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  1. Can't argue with that.
  2. Thano is better off wearing that helmet; otherwise, he looks like a deformed grape. BTW, it might not actually be Tony Stark inside Veronica (aka the hulkbuster armor). Which may not be new news but I couldn't resist.
  3. I would pay good money to see Oprah as Granny Goodness. No I won't but still...
  4. And Nick Fury? Whatever happened to him?
  5. Well, it could just be the editing for the trailer but it looks like Thanos is leaping towards Cap and got stopped in his tracks.
  6. Wonder if Cap went through another strength increase or if he gets stronger via determination the way Hulk gets with anger.
  7. Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. I was enjoying it until it got to that part where Odie was blathering on about Asgard needing to build a wall tof keep the bad guys out. Methinks I'll be skipping that part.
  8. How I long to break free of this cute avatar and reveal myself as Pennywise the clown!
  9. Poppy is kinda like most of the characters on this show during the first season - dickish and douchy- before they developed further. I certainly wished Penny would just fuck off and die during at least the first half of S1.
  10. Jez Bell is really Sarah Huckabee Sanders. (Which is why she's in the Liars' thread)
  11. Jez Bell has the much sought after Trump pee tape hidden under her bed.
  12. The Defenders. The last few eps (the ones where they went into that building) were disappointing and the ending even more so.
  13. I think the ferret hiding under my wig is starting to gnaw at my scalp....
  14. "I will not watch Season 8 of GOT....I will not watch Season 8 of GOT.... *Aargh!!! pant, pant*...I will not watch Season 8 of GOT...."
  15. Raisin' Bran sells fake security clearances to the White House 'cause he's such an anarchist.