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  1. I guess the desire to be Marvel has overwhelmed the DCEU.
  2. It's back! It's finally back!! And I'm surprised they haven't done a a scene in an actual brothel yet...
  3. I can describe a drawing or two if you guys need it but the thought of having more stuff to draw might make me do a Jaime Lannister on myself.
  4. I'm missing an episode or two since Blink and the Von Strucker siblings where still being held captive when last I saw them. Anyway, I'm not so, um, enlightened as to completely disapprove of Lorna and Andy's decisions but that revelation that Lorna's bipolar comes close to being a cop-out. Also, a studded leather jacket to denote she's the villain now? Come on, spikes would've worked better. I also hope Campbell's dead but since we didn't see a body...
  5. I think what thw DCEU would consider as the ultimate complement nowadays would be "It's just like a Marvel movie!"
  6. Funny how this show made someone whose power is literally manipulating a bucket of shrapnel more memorable than a Native American woman with a more relevant issue and the power to animate the skeleton of a T-Rex.
  7. Harsh. I might follow Vanity Fair's advice and skip it.
  8. Reviews have gone down from lukewarm to cold. Too bad.
  9. I forgot about that. Kinda makes me wish Gaiman depicted Thor that way in 1602.
  10. That reminds me of the joke idiot Thor shared in Seasons of Mists: "I'm Thor!" "You're thore?? I'm tho thore I can barely thith!!!"
  11. Well, despite the themes of the show being all too familiar, it is still regrettably relevant and the most recent ep works gosh-darned well for me. Lost touch with the X-men years ago so I should look up whether Dreamer and Eclipse have comic-book equivalents. I also like that they take their codenames seriously. PS Polaris being so pale kinda makes her look like the Joker's daughter. Not that I really mind.
  12. Still in - I won't resist Metron (look-alike) on the Flash and evil Laurel menacing team Arrow. Also, I like Odette Annabelle so I'm watching Supergirl and um, Solomon Grundy on Gotham.
  13. Sure I watch it, 'cause I could never resist quaint little scenes of how pig-headed and fearful humans can be. Fuck knows one hardly sees that in real life in 2017. A minor observation: they made too big a deal of that scene that revealed Polaris has green hair. Seriously? If she had Doc Ock's tentacles for hair, sure, but green tinted locks? PS I hope this doesn't mean we won't be seeing movie Blink anymore.
  14. Works for me. That bit in the field may be the most authentic Clark Kent I've seen in the DCEU so far.
  15. No, the movie is something I rewatch fairly regularly ;though, I always wished they included the part where Ozymandias says that should nuclear war happen, that not only the world's present and future be canceled but also its past as well, wiping everything that was accomplished save for a plaque on the moon bearing Richard Nixon's name. I'm not on Ozzy's side but you know...