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  1. Depends. Rhaegar's certainly handsome enough to make her forget Jaime, but if he's as mopey as they claim, she'd have gotten bored of him eventually.
  2. I would have to pick House Greyjoy by default. The Boltons have two living members, and they are both despicable. At least Asha and Theon have sympathetic sides to them, and while I dislike Aeron, I do think his fear and hatred of Euron is thoroughly justified and very well portrayed.
  3. Stannis Baratheon (the best living general by that point) and Eddard Stark (for his own experiences in war and also a man who knows the North).
  4. If Quellon was a royalist, he would have raided the Riverlands, maybe even invaded the North, which would have caused Eddard to turn back and defend his home from the raiders. Such a distraction could very well have led to the rebels being defeated.
  5. By the way, what are your choices, Claude?
  6. Iron Islands: House Harlaw, so that Rodrik the Reader becomes Lord of the Ironborn. Dorne: House Manwoody, because they were loyal to Oberyn to the very end. Westerlands: House Marbrand. I think Addam is my favourite of the Lannister bannermen. I wouldn't mind if he became lord of Casterly Rock. Vale: House Royce, hands down. I like them far more than the Arryns, even Waymar was brave enough to take on an Other. The Royces would have joined Robb Stark, they are as honourable as anyone in the Vale, and they produce fierce fighters. Riverlands: Tough choice. I'd normally pick the Blackwoods, but their feud with the Brackens is a serious drawback, so I think I would go with the Pipers. All three of the Pipers that we've met are good people. Marq is a bit hotheaded, but he's honourable and cares about the smallfolk like Edmure does. And he continues to fight an effective guerrilla war even when the Riverlands have been overrun. Reach: I'd have picked Hightower if they weren't already a great house (technically). My second choice is House Oakheart, since I seem to be one of the few people who actually liked Arys Oakheart and his POV chapter. Stormlands: Hands down House Dondarrion. Beric is one of the most interesting characters of the series, and if the rest of the Dondarrions are as good as he is, then the Stormlands would be in good hands. North: I'll go with House Mormont. They're one of the most progressive houses in Westeros, and apart from Jorah, every single member of Mormont is awesome. If anyone could rightly take Winterfell over from the wolf of Stark, it would be the bear of Mormont.
  7. Eddard Stark Stannis Baratheon Mace Tyrell (given how well his sons turned out, he must have done something right) Tyrion Lannister (I feel like having a kid would have been good for him, knowing someone metaphorically looked up to him and loved him unconditionally) Victarion Greyjoy (holding my nose picking this one, none of the Greyjoys are fit to be parents as far as I'm concerned) Edmure Tully Doran Martell
  8. You're doing Stannis a disservice. The reward of Storm's End by Robert would be satisfying to Stannis as it means that his duty is being justly rewarded. What would make him miserable is having to deal with the people around him who'd have preferred Robert, or even Renly, in charge for whatever reason. Stannis is the ablest man of his brothers for authority, but many people tend to really dislike a man such as Stannis. Certainly Stannis would be just, and he's probably the least likely man to be corrupted by power, but that wouldn't make him popular at all. And I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that Stannis is also somewhat of a misanthrope, so dealing with people in general would leave him bitter and angry anyway.
  9. Re-reading the book recently, it strikes me that Rodrik should have smelled a rat regarding the Dreadfort men's arrival at the siege. Just to summarize events leading up to that moment, Ramsay Snow had just kidnapped and killed Lady Hornwood, the Boltons and Manderlys were fighting over the Hornwood lands, and Ramsay Snow was allegedly killed by Rodrik and his followers. So with all that in mind, what made Rodrik think that those Bolton men were allies? What logic did he apply to justify the Boltons sending anyone to Winterfell? We can assume that Ramsay was obviously in charge of the Dreadfort with Roose's absence. Ramsay is now both dead (as far as Rodrik knows), and he is guilty of so many atrocities, not least of which having Lady Hornwood starve to death. If House Bolton tolerated such a monster, why would they aid the man who killed said monster and wishes to drag his name through the mud with a trial? Rodrik should have smelled a rat when the Dreadfort men arrived. Maybe not outright attacked them, but at least he could have had his men on the alert and kept his distance. Instead of just assuming all was well and shake the commander's hand.
  10. Stannis is one of my favourite characters, and he has proven to be able to endure a lot of terrible things, but Ramsay would break him same as any other man. Though I'd like to think that Ramsay would have to really work at breaking a man like Stannis. In truth, Ramsay is the ultimate bully, even moreso than Joffrey, especially in that he is a coward who only picks on those that he can easily destroy. So far, he has never really picked on someone his own size, if that expression can be used here. He's not a talented warrior, nor is he very smart. In almost any situation or scenario other than being chained up in his torture chamber, Stannis would defeat Ramsay, as would many other characters (Jon Snow, Brienne, Mance Rayder, etc).
  11. Excellent points. Good comparison.
  12. Stannis doesn't truly worship R'hllor. That's an invention of the show. He constantly denies his fervent Queen's Men the right to burn people alive when they're on the march to Winterfell, until some men are found guilty of cannibalism. He makes use of R'hllor and his followers without truly worshipping him. And besides, if he was a Northman, he would have worshipped the old gods, same as them. And yes, his personality might have changed entirely with a different life in the North, but I'm with Floki in that he would have been happier in the North. Northmen generally ARE more loyal. Look how many of them are still supportive of the Starks even during their downfall and possible extinction (Mormonts, Manderlies, Glovers, Umbers, etc). Thousands of them march for the daughter of "The Ned", and the instant a male Stark shows up, practically all of Bolton's 'allies' will jump ship, even if they haven't been plotting already. The only signs of active disloyalty that we get comes from the Karstarks, the Dustins, and the Boltons. The Karstarks only became disloyal out of loss and personal insult, the Dustins are motivated similarly, and the Boltons are just designated as the evil baddies of the North.
  13. This is pre-Baratheon, but either Durran or a name that starts with "Ar" in the Stormlands.
  14. The Blackfyre Rebellion is like Robert's Rebellion: frequently talked about, never experienced directly, which gives it a layer of mystique and awe. It's actually why I don't want a story about either event because then they'd be dragged down and the aura would be gone. It might be exciting, but it wouldn't live up to the hype it's gotten over the years.