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  1. I enjoyed it, biggest problem was that it felt like way too many scenes mashed into way too little time... actually had problems remembering everything that happened as I watched ;O
  2. Aren't there still a lot of caches from Aerys II's reign left undiscovered, hidden throughout King's Landing? All of them growing more unstable over time, so that a jolt or heat can set it off (and to top it off, they can cause chain reactions)? She would just have to find one of those.
  3. She doesn't really have to be in charge for that... Could be that she escapes imprisonment only to burn down the city, or hides and comes back later or something :dunno: Then again, there's nothing saying the city and keep has to remain around the Iron Throne when these others are sitting on it :lol: I'm pretty sure Dany will arrive after the burning of King's Landing though... tho that's mostly based on that scene from House of the Undying in the show, where she walked through the ruins of the Red Keep while ash (or snow?) fell from above. Can't remember if it's mentioned in the books as well, but I don't think so?
  4. We don't actually know that. We only know that Sansa thought he might not be as loyal as LF thinks... He might also simply be a really good actor and actually very loyal. Impossible to know from the little we've seen.
  5. Thoros is actually a red priest, though. From what it sounds like in the descriptions of how he brought Beric back, he used R'hllor magic in his kiss of life. Beric reviving LSH was more of a transfer of life essence. "I filled my mouth with fire and breathed the flames inside him, down his throat to lungs and heart and soul." "I would not do it, so Lord Beric put his lips to hers instead, and the flame of life passed from him to her."
  6. Because in the only precedent we've had for a fire zombie doing it, the fire zombie died. Permanently. Why would one assume that there are different rules for LSH than for Beric?
  7. Well, I find it quite hard to imagine Littlefinger would allow someone he does not know who it is to get into the melee, or even near them... If there is a surprise guest, they will either have to take the place of someone else and only reveal themselves when their helmet is removed, or they will have to be smuggled in somehow :dunno: Yeah whatever he does, it won't be a kidnapping at least... at least not a successful one, for story reasons alone. Wouldn't make any sense at all to have another kidnapping plot in Sansa's arc just as she is learning to play the game :) Sorry, but how would LSH be able to raise Brienne, or Brienne raise Jaime, without dying? Beric was revived multiple times by Thoros, because Thoros had these powers through his God... However, when Beric passed on the revival to LSH, that really seemed like a one-off thing to me, in which he actually died as well (blood sacrifice for it to work?).