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  1. According to a Rolling Stone interview with GRRM the Wall was inspired by Hadrian's Wall. Hadrian's is a 3rd of the length, approximately 50 times shorter and not nearly as wide. It took 6 years to construct Hadrian's Wall. Depending on the workforce available and the amount of assistance from magic and/or nature, it seems reasonable that the Wall could have been constructed in a generation. Another interesting aspect is the distance between castles. It's not out-right stated but 19 castles along 300 miles of Wall is about 15 miles. That's about a 6 hour walk for an average person in average conditions. Faster on horseback.
  2. I figured so I made sure to tag her. I would LOVE that! I completely understand. I get a little intimidated joining in some of the discussions bc I often have a hard time translating from what I would say to a person face-to-face to the written word. I think you did beautifully! https://nsidc.org/cryosphere/glaciers/quickfacts.html I found this part very interesting... Do you suspect that the glacier was formed during the Long Night?
  3. Well done! I love it! This is still my fave part. It makes me wonder what fate the Wall has in store. I doubt it's a good one. There is so much in her tales. Curious indeed! Nice connection. An image is starting to take shape in my mind. Whether the cause is a meteor, magic, melting glaciers, dam breaking, doesn't matter. A wall of water that is redirected upwards and frozen by either magic or a mighty wind howling from the north. Something like Noah... I think of the Wall "drinking in the light" and weeping to be a balance of it's magic. Taking in the light, expelling moisture. Almost like a breathe. I really like this. Very interesting. I always attributed that to the Wall blocking the northern winds. I like your idea about defense. This is very interesting. I recall Bran's spine and ribs being broken but no I am curious about his legs. Do you recall? I think this is something to look our for in the future. Again, well done @LynnS!
  4. Sure. I was too curious not to look. lol I have the quotes in a Word doc if you're interested in them. IMO using "Consort to Dragons" in his title refers to Dany only. It's reasonable to apply to same logic to her "Bride of Dragons". It could mean Jon, I'm indifferent to that idea. But it could also mean Aegon, Daario, Tyrion or any hidden Targ, bastard or otherwise.
  5. We always remember the black or red part but I forgot about the bolded. Dany & Blackfyres sitting in Meereen! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
  6. "Dragon" is in the main series 940 times! I went through them all, ya know, for fun. Daario calls her a dragon to her face. He also calls her "Dragan Queen". She asks Barristan, "am I a Harpy or a Dragon?" and he replies, "Dragon". Other than that it's only... IIyiro (another possible Blackfyre) refers to her as the dragon queen and then Tyrion starts doing the same. Followed by fAegon et al, Euron, Victarion, Quent and others they are speaking with. One of Hizdhar's titles is "Consort to Dragons". Two quotes may not lend anything to your theory but struck me as odd... Bride of dragons? Bride of fire? So the groom is a Targ.
  7. Thanks! I'm fascinated by them. I started roughly writing up the birthing issues they have with the birthing issues Targs have when they go outside of their lines. Very cool stuff!
  8. I understand. Might as well re-read the series! Want me to put it up in Small Questions? They know everything! Right! I forgot about that quip. It could also be similar to why Barristan was White Beard. He wanted to get to know her for himself before he threw in with her and her cause.
  9. I understand...rum or research LOL Obviously she's called the Mother of Dragons, Rhaegar was called the Last Dragon, but I honestly can't recall anyone else referring to her as strictly "dragon".
  10. IMO, yes. I think she may have let her guard down around her lover. She really wasn't seen that often. It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities.
  11. Does anyone else call her a dragon and not "mother of dragons"?
  12. Well done Lady B! Love it! The above quote reminds me of another Targaryen bastard that took an arrow through the eye. Although BR wasn't described as "lithe" he is described as thin and I would assume his training with a bow has made him graceful. Nice!
  13. Agreed.
  14. Interesting. Gotta link? I like it!
  15. Thanks! I forgot about that. So they say. Mwahahaha! JK Like I said, tinfoil. I would like to point out to the OP that the Ibbenese had issues mating with non-Ibbenese.