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  1. Maybe adding a 68th character would cut every character's screen time from 4 minutes to 3 3/4 and they just couldn't have that.
  2. Looking forward to it more than I care to say - despite the reported 67 characters giving me pause.
  3. I agree; I was surprised to find Peter genuinely irritating (to me, as an audience member, I know he annoys his antagonists regularly); nonetheless, I enjoyed the movie immensely - and the one at the end with Cap was awesome.
  4. It would be something of an event if they could make it good enough that Alan Moore will actually like it. Eta: Actually, it might be something of an event if he actually watches the first episode.
  5. Eta: Eva Green's still single, right? Right??
  6. My only somewhat major gripe was Hyppolyta being against Diana being trained, which struck me as contrived conflict, and telling Diana virtually squat about the outside world (she should have realized that Diana going out there was inevitable). Maybe H didn't know much about it herself but whatever, I just waited for that part to be over and hoped the rest of the film would live up to most of the reviews. Which it did.
  7. While we're waiting...
  8. So to paraphrase Joe, this season wasn't so much about saving Iris but more about saving Barry. Was not expecting that, and kinda makes me see this season in a somewhat new light. Well, here's hoping they actually pull off his redemption (and by extension, the show's) next season. Eta: Savitar here reminded me of AIDA over at Agents of Shield where they went into two-d supervillain mode and lost whatever grayness they had 'cause it's the last episode of the season and it was time to get rid of them.
  9. "You evil losers!"
  10. knew the prophecies
  11. Oops, made a mistake: King's co-author for Black House is Peter Straub.
  12. Yeah, I I'm wary King might write himself in this one...
  13. Black House by Stephen King and Peter Straub. Despite mentions of "the Beam", it took quite a few pages for me to realize that this story is connected to the Dark Tower's world.
  14. the Orange Sphincter
  15. Unless my memory's fuzzy, that's what they did; they didn't tell Barry she was on Earth-2 until after Savitar tricked them and took Iris. Also, that power dampener thing was an excuse to get Snart into the episode.