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  1. This was much enjoyment for me, thanking all! Special shout outs go to: amusing poetry all of the pictures of animals on my thread, especially the first one! <3 (I will continue to ask for cute animals from y'all) Buckwheat's stick figure America I'm a Titan Cat!!! Love it so!!! The big dragon pooping the cabin with little dragon is *exceptionally* cute. In fact, all the dragons are pretty excellently cute! I'm pretty excited by how much both myself and @TitanCat's Cute Boyfriend featured in these threads - it's like I'm a core part of pictionary or something, and makes me feel all warm inside In other news: @rocksniffer, did you ever get any exciting post from Helsinki?
  2. Just handed in mine! Sorry
  3. Still thinking about this - TCCB will probably be away for work that weekend, so this seems like a good distraction, again if there are tickets left, and depending on what my finances are doing.
  4. Oooh... could be easily persuaded to that...
  5. http://www.gameofthronesconcert.com/ This seems like our sort of thing! Who is going/intending to go, and where? I'll make an index! London went on sale this morning, but by the time we got through (read: 5 mins after on sale), there were only tickets available at the back of the arena. But Dublin goes on sale on the 5 October, and is over the UK Bank Holiday Weekend...
  6. ...and done!
  7. Use them on Helena! Use them on Helena! I totally did my bit!
  8. I've submitted mine too!
  9. Don't probe me! I totally handed in a picture from a hotel room in San Francisco! Home now, with better art materials...
  10. I'm still in! Let me think up a sentence... I'm going to be on an 11 hour flight tomorrow, just to let you know that I'm not going to be very immediate with my first round! ETA: sentence is in!
  11. Yup, should be free from next week Though you never know, we might come up with crazy art from TitanCon to send y'all.
  12. We still have some tar liquorice that we're trying to offload onto someone...
  13. Tickets for myself and @TitanCat's Cute Boyfriend purchased just before the price increase!