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  1. Watched it in HD - pretty sure it's just snow being washed off the black eye with a water drop.
  2. I'm pretty sure GRRM said Coldhands is not Benjen also and Coldhands in the book is very old, or has been dead a very long time, which makes you think it is not Benjen. D&D did refer to Benjen as Coldhands in the latest Inside the Episode though. It seems they are interchangeable - I think what is important is that they were both men of the Watch (probably both sworn to the Old Gods also). There is definitely something in that - some relationship between the magic North of the Wall and properly sworn Night's Watchmen - but who knows if the show will ever explain it.
  3. I'm glad you are all starting to see the light. I've been on the side of Westeros' saviour from the start - it's good to see the truth can no longer be contained
  4. Well Jon's been back and forth now and he's dead. So is Beric, who has done the same.
  5. In essence, yes. Everything anyone sees in the fire is what the 3 eyed raven sees - they are getting fuzzy wiernet transmissions. And the only reason people can be reanimated south of the wall is due to residual power of what is north of the wall. There is no Red God. There is only one god and his name is death - and what do we say to death? Not today. The NK has beaten death for 8,000 years, having said 'not today' better than anyone and spreading magic across Westeros.
  6. But Benjen isn't a wight - he says the Children stopped him from turning into a white walker. Benjen may not even be dead, rather half neverborn (like Craster's babies). The magic in the wall has something to do with First Men, the Nights Watch and White Walkers - not with the zombies (wights).
  7. As poorly written as the show has become, that it disproves all the stupid dragon rider theories is great. The dragon having 3 heads can mean anything - even one of the mutant dragons in Asshai actually having 3 heads - but it's generally just a reference to the original invasion of Westeros which had 3 dragons and 3 dragon riders. In a contemporary sense (as in the show/book timeline) it could just mean that the beast that destroys Westeros (Lucifer is Lightbringer) has 3 heads - like GRRMs version of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, or the 7 headed beast. It could be fire (dragons) ice (Walkers) and the song (war). Who knows? Point is it doesn't have to be and probably isn't 3 secret Targs riding dragons, which always sounded as dumb fanfiction as the show has become to me.
  8. Yea, attaching the chains is worse than having them - the show clearly showed zombies drowning in the water, so how did they get the chains down to the dragon?
  9. Unless he is already trapped in the NK and that is why he appears to have lost his humanity. I didn't really buy this theory but, oddly, reading your rebuttals of it makes me think it is possible. Perhaps the children protected them just long enough for Bran to get the power to become the NK? When Bran asks Leaf who she needed to protect herself from she says 'From you' massive dramatic pause 'from men'. It's entirely possible that Leaf knew Bran was going to end up warging into her victim when she made the NK. Your assuming the NK is evil. He's just an environmental protection agency, right? On a mission to protect the wiernet from deforestation. Bran can't walk and needs the weirnet to fly - he actually has common interest with the NK already, protecting those white trees. Oh and after this episode, Bran flying is obvious if he is the NK. He has a dragon now. Everyone thought it was Bran warging a dragon - when it could actually be Bran permanently warged into a dragonrider.
  10. I think the theory is that Bran goes back to try and stop the Children making the Night King and wargs into him getting stuck there or something. Way the show is going, I think it will use some simple plot point like that to explain the NK. I was hoping for something way more complicated, that tied all the magical elements together somehow - a kind of wow! So that is how the world works! But I think neither GRRM or the show-runners have that level of detail plotted. This video points out that the arrowhead mountain the Hound led them to is the same mountain where the Children made the NK
  11. What a bizarre thing It truly is really, really weird - there has never been any reference anywhere in the books or show to living swords. This is just out there.
  12. There is a video by Preston Jacobs that I think offers a reasonable explanation for how Targ dragon hatching magic works, based on mendelian genetics. It's possible that the dragon hatching gene is very dangerous when it mixes with reproductive systems that don't have it. Personally, I have a theory that Targs were genetic freaks created in Asshai, specifically for the purpose of bonding with dragon kind.
  13. It's possible that all human magic in the show exists because the NK exists, so him being a greenseer, that knew Dany was coming, makes sense.
  14. Oh, as a side note - what is the bet that Jon somehow magic's her womb back into action though, with his super special cousin sperm.
  15. yea, this - any baby crawling with worms could not have been good for the uterus it came from. It's lucky Dany didn't die of infection.