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  1. TCCB and I now also have a reservation in the Fairmont, Thurs - Mon. Ouch for the price though!
  2. Yeah, I'm pretty surprised that your witches were the only ones that were clothed! And so much <3 for the TitanBirdSong! <3
  3. Done!
  4. Sorry to miss out on this round, just been super busy! I'll be back on for the describe
  5. Description in!
  6. ...and in! Only 3 minutes late!
  7. I'm working on it!
  8. I may be last in handing in my sentence, but it's totally still within the time limit
  9. Mine's now in! Sorry about the slight delay
  10. Ah, go on then! I'll give it a go! I might need some cover at some points though (not sure when), because I've just started a new job, and I have no idea how demanding it's going to be...
  11. Yeah, deadline-wise it just turned out really awkwardly this time around. I was really excited about drawing things for bunches of the time, but then the drawing rounds always seemed to magically time themselves around when I had no time at all to put into them, so it was a bit frustrating. When I was a new player here, knowing avatar conventions was one of the things that I found really difficult, and a bit of a barrier, so I always thought it would be a great idea to make a guide for how people generally depict the other players (not that people would have to do that, but so that as much as anything, when I read threads at the end, I wouldn't feel dumb for not knowing who the picture was supposed to be about!). I don't think I actually got very far with that, but I made a start on the intro for the game I ran, if I can find it..... here:
  12. This was much enjoyment for me, thanking all! Special shout outs go to: amusing poetry all of the pictures of animals on my thread, especially the first one! <3 (I will continue to ask for cute animals from y'all) Buckwheat's stick figure America I'm a Titan Cat!!! Love it so!!! The big dragon pooping the cabin with little dragon is *exceptionally* cute. In fact, all the dragons are pretty excellently cute! I'm pretty excited by how much both myself and @TitanCat's Cute Boyfriend featured in these threads - it's like I'm a core part of pictionary or something, and makes me feel all warm inside In other news: @rocksniffer, did you ever get any exciting post from Helsinki?
  13. Just handed in mine! Sorry
  14. Still thinking about this - TCCB will probably be away for work that weekend, so this seems like a good distraction, again if there are tickets left, and depending on what my finances are doing.