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  1. So I have to move. It SUCKS. IT SUCKS for reasons I don't even to have SUCK time to talk about. Seriously. The moving part just is a whole SUCK. Anyway, I am buying a new house. It is so fucking weird. The range of things that people have on the market is absolutely hilarious. I'm losing my mind a little. I'm also sick of being told, "Not a good idea" about neighborhoods I LIKE. Everyone who is "helping" me in town (aside from my agent and my gf) on this needs to just SHUT UP. The people I know giving advice either are renting, already bought in a really expensive area or they just had a baby. I love babies. I do NOT have one right now. I do NOT need to think about school districts. Also, there aren't any in New Orleans anyway. This is the most $ I will have ever spent on something in my whole life. I'm kind of puking / hitting my head on the floor. Anyway, who bought a house recently? I kinda hate everything in my price range. How did you find something?
  2. I understand that your problem is with regards to this PARTICULAR curriculum. Do you understand why your comments might be completely infuriating due to the topic we are discussing? Have you considered your audience?
  3. Which could easily be done with exercises that ACCOMPANY A KNIT / CROCHET PROJECT. Since this project didn't happen, why do you assume the instructor didn't plan for it? I'm glad your child has advanced math skills, talk to the school about placing him in a higher grade math class if that is the case. His ability and lack of interest in knit / crochet and using a visual and tactile aid to learn about 2 dimensional mathematics does not mean that it is not a good idea and that no child would find it worthwhile. I do not know the details of what YOUR CHILD'S PARTICULAR INSTRUCTOR had planned, but the fact that as a scientist, educator and ladyperson it only took me 5 minutes to think of a whole age-appropriate and fun project that incorporated mathematics, computer science and (OMG-EW-GIRL-STUFF IT MUST BE SIMPLISTIC AND TOO EASY) knit and crochet tells me it might have been really cool. Your dismissive attitude about knit /crochet (which I am guessing you have never done yourself) is ABSOLUTELY a piece of anecdotal evidence to be added to this thread's Hypothesis 1: @Mlle. Zabzie "Hypothesis: There are probably women and minorities who have native talent and develop-able skill-sets that would be useful to, and improve the performance of, companies in various historical male dominated industries, but are not entering and remaining in (just as important) these industries for social, rather than performance reasons." Behold exhibit A.
  4. Lol. He was only 18 or 24 months old. RAWR.
  5. Not true at all from my experience. We had bulletin boards that functioned much like this place. Our spheres were smaller because my parents would have KILLED me if I had run up the phone bill calling boards long distance. I had lots of friends I met on the old BBS. It's one of the reasons this place appeals to me so much. This right here reinforces Zabz's point. What is the reason you think that the mathematics tasks that would have been associated knit / crochet are "low bar"? Fifth grade is when advanced students start doing matrix math. Matrices and arrays are the foundations of all linear operators and much of computer science data manipulation. Specific to computer science would be to use the different types of stitches to define different types of variables. Crochet and knitting would be a great hands on tool for introducing a very frustrating mathematical concept. You may not have meant it, but I see your reaction as another example of "girl stuff" being seen as less valuable. As an aside, my son eats broccoli because I told him they were tiny trees. He was a T-Rex that day and he has loved it since then.
  6. I want some chickens for my new place. We have a big yard and very little traffic on the new street. I've always loved the New Orleans free range chicken population and now I want some of my very own. The GF has experience with chickens and eggs are delicious. Anyone else have them? What breeds do you like? Tips on coop building and winterization? Chicken stories? Let me have it. EDIT: ALSO THIS WILL MEAN WE CAN PLAY CHICKEN DROP AT MY BARBECUES!
  7. ooooooh! We're gonna be chicken sisters!!!!!! The gf wants some silver Sebrights, I'd prefer some from hardy local stock. Apparently Fowl Pox is a real problem down here. Edit: We got to get @Q the Cat in on this business.
  8. It's that time of year again! NO! NOT CHRISTMAS!!!! The writers are putting up Hugo recs and highlighting what they've published this year! Cat Rambo has officially encouraged authors to post the stuff they've published that is eligible, so if you're behind on reading, this is a great time to go check some stuff out! George's post is here: Go forth and suggest stuff! This terrible year is almost done. Take a minute to finish up your reading and spread your favorites around for the holidays.
  9. :pokes head in: Are there any women in here? Oh hi, Zabz. Let me get caught up and I'll dive in too.
  10. Hello the board! I have been spending more time at home for a variety of reasons. This has led me to listening to more Podcasts. What are your favorites? I've got Amazon's Echo arriving on the sixth of April. Any advice on using her to organize my current podcasts would also be appreciated.
  11. Hey Congratulations! I totally understand about cleaning. My tenants left me garbage. Bags and bags and bags of garbage. They also let the lights get disconnected and the FRIDGE. OMG! I don't know if there's enough bleach in the world. Been cleaning like a mad woman every night. My closing got postponed. Cross fingers that it's THIS friday! @IheartTesla Duly noted! At least once the repairs are done!
  12. Dammit. I missed out on the vintage Gash, but it looks like it's available in another line. I REALLY didn't need to look at the Vice line with this wallet.
  13. I'm supposed to close on Friday. We have some leaks from the balcony and we need to tent for drywood termites. Also the carpet is ugly and needs to be removed.
  14. Revised offer accepted! Now moving into storage and packing to couch surf for a few weeks until major repairs are complete. ARGH! C'mon October! By then I'll be living in the little dollhouse of my dreams.
  15. Help Houston, my people. NOLA is trapped by the rain and by flooded freeways. Help Houston. Please.
  16. We're still having trouble with our pump systems. Everything is closing for tomorrow down here in NOLA.
  17. I'm familiar with the weather down here. I found a place. Not raised as much as I'd like and I'll need to put ramp up in the driveway, but it's 2 story, so I can just go upstairs and wait if we flood badly. Looks like minimal water intrusion through the frontdoor during pumpgate a few weeks ago. Our inspection period ends today and and we're revising the offer a little bit because the house needs to be tented and that's going to delay the move and be a huge pain in the ass. Not the tenting, but the cleanup afterwards. I'm not going to move the animals (or my girlfriend) in after fumigation until everything has been scrubbed 100 times. Wish us luck! Looking to close on both places September 8. In the meantime, I am a total stress wreck. Inspection costs are killing me right now.
  18. Where have you been, dude! Welcome back. I think Mrs. Lobster is on to you and is just handing you the rope.
  19. Thanks! I've seen a few places that I like. Going to look at a couple more if I can get my students to nail down a schedule. Nothing that's perfect so far, but several that would do nicely.
  20. Accepted an offer, I'm just sick. Gotta get everyone out by the 31st. They were warned last month, but have shown ZERO signs of cooperation.
  21. Ok, 7 groups went through tonight and I have 2 more offers to deal with before noon tomorrow. Cramps our house hunting day, we were supposed to get started at 10:00 AM. HATE THIS.
  22. Gah, This has already been a rollercoaster. Have an investor who put in 3 separate offers within an hour. Got 4 showings today from 5-7 and a totally uncooperative tenant. Fiancee is here and we're going looking tomorrow. So tempted to take the last offer from the investor and say FUCK IT.
  23. I liked this one too, but when I tried to start the third one I got a bit of World Exhaustion. I need to pick up something else before I go back to it.
  24. New Orleans is NOT Portland or Seattle. I've lived downtown my whole adult life. I'm in my fourth gentrifying neighborhood. I could do the next gentrifying neighborhood, but it gets really exhausting. Crime spikes, then taxes go up, then you have neighbors who don't say hello properly. I really won't know for sure what to look for until I get an offer, so right now I'm trying to keep an open mind. The fiancee will be here this weekend to start actually looking and there will be .... compromise happening.
  25. Look for me and my students on NASA's Edge program! We'll be launching an observation balloon from Carbondale, Il!