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  1. Some of the finches at my feeder have a yellow hat (crown?) and Yellow Vest, (Sides of chest?) Is this normal variety for housefinches or should I put off my grading to examine my burd books? @Xray the Enforcer
  2. YOU SAW THIS BIRD????????? Can we go look at it in August?????
  3. JEEZ my reading has gone down the tubes this semester. Finally finished Ally. Working on Space Opera. 23. Space Opera by Cat Valente Eurovision goes Galactic, this book is pretty funny ala absurdist and bleak humor about the nature of life, the universe and everything. I'm enjoying it so far. Earth is given probationary sentient status and must send Glam Rocker Jones to defend mankind against certain re-absorption into Earth's biosphere.
  4. DONE!
  5. I'm working on it right now and it's funny, but it is moving sooooo SLOWLY.
  6. YES! Apologies! More crying than usual during finals! Got it in!!!!!
  7. No worries! I rather enjoyed the suspense! Certainly didn't ruin anything!
  8. I'm in for nine! I didn't mind the delay at all, but it's up to y'all.
  9. I'm not bothered. We're headed into finals.
  11. I'm ready!
  12. Duly noted. I suspect it's the same with binoculars, so I DON"T WANT TO TRY YOURS. I am perfectly happy with mine for now and I want to stay that way for a few years! Lol!
  13. Sweet! Ordered! I'm behind in my reading this month due to end of term business and total exhaustion. Hope to get to this in the next 2 weeks. Thanks all!
  14. Seli, I bought the Celestron 8x42 which were the best of the Get in the game category: They're light and portable, have a good feel and they're easy to focus. Edit: Stupid touchpad deleted two sentences, I LOVE mine and they were around $110. I'm planning on getting a decent scope before I upgrade my bins. Currently have no need for a more expensive pair. I'm also a bit of a klutz and the case for them is well padded and light as well. I'd recommend getting a good cleaning kit to go with them. I bought one for around $12 that has cleaning papers a brush and cloth. My eyeballs are greasy! The kit came with a pouch I can attach to the strap of the binoculars. Super handy because I always forget to clean them before I go out.
  15. I was reading about caring for their houses and the terrible things sparrows will do to martin colonies. I don't think I'm cut out for that kind of heartache. I thought this was a NICE hobby where I could feed birds and LOOK at them. I wound up in a CESSPOOL!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DRAGGED ME INTO??????