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  2. Dunstonbury is a clever way of hiding a reference to House Dustin of Barrowtown where the first king is buried.
  3. No, but if the other contender dies, your chances improve. I did not. Did you think my comment was insinuating that I thought that? Well, I don't dispute much of what you've said. I'll admit that I unintentionally straw manned you. My apologies. Alright, calm down. Are you still that upset? We really don't need to hold grudges you know. Yes, I've already admitted my mistake there.
  4. @Lord Wraith -- I didn't think I'd encounter anything worse than a Dany apologist, being the renowned-Dany-hater-it-is-known that I am -- But as it turns out, there is something worse...a Baelish apologist!!! You are certain that Baelish inebriated and all would be 'up to it...' ? (better get out the medical physiological textbooks before you reply...) In any case, Shakespeare doesn't seem to think so: I can think of something that amuses a psychopath like Baelish even more than the idea of rape supposedly 'amuses me': Yes, dear Catelyn in her implacable self-righteousness and tender selective sentimentality (which doesn't, however, include any tender feelings towards poor bastard child Jon) is convinced of a great many things. For example: Milk of the poppy? Oh, Lord, thank goodness you are no opioid addict. Let me enlighten you; opioids, including morphine = 'milk or the poppy' are notorious for causing erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. This is due to the autonomic derangement associated with their use, not to mention their prominent hypnotic properties. Oh, poor baby. Either he faked it; or he used it to his advantage. It's fascinating how much you admire him!
  5. No worries I was unclear. Its all a matter of timing and interests, those can change like the wind. I don't actually think they will, but then again I don't think Baelish has plans for going North. He is simply misdirecting Sansa and the readers again. I think he actually plans to head to the Riverlands but that is a discussion for another thread. As far a Manderely goes he certainly does seem interested in amassing wealth and influence. He was aiming for for both Master of Coin and/or Ships in the new Stark kingship. Shame Robb didn't really have time to set up a government. A little known youtuber has two interesting videos on Manderely if you have the time. Also its where the Manderely/Baelish plot could occur. Also an interesting take on Northern economics and the politics of the North.
  6. ah ok I understand now. I was confused for a moment. Hmm....I can see Baelish and Manderly on opposing sides of that issue. The situation would be like the comment Tyrion made about how droll it would be to set Myrcella against Tommen. Some would side with Sansa and others with Jon and either Baelish or Manderly would prosper.
  7. All Joffrey in my opinion. Most others will disagree. The thing is I can't see is how it would be revealed. Joffrey is dead, Janos is dead. Illyn is mute. Petyr would have to mention this to some POV, which seems a really really stupid thing to do. Frankly the notion that Baelish brought him to court to betray him makes little sense to me. I think he was fine working with him (as he is with most people while it suits his interests) then has to betray him when Ned chooses Stannis and war.
  8. Glen Cook is pretty much the polar opposite of Erikson style wise. I see his stuff often referred to as war correspondent prose. As for when it grips it's been a looong time since I read the first so I couldn't really tell you.
  9. This really. Granted I like the evidence that Mance was behind it all. Bag of silver and a vested interest in causing chaos in the seven kingdoms. Makes a lot of sense. Ned even mentions early in GOT that he might have to march North to deal with Mance Rayder.
  10. Which means what exactly? A chance of success is not based on how many people are competing. I can declare myself the monarch of Great Britain tomorrow, my chances don't improve because there are only two contenders. At the start of the war of the five kings Stannis was in a stronger position as King than he is now, he got even stronger when he dealt with Renly. The Crown had less support than it does now. Stannis' chances have deteriorated. Him still being alive has nothing to do with him becoming King. Joffrey died the winner and passed his crown on to his heir. And? Did you think my comment was insinuating he was still alive? Of course Renly is dead, Stannis killed him and the best chance of sitting someone with Baratheon blood on the Throne. Stannis started off with 5k supporters calling him King. He currently has around half of that. He also started off with Dragonstone, which he has also lost. A homeless king with only half his original army. Yup, he is currently in a worse position than he was at the start of the war. And none of the Northern clans are calling him King, they are not going to travel South with him to sit him on the Throne. They currently have mutually exclusive agendas, ridding the North of Ironborn, Freys and releasing Ned Stark's daughter. There is still only 2,500 (getting smaller every day) soldiers who are calling Stannis King. Which has what to do with what I said? Where in my post did I say that Renly, as of the end of ADWD, had a better chance of winning the Crown? My claim was that Stannis was in a worse position than he was at the start of the war. That is true, try arguing against something I actually said. Renly wanted Ned as Regent, and the intention was for Sansa to still marry Joffrey. If Renly was suggesting that Joffrey be a puppet for anyone it was Ned, not himself. His main worry was his own self preservation at that point as he thought that Cersei (and Cersei seems to be the only Lannister he really has a problem with) either taking his lands, his influential position on the Small Council or his life.
  11. Robb's Will that he made before he left for the Red Wedding. The will that most people think names Jon as Robb's heir.
  12. "Nobody is safe" was never anything but an illusion to up drama (as it is in any well-written series, incidentally). It's not good writing to just randomly kill people; were Jon to actually have been killed in ADWD, it would be a huge dramatic waste, given all of the buildup that had been invested into him. "Plot armour" is just plot. Arya and Tyrion, especially, should each have died about a dozen times by now, but they haven't, because they have a story to be told.
  13. Not a ridiculous notion that Manderly and Baelish will team up. But I wonder how that would work? I feel like the team up would have to be extremely specific like Manderly being married to Sansa which I don't put past him since he asked to marry another mermaid/greenseer symbol person, Lady Donella Hornwood nee Manderly. But I don't see it ending in a very good way for either side like Joffrey's assassination ended with both parties satisfied. Honestly it seems like they are mirrors to each other. Manderly and Lady Dustin mirroring Baelish and Olenna/Sansa which also mirrors Varys and Illyrio. If you look they mirror quite well. Varys and his status as a eunuch corresponds to Olenna and Lady Dustin. Sansa has the Tully half fish thing going so that makes her a mermaid like the Manderly granddaughter and they both color their hair. Illyrio due to their physical appearance mirrors Manderly. Baelish and Manderly are associated with lamprey eels meaning that they are slippery characters. And Baelish, Manderly, and Illyrio can be counted having been masters of merchants. But poor Davos if this is the case with Rickon. A pointless journey for the onion knight. ????????
  14. So where did these two meet for each of their Machiavellian moments (including the first time)?
  15. Possible that Varys, Illyrio or Serra are Blackfyres, just not sure how GRRM wants to do it. While there may be some issues with either of the three, I keep asking myself why? Why are Varys & Illyrio ever interested in Westeros in the first place? They've got a great thing going with the mice & stealing secrets and/or goods and Illyrio brokering their return. Their/his investments have led to him being a magister & marrying into nobility. I don't see evidence of a monetary gain so far for their 'investment' into Westeros. It seems so far that their investment is personal/political. If was about Westeros, plenty of other Houses they could have backed, but that this 'restoration' plan is hatched and that the two have their hands on all three supposed dragons suggests a connection and motivation. While I do think Varys lied to Kevan in part, I do think he was telling the truth insofar that Aegon has been raised to be a good ruler and so on. Whether he's legit or not is suspect. If we suggest that Illyrio & Varys' motivation is wealth through power on the I.T. didn't they have that with Aerys, or have opportunity? Perhaps it was disrupted? Yet, Robert's reign was loose for the most part, as evidenced by LF fleecing the treasury, plenty of opportunity for them to profit then as well. It seems to suggest a deeper reasoning for their interest and personal investment, when there are likely many safer options in terms of Varys. The way Illyrio speaks about Aegon suggests a fondness that is paternal, but not proof positive that Aegon is his son. I think Aegon's identity is enough of a question that the Blackfyre motive has to be considered. What if the Blackfyres finally got together and said hey look, we're not successful in these overt rebellions, but if the passion for their believed rightful place still persists, they could use subterfuge to gain the I.T., especially now that it can also be attached to or primarily put forth as a Targaryen restoration. It would be the ultimate revenge for House Blackfyre, but perhaps bittersweet to have to share the I.T. with the House that had been their own blood but considered superior to them. That's indeed a weird dynamic, but so is the second option of Aegon being Rhaegar's son. If Aegon just has the look but his parents are from the female line, that works but then the mystery is in why the two put forth an impostor over the real deal in Viserys & or Daenerys. Perhaps Aegon wasn't meant or intended to be the 'Targaryen' to rally around in the beginning, but it's my belief he was. It is with that belief that I question what their ultimate motivation is considering their ability to garner wealth outside of Westeros or her politics.
  16. and it would be another one of littlefinger's revenges completed.
  17. i seriously doubt she would want o get rid of the power of the monarchy once it was firmly back in the hands of her house. but she may try to smash the power of the lords paramount to have total dominion of the provinces. that would eliminate the main political threat to her and her authority.
  18. So Mance would've still tried to kill Bran (or another one of the Stark kids) even if Jaime hadn't pushed him out the window?
  19. Damn, maybe Varys is the woman known as Serra and maybe he (or she?) is the female Blackfyre line. Also, how do you know that Lysono Maar is a transvestite? I know many characters think he is a woman when they first see him, but do we know for certain?
  20. No they do not. But you're not the first person to ask that question. Join Roose's ancestors because he thought the same. That's why his family skinned the Starks and their prisoners. Extreme pain will break the skinchange connection and thus the skinchanger loses control of the prisoner. That's the only way to know who you have captured and helps with interrogation.
  21. If quintana is going to get back into it this stage is surely the one with the mortirolo and then 2 times up the stelvio. Its really high altitude which should give quintana a big advantage, going to be very interesting to see how dumoulin copes. Would be great if the likes of nibali and pinot can take some time and make it a 4 man fight but with the descent i cant see pinot doing that, nibali could though so even if it doesnt break apart at the top people could still open gaps on the way down to the finish.
  22. I think it's implied that Petyr pointed Joff in that direction. And it makes sense too: Ned was a huge loose end, and he knew that Petyr was a two-faced weasel. Petyr couldn't let word of that reach Cat, or anyone, really.
  23. I just posted this in US Politics, but it looks like it belongs here too. In one move the Trump administration is looking to screw students, create a new too big to fail financial institution, and aggravate a bubble with the potential to sink the US economy.
  24. LOL, fair enough. Impeach and convict is intro Gov stuff - and it's pretty straightforward that it resembles indict and convict, including the Chief Justice presiding over the Senate hearings.
  25. Yes I presume anyone can rape a half dead 14 year old boy. I am glad the notion of rape amuses you so. Also yes he is a victim of the nobility like the other 99% of people in Westeros. In case you forgot. Cat thinks the wound was mortal. So as @PrettyPig mentioned above between being half dead and milk of the poppy I sure he was able to give consent or stop her. Yes I am sure that being almost killed was part of his sociopathic master plan...
  26. but jon does say he is better witht he sword. i think he has the potential for the same greatness and abilities his father rhaegar had, but with his upbringing, the less sophisticated north, with ned's need to keep him hidden, the catelyn's very obvious dislike of him, he's never had much chance to cultivate those talents.
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