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  1. Imagine that you're the head of a noble house in the Westerlands (assume that it's been around for as long as the others). You are a 32 year old man with four young children: Belgar (13), Branwen (11), Kurk (8), and Rhila (3). During your father's time as lord, the Lannisters made war on the Reach, but any gains that King Tybolt III had made during the war ended with his death in a terrible battle near Old Oak. The king and all but one of his sons died that terrible day, along with your elderly father, his brothers, and your own brothers. You were only spared because you fell from your horse and broke your leg in the first battle of the war and went home to recover. Fortunately, the King of the Reach is also dead, and a dispute has arisen between his sons on who shall be king. However, the Westermen have no time to lick their wounds: crows have smelt blood, and they are circling in to feed. King Kybo Justman is leading an army of Rivermen into the Westerlands to plunder it. The last living son of Tybolt is a child of 10, so Queen Sybelle Lannister is marshalling a new force to defend the kingdom. Summons have just arrived today to bring all your surviving bannermen to the Golden Tooth, which is said to be on the verge of being taken. Your lands are north of Ashemark, so you are among the first which will have to deal with King Kybo if he invades the Westerlands. Meanwhile, large parties of Ironborn have landed on the shores of the Westerlands, also seeking to conquer and plunder. The worst affected is House Banefort. Since you are just southwest of the Baneforts, they have turned to you first. Yesterday evening, a raven arrived to your hall; Lord Saltar Banefort pleads with you to lead all your remaining bannermen to defeat the Ironborn before they establish a footing. He promises to wed his 16-year old daughter to Belgar, and take Kurk in as a ward as incentives to disobey the muster to the Golden Tooth (you do not have sufficient numbers to send a decent fighting force to both locations). Lord Banefort's father had warded two of King Tybolt's sons, and the Banefort family is still in good favour with the Lannisters. These recent events have changed things considerably with you. Lord Karvil Marbrand, a personal enemy of Lord Banefort, was in negotiations to betrothe Rhila to his infant son, and take Kurk as a ward. If you ride to the defence of Banefort, however, he will withdraw his offer and include you in his enmity. Engaging Belgar to Lord Banefort's daughter would also insult Ser Marc Lumba, head of a knightly house and whose great-grandfather died in service to your house. He was hoping to engage his son to Branwen, and his daughter to Belgar. He promised a generous dowry, which you know would nearly bankrupt his estates. To turn around and accept the much wealthier House Banefort's offer would make sense, but it would deeply offend House Lumba after years of loyalty and friendship on their part. Elsewhere, your 24- year old sister, Sela, is pregnant and married to the much older Lord Felix Westerling, whose lands are also being threatened by the Ironborn invaders. She has sent a letter urging you to aid your relatives, citing the deaths of all your other siblings as a reason to defend your remaining blood. Lord Westerling is not wealthy, and does not offer any rewards for this service: your sister declares it is your duty to protect your family, regardless of reward. Finally, your stewart remarks that your smallfolk are struggling to gather the harvest and work the mines with so many men having died in the south. To march out again would make it impossible for most to pay taxes to you. In fact, many will plead for financial aid to survive, which would wipe out your personal fortunes until work was restored to their proper levels. This is also a personal problem, because your wife and youngest daughter Rhila are very ill, and there are few doctors in the Westerlands who are skilled enough to heal them. Hiring any one of them in these times of war will be a large expense. What do you do? Note to administrators: This is purely a hypothetical scenario, not a game. It's meant to illicit thought and discussion rather than awarding a win or loss.
  2. Welcome back! So far there's also a Crownlands and Dorne scenario. Westerlands will be coming up at some point when I have the time.
  3. I must apologize, that's a good point about House Dayne. If Alix marries you, he will keep his name, but you will still be the Lady of your house.
  4. Imagine you're the head of a noble house in Dorne (assume that it's been around for as long as the others). You are a 19 year old woman who is the last survivor of your direct family due to a terrible plague which decimated the people who live on your lands (your betrothed was also killed by the plague). Thankfully the plague is finally over, and you can begin to rebuild. There are a few positions which need to be filled: -Captain of the guard -Two new guardsmen -Steward -Master-at-Arms There are a number of people seeking positions in your household: Your second cousin's bastard son, Edgar Sand. He is 17 years old, charismatic, and already a skilled swordsman. He urges you to keep your relatives close, which is why he would be a worthy guardsman. That said, you've noticed the way he glances at you when he thinks you're not looking. Willim Fowler. The younger brother of Lord Fowler, he is seeking employment as a master-at-arms in his middle age. He was raised outside of your community, and is a stranger, though he has lots of experience as a warrior during raids against the Reach. The only problem is he will refuse to live and work alongside an Yronwood. Curol. Curol is the most experienced member of your surviving guards, seeking the rank of captain. However, he is getting old, and is no longer as fit as he used to be. Gallus. Gallus's father served House Dalt, but was exiled after he lost his hand for theft. Gallus himself has never been found guilty of a crime, though he has a very soiled reputation due to association and rumours. Now, he approaches you on bent knee, begging for the chance to serve as a guardsman, insisting that he is guilty of no crime and wants only to look after his aging parents with honest work. You do not know if he can be trusted, though you do know that he is a capable fighter, based on his demonstration. Kerris Malaine. A mature man related to your father's former steward. He is very knowledgeable about your lands with a mind for numbers, but he is also poor company. Before the plague, he was always very condescending towards you, preferring to talk with your elder and younger brothers. Even now, it irks him to have to work under a woman, but he wants the position so badly that he tries to force down his prejudices. Timolan. Timolan is an old merchant who has lived on your territory all his life. He is familiar with the smallfolk, and he spent his life building up a successful business amongst them. The problem is that his family is continuing the business he started, and you worry that his taking the position of steward will not necessarily be impartial. Dedric. Dedric is a large but slow-witted boy of 16. His parents were killed during the plague, and his lands have been taken by his elder brothers, who have no patience for their brother. Dedric is very strong, capable of wearing armour and holding weapons, but clumsy in every action and slow to react to surprises. The man who left him at your hold suggested he might find work here, or else a passage to the Wall. Esole Gargalen. She is the fourth daughter of Lord Gargalen. Your elder brother was engaged to her elder sister before they both died of the plague, and you and she became friends. Now she has arrived at your home to take her sister's bones back home, but also remarks that she always liked you, and as a clever woman with education and some weapons training, she takes pride in seeing women rule in Dorne. While she is intelligent, active, and eager to improve, she is still young, and not experienced in weaponry or politics. Her main assets are her enthusiasm and her loyalty to you. Rhuarc Yronwood. Rhuarc is 21 years old, and a very distant second cousin of Lord Yronwood. He was warded to your father until he came of age, and served with a mercenary group in Essos for two years. He also took your virginity when you were 16, and even wrote you affectionate letters while he was away. Now he is back, and it's clear that he wants to be your paramour, while taking the job of master-at-arms as a pretence. He also despises House Fowler, in keeping with their feud. In the meantime, there has been talk of you marrying to continue your family line. Ever since your betrothed and your brothers died last year, and you became the heir, a couple of men began courting you, offering their hands in marriage and also offering to take on your family name. You have had both men around, One of them is Duram Sand, the illegitimate son of Prince Joar Martell. He is a courteous man who is unopposed to you taking on other lovers, though his half-sister, the heir to Sunspear, despises him and has made it clear that when she becomes Princess, he will not be welcome at court. The other suitor is Alix Dayne, the youngest son of Lord Agrill Dayne, and nephew to Martin Dayne, the Sword of the Morning. Alix is a rugged giant of a man, and already a warrior of such skill that some say that Alix will inherit the sword Dawn when his uncle dies. However, he is also a jealous man, and is possessive of you. He will not tolerate a paramour of any kind should he marry you. What do you do? Note to administrators: This is purely a hypothetical scenario, not a game. It's meant to illicit thought and discussion rather than awarding a win or loss.
  5. Haha, well, I wanted to create a scenario where the Vale's incredible defences were actually put to the test. Also, there's a new Crownlands scenario I posted earlier if you're interested in that too.
  6. What about you, TMI? What would you do?
  7. Who says they weren't utilized? Ned rode south to King's Landing while Robert recovered. He would need fresh forces to take south, so I wouldn't be surprised if he took Freys with him.
  8. I like them, personally. Old honourable house with First Men origins, great backstory, mysterious connection to the old ways, badass warriors to boot. I hope Yohn and Andar survive the series.
  9. Imagine that you're the 35 year old second son-turned de facto head of a noble house in the Vale (assume that it's an Andal house that's been around as long as the others). Your ancestors fought alongside the man who would become the first King Arryn of the Vale and Mountains. Now your house has grown in stature on rich lands that were once held by First Men. However, war has come to the Vale! The King of Isles and Rivers, Halleck Hoare, recently invaded the Vale with a large force of Ironborn and rivermen. King Ortis Arryn called his bannermen and sent a part of them to reinforce the Bloody Gate. Your elderly father sent you and your older brother in his stead with the best of your bannermen to aid King Ortis, along with your eldest sons. The battle lasted over a day, with great bloodshed, but the Hoare king's forces finally prevailed, and you led the survivors back to the Gates of the Moon. Arriving, you find that King Ortis Arryn has called his banners to the castle, even as you report that King Halleck prepares to march on the Gates of the Moon. Both your brother and your eldest son died during the taking of the Bloody Gate. Your brother's own eldest son, a 16 year old boy named Jeral, is badly wounded, but was brought to the Gates of the Moon. Your second son, a 13 year old boy named Kendral, is alive and well, squiring for Ser Walter "Whorehound" Templeton, the Knight of Ninestars. One night, a raven comes to the Gates of the v Moon from your home; your father has been killed by mountain clans while hunting. That leaves you as the only living adult male of your house, so until your elder brother's second son comes of age, you are the acting head of the family. The raven has brought more bad news: with the death of your father, and the departure of many fighting men, the mountain clans have launched a massive raid against your territories, swearing to avenge their ancestors with the Andal blood of your people. This means that your brother's family and yours are at risk. This includes: -your mother, 53-year old Sora -your sister-in-law, 38-year old Aly -your pregnant wife, 36-year old Lannis -your nephew, 13-year old Turak -your daughter, 11-year old Iva -your niece, 9-year old Myrelle -your youngest son, 10 year old Hugo All of them are in direct risk of being killed by the raiders, who are said to be cutting a bloody path straight for your castle. The maester who wrote the message begs for reinforcements to drive away the raiders as soon as you can. Reading the letter in privacy, you are hesitant, as you will have to leave your son behind at the Gates of the Moon if you choose to go back. You worry for your family, but in the back of your mind, a selfish thought arises. Your house has a rivalry with House Grafton and House Belmore, both of whose lords are currently in the Gates of the Moon. If you abandon the siege to protect your lands, lords Belmore and Grafton will certainly spread lies of your cowardice. Also, if your brother's family is killed, then you will be the undisputed head of your house, and your sons will continue your line. However, this would put many deaths on your conscience, including your nephew Jeral, whom you will have to kill with your own hands and thus become a kinslayer. It also means you put your mother, your wife and half your children at dreadful risk. But even as you study this letter, you have other things on your mind. Just a moment ago, Lord Eamon Royce, his household knights, and three of his four sons rode to the Gates of the Moon, ahead of the rest of their bannermen. Lord Royce declares that he will take the battle to the Hoares and retake the Bloody Gate, insisting that numbers will not matter in the narrow passageway to the Gates of the Moon. As King Ortis was wounded while providing a rearguard for the Bloody Gate's retreating survivors, and his sons are mere children, there is nobody with authority to approve or deny Lord Royce his plan. You know that should this attack prove successful, it will be a tale of great songs and glory, but you cannot take part in the counter-attack and also ride back in time to save your family from the clans. Also, you do not know if this counter-attack will be successful, or a death-trap. You now have three choices: stay in the castle with your King and await his orders, go on a very risky counter-charge against the enemy and possibly die, or go back to your home and save your extended family and smallfolk. Also, an hour before Lord Royce or the letter arrived, Ser Walter Templeton approached you about engaging your brother's daughter, Myrelle, to his young son, Dobraine. He is a good master for your son, and an honourable fighter, but you are fully aware that he has at least a dozen bastards whelped on women, including a cousin of your sister-in-law. Refusing him will be seen as an insult, while you know how Aly will react to her daughter getting married to Ser Walter the Whorehound (that is, if they both survive the attack of the clans). What do you do? Note to administrators: This is purely a hypothetical scenario, not a game. It's meant to illicit thought and discussion rather than awarding a win or loss.
  10. I'd guess that the current Kingsguard would be killed in battle or deemed unworthy of the white cloak. Stannis would want to eliminate corruption for good, so he'd fill in the Kingsguard with loyal men he could trust. Those men would certainly include Richard Horpe and Godry Farring. Rolland Storm would probably be legitimized and given Nightsong, and Justin Massey would get Stonedance back or maybe some other castle.
  11. Exactly. I thought I would shake things up for once by taking attention away from your own engagements.
  12. Imagine that you are the head of a noble house in the Crownlands (assume it's been around for as long as the others). Your father was killed when his ship was caught in a storm in the Blackwater Bay, leaving you as the head of the household at 18. Your surviving family includes your mother (Kersey), your 16- year old sister (Mariel) 17 year old brother (Godwyn), and your 10-year old illegitimate half-brother (Feldo). An offer has come from House Boggs to squire Feldo to Lord Boggs' second son, a hedge knight named Ser Conor. This is part of an offer to marry Lord Boggs' heir, Ser Franz, to your sister, Mariel. Feldo was brought to your household by your father, following the death of his mother due to plague. He is a good-hearted child who dreams of being a knight, but melancholy in the wake of his father's death. Your mother and siblings resent him greatly, as he not only most resembles your father, but he is a constant reminder that your father betrayed your mother. Mariel and Godwyn both urge him to be sent away to either the Citadel or the Wall. Mariel, meanwhile, was betrothed to Lord Amhar Staunton's only son and heir since she was 12, but he was accidentally reared by his horse and broke his neck. Lord Staunton now offers to marry Mariel himself to produce another son. However, he is fully three times older than she, and was once meant to be her father-in-law, and your mother is disgusted by both these facts. In the wake of Mariel's failed betrothal, the young Lord Reynard Pyne has ridden to your hold to court her. He is a dashing young man, whose uncle is currently a revered member of the Kingsguard, but he is also a poor man with few lands to his name. Much to your shock, however, while hunting, you discover Mariel in a secret tryst with Ser Issa Lleyn, a promising young knight who squired for your father. She defiantly declares that she loves Ser Issa, and they will flee across the Narrow Sea if you try to engage her to anyone else. As if that's not enough, Godwyn is causing trouble. Newly knighted, he is a hot-tempered brawler with no interest in any form of education which isn't related to war. Your father had been in negotiation to betrothe him to some noble lady, but his attitude and lack of proper etiquette have caused several lords to refuse. However, a couple of offers are still on the table. Ser Jekyl Farring, the uncle to Lord Farring, will marry Godwyn to his only daughter, though he will remain at your home (where you worry he will continue to loaf and shirk responsibilities). The elderly Lord Rymer Massey will take Godwyn on as a member of his household guards if he may marry Kersey. Kersey is in a state of depression following the death of your father, and has withdrawn from all public life, living only for her children. She does not dispute your right to rule, but refuses to wed again. As the new head of your house, you could make an arrangement for her anyway, and there would be little that she could actually do about it. How do you run this household? Note to administrators: This is purely a hypothetical scenario, not a game. It's meant to illicit thought and discussion rather than awarding a win or loss.
  13. Well said. That was what broke me from the show for good.
  14. I don't mean for comedic purposes either. I mean genuinely, what do you think will most likely be the last words/thoughts of the ASOIAF characters?
  15. Whatever happens to Stannis, I desperately hope that it's a heroic end. He deserves one after all the shit he's had to deal with so far.