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  1. I hated this is in the Avengers and I hate it here. The whole point of threat is the massive overwhelming odds of a massive army of everyone who dies, who will raise up a new soldier for everyone of yours they take. When you turn it into a one shot victory, you eliminate the entire reason to fear the threat.
  2. Ned would claim it and be the King regent until the rightful king Jon came of age. The northerners would be fine with putting another Targaryen on the throne because he would be heavily influenced by his connection to Ned and be half a Northerner, the rest of the realm would be fine putting the rightful king on the throne, and Ned guides the transition. Dany and Visery's can be welcomed back and made Lords. Robert dying is actually the best case scenario.
  3. I don't even know how you do a battle like that without just completely breaking down the story structure. Most battles we either didn't see, saw one person's sort of insiginficant account of it, or it was like Blackwater where there were 4 or 5 POV's and literally a small handful of battle beats that mattered. In a giant one on one, no idea how you do that without it being kind of indulgant. Like what are we just going to get a POV of Jon, and then Jamie, and then Brienne, and then Arya, and then Dany on her dragon, and then idk all slaying a few and then something like "finally the glorious sound of retreat from the dead". There's got to be something else. I don't even know if it will be a battle tbh. Like maybe there will be a fight, but it will end in some sort of strategic detente
  4. No. That's a Dany only ability.
  5. Only one is fit to slay a king
  6. In the books you are beaten over the head with the history of the Rebellion in a way you can't be in a show where you don't get the internal monologue of a characters. The Lannister's letting Gregor Clegane loose on the Targaryen children is a big sticking point. It is one of the biggest issues Ned has with Robert and it's likely the sore spot that made him keep Jon a secret and protect Dany when Robert wants her assassinated. In the show, the biggest mention of that is in the Oberyn vs Gregor scene. Aside from that, there is very little mention of that. So there isn't the omg resonance of finding out that one of the children we kept hearing so much about might have survived. Largely because if Vary's was scheming, it is plausible he lived. In the show it just comes as even more of fakeout than it already is in the books.
  7. -Dany lands on Dragonstone -Dany and Jon team up. -Cersei somehow finds herself as queen and the main antagonist to Dany -Euron and Cersei team up -House Tyrell is wiped out and High Garden is taken -Viserion dies and becomes a wight -Bran/Arya/Sansa reunite at Winterfell after it is retaken.
  8. Here's the irony about complaining about predictablility, the only thing that ever mattered in the endgame of the series was the battle with the White Walkers and Dany's conquest. Everything before that was essentially a giant prologue that GRRM ballooned up and wrote a compelling story to set up the game pieces around. That's why you got things like Ned, Catelyn's and Robb's death. Because none of that really mattered a whole lot as long as somehow, someway, the pieces generally aligned to a war between Cersei and Dany with King Jon warning them of the threat up North. Now you are in a conventional story with a conventional endgame where the main characters are less expendable and the conclusion requires logic to get to. You can't just posture and do misdirection for a couple of seasons when you are wrapping up. It's like some people don't get story structure.
  9. People generally really loved the episode so yeah..... Anyways why would Dany go with a rival king, his wildling friend, the bastard of the usurper who is loyal to Jon's friend, etc for something she didn't entirely believe in? Would she bring her army? Why would she risk them amidst a war.
  10. Option B was stall in place and have Jon and buddies hide in a cave somewhere until the wights found them and THEN they are discovered and doomed right before Dany saves them. The reality is the show doesn't have time for filler anymore.
  11. The shows quality dipped at the same time the books became bloated and over indulgent. The show then picked up quality but sped up and got fan service-y right around the time GRRM is supposed to use only two books to close out his hundred plots. Its not a coincidence.
  12. Kind of delusional. The reality is far more people will watch and remember the show than will ever reed the book. EVER. It's like that with every adaption. More people saw Jaws than read the book. More people saw The Godfather than read the book. More people watched a James Bond movie than read any of the books. This is the most popular show on television for a generation. It's going to be watched forever. Same with shows like the Sopranos and Seinfeld and Friends. It's more accessible and easier to consume. The other reality is, the way to optimize the books was to have them all released before or as the show aired. More people will read the books and stop and never pick up the new ones just because it's likely the series won't finish at a minimum for 5 years after the show ends. To most people this is the story the most people will know. Harry Potter was massively popular and more popular than ASOIAF years before the movies came out and was released as the movies came out. It was the most popular book series possibly since LOTR if we are being completely honest. More people watched the movies. In fact I bet there are more people alive today who watched the LOTR movies than read the books.
  13. Once again we fall into the trap of WE DON'T KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT RHEAGAR TARGARYEN OR LYANNA STARK TO MAKE INFORMED OPINIONS ABOUT WHAT THEIR CHARACTERS WOULD OR WOULD'T DO! It's entirely possible Rheagar wasn't obsessed with prophecy or maybe he was and was just as crazy as his dad, had a bout of lust when he saw Lyanna, literally kidnapped her and forced a marriage, and then raped Jon into her. It's also possible that Rheagar was a total wimp that Lyanna seduced and gave him an ultimatum of marrying her or not be with her and he caved despite the ramifications. We simply do not know enough about these two. If the prophecy was that important to Rheagar and he felt Jon needed to be his heir, then the annulment was the easiest way to do it. Everybody has to stop overthinking this. The closest we ever got to a scene with either of them was a freaking fever dream Ned had in the first book where Lyanna repeated promise me Ned over and over again. It's also entirely possible Rheagar was a totally nice guy and did all the nice things we think he did and told his wife Elia about the prophecy and she completely understood it and put her and her children aside for the fate of the world. Those are all possibilities.
  14. Jamie could be a Targaryen along with Cersie, he's probably prophecy bound to kill his beloved sister Nissa Nissa. He currently weilds a blade that was once made of Ice so he would be the fire (Targaryen) weilding the former Stark blade (Ice). He would also be the third Targaryen.
  15. It's Jamie.
  16. It's a weird situation where Cersei's been one of the best antagonist in the series from season 1 and has the best motivations, the best ties to everyone, a gradual rise to power and madness beyond what she already was, and is finally in a position to be the main villain. Then the Night King who really wasn't even named a few seasons ago whose motivation is a simple destroy everything and who has no real ties to anybody from the plot. Also Cersei's been part of the main story and forever and the Nigh King was periphery until just recently. The better built villain is Cersei, but the story itself makes more sense about the squabbles of men being insignificant in the face of the army of the dead. To be honest, they'd probably be smart to make the concurrent final villains where Cersei maybe agrees to assist in the war while deceiving them on the back end and undermining the effort so that both can be taken out late in season 8.
  17. Osha was a minor character who was attached to Rickon who was used as a plot device to lure Jon. She was an expendable byproduct. They could have done a Star Trek red shirt if they just wanted someone to come back and die here.
  18. Go through each one Jon- no chance in hell unless he is ressurected almost immediately by Thoros. Gendry/Jorah- both were just reintroduced back into the main plot and haven't done anything importang yet. Kind of a waste for them to die. Beric- could die and wouldn't effect much. Thoros- could die but wouldn't effect much. Tormund- probably not necessary anymore to the main plot. He could die for Jon. But he's been doing nothing and I doubt was brought back just to die. He's also the face of the wildlings. Sandor- he still has a story to complete
  19. Well on D&D's defense, they started writing someone else's material in a page to screen transfer and did a really good job, then the author lost control of the plot and they had to get more creative with what they included and excluded, then the author just stopped putting out material for them besides an outline so now they have to color in the story without the sensibilities and nuances of the author. It would be different if it was there own original thing and then it wasn't as tightly written half way through and had a few plot holes.
  20. Let's be real the best material came from the first three books. The slow plodding season 5 was largely based off the controversially slow and plodding 4th and 5th books, all of us have wondered how the hell he would wrap everything up in two more books and now the final two seasons are well received with lots of fan service a plot progression, but feels a bit too fast compared to the prior pacing
  21. The only problem is the bastardization of his kids via annulment. Which again, if you believe Rheagar was a prophecy freak, then he's weighing this vs a prophetic savior who will save the world from darkness, then that slight is 100% justified. Elia's kids would still be royalty in Dorne, they just wouldn't be heir's to the Iron Throne. My biggest thing is that regardless of what side you fell on either 1. Rheagar kidnapped and takes Lyanna and forced her to have his child. 2. Rheagar and Lyanna fell madly in love and let the kingdom burn so they could play house. Either way, they let a lot of people suffer and die
  22. At first I thought it pretty obvious that Cersie would go so Jon and Dany could consolidate the 7 kingdoms in prep for the Night King. Now that Cersie is so outmatched, it makes more sense for to play along with the battle against the army of the dead to delay and strategize imo. The best thing that could happen to Cersei is that a group of unarmored Warriors used to a hot climate fall against a blizzard and that one or more of the dragons fall. It's a no lose situation. Cersei is screwed anyways. Helping Jon and Dany has 4 outcomes. a) delay Cersei's fall until the army of the dead destroy Westeros b ) delay Cersei's fall until Dany and Jon can refocus on her c) change the position of strength Dany has and help Cersei find a way to win. d) Cersei still loses to Dany but her actions in the war allow Dany to give the option of bending the knee or being pardoned and installed at Casterly Rock or Lannidport either of those is still better than certainly and quickly losing now.
  23. We don't know anything about Rheagar, Lyanna or Elia. Ya dig
  24. Not if Rheagar's motivation was partially in prophecy. Then making his child with Lyanna a prince/heir apparent is important. I think this is one where we all overthought it when the simplest explanation was the correct one. Rheagar fell madly for Lyanna, they ran off, he had a maester take orders to anull his current marriage so he could marry her thinking that their offspring was some prophetic savior.
  25. The pregnancy would have had to survive the jump off the wall and going through a frozen lake