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  1. - then click on the link on the left for the webclient to check it out. I rarely check the forums (it's an active MUSH, but few of us are actually here on the forums!) so sorry it took so long to get back to you. :)
  2. Here's another good Beginner's Guide: Also, I note the link Linda provides on her thoughts on desc'ing comes up 404 - the right link is here:
  3. Sword of the Morning - Try going to and clicking on the "CONNECT NOW!" link in the upper left side of the screen. That will bring up a telnet window, and just follow the directions (read carefully!). If that gives you a problem, I'd suggest downloading a client (Atlantis for Macs, or MUSHclient for PCs), and then setting up a new world, with the server info being & port # 3000.
  4. The logs on the site are player-submitted, and so are usually ones people are really pleased with! I know I don't send all mine up, because some are great... and some are just middling, and IMO not worth showing off. Scene quality can vary dramatically, depending on the players and your interests for RP. Come stick your nose in as a Guest & watch a scene or two, and ask questions! I do suggest logging in as a Guest, because you get a little more freedom to view scenes and so on; signing in as a visitor will let you send +mails, but you can't go on-grid, I don't think.
  5. The game is definitely still running. Take a look at the "Blood of Dragons"/BoD information (if you scroll to the top of this page, there's a link that simply says MUSH - click on that). There's a lot more information on those pages, so take a peek. You can also log in (there is a telnet link on the upper left side of the BoD page) and look around as a guest.