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  1. Let's speculate about the future roles of Willas and Garlan

    Why can't we just have him be what he is? A modest, good man who fights honourably and is in a stable relationship. Contrary to what the show would have us believe, there are quite a few average, decent people in the books who are more often than not in the background. People like Kevan Lannister, Addam Marbrand, Perwyn Frey, Daven Lannister, the Glovers, Smalljon Umber, Wendel Manderly, Robar Royce, Balon Swann, etc. Also, you're literally called Good Guy Garlan. Why do you want to see his dark side??
  2. Let's speculate about the future roles of Willas and Garlan

    I think Euron will need to do a lot of damage to make an impact as a villain of the series so late in the game, and he'll need to kill off people we like to make such an impact. Garlan Tyrell is one of those people. He's a good man, he's one of the most skilled (and underrated) fighters in Westeros, he's just become the head of a cadet branch, and he's the only Tyrell brother who's happily married at the moment. He also hasn't made that much of an impact yet, so whatever he ends up doing, I think his final contribution will be dying tragically.
  3. Good point. In any case, I really hope Rolland Storm is still holding Dragonstone and is preparing to send much-needed dragonglass north. Not sure how else they're going to stand a chance against the Others.
  4. Tyrion's death

    I'd guess that Tyrion will die in the process of destroying House Lannister as part of his vengeance for Tysha, and pretty much all of his life. In the time-honoured spirit of vengeance, his hatred will end up destroying him somehow, but as the last, ultimate humiliation for the likes of Tywin and Cersei, he'll take the Lannister name down with him. It'll also bring the Lannister story full circle, given what they did to the Casterlys, Reynes, and Tarbecks.
  5. Well, Winterfell and Storm's End fall at the drop of a hat when the plot requires. So much for those great castles...
  6. That's what it seems to me too, but GRRM likes to take things that seem obvious and twist them around. Plus he's made honest errors (see his statement on the description of Jeyne Westerling's hips). So yes, it seems weird that Loras would not only survive all the terrible injuries he supposedly has, but then be able to search Dragonstone for treasure. And it seems weird that Aurane tells Cersei that Dragonstone fell BEFORE Riverrun fell, but then AFTER Riverrun falls, Myranda Royce comments that Dragonstone is still under siege. And yes, Rolland Storm would totally accept a fight to the death from Loras based on his worship of the Warrior. But I still worry that these inconsistencies will be explained away somehow, and GRRM will confirm that Dragonstone did indeed fall to Loras' assault, and one of the best men under Stannis' command is now dead.
  7. True, but we can still have opinions. I was curious how people felt about the theories that currently exist, and which one they held closest to their heart.
  8. ...Which one do you most want to be true? For me, I'm hoping and hoping that Aurane Waters proves to be a liar. I'm hoping that Dragonstone never fell, that it still belongs to Stannis' men, that Rolland Storm is still alive, and that he'll be sending shipfuls of dragonglass to the Wall for Stannis to use.
  9. Is the North suppose to be Ancient Germania?

    I thought the North is supposed to be part northern England, part Saxon, and part Scottish.
  10. Who would you have liked to see a dialogue between?

    Robb and Ned. I would have loved to see more father/son dialogue between those two. Stannis and Tywin. Imagine the two of them facing off. I genuinely don't know which one would break the other through sheer iron will and verbal savagery. Robert and Stannis. It's one thing to have the two men talk about each other in passing, but actually seeing them interact would have been genuinely interesting. Tywin and Tygett/Gerion. Just like with Robert and Stannis, Gerion and Tygett do NOT get along with Tywin, but unlike Stannis, they didn't seem to hold back from openly quarrelling with their older brother, no matter how rich or powerful he became. Would have been great to see Tywin try and fail to intimidate his brothers into submission like he did with Kevan.
  11. Which bannermen would you choose?

    Damn. Well, I'll steer clear of the North and Riverlands for this one, even though it costs me some of my favourite houses... House Royce and House Baelish (I'll just keep Littlefinger at arm's length), House Dondarrion and House Trant, House Dayne of Starfall and House Dayne of High Hermitage, House Crakehall and House Westerling.
  12. 1. Stannis Stark My first choice by far. He'd have been much better off as a Stark than as a Baratheon. Even if he's still prone to brood, the North is a cold and hard place, just like him, so it isn't as strange if that's how he turns out. No more pompous and rich southerners to irritate him with their corruption and hypocrisies. He'll be able to take comfort in the fact that his brothers are now Ned and Benjen. He'll be free to either join the Wall, create a cadet Stark branch, or stay in Winterfell in some secondary position like master-at-arms. The only real downside is that Davos Seaworth probably ends his life on a gibbet instead of being knighted. 2. Sansa Tyrell It's so obvious to me. She'd be much better off as Margaery's sister. Plenty of chivalry, three older brothers who are all honourable men and either very wise or very militarily proficient. Sansa just wasn't meant for the North. 3. Brandon Baratheon Imagine if Brandon the Wild Wolf was now the size of Robert Baratheon, or even bigger? Such a man might even make Robert seem mild, though we never quite got an idea of how good of a fighter Brandon was. Plus it means that Robert might not become king, which really didn't ever suit him anyway. 4. Cersei Martell It would actually benefit Cersei to be born into the Martells rather than the Lannisters. She gets to grow up in a place where women are more or less equal in terms of ruling, she no longer has Tywin as a father, and if she still fancies Jaime, it's no longer incest. Plus that's one less person who hates Tyrion, and no group of girls visits Maggy the Frog that one day. 5. Arya Martell Almost the same reasons. No reason why she can't learn how to use weapons if her uncle is Oberyn Martell. Plus Doran seems like a very let-them-figure-things-out kind of dad, but he'd also know when to draw a line.
  13. Usually in a time of war, it's hard to get hung up on details. Like how the Dustins and Ryswells only sent the least amount of troops they could get away with. Obviously sending none would have gotten them in a shit load of trouble. But on the other hand, Robb had to move quickly, and in his haste he probably wasn't in a great position to question why none of Lord Ryswell's sons were showing up with their troops, or why more weren't coming. After the war, if he'd lived, he probably would have wanted some answers, but then the Dustins and Ryswells would have had time to come up with a good excuse. Hard to punish lords who technically did provide help without risking too much.
  14. How would these fathers react to Tysha?

    Marriage is his line. He firmly told Daemon Sand no when Daemon asked for his permission to marry his daughter. But he didn't punish him or care that they'd slept together. So if he found out that Trystane and, say, Oberyn were wandering around and had found Tysha being accosted, with Oberyn driving away the attackers and Trystane playing Tyrion's role in the whole thing, I think he would have had some concerns about what was an incredibly unequal marriage in terms of social position.
  15. How would these fathers react to Tysha?

    If Ned is anything like Robb, he would acknowledge that Bran took the girl's virtue, and then did the honourable thing by marrying her. So he wouldn't do anything about it. Catelyn would probably be more furious about it than Ned, but both would eventually get to know Tysha and see her for who she is. They might even make sure that Bran doesn't get to inherit Winterfell should anything happen to Robb, but he does get a holdfast in the Gift, and start a family with Tysha. That's probably the best case scenario. Not sure why people are saying Doran would straight up murder Tysha. That seems incredibly cold, given that he didn't do anything to Daemon Sand for sleeping with his daughter except to refuse him her hand in marriage. And given that it's Trystane, technically the third in line, I'm sure he might have even accepted it. At worst, he would pay the girl to leave and never come back. Maybe send her to his ex wife and have her become a lady-in-waiting so that she grows up and gets a decent marriage. In the case of Mace, at this point in time, Garlan is probably still a plump boy, though starting to come into his own. It would be typical of Garlan the Gallant to save Tysha and marry her after a fortnight of happiness together. Frankly, I think Willas at the very least would support them, and might have persuaded his family to treat the girl well. But there's no way that Garlan stays married to her. Mace will bribe a maester to annul the marriage, and marry her off to some squire instead if she's lucky. Though I doubt they'd be rough with her. Robert would probably laugh, but then would have a stern talk with Tommen in private. Tysha gets bribed to pretend nothing ever happened, or she gets sent away before Cersei gets her hands on her. Balon would ask his son if she's a salt wife or a rock wife, and if he gives the wrong answer, he'd throw the girl into the sea. On a side note, of all the people who I think would be cruel to Tysha, I think it would be Hoster Tully. He would be the one, apart from Balon and Tywin, to most likely outright kill Tysha as an inconvenience. It's what he did to a bastard offspring between Baelish and Lysa.