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  1. So far the others have been killed only by Dragon Glass or Dragon Steel ..the common factor in both is Dragon and I don't see why Dragon Fire can't do the same thing .. Besides who says you only have to fight with others to bring down their power. ..for example dany may destroy heart of winter with drogon like in the HoTU stopping the power while Jon others fight in a battle ..
  2. You are going to enjoy the coming season.. Its Opposite for me the show hasn't set up the theory at all and it will come out of no where not to mention undermine RLJ. .people cab say show did give us hints about AJT but we also have people believing that Jon and sansa had romance ..so don't worry it won't happen
  3. Strike back is a TV series.. So far I have seen Liam Cunningham ,Ian Glen ,Adewale akinnuoye agboje and Charles dance ..iam sure many will follow as the series progress Its so weird seeing Liam play a bad guy after seeing him play Davos
  4. I don't know why people ate believing GRRM that he will finish this story in two books ...eight books is been a possibility ever since the chapters were moved from ADWd Anyone who is thinking val as major enough to be end game is deluding themselves ..fortunately we dont have to wait for TDOS or 8th book but we will see what happens with this in TWoW
  5. The tale speaks about a battle that AA fought with a monster that doesn't eliminate him fighting others ... he or she in this case will fight lots of battle.. Dany is been in danger from darkness and cold from AGOT ...GRRm is playing very subtle with regards to that ...but you can see it in her dreams and visions ..
  6. Iam so happy to see this tale is being talked a lot about these days but at the same time disappointed people can't connect it with the obvious answer to this tale and what event it foreshadows in the story ... Now OP provided the Tale from jade compendium ..i will provide the other event that happens in the story which is a word for word match how AA kills the monster .. A Storm of Swords Now its not that difficult to match these two events right
  7. i may be wrong but Aerys had more than three children right .. But i agree with you on other points .. I can see Jon making an attempt to bond with a dragon in last season if he comes to learn is parentage ...but I don't see tyrion ever attempting to do it...someone wise Like tyrion knows he doesn't have the blood in him to ride one so he won't attempt to ride one.. Besides like you say the other the dragons have always been a minor characters when compared to Drogon ...people( I myself included ) bring up Jon should ride rhaegal becuse he its named after his father ....but if you look at it all three names are meaningful to Dany and dany alone and it it's with her Daughter of Death whose 3 deaths shaped her life .. I hate to bring up the letter of GRRm but GRRm only intended there to be single dragon and dany to ride them...I believe he added the other two simply for the prophecy and connecting it to the triplets ... Yes three is a magical number ...the number of triplets in dany's story ... child of 3 ., 3 dragons eggs she gets and hatches all three of them ..3 mounts she will ride ..,3 betrayels she will know ., 3 fires she must light.,3 ships she gets from ilyrio .,conquers 3 cities in the slavers bay ., 3 lies she must slay ..3 deaths that shape her life( daughter of death) There are more in her arc but these are most notable ones.
  8. No its not addressed in the show .. I put it in the same category of them not including Valnqor because it will give too much away and they not wanting that .. Last season we have dany fulfilling the stalllion prophecy but it isn't addressed in the show ...but we do have Show come up with a new term called "the one who is promised " by kinvara while speaking about dany ..."the one who was promised " for me is combined version of all three prophecies just insert " dragon" instead of "one" and we will have a match with my theory .. I would like to see how GRRm makes dany not a dragon. Without it being a terrible writing .. Rhaegar believed the prophecy is about him then aegon and he may have believe it to be Jon snow ..there is no reason why Rhaegar could be correct because he is trying to make prophecy happen... Prophecies do happen when people rarely expect them to happen or when they try to stop it from happening .. Jon can also be AAr/TpTWp but he certainly cant be the stallion ..its the triplet that people will miss in Jon or three dragon riders theory..whereas dany has so many triplets going for her .. Dany being a dragon rider does not make her AAr/TpTWP ...dany fulfilling the prophecies makes her one ...if she wasnt supposed to be those thingsi would have expected the show to ignore those things when it comes to dany ...
  9. I think that is what GRRm is giving Dany when he gave the 3 rides she will have ,3 fires she will light and 3 betrayals she will know ..each setting up and finishing a phase or stage of Dany's arc.. I am sure there will be more than 3 people who will form the defense..I think we have to separate it from these people to the prophecy one because being the one fulfills the prophecy doesn't mean they can take the WW all on their own..they will need all the help they can get
  10. A person being incarcination of three is not unheared of in both in our universe and in universe where they worship a god with three heads ... we have a god Named TRIOS from the tyrosh where he has three heads each one represents consuming preserving and devouring . i like to take specifically a god named TRIMURTY from hindu Mythology and show how daenerys fits the three headed dragon part ... Trimurty is god with three head where the three heads represent CReator ., Preserver and Destroyer and to me dany fits the role of both trios and trimurty in story perfectly. .
  11. I too believed that 3 dragons means 3 riders when I first read the books but after rereads I came to the conclusion that no one else will ride Dragons other than dany until dany or a dragon dies .. "The Dragon(Dany) must have three heads" What we have to remember is that not all targs are dragons ..viserys wasn't but dany is ..In fact she is the Last Dragon . Everyone assumes that Three headed dragon sigil refers to aegon and his sisters but I strongly believe that aegon like his family before him and after him knew about the prophecy of promised prince and three headed dragon.. He could have read the same book rhaegar read ..the natural assumption everyone will make is 3 dragons so 3 riders so it won't happen like that .. Now what we have in the story . Dany hatching 3 dragons not just one and she is mother to all the 3 ..she bonded with all three dragons similar to how other targs in the past grown up with dragon eggs and she made those sacrifices and sustained loses that helped hatch them... so imo until unless something happens with one of the dragons like the leaks mention there won't be any other rider than Daenerys .. Now here is my interpretation to Three headed Dragon .. we have three versions of Promised prince prophecies from different culture all originating from Asshai..those three prophecies are Azor Ahai and The Prince that was promised and The Stallion that Mounts the World .. Now which character is born as the last Targaryen a.k.a The Last Dragon and fulfills all those three prophecies .. Three questions we must ask ourselves is 1) who stands for House Targ and symbolises House Targ in the story .. 2) who is literally the embodiment of three headed Dragon in our story .. 3) which character is associated with number 3 in the given story All the answers will be pointing to one character .. So in my interpretation Dany is the three headed Dragon with the three heads pointing to her 3dragons(Drogon,Rhaegal,Viserion) /fulfilling 3 prophecies ( AAr TpTWp ,TSwMtW)/ 3 aspects of her role (creator(mother), protector (Queen) and destroyer( Khalleesi)
  12. Send some type of warning to Robert and renly and Ned so they can be safe ..iam surprised davos didn't do this
  13. Give him a history lesson about someone who is called Aemon Targaryen who passed the throne to his brother because he didn't have any interest in it
  14. Now when asked GRRm the author himself has said Daenerys is the character that resembles Nymeria most .. So that should answer your questions OP
  15. So you expect people to be just mum about it in a discussion thread ...what's the use of it when you aren't going to hear what the other side as to say .. For example, entitlement ..is there any character who is not entitled in the story.can you say sansa and cat are not entitled..or is there any character who has done more to the people when she doesn't have to ..so much for entitlement right?