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  1. Stat Modifiers

    T: CHANGES: Stat Modifiers We have just completed a modification to the CharGen which means that stat increases and stat decreases are no longer a one-off addition to or reduction from your stat pool. Instead, they are persistent percentages, just like skill increases and decreases. They also apply to single stats rather than stat groups. To give an example, if a player used to have a Stat Decrease: Physique, they had their pool of Physique points reduced by 5% in CharGen. Now, the flaw will be modified so that their Physique pool is untouched in CharGen but instead they will have a permanent -10% to one of the stats in their Physique pool. This will display the same way on their sheet as skill modifiers do today. We will start by changing over currently unplayed characters, then we will either approach active players who are affected or ask players to input +jobs with how they want these changes done on their characters. This change is the first of a few planned CG changes which we hope may make it possible to implement Tier Advancement. Visit the Site!
  2. New Season 6 Promos

    Today, HBO’s official Game of Thrones Twitter announced the start of a new promotion for the upcoming sixth season of Game of Thrones with this intriguing tweet: And the masses did just as they asked, flooding the account with their allegiance. What followed were three, individualized tweets whose responses included a very brief teaser video with voice overs from actors Iwan Rheon (Ramsay), Jonathan Pryce (the High Sparrow), and an unidentified actor playing a Dothraki. We’ve embedded these three responses below: read on >>> Visit the Site!
  3. For those keeping track, Game of Thrones has added to its bevy of Creative Arts Emmys: nominated fo 16 awards, it took home 8 of them. Bear in mind, in some of those categories there were several Game of Thrones entries, most notably the Cinematography in a Single-Camera Series category which featured six nominees, four of which were from Game of Thrones (HBO sister show Boardwalk Empire‘s season 5 premiere actually won there, however). This continues the show’s tremendous run in creative arts and production categories, which is understandable given both the expense, the complexity, and the terrific amount of talent involved behind-the-scenes in producing the visuals, effects, stunts, and more. With the 2015 Emmys, the show has been nominated for 88 awards so far, of which it has won 19 so far. More Emmys are pending for the Primetime Emmy awards airing on the 20th, while FXX will broadcast last week’s Creative Arts Emmys on the 19th. For the full list of Emmy nominees, see here. [url=http://www.westeros.org/GoT/News/Entry/Game_of_Thrones_at_the_Creative_Emmys]Visit the Site![/url]
  4. The occasion of the wedding of Ser Aidan Dayne, the famed Knight of the Twilight, and the lady Aisling Ryswell was an unusual one in some respects. For one, King Baelor himself presided over the marriage, in his capacity as a septon of the Faith. For another, despite neither being a great lord or lady, not one but two tournies were arranged for the occasion; a rarity in these more austere and pious times. The reason for it had more to do with the Dornish embassy to the Iron Throne, of which Ser Aidan was a part, than to any native desire of theirs to make such a showing. Regardless of the reasons, however, the tourneys drew a deal of attention for a city starved of spectacles. The first of the tourneys, following the wedding vows being exchanged, was the more modest affair, with six-and-ten knights of various reputations competing. There were no great shocks or upsets in that contest, save the fact that the Dornish knight Ser Tamlyn Toland—cousin to Ser Aidan—carried the day after being defeated by Ser Joffrey Caswell, the heir to Bitterbridge, before rallying to defeat him in his final opportunity to carry the day. The feast that followed was similarly modest in scope and atmosphere, and indeed, when it came time for the bedding the bride and groom were conducted out with a deal of decorum, and none of the usual ribaldry which is more common. Some present thought that perhaps it was the Dornish custom, but truth be told most guess it was due to the role of the king in the marriage (both in the making and the effecting of it). The next day, Ser Aidan Dayne would ride out to ride in the more extravagant of the tourneys, the Tourney of the Tower of Devotion as it was called. Rich prizes of hundreds of gold dragons were named, and it is said that the Martells and the embassy were the chief sponsors of the contest, a show of pageantry and chivalry to remind the Kingslanders that the Targaryens were not the only ones who could arrange grand events. Named after the wood-and-plaster tower raised in the tourney fields which served as a place to mount miniature shields bearing the arms of the contestants, the tournament drew a very grand field of more than several score knights, and some of the most famed in the realm were present: Ser Argett Prester, the Tailcutter, and handsome Ser Joffrey Caswell, the royal steward Ser Conrad Arryn, the kingsguard knights Ser Aleyn Florent and Prince Aemon Targaryen. What followed was a great day of jousting, with notable deeds performed, and great upsets such as the defeat of Aleyn Foxglove at the hands of the Warden of Crackclaw Point, Ser Dermett Corbray, or the dozen lances and more broken by Ser Conrad Arryn and Ser Aidan Dayne. But in the end, as if destined, was another meeting between the Knight of the Twilight and the Dragonknight. Several times before had they met in the lists, and each time there has been great displays of arms and chivalry. This proved no different, as both men unhorsed one another, and then fought with swords until Ser Aidan Dayne managed to defeat Prince Aemon to the shock of the watching crowd. Declared champion, none could be surprised when he crowned his new bride the Queen of Love and Beauty. [url=http://www.westeros.org/BoD/Tidings/Entry/A_Wedding_and_Two_Tourneys]Visit the Site![/url]
  5. As Variety reports, the venerable Swedish actor Max von Sydow—the list of credits for the actor is very long indeed—is taking over the “three-eyed raven” role originated in the fourth season by Struan Rodger. As Variety notes, much like the Ian McShane casting, this role is relatively brief in screen time, but it will be important—in his case, Sydow’s role will be described as a “major” one. Given that Isaac Hempstead Wright has admitted he’d be back for season 6 after a 1 season hiatus, it looks like we’ll be seeing how Bran has gotten along beneath the weirwood with his new mentor. [url=http://www.westeros.org/GoT/News/Entry/Max_Von_Sydow_Joins_the_Cast]Visit the Site![/url]
  6. Like the title says, EW has the exclusive revealing that Ian McShane—best known for his role as Al Swearengen in Deadwood (one of the finest TV shows ever made, by the by)—will be joining the cast for season 6 in a role described by EW as having a “relatively small amount of screen-time during the season” but that the ” character is of key importance.” Let the speculation begin. [url=http://www.westeros.org/GoT/News/Entry/EW_Scoop_Ian_McShane_Joins_Cast]Visit the Site![/url]
  7. The news ran wild last night with the report from the Television Critics’ Association summer session panel where HBO executive Michael Lombardo spoke about Game of Thrones and remarked the following: âSeven-seasons-and-out has never been the [internal] conversation. The question is: How much beyond seven are we going to do? Obviously weâre shooting six now, hopefully discussing seven. [David & Dan] feel like thereâs two more years after six. I would always love for them to change their minds, but thatâs what weâre looking at right now.â On top of that, when asked about potential prequels, Lombardo expressed strong willingness to further delve into the Game of Thrones story once the main series was done. read on >>> [url=http://www.westeros.org/GoT/News/Entry/HBO_Execs_Expect_More_than_7_Seasons]Visit the Site![/url]
  8. <p>The latest episode of the <a href="http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/330840/"><em>Gameof Thrones</em></a> game from <a href="http://www.telltalegames.com">Telltale Games</a> is just around the corner, with a release date of July 21st on PC, Mac, and Playstation 3-4, XBox versions on the 22nd, and iOS/Android on the 23rd.</p> <div class="ImageMiddle"> <iframe width="500" height="281" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/BJ2pyM-lSIE"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> </div> <p>Titled “A Nest of Vipers”, the episode looks to feature pit-fighting action with Asher, young Lady Mira visiting Tyrion Lannister in his cell, and a significant amount of Ramsay Bolton’s nastiness. And speaking of Asher, an image released by Telltale Games serves as a bit of a spoiler regarding where his story takes him…</p> <strong><a href="http://www.westeros.org/GoT/News/Entry/Game_of_Thrones_Game_Returns_This_Week">readon &gt;&gt;&gt;</a></strong> [url=http://www.westeros.org/GoT/News/Entry/Game_of_Thrones_Game_Returns_This_Week]Visit the Site![/url]
  9. Extended Downtime Tomorrow

    With the latest stable release of the Invision forum software—to version 4.10—we have decided that we can now finally get the forum upgraded. The upgrade will bring many new features, not least of which is a responsive skin design which should allow users on mobile devices to easily use the forum with all the features they’re used to on desktops without having to download separate software (such as Tapatalk). However, because this is a substantial upgrade, it will require changes to the database in the process. This means that it will very likely take, at minimum, 8 hours to complete the whole process… and given the size of our database, it could be easily twice as long (or, indeed, even longer). So this Tuesday, at around 9AM GMT/ 5AM EST / 2AM PST, we will shut down the forum to begin the upgrade process. Updates on the process, if and when we can provide them, will be made available via our Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts. We do not expect to need to take down the wiki or Westeros.org website while the forum is being upgraded, but it is possible that that, too, will be required, so please bear with us. Visit the Site!
  10. The Storm

    Ser Orson Baratheon’s wedding to Lady Ryone Prester at Storm’s End would prove to be ill-omened. Attended by many of the court’s great and good—Prince Aegon among the former if not the latter, accompanied by Ser Kenric Darry of the Kingsguard—the festivities began well enough. But the wedding joust would see scandal with Prince Aegon carrying the field and and crowning another man’s wife Queen of Love and Beauty in a manner meant to insult him; Lady Jyana Lannister, married to Ser Jonn, heir to Casterly Rock and a man who had earned the prince’s disfavour. Far worse than scandal would follow the next day when a great storm swept in off the sea during an archery contest, causing a near stampede and taking lives as it drove people within the safety of Storm’s End’s curtain walls. For a day and a night the storm raged, so fierce that none had seen its like in a generation. Within a day of its ending, ravens from Lord Corwen’s bannermen had begun to reach Storm’s End with dark tidings. The storm had wrought such a devastation upon the Stormlands that the lives it claimed were a mere prelude to what was to come. Entire villages had been destroyed. Livestock had been scattered. Their bloated corpses dotted fields and woods along with those of smallfolk. Grain reserves had been ruined, a death sentence in winter. Disease and starvation were but days away, the Stranger’s heralds. That those of the court who had sailed for the wedding were now trapped at Storm’s End, their ships greatly damaged at anchor and the road all but impassable now, was a minor trouble in comparison. Lord Corwen wasted no time in opening his granaries and sending out his men to aid where they could. But more was needed, grain and men beyond his ability to provide, and so the proud lord sent ravens to King’s Landing asking King Baelor for aid. And received it two weeks hence, for King Baelor had moved swiftly, ordering Admiral Dagur Saltcliffe south with ships hastily loaded with grain and carrying healers, septons, septas and Silent Sisters besides, led by Septon Elwood, to tend to the needs of the devastated smallfolk, both temporal and spiritual. And he sent word as well, bidding the lordlings and knights of the court trapped at Storm’s End ride out with those of the Faith and earn the favour of the Seven—with his cousin Princess Naerys adding an injunction for the women to show their devotion to the Gods to be no less strong. [url=http://www.westeros.org/BoD/Tidings/Entry/The_Storm]Visit the Site![/url]
  11. With season 5 completed (see our episode guide on the final episode for some of our thoughts), there’s a lot of discussion about what the show did right or wrong this season, interviews with various members of cast and crew, and more. But Random House—publishers, through their subsidiary Bantam, of all things A Song of Ice and Fire—asked us to provide a list of 11 reasons why fans of the show might want to give the books a try if they haven’t already! You can find the article here. read on >>> Visit the Site!
  12. As brought to our attention by Spanish fansite Los Siete Reinos, at least two new locations in Spain are lining up for filming in season 6, which starts filming this July but the Spanish segment appears set for September and October. According to Barcelonan paper La Vanguardia, HBO has apparently confirmed that the Catalonian city of Girona will be used in filming—its famous cathedral being cited as one location of particular interest—as well as the Valencian medieval town of Peñsicola which is known for retaining many medieval and Renaissance buildings and structures. James Hibberd of EW adds that other locations may be used in Spain, though those have as yet to be confirmed (in particular, James Hibberd notes that there’s no word whether Seville, the main site for filming Dornish scenes, has not been confirmed as a filming location at this time). Both Los Siete Reinos and La Vanguardia speculate that Girona would serve very well for Oldtown and the Citadel, citing the narrow streets of the Jewish quarter, the edifice of the cathedral, and so on. Peñsicola is more of a mystery, although Spanish fans are tentatively suggesting it could serve for Casterly Rock. In support of this, note that the Wikipedia article notes that Peñsicola is sometimes known as the “Gibraltar of Valencia”, thanks to being a prominent fortified peninsula, and George R.R. Martin has often likened Casterly Rock to the actual Gibraltar, while at the same time he has noted that Casterly Rock will appear in future A Song of Ice and Fire novels. It’s certainly as good a guess as any. Visit the Site!
  13. On the Sand Snakes

    <p>According to the Huffington Post, <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2015/03/03/game-of-thrones-sand-snakes-racist_n_6795148.html">an uproar</a> about the casting of the Sand Snakes, the daughters of <a href="http://www.westeros.org/GoT/Characters/Entry/Oberyn_Nymeros_Martell">Prince Oberyn Martell</a> by various women. Tthe recent <a href="http://www.westeros.org/GoT/News/Entry/The_Weapons_of_Dorne">Weapons of Dorne</a> video which gave many fans their first really clear look at the actors in costume made a few on Twitter realize that the characters did not really look very much like the characters described in the books… but the outrage isn’t about that, but rather by the fact that all the characters are “white”.</p> <p>Unfortunately, this says more about reader myopia than it does the show’s casting. The outrage is based on the reading of the Dornish as being “another race” than the people you’ll find in the rest of the Seven Kingdoms, but in fact that divides in Westeros are not really racial but ethnic in nature, largely about culture and not skin color. According to George R.R. Martin, this is <a href="http://grrm.livejournal.com/326474.html?thread=17863242#t17863242">how he envisioned</a> the Dornish when he created them:</p> <strong><a href="http://www.westeros.org/GoT/News/Entry/On_the_Sand_Snakes">read on &gt;&gt;&gt;</a></strong> Visit the Site!
  14. Today marks the release of Telltale Games‘s Game of Thrones game, featuring the company’s well-known focus on story and character combined with the Game of Thrones license and participation from several of the actors from the TV series. We’re looking at getting a review of our own out in the coming days, but here’s a few from the gaming media across the web: IGN gives it an 8.0.: “Tough decisions, well-acted original characters in interesting situations, and a strong, provocative ending kick off Telltaleâs new Game of Thrones series in a great way. Its nature as a side-story to the HBO show means we wonât get to decide the fate of Westeros, but this introduction is convincing evidence that the future of House Forrester puts enough at stake to make choices matter.”Polygon gives it a 6.5: “Which is the problem with “Iron from Ice”: We have no idea how these decisions will pay off or punish us down the road. It feels like a slow episode of the show, and although the story could go into a few interesting directions, as it stands it often feels like you’re simply standing on the periphery of much greater struggles.”Total Biscuit shows the first few minutes of the game as he discusses it’s pluses and minuses. He notes that the play time is 2-2.5 hours for this first entry in the episodic series. Visit the Site!
  15. Thank you for posting the Octocon Q&A! That was awesome to read.


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