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  1. Sorry, my fault entirely... sending through now..
  2. My brief visit a few years ago, I found restaurants VERY expensive. But I've heard that supermarkets are more reasonable?
  3. I'll play, probably in a team with the CB, but haven't thought of a sentence yet... will do by the 12th
  4. Did you mean June? I can play any time after 5 June, and would be excited about a game.
  5. Give me a shout again when things start up again - currently busy doing ALL the Hugo reading, but should be available from next week
  6. Some very funny changes. Especially enjoyed armpit hair! And the potato ending was a nice twist. Pretty confused about the eyebrow one...
  7. Still reading, but <3 the figurine Frodo creativity. Would totally get all the bonus points if I'd been modding!
  8. I feel similarly. Except with less of a voice. So it's more eooooo, eooooooo.
  9. I'm afraid it looks like I've also succumbed to the plague. And I can't even blame Pebble. Next time though!
  10. I think now we're getting beyond the 10 person mark (excluding me and the other half), it's probably not quite feasible to do anything at mine. I'll try and come along for a bit though. If I do come, I'll try to bring @TitanCat's Cute Boyfriend.
  11. Might be able to come, would people maybe be up for some games? (I've suggested hosting something in the past, at our place in King's Cross, but not promising anything at this stage, especially with Christmas. Maybe.) Definitely more keen on a small Boardpeople reunion than a large pub gathering (especially with Christmas crowds), but if it ends up as the latter, I'll still try come say hi briefly. Is not often there's a Sam in the vicinity!
  12. THE REVEAL (drumroll) Bonus thread: Happiness is Juggling The Bear and the Maiden Fair: Winter Edition The Bear and the Maiden Fair: Summer Edition Alien, as written by the Pictionary crew. The new faces of the World Health Organisation. Rocksniffer's Religion: drink, smokes, and porn. The Christmas plans of the Lizard rulers of Westeros. Organic drugs. Cosmic cuteness, and marshmallows for some reason.
  13. Okay, y'all ready for the big reveal? (not in the same sense of reveal as apparently Mr Pebbles though...)
  14. Okay, the reveal is ready to go. I'll wait until there are folks around though, and give you people a chance to unscramble those ones. I don't want to comment on them, because I have more context, but definitely some changed a lot more than others...
  15. No recount for Helena. But! I can do one better! For your bemusement, please find below a mix of the starting and ending sentences for all of the chains. I'll sort the reveal now, but I'll wait to post it until tomorrow, because I could really do with some sleep...