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  1. Benjen [SPOILERS]

    I have a slight feeling that Gendry is at White Harbor. Would kind of make sense. And someone's going there soon. They've killed off too many characters not to reintroduce more though imo.
  2. Bran is the key [SPOILERS]

    From last nights episode we learned that Bran made a bad mistake that cost many lives. The Night King grabbing his arm allowed them inside the cave. I have a theory that this was what they were waiting for. They needed Bran to go south beyond the wall. He is now their access to march on Westeros.
  3. Walder Frey

    Arya Stark and Nymeria will eliminate the Frey's in the Twins. So perhaps yes. Many people want him dead. But who's willing to make the offering?
  4. The Tattered Prince is a Targaryen

    I've yet to see a reason against this. People just really hate the idea of more Targeryens.
  5. The Tattered Prince is a Targaryen

    The ages line up perfectly for him to be the son of Aerion Brightflame.
  6. hey man i left you a Private Message Man

  7. The Hooded Man new (?) theory...(possible spoilers)

    Or it's Theon Durden. Th hooded man is himself asking if he's ready for mercy. He doesn't take it and so he laughs at himself.
  8. The Hooded Man new (?) theory...(possible spoilers)

    It's Mance Rayder. He is not in glamor mode, so he doesn't look like Rattleshirt or Abel. Theon recognizes him from the last time he saw him. Winterfell two years ago when he came for Roberts arrival. Mance has learned from his connection to the Liddles and umbers, that the Starks are still alive. So he's toying with theon about it.
  9. Patchface Project

    Dark flame told us that the Drowned God is a thrall for the great other. Patchface joined the Drowned God. I'm taking his under the sea as literal because I believe the wights are traveling beneath the waves around Eastwatch.