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  1. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Thanks X-Ray! I will post the videos when they're done. CLOTHES AND MAKE UP ARE TOOOOO MUCH WORK!
  2. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Anybody have some tips for TV / Video make-up? Horrible florescent lighting involved.
  3. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    I've been wearing their Blackberry for decades. It's beautiful.
  4. Graduation: did you go to yours

    No. I won't walk until I have the PhD.
  5. The Ethics of Halloween Costumes

    Seriously, Trisk you'll need business cards. If you do it for Mardi Gras next year on the other hand.... Oh wait, you'll still need cards.
  6. So have we as a couple become too couple-y?

    "Individualized armpit cleaners" I've been sniggering for 10 minutes. I'm not that fastidious. Have shared a toothbrush when I have forgotten my own. I ask first because I know some people are upset by it. I'm not with a person I date. Yukle, I'm going to giggle about X-ray stealing your bum All. Day. Long.
  7. OMG. No. I can't believe this. Hang in there my friend.
  8. That one would have been perfect for MY boy. There are 3 others in the Catholic system that serve boys only. One is a math and science based school that has a much different culture, think Harry Potter for science nerds, but they do boast a great Junior ROTC. The other is a Jesuit school that produces a lot of our lawyers and politicians, it provides the best foreign language and a classical (Greek style) education based on Recitation / Logic / Rhetoric. The third is a traditional African American school, it is 90+ % African American students, as such it is the least racially diverse of the 4 schools. It supports a very diverse set of skills, is the largest of the 4 schools and has the highest number of male and African American teachers. Many of our politicians and community leaders come out of this school. I deal for families and students that want to reinforce culture and community. There are 7 girls schools in the system with similar breakdowns, they are very different from one another. All the have been very successful for generations. They hold open houses every year to give potential incoming classes a chance to experience the culture of each school. The amount of alumni involvement is due to their success and the TIME they have been in place. Thing is, a successful model for educating both boys and girls is already in place. You can skip the Catholic part, the education model is sound. It has been helping kids achieve for generations and giving them a community in adolescence when they really need it. The system isn't perfect, my son went to the only Co-ed school because there is literally not enough room in the 4 all-boy schools to take all comers. The co-ed school was a less than ideal fit for him and doesn't have the same history of family / student support. There's a story there, but this isn't the place.
  9. Oh My Gorsh, they volunteer for the fundraisers (that outfit the stuff tuition / church / public funds don't pay for) they do the after school / in school clubs, they have connections with local businesses that supply the school at cost for stuff. They put-in extra hands for sports practice, social work, big brother mentoring, groundskeeping (and that involves the kids too). Everything. Organize the same things in the girls schools. Get speakers in for different lines of work, open mentoring projects, etc. Most importantly here has been music. Band teachers, band clinics and teachers for production. Our music has been stolen (culturally) and there has been a big push from both money and preservationists to support our music culture.
  10. If so, their story about "all the cards" is a lie. One or the other. Choose.
  11. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    MY HEARTS! FLYBY! I swear I'll be back more often :crash! Boom!: Ok, that was just the drummer I hired. I'm in midterms. I got engaged. Shit is weird. THAT IS ALL! :leaves chocolate:
  12. Dogs

    My Augie the Boggie Doggy is having some old-man incontinence issues. Vet has him all checked out. At this time, no, we are not doing neurosurgery and NO I am not going to take my dog to an acupuncturist. The vet is doing all he can with arthritis mitigation. We are doing hot baths as often as he can stand it. The dog diapers are not smart enough for him. He is still doing wag-tail and eat food and enjoy sunshine. We have part of our house blocked off for him so I can work / sleep more than 2 hours at a time. The mess is destroying my sanity. Pee pads are happening, but he is a BIG DOG. Anyone got advice about dealing with this old-man dog stuff? This is my dog. MY VET AND I ARE ALREADY DOING ALL WE CAN SO WE ARE NOT HERE FOR MEDICAL ADVICE. I'd like some coping skills from my pals who have done this. I'm not ready to let Augie go and this stubborn bastard is still trying to get on the sofa. (Where he immediately poos, 'cause he's classy like that).
  13. Kal, I put some of this down to men being too damn picky in person. By the time I arrange an OKC date, I've already decided I wanna bone unless they are stone crazy in person. I've been on a couple where the man refused to admit he was my date (???????), and several where I was told "less cock! More coquette!" and chastised because I was too forward, We can't win this one. Apparently I need to look like an airbrushed version of (pick your celeb) for this to be a real thing. Yet men keep complaining.
  14. I had a lengthy conversation with a male friend of mine who is convinced that all male anger comes from not being able to have children that they KNOW are theirs. Scot, I actually know a family that was hit by this law during divorce. The child was conceived during a lengthy separation. All parties were aware of this. It was a private matter and no big deal once they sorted things out. Speak for yourself. Birth control failures are very common for active people. For people like me, it only takes the once. Down here there are several different single sex schools that really work well for boys. My son is a "boy's boy". There's a school here where there are no chairs in the science labs for 5-7th graders. They are active all day. Sports and extra-curriculars are integrated into the school day. Lit and logic are taught with debate encouraged. There is a great deal of competition and mentorship. Each entering student is paired with a kid from the upper school. It's a matter of pride for the older boys to see how their "little brothers" are getting on. There are a lot of male instructors, many of whom are alumni from the school. Do the boys think it sucks not to have girls? Yes, but both the boys and girls perform better than their co-ed peers. This is largely due to the specialization of the single sex schools and the alum / community participation. I DO think that this kind of tailored education is really helpful for boys. In addition, since most of the schools are old there are a lot more hands on deck to deal with the kids. Many parents and alumni volunteer. More participation is needed in schools to make programs like this possible.