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  1. Yes, as much as I love GOT, that in no way gurantees that their Star Wars trilogy will be good. I'm just optimistic. I was merely refuting the claim that seasons 5-7 were not as well received as seasons 1-4.
  2. I don't know where you're getting your facts from, but Game of Thrones is consistently rated high on rotten tomatoes, has continued to win emmys post-season 4, it's viewership numbers continue to rise from season to season, etc. I'm sure not everyone is happy with GOT once D&D ran out of source material, but they make up a very tiny fraction of the fandom.
  3. They have had seven seasons of highly-regarded work. Here, the reception was mixed, but that's not saying much.
  4. I'm a huge fan of Game of Thrones, so I'm optimistic D&D will do a good job. I wish them the very best.
  5. 1. Game of Thrones 2. Stranger Things 3. The Punisher 4. 13 Reasons Why 5. Agents of Shield 6. The Good Place 7. Better Call Saul 8. The Americans 9. A Series of Unfortunate Events 10. Legion 11. American Gods 12. Speechless 13. The Defenders 14. Iron Fist 15. Inhumans
  6. Yes, in season 3 when the Brotherhood were listing the crimes of House Clegane.
  7. I gave the finale a 10. It was a great way to end the season and a big step up from the two previous episodes. All in all, this wasn't my favorite season, but it wasn't my least favorite either. I still liked it better than seasons 3 and 5. The first four episodes were very strong, with the Frey massacre, Nymeria's return, the pardoning of Houses Umber and Karstark, Dany meeting Jon, Tyene's and Olenna's deaths, the Field of Fire, etc. Also, Euron Greyjoy was a vast improvement over last season. However, Eastwatch and Beyond the Wall brought the season down. Eastwatch was rushed with too many plot points happening all at once and they could have done a much better job selling the wight hunt idea. Luckily, the Dragon and the Wolf bounced back and delivered my second favorite finale, after Winds of Winter. This season wasn't the best, but it was still very enjoyable and high quality and is the best television show so far this year.
  8. I gave it an 8. It was my least favorite episode of the season, but I still enjoyed it. My most glaring criticism was the fast pacing. I thought that the pacing of this season was very good until this episode. Too many important plot points happened in a very short span of time. I see that people still take these numbers way too seriously. It's all good fun. Everyone has there own ranking system, and they're all valid. As I've always said, quality is subjective. I don't understand why people get so offended just because someone's opinion differentiates from their own.
  9. I take it you're not a Jon fan. I don't really care how Jon comes back. The problem is that Martin has already set a precedent for how people "change" when they are brought back from the dead. When Beric was brought back, he lost pieces of his memory but his personality and morality remained unchanged. Lady Stoneheart contradicted the precedent already set, but Martin presented it in a logical way. If Jon comes back in the same way as Beric and Martin makes him darker and changes his personality drastically for the sake of the story, it will be bad writing. In order to make it work, the circumstances of his resurrection have to be more similar to Lady Stoneheart's.
  10. It's difficult to say without knowing how vital a role Aegon will play in the remaining books, but as of right now, I believe the show is better for not including him. I just can't see Aegon playing that big of a part and it seems Martin only set him up to be an obstacle for Danerys to overcome. Plus, I never found him to be that interesting of a character to begin with.
  11. Despite Martin's criticism of Gandalf's resurrection, Beric Dondarrion came back the same, more or less. Sure, he's lost pieces of his memory, but from what we know about him, his personality has remained intact. He is still a protector of the smallfolk, and this is after being raised from the dead six times. Why do people expect Jon to have a drastic change and turn darker after being resurrected once?
  12. It's not an opinion. A plot hole is a specific criticism and is defined as an inconsistency that contradicts the logic already presented in the story where there can be no rational explanation. We don't know how many Tyrells were defending the castle, we don't know by how much the Lannister/Tarly army outnumbered them, we don't know how bloody the battle was, and we don't know how effective of a strong hold Highgarden is. You can criticize them for not giving a detailed explanation of the fall of Highgarden and you can disagree with the Reach lords' reasoning for turning on Olenna. That's where opinions come in. But it's not a plot hole. Think of it this way: all plot holes are bad writing but not all bad writing are plot holes.
  13. It wasn't a plot hole, so there's nothing to fill.
  14. The official story that Cersei has given was that it was a tragic accident. We know this from her conversation with Tycho Nestoris. Of course, that didn't stop rumors from spreading that it was Cersei herself that did it. It was the same with the incest. The official story was that Joffrey and Tommen were Robert's true born sons, whereas rumors spread that they were Jaime's bastards.
  15. Not all of them. Some River, Vale, and Storm lords fought for the Targaryens during Robert's Rebellion.