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  1. Day drinking to ward of a hangover. uh oh.
  2. Aw, I write to you with my heart's butt! We've all gone over one at this point. I think I just won this thread with my clever responses. I READ A SCIENCE!!!!
  3. Pal just got a 24 hour ban from fb for posting a photo from a Mardi Gras party in a closed and secret group.
  4. Interesting, because I think about butts.
  5. The Call is on sale for $3.99
  6. OMG. Dying. I just died. Who is Lucy Lawless going to play?
  7. I made out with a girl I dated for a while before Mr. Fling. When I went to go talk to her about it, we were surrounded by community shit (about kids) and their accompanying problems. In context, I made out with her in a very communal area (my Mardi Gras ball) and was rather happy about it. OTOH, I'm in NO POSITION to be making out with people that aren't disposable. This girl is not disposable. In other news, I haven't shared here. I'm probably not getting married. Still living with the gf, but we broke up in December. I'm totally devastated about my end-of-dream, but fine with how our relationship is at this time. Pretty sure I'm acting nuts, but I haven't had sex at all in a very long time (over a year) and I'm GOING to at some point over the next ten days. I am not a liar, but I have been a soft-peddler. Help me out with make-out girl. It's not the right time for me to court her, but EVERYTIME I see her we make out or go home and make out. I need to tell her what's going on with my domestic situation. She hasn't exactly asked, but there wasn't really a good chance. I brought her soup and a book at work. I recognize that this looks like courtship behavior and I need to really talk to her ASAP. What are the rules? This whole situation is uncomfortable as fuck.
  8. I ate a box of Turkish Delight for dinner last night.
  9. K. Eason's third book in her trilogy that started with Enemy and Outlaw is out March 20. Both the first books are FREE IN KU right now. Go get em. Also, @Darth Richard II The Monster Baru Cormorant will be out in September, I think. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!
  10. Finished An Excess Male. It was good. Family dynamics and their relationship to Chinese Government interference was really well done. I downloaded The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion. For some reason I thought this would be a light read. NOPE. Who recommended this one? Was it @beniowa?
  11. Nominations are open!
  12. It's that time of year again! NO! NOT CHRISTMAS!!!! The writers are putting up Hugo recs and highlighting what they've published this year! Cat Rambo has officially encouraged authors to post the stuff they've published that is eligible, so if you're behind on reading, this is a great time to go check some stuff out! George's post is here: Go forth and suggest stuff! This terrible year is almost done. Take a minute to finish up your reading and spread your favorites around for the holidays.
  13. My novella list is shockingly long this year. I'm going to be agonizing over the slots in that category for days. I really need more novelettes.
  14. Now that I am officially going to retire from the human race, I've decided to become a bird. It has occurred to me that I need to determine what KIND of bird. Here is what I know about birds (thank you very much, you know who you are.) I just got some brand new goggles and I'm waiting on my first field guide. I have started sorting "Small / Medium /Large" birds into "sparrow/pigeon/ that's huge". I want to talk about birds. Today, a mystery bird that I have been scratching my head over showed up and sat with the pigeons at the morning business meeting (the telephone wire behind my house). Usually these birds are all grey, and since I'm an amateur I classified it as "about pigeon sized, but not-pigeon". It's smaller than a pigeon but bigger than a sparrow and TODAY, I saw that it had a bright color on it's throat. I suspect sexual dimorphism. IT'S A CLUE!!!!! I am going to get back to my research and try to figure out what kind of not-pigeon it is. If anyone else wants to talk about birds, bird books, bird goggles or bird journaling, pictures of birds, bird telescopes, tripods or birds, I'm here all week. I'm in New Orleans and work right next to city park (BIRD PARK) and will be taking my new goggles and new identification process OUT IN THE FIELD soon. What kind of not-pigeons live near you?
  15. This morning I had just gotten back in from doing the fence top posts with black oil sunflower seed and refilling the patio blend feeder (millet shelled sunflower n stuff) when I spotted a crow through the window on the fence rail. ***I DID NOT MOVE OR BREATHE BECAUSE HE SPOTTED ME THROUGH THE WINDOW**** He sent out several triple calls and then hopped down AND PICKED UP TWO OF MY PEANUTS! The girlfriend has a massive jar of bottle caps which she has been turning into crow at tractors (threading them together) would it be better to just leave them? Or can tops? Or just strips of tinfoil? It was such a beautiful bird! I would be up for ANY AND ALL NERD BIRDWATCH adventures! Count me as a +1 and I'll start studying for the area! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! @Robin Of House Hill It took a few days for the finches to find the Nyjer seed feeder, but the found it! Thank you for the tip!
  16. and all my hope is gone.
  17. I would positively die of frustration if the birds were backlit. DIE. Burds! I have 2 questions for you: 1. How do I get the crows to come back to my yard. I've tried going out there and yelling, "CROW! COME EAT THESE NICE PEANUTS!!!" This is not working. 2. ARE WE GONG NERD BIRDING IN AUGUST?
  19. Locus Recommended reading list for 2017 is out! Go look at some books!
  20. omg. :runs in squealing: OMG YOU GUYS!!!!! There's a wild Quaker Parrot checking out my yard from the wire RIGHT NOW. RIGHT NOW!!!! It's THIS GUY!!!! (except I can't see any blue). :pants: Please come to my yard birdie!!! PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE! Also, I need a bird-goggle cleaning kit. This rag that mine came with is shit and apparently my eyes are really greasy. That is all
  21. Finished the Dispatcher by Scalzi. I did not realize that this was originally published as an audio book. It was a fun read. I'm starting An Excess Male today by Maggie Shen King. First two pages and it's off to a great start with the most AWKWARD dinner party I can imagine. I already kind of want to die for this poor guy.
  22. An Excess Male by Maggie Shen King is on sale for $1.99 for Kindle at US amazon. This one got great reviews.
  23. Nearly done with Jy Yang's Black Tides of Heaven, going to order the Red Threads of Fortune. I'm enjoying this so far. I normally am not bothered by singular use of "They" as a gender neutral pronoun, but this story is about twins. Took a bit longer to adjust than usual as a result. That turned out to be a good thing as it slowed me down a little bit and this novella moves really fast. I also just got Bolander's Only Harmless Great Thing. Her stuff tends to be pretty dark, so I'm going to wait a bit before I tackle it. What's next nerds? Still looking for the best of last year. My ballot's a little thin.
  24. The Black Tides of Heaven is next in my queue. I just finished Autonomous by Annalee Newitz. It's fantastic. Some truly awful characters. Great world-building and tight prose. It's a stunning debut. Definitely earned it's top spot on my hugo nomination ballot.