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  1. Askatla added a topic in Blood of Dragons MUSH   

    Recruiting: Ser Alber of Gulltown
    Ser Alber of Gulltown can easily be named as one of the more unusual knights to grace the Realm. Without parents or family of any kind, the street urchin pulled himself up from the very bottom. As a boy he found employ aboard a merchant vessel that travelled extensively. It was there that he learned the many songs that he's now famous for. His seafaring days came to an end upon reaching Braavos, where he claims he studied under a well-known waterdancer. Alber finally returned home to Gulltown some years later and found a small amount of wealth as a bard and sellsword. He was knighted by Lord Qarl Corbray after helping his men bring a known criminal to justice, despite the treachery of the other hired swords. With the war upon the land, Alber joined the force that was leaving the Vale through Gulltown, fighting alongside the Corbray that had granted him his knighthood. His Braavosi sword style and ability to sing battle hymns during battle gained him fame as a singer, if nothing else. Towards the end of the war Alber was offered a place among Qarl's household guard, which he accepted immediately. However, when rumors regarding Ser Alber and the widowed Lady Leria Corbray proved to be true, the bard-knight was sent to King's Landing to quell any further dishonor. In King's Landing, Ser Alber has a number of young, Corbray player-characters to keep him company. There are: Ser Dermett Corbray, heir to Heart's Home and eldest son of Alber's benefactor Lord Qarl. So too is there Ser Dermett's wife, Damia, and his younger sister Alina. Finally, there is Ser Astos, a cousin to the incumbent Lord of Heart's Home. As a pre-CG'd character, Ser Alber is an excellent opportunity to hop right in and explore the game, having a background, personality, etc. already established; he would be a good choice for anyone either experienced with the setting and MUSHes, or new to both!
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  2. Askatla added a topic in Blood of Dragons MUSH   

    Recruiting: Lord Justyn Serry
    Lord Justyn Serry is the firstborn son of Jeffroy Serry, who died when Justyn was only six years old. Raised in the midst of intrigue over his own regency, he was regaled with tales of great knights and chivalrous deeds and grew in skill with blade. On his sixteenth nameday, his regency ended and Justyn was made Lord. Since, he has acquired skill in waterdancing, advantageously courted and married Katla Greyjoy of the Iron Islands, gained repute as a famous knight of decorum and chivalry and carried with him Southshield's might to King's Landing. He has navigated the ranks of the Sea Watch and after campaigning with Oakenfist at the Stepstones during recent conflicts now bears the royal banners as the royal admiral's assistant. His is a star on the rise. Where before the man seemed content to be an exemplar of chivalry, his twenties have instilled in him a desire for more. To make a name for himself outside the the trappings of knighthood. To advance his people's interests in the Reach. To support the throne and to seek a say in its governance. Outside of the IC world, the character enjoys many hooks to existing players and many more that remain to be developed should further roles relating to his past be filled. His wife, Lady Katla (Greyjoy) Serry, is currently in play, as is a former squire, Ser Garlan Hunter, who has remained a member of the household. As a Restricted character, a potential player should have read at a minimum the first book in the ASOIAF series, and should be ready for a time commitment to play this character - he will be a role model for others on the grid. As a pre-CG'd character, interested people should also check out his personality and information to ensure they are comfortable playing him as he has been established.
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  3. Askatla added a topic in Blood of Dragons MUSH   

    Recruiting: Josella Mallister
    Josella Mallister is a unique character with unique opportunities to explore in the game. She is the eldest child of Lord Joscelyn Mallister and his late wife, the Lady Belarra Mallister (nee Bracken) - she stood, for several years, to inherit Seagard after the death of her younger brother Jason. Then, her father wed again, a bride only a handful of years Josella's elder - and that new bride produced a son, the child taking Josella's title as heir. It's not simply that Josella could have been an heir - but that she now finds herself in Dorne as part of the embassy from King Baelor's court to Sunspear. She has an extremely religious and conservative father - how does she handle being surrounded by women who have the right to inherit (and, in some cases, are ruling ladies in their own right?), with greater freedoms than she? Will the Dornish habits and inclinations rub off on her (or does she seek them freely?), or does she hold tight to her Riverlander ways and the will of her father (and stepmother), the better to seek a fine husband? Poised on adulthood, and poised between these two worlds, Josella offers a player an opportunity to explore the contrast between Dorne and the northron lands in a way not possible with any other character on the game. Joscelyn's player comes from the US Eastern time zone, while Erena's is UTC+5:30, meaning a player in Asia, Europe or the US would be able to play with either, if not both, of the other family members in play at this time.
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  4. Askatla added a topic in Blood of Dragons MUSH   

    Recruiting: Lady Ammara Costayne
    Ammara Costayne, born Mooton, is the Lady of Three Towers - and a woman nearly to her forties, but of complicated history (including a minor scandal in her earlier years) possessed of a variety of connections. Her son Haston is squire to Ser Albyn Crane, heir to Red Lake - and Haston betrothed to Shaella Buckwell, youngest sister to the current Lord Buckwell. Her daughter Mesella is betrothed to Ormory Rosby, the heir to Rosby; her last child, Daena, is as of yet unbetrothed. Ammara is an excellent horsewoman and hunter, as well as being skilled in the arts of stewardship and the larger scope of arts that encompass being a noblewoman; if she is lacking, she hides it well. Ammara fulfills an interesting niche - a ruling lady past her twenties, and CG'd; her childbearing years are done, but that does not mean she cannot involve herself in politics (and her children's lives). With a growing population of Reach characters, Ammara will be able to involve herself in the Reach politics (to the degree her husband would permit, and as is appropriate for a woman) as well as serving as a role model and reputable figure in the court at King's Landing. While her CG says she is a capable woman, she would be even more effective with a player behind her!
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  5. Askatla added a topic in Blood of Dragons MUSH   

    Recruiting: Catelyn Paege
    Catelyn Paege is a young woman with a very interesting connection to the game at present: her elder brother Ser Kavan (called Kavan the Young) has been touring the regions of the Kingdom, jousting with those who would wish, in the name of chivalry and the vows of knighthood. He has currently placed himself outside of King's Landing with a vow not to enter until he has broken seven-and-seventy lances, and has been doing a bang-up job in netting them. Catelyn can trade - possibly significantly - on her kinship with this young knight making a name for himself... and for her, by relation. As the daughter of a greater landed knightly house, she has potential to marry up (or down), and to make a name for herself and her family in King's Landing, particularly with Baelor's push for marriages. She has many possible reasons to come into play: coming to King's Landing to seek out her brother; coming to make her reputation, in turn to make a marriage; coming to see her kinsman, Darran Selmy (a cousin), or another reason that can be established during her CG. A player for Catelyn would be encouraged to have read at least the first book of the ASOIAF series, as she is un-CG'd.
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  6. Askatla added a topic in Blood of Dragons MUSH   

    Recruiting: Lady Lira Arryn
    Lady Lira Arryn sits beside Lord Jonothor Arryn as the Lady of the Eyrie: she was born a Lannister, however, and as such holds no small amount of affection - and ties - with the Westerlands. One brother is in the Kingsguard, another the heir to Casterly Rock - and he himself wed an Arryn cousin, making Lira well-versed in the high arts of politics. She has two sons by Lord Jonothor, Eldred and Ronnel. Though she is an Arryn now by name - how much Lannister remains in her, and how much claim do those golden lions stake to her? She has a remarkable knowledge of folklore, both of the Westerlands and the Vale; she has a good hand on history, stewardship, and - naturally - etiquette. Her passion is tales of the Andals, and she has quite a collection of relics and a mental file on them that would be an intriguing aspect of her character for a potential player. She has alternated between the Eyrie and King's Landing, but with the fall of Winter on Westeros, is able to come into play having settled the Eyrie down from the mountains, and arrived in King's Landing to pass the season. Additionally, a kinsman-by-marriage, Ser Conrad Arryn, serves as the King's Royal Steward - and Conrad is due to wed another lady of the Vale, Isabel Royce, in the coming months. As a Restricted CG'd character, a player for Lira will need to ensure they have time to commit to playing a character who will be a role model for others on the game, as well as setting knowledge from the books, and previous MUSH experience. Lord Jonothor is currently in play (US Eastern Time), as well as her brothers Jonn and Mathin as well as Jonn's bride, Jyana. She is perhaps one of the few characters with so many kinfolk in regular and active play!
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  7. Askatla added a topic in Blood of Dragons MUSH   

    Recruiting: Ser Arryk Peckledon
    A nephew of Lord Loreon Lannister, a cousin to the Roxtons and the Lyddens, the son of a household knight at Casterly Rock - Ser Arryk Peckledon has much going for him in terms of his connections and his relationships. Yet - he also has potential for a delightfully complex and complicated background, with a mother who died in childbirth, and a father who chose never to remarry. How does he feel about his illustrious kin, and how does he feel about growing up without a mother? His sister Sharra became a septa, rather than wed... what could have gone on in the Peckledon household to set such to happen? It is likely that Arryk would have fought in Dorne, possibly making his knighthood on the field; born in death, a warrior anointed in the eyes of the Seven - what kind of man is he? The potential for Arryk is great, both in terms of his personality and his goals in life. As a non-CG'd character, a potential player for Arryk should be familiar with the ASOIAF setting from the books, having read the first book at a minimum.
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  8. Askatla added a topic in Blood of Dragons MUSH   

    Recruiting: House Lydden
    Please feel free to post any questions regarding the House Lydden characters in this thread - that way we can keep it together, and answer character-relevant questions in their own threads! There are two separate recruiting posts on the MUSH for three Lydden characters - I've put them all in one post for ease of reading. Tamena Lydden Tamena Lydden is a well-connected, unmarried lady of the Westerlands. Her father is Lord Lydden (with a Lannister mother), her mother a Lefford (and as such, she is doubly-related to the current crop of Lannisters; her elder sister Erena is the Lady Mallister and mother to the heir of Seagard. Tamena is well-placed herself to marry a lord or an heir, given her family's connections, but only time will tell with the way she conducts herself at court, and the offers made for her hand. As a Westerlands woman with her particular connections, Tamena has high potential to establish her own political capital. She could seek a position as a lady-in-waiting to one of the gently born married ladies of the court (this could be worked out during CG) and come to King's Landing for any number of reasons - establishing her own reputation individually, soliciting a marriage, to serve as a lady-in-waiting or a companion to another woman of the court, accompanying her brother Merys (heir to Deep Den), or any other number of reasons which could be established during CG. As a non-CG'd character, it would be strongly encouraged for any potential player of Tamena to have read at least the first book in the ASOIAF series. Merys and Hamina Lydden Merys and Hamina Lydden are a pair of characters with excellent connections on both sides, and high potential for involving themselves in the burgeoning politics of the Westerlands as well as in King's Landing as a whole. Merys is the heir to Deep Den, cousin to the Lannisters and Leffords, brother of the Lady of Seagard; his wife is the daughter of the Knight of Cornfield, and related to the Reynes and Farmans. Merys has been established on-and-off as present in Kings Landing, but with little play to have set him up as the potential power he has. He will one day be a Lord - and with kin like that, a young man worth cultivating as an ally. His wife will one day rule beside him, and as she has never been CGd, leaving her very open for development. Merys is established as a knight skilled with sword, shield and lance - as well as being trained with more than basic stewardship. As a CGd open character, Merys would be an ideal choice for a player interested in getting into the game more easily than CGing ones own; his position would encourage a potential player to have read at least the first book in the ASOIAF series. Potential players should also look over the persona to make sure they are interested in the sort of personality he has been established as having! Hamina is a non-CGd open character, which means that potential players should have read the first book of the ASOIAF series at a minimum in order to CG her.
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  9. Askatla added a topic in Blood of Dragons MUSH   

    Recruiting: House Roxton
    Please feel free to post any questions regarding House Roxton characters in this thread - that way we can keep it together, and answer character-relevant questions in their own threads! The Roxton House would be an interesting collection to see in play, particularly Lord Edgarren, the Lord of the Ring. His bride is a Lannister by birth, netting him excellent Westerlands connections; one daughter has married into House Tarly, another into House Hastwyck, and the third remains unwed. His eldest son Ser Jon, the heir to the house, is a widower and father of a mere daughter, while his younger son Ser Tancred is also unwed. Lord Edgarren would be an excellent addition to the game in terms of his status as a ruling Lord, and the patriarch of a large family - as well as his age, as there are few older characters actively played. Lord Edgarren very likely would have seen (if not fought in) the Dance of the Dragons, as he would have been appropriately aged to be a squire during the fighting. Edgarren is Restricted, but Lady Lucia, Ser Jon, Ser Tancred, Mylessa and Lucelle (now Hastwyck) are all Open characters. None have been CGd - for Lord Edgarren, a potential player would need to have read the first book of the ASOIAF series and ideally have some MUSHing background; for the other family members, reading the first book is strongly suggested.
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  10. Askatla added a post in a topic A Stable Throne   

    And that's the fun of the MUSH. Get a character and speculate IC as one of Baelor's subjects, or an individual in Dorne, who can raise these questions - and be willing to deal with the consequences of their speculation. It's not nearly as much fun to hypothesize OOC.
  11. Askatla added a post in a topic Who needs monsters? Dangerous annimals here-   

    Thanks for your thoughts. I think you should definitely stop by and look at the MUSH itself, as we handle a lot of this present. We're the only author-approved MUSH out there, and some of these things we have already extant in setting (GRRM's included lions, 'shadowcats', and lizard-lions which are pretty analogous to crocs).
  12. Askatla added a topic in Blood of Dragons MUSH   

    We're back up!
    C'est tout.
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  13. Askatla added a post in a topic Game Down   

    Actually, I say we blame Damphair. He logged in about 10 minutes before the game went down - just enough time to break it.
  14. Askatla added a post in a topic High Valyrian   

    Time to sit down and have someone attempt to transcribe it, I suppose.