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  1. Currently planning to meet Samantha at Messuskus around then and figure out some kind of plan!
  2. Starting to get a bit worried about this airport queuing thing... anyone headed out through Gatwick recently? Is arriving there 2 hours in advance as usual enough right now (already checked in, hand-luggage only), or is it worth getting even less sleep?
  3. Thank you everyone for a fabulous Pictionary, and especially Bucky for excellent hosting! Also, FOMN: in awe of your drawings! Tomorrow TCCB and I fly out to Helsinki - I hope we get to meet those Pictionary folk who are attending!
  4. @TitanCat's Cute Boyfriend and I are arriving Tuesday afternoon, leaving Monday morning. I guess no tshirts this year?
  5. Sorry for the delay - out of the country, so just checking in every couple of days! Sentence is in now though
  6. Anyone know when we can expect the Programming schedule? Getting pretty excited!
  7. I had fun in 2015 too - undecided about this year still though... I'll think about it
  8. I really like the idea of another London social, but things are pretty crazy for me until after Helsinki now... should try and organise a games day maybe at some point though?
  9. Sentence now sent in!
  10. We're in as a team again, but we'll need to think of a sentence... have something for you soon!
  11. This was an excellent game, thanks Pebble! Can't believe how off-topic Bucky's thread got... I'm up for the next game too! Might be slightly delayed on some of them depending on the timing, but will have advanced notice and such
  12. I'd be pretty excited about that! I've missed all the previous t-shirts!
  13. Done! There no tasty scoring on this game?
  14. Sorry, my fault entirely... sending through now..
  15. My brief visit a few years ago, I found restaurants VERY expensive. But I've heard that supermarkets are more reasonable?