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  2. Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Also:
  3. Mistake in GOT Prologue? Nine days north of the Weeping Wall

    Possibly 3 if I'm honest, but i just apply 2 to compensate. I don't think you should ponder it too long really. Not when the Prologue is full of so much better stuff. Count how many times Waymars Sable cloak is mentioned and how he stands out as a Lordly looking Commander and leader to the other two. Check how the Others start to shadow their movements, and when they engage check exactly how the lead Other behaves and what he is looking for and what he is wary about, then check the "signal" the back up Others are waiting for to move in. Also, pay attention to Waymars actual physical description in regards to his eyes and his physical build and try to remember who else is described this way. These things are more rewarding than GRRMS possible sloppiness.
  4. Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    Well I may be slightly biased as I have a signed autograph of said actress hanging above my pc, but think she is perfect for the role, and will be amazing. She also apparently had actually read tge books and is a big Cook fan.Don't know enough about Goyer to comment.
  5. 'The Killing Word' -- A Re-examination of the Prologue

    Interesting. So, with Sansa being another Blue Falcon, how do you think her story arc will develop?
  6. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    Which is why everyone considers him practically a kinslayer for doing so, right? And murdering children to cover up for your failure is also cool?
  7. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    We're over here @Dorian Martell's son Can you keep it together though please? I quite like this thread and really don't want you getting abusive and having the mods step in to alter it with deleted comments. We're all getting tired of that now. So, welcome, but behave please.
  8. This last bit seems very solid, I don't know what else it could be talking about. Somehow I've never thought about that way, but you've got to be right. One thing about characterizing Qarth as a whole - it is the master of the Jade gates, and the entrance to the Jade Sea, which they dominate. That's all green see metaphor talk, so this is a city which is a gate to the weirwoodnet in some sense. Those pureborn command the navy, now that I recall, so we have the dreaming old men on ancestral wooden thrones who control the Jade (green) see. The only match I can find for red --> grey --> black is this passage, one of my favorites, but I do not know if it's coincidence or not:
  9. Did Brandon Stark rape Ashara Dayne?

    Robert Baratheon had always been a man of huge appetites, a man who knew how to take his pleasures. That was not a charge anyone could lay at the door of Eddard Stark. I think that having sex with someone he was not engaged to is basically ruled out by this. If only the instances when he makes promises, like with Barra's mother or Robert on his deathbed, brought about other memories than of Lyanna.
  10. Yup I do believe there is a connection. The shade of the evening allows access to this "time" we spoke of in my newer thread. It allows the drinker to become the medium or portal so to speak like we talked about in the "time" thread.
  11. Our old friends back, here was me thinking you were banned again, your surely not far from it actually with your last comments. Yet again you have been the cause of comments deleted from a thread, you bring nothing to threads but a one dimensional argument that is old news and one of the most immature attitudes I have ever saw on a forum where there's no place for it. DM I will give you friendly advice here, take it for your own sake, or not. While I think the forum is a much better place without you, it does amuse me to watch you continuously lose your cool and make a spectacle of yourself. You really can't stop yourself. You seriously can not keep your cool on here. Every time you come up against me, and let's face it you follow my threads around like a fanboy, you always, and I mean always lose your composure, begin repeating the same thing over and over and then resorting to abusive behaviour. Do you honestly think the mods aren't watching you? The hawk eye will be on you because your known for that behaviour and have the record to prove it. So, by all means, keep coming to me like you do and I'm sure we will see your next ban come round real quick. Or alternatively, come like everyone else, to discuss the books in a composed manner. Is it too much to ask?. Btw, Ive noticed cgrav replied so I guess your latest attempt at ridicule and manipulation failed. I think we can be sure you won't change so I would absolutely love to invite you over to the latest "time" thread I began while you were away from the forum rethinking your strategies lol. You've been warned though, behave, the mods are watching and all of us on the forums are wise to your nonsense DM. I'll tag you in the new one, would love to hear your thoughts.
  12. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Wow, haven't seen something new in quite a while... :-) Some little details that, in the light of this connection, might be pointing towards some importance of Tyrosh: the IT loaned from the Iron Bank of Braavos and Tyroshi trading cartels, and except the house with the red door, Dany's only positive memory of her childhood in the Free Cities is playing at the bazaars of Myr and, guess where, Tyrosh, where she would buy honeyfingers.
  13. Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    Great,a B-grade actress and hack writer Goyer I'll stick with the books thanks.
  14. In "Heresy about the Wall". I was making an inventory of other walls in the saga, that could help to make a bit light on the Wall. For Qarth, I noted : I could add now that the "pyre of the dead" are also an obligation beyond the wall because of the Others, so this imagery could represent more than only Rhaegar's pyre. "Babes being butchered" is a theme we find throw all the saga, so I wouldn't surprised if we would find it also at the origins of Winterfell (I evokes the possibility discussing about the scene of the wolfhead-man having a leg of lamb as a scepter in Dany's vision of HoTU - oh wait, the HOTU is in Qarth, too) About the "love story", I think now there isn't only one, but two at least + some other without reciprocity, and "Brandon the Builder" (= the greenseer at the origin of the Wall and Winterfell) was the observer of the loves stories, and the hopeless lover in the same time. The black is the color of the bastardry... and of the crows and ravens. Concerning the golden eyes of the 3rd wall, the wolf Summer has golden eyes, and If I recall well, Nymeria, Lady and Grey Wind too, but Summer is the most intelligent of the direwolves and his eyes are his remarkable physicall specificity. Described as the "center of the world", Qarth is a kind of Wall or Winterfell, as "frontier" between many world (for Winterfell and the Wall, this is the frontier between living and dead kingdoms). To finish, at Qarth, Drogon burns a blue heart and the Undying who have many common things with greenseers = the chapter with the Undying foreshadows (imo) the destruction of the Heart of Winter.
  15. MLB 2017 - if you build it, they will cub

    Fake News
  16. Football - #WengerOut

    The Everton U-23 side won the PL-2 title last night. Generally, that doesn't mean much, but it's a bit of fun nontheless. Also, they've been doing so without Tom Davies, and (for the most part) without Dominic Calvert-Lewin, so there is some talent there. Hope one or two more can step up in the coming seasons.
  17. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    I thought Havarl was a nice change of pace from the other planets, and reasonably small. Pretty sure that was featured so prominently because it's planned as DLC. I think you found the ones who can die. Seems that Bioware might have learned the lesson that only potentially killing off major characters creates a lot of headaches for any sequel. One thing I'm really liking a lot in my replay are the various remnant Vaults, both major and minor. They're basically classic RPG dungeons, combining some combat, puzzles and exploration in a way none of the earlier games did. If it wasn't for the boring random loot system you could even put cool stuff in them for the player to find.
  18. Today
  19. Mirri Maz Duur and Bronze Yohn Royce

    Thanks for the responses. The runes part is pretty odd to me. It seems more than likely that some sort of magic is involved with the maegi, but Royce stumps me. IIRC from TWOIAF, countless Royces have died while wearing said suit, so obviously the runes don't work unless something else takes place. Nice catch regarding Leaf @Lollygag. She popped into my mind while reading, but wasn't sure how or if it fit.
  20. 'The Killing Word' -- A Re-examination of the Prologue

    It was meant sarcastically. Let me preface this by saying that I like Sansa. That being said, she knowingly betrayed Arya at Darry because she didn't want Joffrey to stop loving her. Which she believed was to her benefit. And she knowingly/unknowingly betrayed her father and a lot of people killed. So I do consider her a Blue Falcon at a very basic level. The basic level of the Blue Falcon gives us the baseline to argue the linear progressin of causality of Sansa's case, mainly to understand and hopefully predict how she will react to the knowledge that she is a Blue Falcon. We have seen the various effects that kind of knowledge has done to people; Tyrion, Littlefinger, Jaime, Brienne (the perceived notion that she is a Blue Falcon but she knows she isn't and that knowledge being out there is a catalyst for her journey), Theon, The Arryns.
  21. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    Don't be so quick to judge an unpopular opinion to be a troll.
  22. How far would Samwell go to stop Jon?

    I agree that Sam has honor and a sense of duty but I feel that you are understating how powerful cowardice is and Sam's relation to Jon. In regards to the relation, Jon is the crutch holding up Sam and, in my mind, the core of what prevents abuse from other NW members. Let's not forget that Jon was, as I remember him, instrumental and the driving force behind not letting Thorne make the others pick on Sam and has been, as far as I know, been with and supported Sam, Sam's whole time in the Watch. For a person like Sam I would expect that just like with Tyrion's great, previous, love for Jamie Sam loves Jon for it and will overlook some pretty bad stuff for it. Given how important this is for Jon I actually think that if Sam puts hard against hard he might risk a breaking with Jon and here's where Sam's cowardice comes in. I don't think that Sam would dare to risk to turn his benefactor against him regardless of honor or duty. As was said by someone I can't remember, love is the death of honor and duty, and Sam loves Jon.
  23. The 'peach' not the apple may be the forbidden fruit (e.g Renly vs. Stannis, Littlefinger vs. Sansa). I discussed various peach allusions on the poetry thread Three people have comet fantasies like that: Dany, Arya, and Bran. I think @GloubieBoulga had a theory on the three walls, but I'm too tired to search for the reference now! Maybe she will oblige...
  24. U.S. Politics: From Russia, With Love

    99% of the time, yes. But in this specific case, where the man is both in the position to ruin millions of lives and do irreparable harm, and blatantly misrepresented his health before getting said position, I can make an exception.
  25. Again there are so many examples that is becomes daunting to decipher - so many threes. Fortunately, there is plenty of symbolism in ASOIAF, and for the most part I can simply focus on the things I understand well and avoid the things I don't until they become clear to me. There are always many examples of any given symbolic theme or archetype, so if you miss some scenes or symbols you can still put things together. There are a lot of ways at arriving at similar conclusions, as evidenced by the forum.
  26. MLB 2017 - if you build it, they will cub

    Damn good game. Suck it, Gobbo.
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