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  2. There are numerous examples of various mutilations and a lot of discussion about their symbolism and further significance in the story. This is a thread to invite discussion about those who have in one way or another been rendered mute. The first example is the wights the Others raise. One might argue that they are mindless undead but there strong indications that it is not so simple. We have seen folks who have come back from the dead. Coldhands, Lady Stoneheart and Beric Dondarrion, who both talk and reason fully. I would also say that they have their own agency, but that may be debateable. There are hints about the wights themselves that they do have minds. As it is deduced the two who were brought in through the Wall at least enough memory and awarness to seek leading members of the Watch; Thistle, the spearwife Varamyr tried to possess saw him after she died in the skin of his wolf. In any way muteness is not a requirement of undeath. The other example is of course Euron's crew. We get no more than a general description of them, they appear interchangable with one another and are seen collectively as Euron's. The guy who blew the horn died without question and the dusky woman is viewed as a sex object. Then we have Varys' little birds, children whose entire lives are reduced to being ears and eyes and die most of the time without seeing the sun. I am going to add the Silent Sisters. Taking a vow of silence they deal exclusively with the dead, they go about hooded and cowled. The brothers at the Quiet Isle would go in there as well. As for individual cases there is sir Illyn Payne, the series scariest prop. Bitter barely seems human. The only character of any exposure that seems somewhat normal is Wex Pyke. The association with death is clear. The dead are silent after all, well mostly. Our voices are our main means of expressing ourselves and connect with other people, so the lack of one causes isolation and even a denial of personhood. As such it is connected with the most extreme cases of subjugation and submission seen in the books, of people reduced to their functions. Other ideas?
  3. Robb Stark won every battle and lost the war. Let's hope Jon does the opposite.
  4. Well my point still stands in this case. Jon is not a wolf. But of course nobody gives a shit about this because dragon and wolf sounds cool and that's far as the show's "thinking" goes.
  5. Another possibility is flying to the sea, then south and west again (by passing the walll). Them attacking Eastwatch from the back and opening the gates..
  6. It's not just you. I laughed out loud when I heard the title. The other titles this season weren't particulary great either. Same with the titles last season. BTW here are two good reviews from Los Angles Review of books. The first one about the illogic of this episode and the second one about the portrayl of women:! From the first review And from the second one
  7. Daenerys and the Westerosi in general are hypocritical when it comes to slavery. The noble Lord Janos Slynt, leal servant of the Crown, was sent to the Wall with no choice in the matter. Once there he had to renounce his family, his title and his home. He had to give his life to the Night's Watch, and as Jon Snow proved, the alternative was death. What was he, if not a slave? The respectable Lord Randyll Tarly and his brave son, Dickon Tarly, were given the choice to submit to the authority of a master they neither knew nor chose, or burn. How were they better off than slaves?
  8. You forget that Jon had a plan and that he simply abandoned his plan. Which then caused his army to be put in much more dangerous situation. Jon did have a plan, but Ramsay outplayed him. If only someone had warned him about Ramsay. Oh wait, someone did. Simply, the argument that Sansa sacrificed the Northern army is not something anyone in-universe thinks. So, if no one in-universe thinks that Sansa betrayed North, how the hell some viewers came to that conclusion speaks about writing. But that doesn't negate the point that it is not what writers wanted audience to think about her actions.
  9. Zodiac is really memorable. The scene that really stands out to me after all these years is the scene where the serial killer walks up the couple at the lake in broad daylight and then slowly murders them. This whole film is a very unattractive package IMO. The trailer looked dreadful . Wind River is one I am keen on seeing as well. Both of those other films are excellent and Soldado is a 2018 film that I really want to see.
  10. Trump says he is willing to 'close government' to build Mexico wall
  11. Wouldn't have been a problem is one of those six idiots had brought a bow with some dragonglass arrows. Thwip thwip. War won. Assuming, of course, that dragon glass works on NK like it does normal Walkers.
  12. That Sansa withheld crucial information from Jon about the battle that directly impacted his ability to plan the attack leading to more considerable Northern losses. In Jon and Ned's words 'We need to trust each other. We can't fight a war amongst ourselves'.
  13. I think it's ridiculous the NK threw his first javelin at a flying dragon while there was a larger stationary dragon that not only would have been easier to hit, it was in the process of helping them escape.
  14. The NK helped by the ice Dragon burns down the Wall on EastWatch. I don't know how will work the "ice flames" of the Dragon but it will collapse the Wall...
  15. Melisandre: You should kneel before your brother.. He is the Lords chosen born amidst salt and smoke Renly: Born amidst salt and smoke? Is he a ham? I wish the had focused on Renly's personality and humor instead just showing him with the blonde rose of Highgarden...
  16. Apology accepted. All good. I love the Starks. They are my favourite family in Westeros by far, although I respect other houses and individuals too.
  17. I mean, you can't believe he would do it on purpose?After all the denials from the last time?? How on Earth can this happen to you again? How could he possibly have thought he could get away with it? I'm sure they are going to say it was accidental through a supplement once again, but really, how can you maintain such a position for the second time? Another huge blow for the UFC if this holds up.
  18. Episode title is about Jon's collection of pets. Some years back he and his not bastard siblings were all given a wolf puppie for christmas. Arya chased hers away after having an argument with Sansa, which led Ned to take Sansa's away. Robb's was forgotten when he attented a friends wedding. Rickon's was stolen by an Umber boy and Bran left his wolf in a cave. So Jon wisely decided to keep Ghost in a place where the camera would NEVER see him all season. As Dany is angry about losing one of her three pets, she decides she will give Rhaegal to a friend who has a good track record at keeping mystical pets in good shape. Will look awesome when he will take all his pets for a walk...
  19. Yes, but the characters' reaction to the said thing does. And none of them believe what you are saying.
  20. Wow.....just when I thought I couldn't lose any more respect for the GoT writers.....
  21. Will be at both. I've bought my membership for Dublin and just need to upgrade my supporting for TitanCon.....which I will probably do at TitanCon. Somebody remind me.
  22. I am not sure that point was to tell Sansa suffered more. I actually think that Arya was here saying Sansa "You have no idea what suffering" is, which is also problematic, as we know both of them suffered. OMG, does this need some 10 000 explanations? Sansa didn't sacrifice anyone. Show canon is clear about that. Whether we like it or not. I think Sansa was defending here from Arya's attacks that she has done nothing. It is not that Sansa is the only one who did something great, more like establishing that she actually did something for her family. You are right, just like Sansa was held by a guard, while she was screaming from the top of her lungs. But, at the end of the day, I would agree that they are both terrible in communication here. It is just that I expected more from Arya. 1. Yes, and Ned explained it to Arya. Not to mention that the lie itself backfired solely on Sansa. No one else. 2. You do remember that LF holds SR in his pocket? And that he actually almost killed Royce in his own home? Even the actor who played Royce said in an interview that Royce is in precarious situation with LF and that he now has to dance to his tune. 3. Well, that is just the question of taste. I do think that this is the poorest writing for Arya and I think that this amazing character deserves much better storyline. As for Bran, I agree that he now becomes key to all answers, but from Arya's perspective, she should at least try to reach for answers before confronting anyone. Or even be ready to listen. I mean, Arya is much better than this. Simply, she is. She knows better. And that is why this is terrible writing.
  23. The writers' intentions or lack of them does not change what happened on screen
  24. The killing of Ghost and Nymeria, although I admit I assumed you did so because you were one of the Stark haters that are always responding with a "kill Jon/Sansa/Arya" or a "kill all the direwolves". I jumped to conclusions. My apologies.
  25. Lena Headey for me is the best out of the main cast. NCW has had a lot more variety to work with this season too which probably explains why I'm enjoying the Lannister plot aspects the most. Iain Glenn, Carice, Liam C, Rory etc are all top quality and their acting is always superb but unfortunately they just don't have enough to do this season. Sophie and Maisie are doing ok, with a few dodgy scenes here and there. For me, the weakest has to be Kit with Emilia just a margin better. I find they've both regressed over the years. Playing Jon and Dany when they were younger and less 'authoritative' was good for them (emilia did whiney, entitled Dany 'where are my Dragons' well) but now that the characters are supposed to demand respect and authority I find the acting cringeworthy.
  26. "Sophie, why didn't Sansa just tell Jon about the Vale army?" "the writers didn't tell me. there is no in-universe reason. it was just to build up the tension of the Vale army coming and to make the scene dramatically satisfying." SDCC 2016 She didn't sacrifice Northern armies for her triumph. she withheld the information because the writers wanted a LOTR style deus ex machina so they made that happen by throwing logic out of the window.
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