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  1. Stannis after Renly

    If Mace surrenders the Redwynes will make for Kings Landing, Cersei has their heirs.
  2. Stannis after Renly

    Thats basically my thoughts, there is no way I could see that Randall could have stopped him if Stannis had marched most of his army against him, Stannis had 4/5 of Renly's horse plus five thousand of his own men. Does Stannis finish off the Tyrells, march his army back to Storms End after claiming the foot or make two armies one to fight the Tyrells and one for him to lead to Kings Landing?
  3. Stannis after Renly

    Could Stannis have gained the foot at Bitter Bridge if he had sent most of his army after Loras and Randall Tarly?
  4. Stannis against Tywin

    Theres a good chance he could win the battle, now holding the city probably wouldn't be possible without more men but he doesn't need to.
  5. Stannis against Tywin

    Perhaps but it would have been far closer than it was without the Tyrells for at least two reasons
  6. Stannis against Tywin

    each had about twenty thousand men, but Tywin's was mostly foot whereas the part of Renly's army Stannis got was all horse. If Tywin wins we get the same as in the books but if he loses then it changes everything.
  7. Stannis against Tywin

    Would Tywin have won with just the Lannister Army against Stannis at the Blackwater?
  8. Joff makes a mistake and Stannis doesn't

    1. I think he might have allied with Lisa based on what he says in the scene in question, He was willing to consider sending Shireen to the Vale until his wife deliberately played on his pride. 2. I would actually say killing the twins would be stupider than killing Ned Stark particularly in hindsight, not only do they have huge numbers of men they are not already enemies whereas the Starks were.
  9. Joff makes a mistake and Stannis doesn't

    In the scene with Stannis and Davos they discuss allying with Robb and Lisa Arryn, could Davos have convinced Stannis to do so if Sylse and the Red Woman hadn't arrived? In the scene on his birthday Joff wants to have Ser Dontos and the other torney riders killed, given that the Redwyne twins are among themn how bad would it be if he did?