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  1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I only skimmed the leaks, so the only parts I remember concern the wight hunt. I feel the leaks lack proper context to really get a feel on what is and isn't going to work, though. And seeing it play out on screen is going to be a lot different from reading it on paper, so I'm sure I'll still find it enjoyable. Season 6 was actually my second favorite season, so I can't say I agree, but to each their own.
  2. They resurrected them the same way to remain consistent. Resurrection via fire priest/priestess was established in the show. Resurrecting Jon any other way would be Deus Ex Machina. They are working from a television budget. Frankly, I'm glad we got the direwolves as much as we did. I don't see them playing a huge role in the books, anyway. Agreed, though I didn't like it in the books either. At least D&D knew when to cut their losses. I disagree with this. I really enjoyed her arc last year.
  3. I've always viewed these leaks as a curse. I'm not saying that this season will absolutely be done right. Some of these scenes may be as nonsensical as several posters say, but there are so many ways D&D could make it work. I think it's too early to judge. Of course, I actually like what they've done so far, and they've definitely earned my trust. That might not be true for others.
  4. How else can Jon stop the lords and ladies of Westeros from killing each other and focus on their common enemy?
  5. Yes, it does. You're threatening to smash furniture over a television program. Do you know what my reaction is to a television show that I find to be low quality? I pick up my remote and change the channel. I've been disappointed in several shows this year that I once considered to be high quality. I don't go onto fan sites and throw fits of rage about it, though.
  6. I just don't understand people who have this extreme of a reaction to a tv show, a show that hasn't even had it's season premiere yet (not that I thought you were serious about destroying your property).
  7. Um, why?
  8. Um, why?
  9. There will still be a siege, which would put Cersei at an advantage. Plus, as you've pointed out, she's in possession of wild fire. Davos knows all too well how destructively effective wild fire is to an opposing army. It's much wiser to attempt a parlay, which will save lives in the process.
  10. Lie to them how?
  11. Cersei's present at the dragonpit, so her wild fire trick won't do her any good this time. Making peace with your enemies is never easy, due to years of distrust, but leaders attempt it all the same to stop violence and save lives. If Cersei says yes, they'll gain a powerful ally. If she says no, they'll simply move to option b and use force.
  12. What could Cersei possibly do to them?
  13. It was in the trailer. I was referring to the "lone wolf" line, not the second one. Sorry for any confusion.
  14. They are using it in the show.
  15. No, he tells Arya that they need to stick together, but the actual line is never said.