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  1. Now that I am officially going to retire from the human race, I've decided to become a bird. It has occurred to me that I need to determine what KIND of bird. Here is what I know about birds (thank you very much, you know who you are.) I just got some brand new goggles and I'm waiting on my first field guide. I have started sorting "Small / Medium /Large" birds into "sparrow/pigeon/ that's huge". I want to talk about birds. Today, a mystery bird that I have been scratching my head over showed up and sat with the pigeons at the morning business meeting (the telephone wire behind my house). Usually these birds are all grey, and since I'm an amateur I classified it as "about pigeon sized, but not-pigeon". It's smaller than a pigeon but bigger than a sparrow and TODAY, I saw that it had a bright color on it's throat. I suspect sexual dimorphism. IT'S A CLUE!!!!! I am going to get back to my research and try to figure out what kind of not-pigeon it is. If anyone else wants to talk about birds, bird books, bird goggles or bird journaling, pictures of birds, bird telescopes, tripods or birds, I'm here all week. I'm in New Orleans and work right next to city park (BIRD PARK) and will be taking my new goggles and new identification process OUT IN THE FIELD soon. What kind of not-pigeons live near you?
  2. Just got Victor Lavalle's new novel The Changeling. This should keep me busy for about a week. The end of the year is coming quick and I'm putting together a list of what I missed this year for our Fall Break. I'll have 4 weeks to read, read, read.
  3. My girlfriend is cooking up a leftover storm. It's a whirlwind and I'm just TOO TIRED TO HELP! :goes back to her room to drink:
  4. Glad somebody said it. Godspeed my friend. Nobody with opinions (wrong ones about Literature) as strong as yours can be cowed by idiotic insults. Thank you both for picking up this Boulder and pushing it uphill. Theda, I love you SO SO SO MUCH. That is all. Carry on, men. I genuinely hope this conversation goes well.
  5. I have five days and I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY ABOUT THAT! it's like Friday / Friday / Friday/ Friday Saturday Sunday.
  6. Thank God it's not just me. I salute you, sir!
  7. AW! I'll bet! Birds are pure magic. BIrds + kids are absolute wonderland. <3 They're beautiful. They look a little like our mockingbirds and those creatures have been entertaining me for decades.
  8. WOW! Only sparrows are that unafraid here. There's a cafe nearby that has outdoor seating and the sparrows will take crumbs from one's hand. The robins, jays, crows and starlings aren't having us. I put in 2 feeders, but nobody is interested YET. I'll keep moving them about until they're in the right spot. We need to plant some trees in the yard. It's nothing but grass right now and all the neighbors have nice nesting trees and bird bushes. So frustrating.
  9. Yup. Holidays are hard on me. I hate chatting with family. I also have 5 DAYS off work. I still can't remember what sleep is. Still, Fuck this bullshit.
  10. Is this still a thing? :quietly weeps for humanity: Also, I love X-ray. I actually keep a WWXD in my mouth and sometimes don't say anything at all.
  11. Baby Jesus sits 'round my house ALL DAY LONG. Sometimes, he wipes floors. Sometimes he guilts my neigbors into some ACT RIGHT. Today he showed up here to look at you all. So seriously, look at yourselves. Do better.
  12. I have another week. May God Have Mercy on My Students.
  13. I LOVE TRash! EVERYTHING DIRTY OR DINGY OR DUSTY! EVERYTHING RAGGED AND ROTTEN AND RUSTY! I love it because IT'S TRASH! I also love X-ray. The rest of y'all are here because of my Oscar percentage. X, if you weren't here I might not still be a human people. Xoxo.
  14. I RAISED A COUPLE OF THOSE FUCKRS! I'm just used to the juve / adult male flocks here. They're so big. They are humungus. They are also vocally quite different than the big flocks of juvies I've recognized a mile away in the spring. Motherfucking HUGE and they say, "CROW! Crow! CROW ! pew-pew-peEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!" My boss also mentioned that where I live they'd be more likely to be larger. He said, if they're better fed, in general, the birds may be larger and puffier (healthier plumed) than presented in common photos. I personally think it's a perspective issue of my new goggles. I think the birds are MUCH LARGER than they are if they sit by a pigeon. This week's adventure is sparrows. There's only a thousand breeds, or so. I plan to study the common house sparrow until I can identify m/f and age.
  15. This is exactly what I am battling. I have loved, loved, loved birds since I raised 2 starlings and a a robin. I was 12. After that, I've moved. I can HEAR the birds and I can also SEE them, sometimes, but discerning species takes the same work as any other Goddamn science. Much memorization and learning root-branch-tree classification. I'm planning a lunch where I'll see over a hundred sparrows in a 2-hour time frame. Hoping I can just look at the sparrows long enough to even see "eye stripe" and "wattles". I am having the hardest time in my yard to see "not-pigeon". This shit is hard. Mad probst to our ornithologists.
  16. Geese aren't CUDDLY. Donkeys are CUDDLY and CUTE.
  17. Kelli has me sold because they are protective. I want an attack donkey, plus I want to take my donkey to run errands. New Orleans has hitching posts.
  18. My girlfriend says donkeys eat a lot of food. Looking into cost of feed as we speak. I need a reason to be working this damn hard. We're getting the chickens first, which will be after we finish paying off the foundation repair and a mountain of medical bills. '
  19. On my way to work I passed a flock of birds that looked like miniature egrets. I didn't think to look at the leg and feet color. Whatever these birds are, they're all over the city right now. Maybe cattle egrets? No fluff on their head and solid white, but my guide says this is how they look in non-breeding season. Closer to the size of big chicken than the monster I saw at the lake. The lake birds were definitely near swan size with those crazy necks. Oh, my other mystery "not pigeons" that like to sit on the old antenna are starlings. I never realized how different they look with their winter plumage. Not only are the white spots confusing, but they must grow a million more feathers to look so puffy and fat. So much different than the flocks of juveniles I'm used to seeing. Small victories. I'm going to go hunt for these mystery white birds again and see if I can nail down bill, leg and feet color. I WILL FIND YOU, BIRDS!!!!! Edit: NERDS, you crashed ebird. Curb your Enthusiasm!!!!
  20. I just got my new field guides in. I got Stokes Eastern Guide and Kaufman field guide to birds of North America. So many birds. I think a quick look may have cleared up a mystery from my trip to Baton Rouge. I saw what I can only describe as either a giant turtle or a duck with no body in the lake. I think it may have been an Anhinga. It was nearing dusk. Found this bird while looking up different species of pelicans. This shit is hard. Everyone in my yard STILL just looks like a bird.
  21. Just finished the Ice Master and currently reading a brief conflicting account from the expedition leader who bailed on the Karluk's crew, abandoning them in the ice. Interesting contrast. I grabbed An American Weredeer in Michigan, 'cause I need something light after that heavy book. I also finally succumbed to my Kindle demanding I read We have Lost the President. It's supposed to be funny, hope it is.
  22. His new book is set in New Orleans and co-authored with John Ringo. Somebody stop me over here.
  23. Hello the board! I have been spending more time at home for a variety of reasons. This has led me to listening to more Podcasts. What are your favorites? I've got Amazon's Echo arriving on the sixth of April. Any advice on using her to organize my current podcasts would also be appreciated.
  24. Concur! I left our gay club to a couple of straight women who had more time to get it together sooner, the results were awesome student government and that shit is running itself. I'm so proud of our students and I am proud of yours! Honestly, if you just give the kids a bit of room to breathe, they'll do all the work! Kudos! I can't tell you how much relief I've seen on the faces of students who have had me just show up for their events. Knowing faculty has their back and are risking themselves first was a huge thing on our campus. Great work. Geez! This post is from about forever ago and my browser saved it. Apologies if it's a repeat! I got back home last night from a work conference that crashed into my girlfriend's HUGE debut back into her field after a 7 year hiatus. I cannot tell you how relieved I was that she managed it without me. I felt like a piece of SHIT not being here. It was so last minute and things have been so crazy (end of term, this conference was planned months ago, etc.). She had to attend a gala $400 ticket type of affair and she has social anxiety, so that was AWFUL. She actually had a nice time, made some good connections and best of all, got a ticket for an artist friend of ours who absolutely WORKED the crowd for his benefit. Seriously, a ticket would have been wasted on me anyway. Absolute win. I am so glad. I was really worried that we'd be doing constant my career / your career tradeoffs. I'm going into finals right now and it's actually better that she is also swamped with work. Yes, @Dr. Pepper, I made a mess on my way out, but I scrubbed both bathrooms and vacuumed the whole house before I packed. Spending today fetching supplies, putting away the clean dishes and doing laundry (but not folding or putting it up).
  25. Butt comfort. :snickers: