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  1. You handled this like the class act that I know you are. I just want to put my $0.02 in there that you are NOT over reacting. You knew this, but manipulators are manipulative. Don't let her play the victim by your freeze out either. I've had women try that shit with me after they earned it.
  2. Are they gonna CGI those fucking statues back up in New Orleans? Please No.
  3. Wow X-Ray, big news. :hugs:
  4. I read this as "Windbreaker" which was even funnier after reading your review.
  5. Slowly slowly getting through Sexing the Body. This is a really dense academic work about gender and sexuality. I've been reading it a chapter at a time interspersed with other stuff. There's a free pdf available online if anyone's interested. Yes, tiny font formatting on your kindle. I broke down and bought a proper e-book. On Lev Grossman, my brother made me read The Magicians because we both LOVE the show, but good God, Q was the most insufferable Nice Guy. Glad I read it, my brother and I had a long chat about our problems with the text. Neither of us wants to read the other installments.
  6. Unseen Journey: Mileposts on the Road Least Travelled by Robin Lynn Frank. It's marvelous. A memoir compiled and edited by one of our very own! I just got through the first 50 pages or so, but there is a loneliness to the childhood described that resonates with me. I imagine it would with many of us who buried ourselves in reading. It's moving really quickly. So glad my Hugo voting is over. Cannot wait to read Raven Strategem with the rest of you. I also want to chow through the two series I loved in the Hugo packet. Rivers of London and the rest of the Craft Sequence. I only have a few weeks left before school starts back up, so I'll be haunting this thread for more good stuff.
  7. @felice Trying this.... Wilson "white voiced" himself a lot for Honey. Please read Wildeeps. As a New Orleanian, his dialogue and voice felt a lot more genuine than much of what I have read in a very long time. He even has several nods to my beautiful city. Many people without familiarity with AA dialect have been very put off by Wildeeps. It is the most groundbreaking work I have seen (and I am no well read genius) in written S/F fiction using dialect since Riddley Walker. It's beautiful. Double Edit: Most of my friends that are my age are totally bored with Coming Out stories. We've had an overload this year on TV etc. We're middle aged, btdt. A Taste of Honey is a "nice safe coming out story" Wildeeps is something completely fucking different. It's just how things are.
  8. The Hugo Awards will be streamed at 19:30 Helsinki time on Friday, August 11th. Once the link is up, I'll post it. That is 11:30 US Central time. Me and Bex will be together somewhere drinking robustly and throwing popcorn. @beniowa will join us via facetime or a fb thread or here or something. Happy to hear y'all's thoughts as it goes down. I'm already finagling to get the afternoon off for "professional development". I'd hate to start a new thread for the day, but also hate to spoiler anyone. I finished Too Like the Lightning just in time. I have many thoughts, nerds. Be Prepared. Like Mme. Z I am hoping to have a discussion here or elsewhere. Not asking you to defend my objections, but perhaps to clarify some of my complaints and share your reasons for glee. Final hours of Hugo voting. I've ranked my Long Form editors and am doing a bit of homework on the Short Form editors that I didn't already know. Short form (non-book) was easy for me. I don't really like the way TV episodes have taken over there at all. I'd prefer to see whole story arks or seasons nominated in the Long Form category. I think short form should be reserved for stuff like The Twilight Zone or, in this case, Black Mirror if you must go with visual media. I have been DYING to see some podcasts in this category. In the Long Form category, I don't really like most movies, so the absence of whole seasons until now has been very upsetting to me. Stranger Things was my only nom that made it and it is definitely first. I went with the Clipping album for Short Form since it's not a TV episode that's out of sequence. I'm having some trouble with the Graphic Artist category. I didn't get myself hard copies this year and that's the way I tend to read them. Oh what a wonderful problem! Too much good stuff to occupy my time!
  9. Felice, for whatever reason, I can't quote. A Taste of Honey was my favorite and it is completely different than Wildeeps. It stands alone and may not even be in the same world. Please read.
  10. That makes it everyone. The fiancee keeps hacking off bits that are pissing her off. IT ISN'T HELPING.
  11. The Campbell has some fantastic writers in it this year. Really torn! My favorite story thus far is Haunted with Blue Monday as a second. I finished the Rivers of London excerpt and am struggling through Temeraire. Not struggling because of the story, but because of the tiny font. Broke down and bought some 4x cheaters and that's helping a lot. I really enjoyed Rivers of London, it's exactly my cup of tea. Temeraire is fun, enjoying it, but I never particularly enjoy Victorian stuff all that much, putting up with it because I like the dragons. I think I'll be able to get through the Expanse excerpt at least in order to rank everyone by what was offered. **winning** Race to the finish time! Read! Read!
  12. In case anyone else wants to bet, Paddy Power already has odds for our next president. span data-node-flag="true">a
  13. Only a week left! Rushing off to read what I can of the Campbell offerings.
  14. I"m on the bus and there's a bottle of whisky in my bag. :feeling naughty:
  15. CONGRATULATIONS! That is great news!