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  1. Humans (Channel 4/AMC)

    Westworld tends to encourage my misanthrophy while Humans (or at least, the Hawkins) makes me feel, um, ashamed of it. Also, Gemma Chan.
  2. Humans (Channel 4/AMC)

    Ah yes, everything's happening according to my plans....yesssss...
  3. The new Justice League trailer

    There's the unintentionally funny stuff but the Martha thing has been beaten to death. Anyway, I get the impression Famuyiwa was really into the Flash project so I guess the interference must have been something. I swear, DC gives off such a strong "virgin about to be deflowered by Gregor Clegane" vibe with their films that people pick up on their skittishness.
  4. Arrow Season 5: New Thread, New Team, Same Angst...?

    The Flash musical was a highlight, though it was an effort for me to sit myself down and watch it, and I didn't have it in me to watch Barry serenade Iris at the end; but, it was a reminder of how appealing Barry was when he was first introduced. And also, Melissa Benoist is a darn good singer. And yeah, Legends has been way better since it had the Legion of Evil Middle-Aged White Men as its antagonists. But I think Arrow has so far, been the strongest of the four CW hero shows this season. And the most recent ep was everything Season 3 pretended (unconvincingly) to be. And an increasingly corrupted Felicity is more interesting than a weepy one. And guess who's coming back (again)
  5. The new Justice League trailer

    Apparently the reverse isn't true since the Flash movie has lost two directors (Seth Grahame-Smith and Rick Famuyiwa) . Was disappointed they alienated Famuyiwa with the usual "creative differences".
  6. Three word story (game)

    to the Titanic
  7. Outrageous Lies bout TP above, Ver. 24 (I like it better than 23)

    Joey Crows masturbates to Kellyanne Conway.
  8. The new Justice League trailer

    I'll root for it, wth. If it's a stinker, then may a bad Justice League movie be the worst thing that happens in our lifetime.
  9. Arrow Season 5: New Thread, New Team, Same Angst...?

    I'm not a huge fan of Arrow; but I must say, its most recent episode, "Kapiushon", may be the best one this series (and possibly any CW super-hero show) ever had.
  10. Humans (Channel 4/AMC)

    I may be the only one but this show connects with me in a way than Westworld ever did. Largely because the Hawkins family whom I've grown fond of ( with the sometimes exception of Joe). Westworld has too many human douches as its primary, secondary, and background characters that I just don't really give a fuck about it. I actually like Humans' sociopath synth, Hester than any of them. Anyway, I hope Humans get a third season. Even though the Season 2 finale would actually end the series on a good note (despite a few dangling plotlines).
  11. What are you listening to? Vol. XXII

    Revolution Radio Green Day "Say hello to the ones in control..."
  12. Outrageous Lies bout TP above, Ver. 24 (I like it better than 23)

    Raisin' Bran wiretapped Trump's White House.
  13. Marvel cancels Inhumans movie in favor of 2017 TV show

    I don't think super-hair has ever been depicted in live-action before. Looking forward to it. I'd like to see a Trump analogue try and grab her -
  14. Valentines to and from Trump

    Pardon me, feeling highly sensitive on the subject.
  15. Valentines to and from Trump

    For some of us, it's not just a matter of being "political".