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  1. Nothing can beat the ending of the first book Dany hatching the dragons and being Unburnt
  2. Of course Jon doesn't want to be king because he is a Bastard from the north Dany is the exiled princess and last surviving member of her family.. How can anyone view jon as god..the magic was performed by Mel ..so if anyone must be said God it must be Mel or Rhllor Whereas dany performs her own magic which is very unique and singular.. I say People will also claim that she named herself storm born... The mother of dragons was a name given to her by those that witnessed the event of hatching dragons by dany..
  3. You have to wonder those who say show has whitewashed or show runners seems to have preference for dany more than GRrM whether actually watched her scenes and read her chapters
  4. No they did that in the books too To which dany comes with the reply “I know what Aegon proved. I mean to prove a few things of my own.” And people often her forget she doesn't know it was barristan the bold but at the time he was Arstan Whitebeard ...and she values his opinions even then. but its not the only time it happens .i dont expect someone to say they have waited to see is she has a taint or someone like jorah who teaches her things like how commom people doesnt care about game and he was constantly against going through slaver cities...
  5. GRRM has said the story is about dany and not of essos thats why there is no other POV. . She was supposed to be in westeros by book 3 or book 5 but GRRm cant get into that and lost in the worldbuilding.. But we have Tyrion,Illyrio,Barristan,Jorah,Quentyn,Missandei's views about dany .. But if we are going to ignore barristan or jorah's both of whom nevee failed to question dany or disagree with her ..then i dont see much to talk about it
  6. Lol did you even read the books or her chapters .
  7. What are Illyrio ,Jorah , Barristan and tyrion and Quentyn and people we see from volantis ..if not third persons who gets to see dany and talk about her and have a opinion Grrm was once asked the same question by Ran himself I guess and for which GRrM answered that the story is about dany and not the essos ..
  8. When will the theories like Dragons are light bringer And Dany is the three headed dragon will be added to the list
  9. If some one says she doesn't wake up as Dragon then iam afraid they don't read the same series at all because even of someone misses the end of the dream ..there must be half a dozen quotes and comments saying how dany was reborn in Dothraki sea
  10. Yes this scene Tells us how Dany is Waking up the Dragon . But I would also like to point out things we should also notice are ., 1) the place and location dany is in the dream ..she was trapped inside a stone archway and in darkness.. 2) she is trying to flee away from the dark and cold trying to find a way out of the stone 3) she is guided by her ancestors who were dragons and who help dany wake as LAST Dragon and fly out of there But the important thing is what we see before this at the start of dream .. we specifically see the deaths of Viserys and Rhaego ..Death of two kings since Rhaego becomes the heir of Visreys So the Dream Starts with Death of two Kings and end with waking of a Dragon ( dany)
  11. To all those who think Renly owes Stannis and should follow stannis.. Where was this brother when renly and Robert were amidst dangers in KL .. If he had somehow warned his brother and king by doing his duty maybe Robert wouldn't have died in the first place.. Renly never gathered all those army to kill stannis ..he was moving toward KL it was Stannis who actively planned to kill renly and oppose him as we can see from the prologue of Clash of kings.. You can't pledge to someone who has ran away and not answered one mail for more than a year .
  12. There are no man like me there is only me - Jamie “I know what Aegon proved. I mean to prove a few things of my own.” - dany Why do the gods make kings and queens, if not to protect the ones who can’t protect themselves?- dany Dragon is not a Slave Dracarys It is known You know nothing jon snow Winter is coming
  13. It looks like I made a mistake with the whose baby it will be and about drogon ..it will be vicatarian and not tyrion . Here is the thread where he brings up this theory .. Ah I how much i miss LordStoneheart and kyoshi ..
  14. Now that you have mentioned it ..I can't stop giggling either.. How can people hate a fictional character so much .. PS ..I don't know what exactly happened I just noticed the post you quoted and it had a different user name .it seems instead of signing in I ended up creating new one .. It was I who made those two comments
  15. I agree with this.. Because once you have tasted power you don't want it to share with someone else ..no ruler will want to rule one kingdom when he can rule 7 ..and others don't want enemies at their side and constant wars.. I think the worst part of this fandom is that those who worship North as above other regions and people