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  1. Well said. That was what broke me from the show for good.
  2. I don't mean for comedic purposes either. I mean genuinely, what do you think will most likely be the last words/thoughts of the ASOIAF characters?
  3. Whatever happens to Stannis, I desperately hope that it's a heroic end. He deserves one after all the shit he's had to deal with so far.
  4. - Those prisoners will be freed somehow -The Hound is not there. He's a nameless lame gravedigger. Strongboar will probably die before he gets the chance to go on that wild goose chase -Yes, there will be a second Red Wedding, and Lady Stoneheart will smile to see it done -Gendry will probably be reunited with Arya somehow before the end of the story -If you mean the forces under Kyle Condon and Ronnel Stout, then yes, I'd like to know where they are too. But I'm worried that GRRM has forgotten about them and they've just vanished, never to return -Ned Dayne and Anguy will re-emerge. Ned has to become the new Sword of the Morning -The Lannister army will probably get wiped out in some spectacular battle -There's already a family conflict within House Frey. I foresee that they will be wiped out by an alliance of wolves, Lady Stoneheart, freed northmen, and vengeful riverlanders (even if they aren't working together officially) -the Rosby freys probably have the best chance of surviving since GRRM has gone to great pains to point out that Perwyn and Olyvar are innocent of the Red Wedding -Bonifar Hasty isn't important. He'll end up dead due to the curse of Harrenhal. Or if I'm fortunate, then Littlefinger will be struck down by the curse and Hasty dies a hero in battle.
  5. For some reason, the link I posted is gone. Just so everyone knows, it was the full westerlands chapter from GRRM's website.
  6. After reading this: , it suddenly occurs to me how quickly the narrator skates over the issue of Kevan Lannister's service to the Red Lion and Castamere. He was at Castamere during the time when the Reynes were openly defiant to Lord Tytos, and even ambushed and killed his father-in-law when Lord Marbrand was sent to arrest Lord Tarbeck. Tytos ended up pardoning them all for Lord Marbrand's death. Some say it was because he was being his usual weak self, but there's a note briefly hinting that Kevan was in service to Castamere at the time, and may have even been present at the attack. That's a serious revelation. Was Kevan complicit in the death of his grandfather? And even if he wasn't, when did he find out? And what was his reaction? And even beyond all that, how did he stand being in the court of the men who so openly mock and hate his family? What was that like? All these questions about Kevan's life, forever lost because he's dead and we won't get to hear his side of the story! What a missed opportunity!
  7. Why do you want the whole year? The Summerhall event itself is all that's really necessary. Or do you prefer that GRRM keeps it mysterious forever?
  8. Interesting question. I'd want to see the Laughing Storm's rebellion. It would allow for some great battles, that big final duel between Dunk and Lyonel, former allies in the first novella, and maybe even some foreshadowing to Robert's Rebellion. Maybe have a character make a prediction about what happens if the dragon angers the stag again. Basically a novella set in the Stormlands would be great. We really don't get enough of that Westerosi region in the series.
  9. That sounds more like something the Dornish wouldn't care about. Plus the Dornish would actually provide Lynesse with some luxury that she's used to.
  10. I disagree. Leyton Hightower is as rich as the Lannisters and could probably go to war with the Tyrells and have a reasonable chance at victory. A daughter of his is certainly worthy of a Great House. Maybe not the direct heir, but definitely a second son like Stannis. Though I seriously doubt that Lynesse would have had a better time of it as Stannis' wife. Sure, she wouldn't make him as miserable as Selyse seems to, but he would still be a bitter sourpuss. Though maybe they would have had more kids? Both the Baratheons and Hightowers seem to have very fertile genes. The chance of having a healthy child as his heir would help Stannis' cause in the wars to come.
  11. As unlikely as it is that GRRM would have done that, this is a very convincing argument for that scenario.
  12. But again, that would be stupid because at this point, the Reynes and Tarbecks would have the time and motivation to fully prepare for war and it would have been a very bloody war.
  13. Not only that, but the leader of the Westerlander forces was Roger Reyne, after Jason Lannister died. Roger was already renowned for his martial skills, and the War would only have solidified his reputation as a leader and warrior. He would have been a dangerous enemy to have if he was actually prepared to fight instead of being surprised by what amounted to a sneak attack upon the Tarbeck lands.
  14. Given how relieved Catelyn would be that Arya is still alive, and given how high of a reputation Sandor has as a fighter, Robb would be really stupid to refuse Sandor Clegane. Forget his personal guard, Sandor Clegane would have been the best bodyguard you could ask for.
  15. We're told that when Walderan Tarbeck was captured by Tywin, his wife immediately seized three Lannister hostages of her own. One of whom was a direct relative of Joanna Lannister. When he hears about it, Tywin suggests to his father that they should return Walderan in three pieces, shocking Tytos and presumably everyone else in the room. Obviously the situation is used to show Tytos constantly failing to grow a backbone, but really, Tywin? Really??? What the hell is wrong with you? Would your cousin have married you if she found out that your ruthlessness resulted in the death of her brother? And also, if you send Lord Tarbeck back in three pieces, you not only condemn the Lannister hostages to a gruesome death, but you cause the Reynes and Tarbecks to revolt and gather their full strength for open war. It's not like Tywin would be prepared and have the upper hand this time. They would know exactly what they're dealing with and would prepare for war. No ambush or surprise by Tywin to get the drop on them. It would be a civil war which the Lannisters might not win. And what would that kind of attitude have gotten him when he found out that Jaime was taken hostage and Ned was executed? Was he expecting the Starks to send him Jaime's head in reprisal?