously think it is crazy that most people on this forum think Jon is the heir. And I find it ultra-crazy that most people who have read my theory on Bloodraven sending Bran's assassin don't immediately realize that it is the correct answer. I am not trying to win arguments. I am trying to figure out what the hell is going on in asoiaf. If someone actually convinces me I am wrong about something, I am not going to keep arguing against them just for the sake of "winning" the argument. The fact is, all of your attempts to convince me that Jon is the heir have been super weak, probably because you are all wrong.
  19. Crap, now I am 2 @Crowfood's Daughter's threads behind!! It's a good problem to have though and yes, by all means I stand by my statement: Your essay is indeed one of the better things I have come across, though you know I love all of your ideas. We have responded to each other's research a few times now, and I certainly think we are both better for it. Chasing down the interplay of garth figures, grey king figures, and Azor Ahai figures has been a team effort. I am excited to read your new ones here, I am just in the thick of recording my first video and finishing off the script for my next podcast / essay, which is now behind schedule. @Unchained, always great to chat with you my friend. I want to say that your idea about this 2 stage battle is really fascinating, and I think I can corroborate some of your ideas. Ned as a dead Rhaegar makes sense to me. Ned is a King of Winter figure, and in ASOIAF, I believe the KoW equates to Azor Ahai undergoing fire transformation and entering the burning tree (the weirwood). Ned's grey wraith companions would be like the Night's Watch, I believe. As for what happens to Garth when he dies... we know he's in the tree, but being reborn out of the tree means... well, he has to take some corporeal form. Let me back up and say that I am finding two kinds of ghostly emanations from the weirwoodnet, at least. One one hand, we have the resurrected skinchanger Night's Watch crew that I have theorized; Azor Ahai is one of these. Undergoes a greenseer resurrections using the trees as a soul jar, much as Jon will do with Ghost (substituting the weirwood for Ghost). These are the black shadows sworn to serve the greenseers - the NW. But the Others also pretty clearly come from the trees as well. These white shadows are undoubtedly connected to greenseer magic / the cotf, but they are clearly something more than resurrected people. I don't have a detailed theory on just how they are made yet, but I can say they come from the trees and have something to do with greenseer magic. I also don't know how they got in there or where their spirits originally came from, though I have ideas on that. The Others might be most correctly expressed as the exiled spirits of the weirwoods themselves, displaced by the invading greenseers like AA, who inhabit the weirwoods as if they are wights. Wight trees. If they aren't the tree spirits, then they must be greenseers or the victims of greenseers. They were inside the weirwoodnet, and when they came out they became the Others. So the idea of Garth becoming one of the white swords, one of the Others, is definitely in play. It implies a sacrificed green man / summer king who lost to AA reborn being reborn as an Other. Perhaps the tale of House Manderly is instructive. They come from the Reach, and carry on the Order of the Green Hand thing proudly. White Harbor, however, is a monument to the idea of an icy moon. All of @ravenous reader's sea / see wordplay is in play here, with all of Wyman's undersea adventure wall art in his throne room bringing the metaphor to life. This is a green man stuck under the see (in the wwnet), and he's also living in the ice moon, because those equate to the same thing. My working theory on this is that both moons in the 2 moon scenario are symbolic of the weirwoods (the ww / moon correlations being plentiful and obvious).The fire moon, the one which is no mas, acted as the front door to the wwnet for AA (the sun or the sun's comet). Whoever went "in" to the ww net "died" in that first moon explosion... but the place they are now stuck is the ice moon. This is why I am really getting pretty solid on my idea of the black moon meteor (from the fire moon) lodging in the ice moon... it symbolizes the entrance into the net. Speaking in terms of the terrestrial plot, I think NN definitely went into the wwnet, perhaps even first. She might have been the original sacrifice to open the way for AA, I think, just as the fire moon was the NN in the sky sacrificed to forge Lightbringer. So, NN goes into the tree, then AA "weds" the tree, thus wedding NN a second time perhaps (lol). Or maybe that was the first wedding, who knows. My next essay will be all about NN = cotf / elf woman, so I think you will enjoy it. What I am unsure of is the role of "Garth" in all of this. I think AA was a green garth figure who transformed through 'fire magic' for lack of a better word, but I am not sure if there might not be a separate 'Garth' figure involved. One thing I picked up on in my new essay is Arya as a cotf, specifically in the chapters where a fellow named Greenbeard (whose beard is going grey, ha ha) is bringing Arya to undead AA Beric, almost like a green man bringing a cotf to AA for a sacrifice. That might have some relevance here.
  20. Pell already pulled ill health once to stop a return. I figure he can just hide in the Vatican, right? and if he steps out, he comes home. Won't be coming back I fear. Skase had a lot of money to fight the legal battles, if Pell does step into Italy and get caught, given he was summoned there to fix the finances, will the church protect him if it is likely to be expensive? Doesn't really matter I suppose, considering he wont leave. Wouldn't be the first accused to hide there either. No wonder Christianity's numbers are falling. I think we should tax them too. All religions. Considering its the taxpayer who has to pay to fight to bring them back or fight them in the courts or subsidise their education. might help fixing the budget and if they really do want to peddle their BS here, they can pay just like everyone else.
  21. Zombies vs. humans in Seattle.
  22. Now I have this idea that goes off the assumption that neither Tyrion nor Cersei/Jaime are the Mad King's children. Why am I assuming that? Because I don't want it to be true, really. Other than that, the evidence for either the twins or the dwarf being Aerys's children are just not good enough for me, lol. Anyway, I think that the Mad King DID sire a bastard, which HE believed was with Joanna, but was wrong. Let's start at the beginning: there were 2 times when it was either heavily hinted, or just rumored, that Aerys and Joanna slept together. One was in 259 AC - in the coronation of King Jaehaerys II. Joanna was in King's Landing as a companion to Princess Rhaella and it was rumored that Aerys had taken Joanna as mistress at the night of the coronation and claimed her maidenhead. It was just rumors though, and pretty baseless. Second time was, as we all know, in 263 AC - at the night Joanna married Tywin. It was said that the king drunkenly japed about the "first night tradition" and that he "took liberties" with Joanna. Now, I think that the night of the wedding was a good option for Aerys to get naughty. But, I do not think that he sired a child on Joanna. It is established from the very first time his name is mentioned, that Tywin is a very, very, very proud man, and it is also established that there was probably nothing that he ever loved more than his wife. Therefore, I don't think that he would have let anyone dishonor him AND her like that - even not the king. So, what could he have done? He could have done exactly what Cersei did to Robert. Well, almost. We know that Cersei's three children - Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen - were all sired by Jaime, and not Robert. What Cersei did every time to make Robert believe they were his was get him stupid-drunk before they got in bed together, so he would have no memory of how things went down. She never let him BJORK inside her, but he did not know that. I believe that Tywin and Joanna pulled a similar Houdini-trick on the Mad King the night of their wedding, but with a slight tweak: they got Aerys in bed alright, but NOT with Joanna. They "sacrificed" some other woman, perhaps for the promise of gold, and Aerys - being stupid-drunk that night - believed that it was Joanna. Now, I do think that something did go down in the night of the wedding. Queen Rhaella dismissed Joanna from her service shortly after that. She could not tolerate that one of her own companions was with her husband. She did not dismiss her in 259 though, when there were also rumors of Aerys and Joanna sleeping together, which means she had reason to believe the rumors in 263. While it's true that in 259 Aerys and Rhaella still weren't King and Queen which might have made a difference, I do not think that it made enough of a difference. If it's true, then a child would have been born either in late 263 or somewhere in 264. I have searched for possible options, and found 3 that I think could be it: Bronn. He is the least feasible of the three. It is possible that he was born in 264 to some random commoner that Tywin and Joanna shoved into Aerys's bed in King's Landing. The Waif. We know little on her past but what we do know is pretty obscure and might very well be an outright lie. The most feasible of the three - Melara Hetherspoon, Cersei's childhood friend. Now, that would make sense for several reasons. First of all, House Hetherspoon is just a house of landed knights - the lowest ranking of nobility pretty much. We have seen such Houses are pretty faltering (such as House Osgrey) and it is very possible that Melara's mother was convinced by Tywin and Joanna to get in bed with Aerys for promises of gold or something (and we know that a Lannister always pays his debts). Moreover, Melara was a very good friend of Cersei's when they were little. Why would a highborn like Cersei make friends with someone like Melara? She might as well be a commoner when compared to the daughter of the Warden of the West and Hand of the King. Why wouldn't she befriend another girl close to her age who comes from another Westerlands House, such as Crakehall, Plumm or Marbrand, there were bound to be some girls of that age somewhere. Now, other than that, we do know that Joanna and Aerys had other opportunities to share a bed (or having Aerys believe that they did). One such was in 267 AC, when Aerys spent most of the year in Casterly Rock, meaning a baby would have been born in either late 267 or somewhere in 268. Possible, but I haven't found any convincing candidates. Another opportunity was in 272 AC, when Tywin and Joanna travelled to King's Landing for the tourney in honor of Aerys's 10th year of reign. Many people believe that Tyrion, who was born in 273 AC is Aerys's son, meaning that 272 AC is a good chance for Aerys and Joanna to conceive a child. But, if Aerys conceived a child in 272 on another woman, that would mean that a baby had to be born in either late 272 or somewhere in 273. Which brings us one very interesting option: Tysha. We don't know exactly when she was born. All we know is that she was "scarcely a year" older than Tyrion - meaning she might as well have been born in very early 273. She might have been conceived on some of Tywin's or Joanna's serving girls or something who traveled with them from the Westerlands, then came back when they left and gave birth to Tysha. There are two things that can be explained by Tysha being Aerys's daughter: Tywin's cruel punishment of her. We all know Tywin is not the nicest person in Westeros and that he can be outright evil at times. But what he did to Tysha was a little over the top, even for him. If she was Aerys's bastard daughter, that would mean that Tywin had reason to personally hate her, which would explain the rather extreme treatment of her. It's more than likely that Tywin would have kept tabs over Aerys's secret bastard and her mother, meaning that h would have recognized Tysha the moment he saw her. Tyrion's dragon dreams. That is a bit of a stretch, but hear me out. We know that Tyrion used to dream of dragons as a child and whatnot, like many Targaryens throughout history. But, Tyrion had those dreams mostly as a child and scarcely had them anymore as he grew older. Maybe, just maybe, losing his virginity to a girl with Targaryen blood could have sparked those dreams in him as well (kinda like an STD, lol), and the effect just slowly faded away with the years. If this is true, that would make the story if Tyrion and Tysha all the more complex and tragic. Now, I know that most of all this is totally crackpot and has minimal textual evidence. But many things here add up pretty nicely, I think. Thanks for reading this, and I would love to hear what you guys think.
  23. No, there's no contradiction or discrepancy involved. The wolf and master are in harmony. You are projecting your own opinion onto the text. I would say 'stubbornly-held' opinion, except I don't believe you're even genuinely convinced by your own argument -- at this point, you just want to 'win' the argument at all costs! As I once asserted -- and I hold to my impression -- you are the most 'disingenuous' fictional or non-fictional party here...(on this thread, I mean... ). Oh god...your facetiousness is unravelling itself apace... Why? Robb is warning her with a sharp tone and cold expression; it's enough for a start. When she doesn't comply (face it, Cat is irritating), his animal familiar finally attacks with a more overt, aggressive display. Except she doesn't only mention Theon's crimes in isolation; she directly compares him to Jon, putting them on a par with each other. That's why Grey Wind and by extension Robb is upset. 'Those emotions overpowered the mummery...' LOL -- I'm having serious doubts as to your own 'mummery'... So, for a little comic relief, let's turn to marvel at the skills of a genuine 'master mummer': Not really; although that's always a good fall-back position in the age of post-modernity or post-factuality, or whatever the hell it is we're currently living in. Rather, that's you, right here, trying to push my buttons! Sharp tone = sharp teeth. I think it's in sync, as a reflection of the pervasive, underlying tension between Robb and his mother, focused around the discussion about Jon. Robb's expression was 'cold'; Grey Wind's teeth were 'bared'; all in keeping with Robb's initial 'sharp' tone. I've already explained that Robb via Grey Wind lost patience with Cat's needling and sought to put her in her place. Make her feel spare; not make her the heir! If you give me 90 seconds, I might lose my patience with you too... Grasping at straws... How much longer are you going to keep this up? You're already on page 20 (and I can't believe I'm encouraging you in this foolhardiness...)!
  24. Why couldn't they get both? Trade Love for George, and then get Melo when he's bought out. George plays the two, Melo plays the four to replace Love. I don't understand how this became an either/or situation. No one is talking about trading Love for Melo. That would be moronic.
  25. LOL. Prepare yourself for another 10 pages of arguing about hair color -- the pedantic deadlock!
  26. The latest Dan Carlin Common Sense podcast was really compelling. Getting into some of the Civil War conversation that we had up in the U.S. Politics thread in the wake of the Baseball Field Shooting. Good stuff, Maynard. Check it out. It's episode #316 titled The Day of the Dove
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