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  1. I liked The Lamentation of their Women which is a new novellette The Ballad of Black Tom by Victor LaValle that came out last year The classic The Yellow Wallpaper Also I second House of Leaves and Bradbury picks.
  2. Hammers on Bone by Cassandra Khaw Novella on sale for $1.99 The second installment is out. Horror. Looks cool. I ordered the paperback instead because I'm a fan of the cover artist.
  3. Finches! Trying to be sure if they are purple or house finches! They came by early and just came back. Several pairs are definitely house finches. The grey....ear spot (?) in their red plumage and the ladies didn't have the white eyebrow. One fella had a bigger beak and much more red coverage that was a darker color. I was looking for his mate to see if she had the eyebrow stripe and trying to check his head for the ear mark but he wouldn't HOLD STILL. Stupid wiggly twitchy birds. They'll be back. The bigger beak guy ate my suet. Hehehe. Bird bait.
  4. The Black Tides of Heaven is on sale for $1.99 Kindle US. This novella got a lot of great reviews. Also, Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine is on sale for $5/ year through amazon kindle subscription. That's a GREAT deal.
  5. Did I miss a new Bardugo? Nerds. Shoot. Is The Power? I've seen both 2016 and 2017 publication dates on that one. Both books are on the Nebula recommended reading list. So their US publication date was this year? Another fuzzy area that always confuses me. Haven't read The Power yet. Absolutely loving Autonomous by Annalee Newitz. About 25% in, very good characters and immediate hook. Off to a great start. This is a really tight story.
  6. TURKEY VULTURE! :pants with excitement and has to sit down: WOW! S/HE WAS MAGNIFICENT! Did a fly over and then sat on top of the telephone pole to examine my yard. Stayed just long enough for me to see his teeny red head. Got a good look at it soaring away. WOW! I had a pretty good show of the usual crowd this morning. The crows haven't been back to the yard, but I could hear my fish crow nearby. There was a new guy somewhere in the yard. Call sounded like "Cheer-i-o" Repeated 3-5x much like the "Hoo-li-CHANK!" bird. Still hiding in the damn tree where I can't SEE it. Stupid bird. Weather warmed up enough for me to open the door. I've missed LISTENING to the birds. Regular riot out there.
  7. I finished The Bear and the Nightingale. I liked it, but not nearly as much as some others I read last year. Are we nominating 7 with the new system? If so, it'll likely make the cut. Thus far, I've got Novels: The Changeling by Victor Lavalle Stone Sky by NK Jemisin I am also looking at nominating this for Best Series, what are the rules if individual books are Hugo winners? I'll need to look into that. It was the best book of the series, in my opinion. Raven Stratagem by Yoon Ha Lee This book had none of the exposition problems that Ninefox Gambit was plagued with. Other books I read that are eligible and were pretty good: Provenance by Anne Leckie The Clockwork Boys (this was half a book) T. Kingfisher La Belle Sauvage Phillip Pullman The Bear and the Nightingale Currently reading the eligible books: Autonomous by Annalee Newitz The Stars are Legion by Kameron Hurley Shorter stuff: Will for sure nominate:The Lamentation of their Women by Kai Ashante Wilson Possibles: River of Teeth and Taste of Marrow by Sarah Gailey Fisher of Bones by Sarah Gailey Prisoner of Limnos by Louis McMaster Bujold I tend to flesh out this category late. I tried to read All Systems Red (Murderbot #1) I couldn't get over the voice. Reads like a cranky teenager in 1st person. Not for me. The J.Y. Yang Novellas are in my queue. Oh and FYI, F&SF magazine is on sale for $5/ year subscription at amazon. I'll repost this in the deals thread. Edit: Cat Rambo's roundup of eligible works!
  8. NERDS! Nominations for the 2018 Hugo Awards open soon. My to-read list from last year is still so looooooooooong. Give me some of your favorites! I'm calling YOU, @beniowa and @Mlle. Zabzie and @LugaJetboyGirl-irra and EVERYONE ELSE. Are we nominating for YA this year? Are we? ARE WE? Nebula recommended reading list is here: It has helped me figure out which category stuff goes in. I'm thin on short stories this year. Not surprising. I moved and had to work early in the morning. Early in the morning is when I usually eat short stories.
  9. GUYS! YESTERDAY THE CROWS CAME. CROWS! CROWSCROWSCROWSCROWS! There were 4 of them ground feeding under the small seed feeder (which is finally getting lots of love). One of them kept flying up to the fence rail that the feeder is hanging from and giving it that LOOK. You know, the look like, "You will not win, unreachable tiny feeder." Can I expect them back? I hope so! Gonna get some unshelled peanuts! Still nobody at my nice suet feeder, although that shit is probably frozen solid right now.
  10. Picked up The Bear and the Nightingale. Still need to read Autonomous, got a hard paper copy of it and I can't remember where I put it.
  11. Home on a snow day! Caught a flash of yellow with my ground-feeding sparrows. Got a profile look at the little thing. Round like a big puffball with a yellow throat. Then BAM! Gone again. Stupid birds.
  12. I'm sorry. Let your family go for now. Even if it means sacrificing a bit of your future. I have NEVER regretted the 2500 miles that I put between me and my parents. They have been cruel to my son (by neglect), and I'm just sorry that I involved them enough to allow that kind of sadness in his life. My hard break healed my wounds with my parents, but after I mended fences, they've hurt my son. I applaud you for severing ties. Godspeed.
  13. Blondes I need your help. I'm about to update my color. I've seriously enjoyed my silvery platinum run, but I'm getting a fair good bit of breakage. Time for an update. I love this color, but worried about maintaining both silver and red at the same time. Should I start with a honey? Gonna pull the darker color through SOME of the platinum, but keep most of it for a blended grow out. Fun fun fun. Please give me some ideas, help. My hair's a short angled bob right now.
  14. Hehehe. Don't have to tell me twice. Still no sign of him. New song in the yard today. Sounds like, "hoo-li-CHANK!" Repeated either 3 or 4 times. I got a good sense of what direction it was coming from but couldn't spot the singer. So frustratiing. My new strategy to cover all of the fence posts with black oil sunflower seeds is paying off. Lots of cardinals, sparrows, jays and mockingbirds. The starlings showed up to ground feed on what I scattered as soon as the sun hit the yard. Nobody is touching my suet or nice small seed feeders yet.
  15. I HAVEN'T SEEN HIM AGAIN!!! BEEN IN THE YARD ALL MORNING. Now I am at work, but I will keep looking for him. He was small like a sparrow. He was by in the afternoon, so I'm hoping to make this a short day and be back out there by 330. It was bright lemon yellow under the wings. So surprising I didn't look at his face or breast.