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  1. Bloodraven thinks Jon is the rightful king. And if a bastard can't inheret...
  2. Proud to be a deplorable right now!
  3. Takes no interest? I would say he has much interest in Jon Snow. Bloodraven isn't just going to turn himself into a flying magician and come to the wall in person. Bran is the one with the greenseer ability, and thus he is the one needed at the cave to be instructed. I do believe however that Bloodraven does situate himself at Castle Black in the form of Mormont's Raven, who influences Jon quite alot actually.
  4. I would argue that Brynden Rivers probably knows, considering Mormont's raven thinks Jon is a king.
  5. The Black Bastard of the wall
  6. Actually Cat stayed at Riverrun throughout Bob's Rebellion. As for which Frey I would choose, why not fat Walda? Capable of bearing plenty of kids and comes with a nice dowry.
  7. My thoughts exactly
  8. From what he wrote in that post it seems that a late summer or late 2016 release is very possible which is still great news to me.