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  1. 'Her name is Brienne' is still one of my favourite moments from the series. Not particularly witty, I just love it! 'And moonboy for all I know..." 'A horse' 'I'm the Queen of whores." "No, my sister holds that title too" The man is just a fountain of sassy gold.
  2. Screw Mocks and everything they stand for

  3. Thoros talking about Catlyn at the start of ASOS: "A wedding, she said. We shall see. Wherever she is, Lord Beric will find her, though"
  4. I like the connection with Barra and Bella as names - nice! Even if she's dead, it would be nice for Tyrion to get some closure on Tysha - that would be the bittersweet ending to his story ( kind of like Forrest Gump, don't shoot me!)
  5. Really loved episodes 9 & 10, dam the show suddenly got interesting! Love the idea of Mei Lin and Ahmad being the new evil power couple.
  6. Didn't know if this has come up up before but Natalie Dolmer was brilliant in in the Hunger Games Movkingjay part 1 as Creasida. Also noticed today that Nickolaj Coster Waldu is Mark in The Other Woman - manopause!