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  1. Best Jaime Lannister quotes

    'Her name is Brienne' is still one of my favourite moments from the series. Not particularly witty, I just love it! 'And moonboy for all I know..." 'A horse' 'I'm the Queen of whores." "No, my sister holds that title too" The man is just a fountain of sassy gold.
  2. Screw Mocks and everything they stand for

  3. Interesting lines on the re-read? (hindsight)

    Thoros talking about Catlyn at the start of ASOS: "A wedding, she said. We shall see. Wherever she is, Lord Beric will find her, though"
  4. Guess who knows where Tysha is . . .

    I like the connection with Barra and Bella as names - nice! Even if she's dead, it would be nice for Tyrion to get some closure on Tysha - that would be the bittersweet ending to his story ( kind of like Forrest Gump, don't shoot me!)
  5. Netflix's new epic drama - 'Marco Polo'

    Really loved episodes 9 & 10, dam the show suddenly got interesting! Love the idea of Mei Lin and Ahmad being the new evil power couple.
  6. GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Didn't know if this has come up up before but Natalie Dolmer was brilliant in in the Hunger Games Movkingjay part 1 as Creasida. Also noticed today that Nickolaj Coster Waldu is Mark in The Other Woman - manopause!
  7. The 'UnJon' assumption

    I'm not sure Jon is even dead. It could just be a slightly more extreme version of Arya getting hit is the head by an axe, because GRRM is really loving his cliff-hangers at the moment. Except instead of having to wait half a book, we have to wait about 6 years.
  8. How to indicate "spoilers"?