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  1. In fact I like that. His cold minded decisions. Looking only at the bottom line. It changes from most everyone else "hot tempers" and what I admire myself.
  2. Jaime and Bran are the 2 chars I most want to meet. Bran to say: It's OK. You did what you had to. BTW, I would not be what I am without you. I would be dead by Ramsey. Bran wanted to be a knight and Jaime ruined that. But Bran knows becoming the 3ER was necessary. He can't really put the blame on Jaime.
  3. I'm a big book reader. I read the books before the show started. ADwD after S1 IIRC. I'm not sure, but I probably would not have been that much interested by the show without the books. I'm a book addict, no a TV addict. But I was always complaining about the show not faithful. Even if I understand the need to simplify and the constraints of the big/small screens, sometimes, IMHO, I feel the changes are not justified. And even if so, I'm still sorry for the changes. Whatever. I much enjoy when I recognize something from the books in the show and ignore the rest. I was afraid of spoilers. But I'm tired of waiting TWoW and now I see show and books as different stories with the same (I hope) final purpose: The importance of loyalty and duty. The dangers of honor and glory and wanting. I don't care now if the fate of the characters will be the same or different.
  4. I agree it's likely a hoax. But:
  5. Very likely: Bowen Marsh, Tommen, Maergery, Roose Bolton, Hizdar zo Loraq. Quite likely: Walder Frey, Gregor Clegane, Shireen, Selyse, Melisandre, Mance, Ramsay, Barristan, Daario, Victarion, Littlefinger, Harry the Heir, Arianne and some Sand Snakes, Loras, the High Sparrow, Jon Connington Don't think will die in TWoW: Stannis, Stoneheart, the Hound, Euron, Theon, Alliser Thorne, Tormund, Brienne, Jaime, Cersei, Myrcella, fAegon, Varys, Davos, Sam and the main characters.
  6. I'm usually first to discount things happening in the show as "will be different in books". All these sorry tales of NK, Dorne and Euron for example. The question of how identically book and show will end is interesting. The details of what happen will be quite different of course. The show is too far from GRRM tracks now. But some of what happened in S7 was more in line with what I expect from the end books. More than the erratic previous seasons. So far as I've ideas about the end. I believe now the two will have similar conclusions and meanings. So at a high level, spoilers it will be. The way Daenerys got in charge of the Dothrakis was making sense to me. OK, she is not immune to fire. But she may still put some big fire somewhere. D&D sometimes pick one idea and use it differently, like Ramsey's marriage. The "three fires" never have inspired me much. But this and that made me think that maybe...
  7. I'm not sure who will burn KL. There are plenty of candidates. But I don't see Bran as one of them. In the book, the Undying Ones tell Danerys: "Three fires must you light". I'm not sure how much the show still matches the books. But Khal Drogo's pyre and the Dosh Khaleen temple should count for two. One still to go. The last fire is "to love". What if people she love had become undead?
  8. This two seems better pictures ( "from the set: seven-sided star") - - Not really a rose for me. Should not have speak of this rose. Was not my point.
  9. Yes, I know I saw it. But is it a rose? It has 7 branches, like the 7-pointed star. Some are red. It could also be the Red Star. For example: Never mind, my point was about a woman crying.
  10. I just get back to this scene. Not sure for the blue rose. But we hear what seems a woman crying. Now I believe it was Lyanna dying giving birth to Jon.
  11. In my book priests burning people not of their religion and gods requesting (human) sacrifices are not good. So I put R'hllor and his priests in the "evil bag". I would hope the Old Gods, the Lion of Night or the Maiden-Made-of-Light are better masters. But they seem also to request blood sacrifices. Maybe the difference is the sacrifices matters only if the supplicant is paying the price. Meaning burning your enemy is not a sacrifice. As I see it, it cost you nothing. Not much an improvement IMO. And you also have the gods forbidding kinslaying. So where is the logic? Maybe we're reading incorrectly some gods desire?
  12. Whole Dorne was a catastrophe after the so good first season with Oberyn. Trystane death by the SS was the summit of it. IF we had fAegon, he would have to choose between Dorne (Arianne) and the Lannisters (Myrcella). Could he have both against Daenerys? Maybe. After Quentyn, I don't see Dorne going to Daenerys. If fAegon had to marry Myrcella, someone could have found Trystane "unnecessary". Unlucky Dorne's boys. But too many IF and speculations, I'm lost.
  13. GRRM interview was in the context of the TV show. He then speaks of Jon as if he was like Beric and Stoneheart. So far, AFAIK, GRRM never confirmed Jon was dead in the books or what would happen next. AFAIK he never revealed anything useful in advance of his books. Just that show and book are different things now. So, I keep the speculation of 'fire with' for the show.
  14. IMO the show killed Myrcella and Tommen too soon. They should have kept at least one, to give legitimacy to Cersei. I'm OK with removing fAegon and Cersei facing Daenerys. I don't know how GRRM will manage both fAegon and Cersei against Daenerys. I suppose Varys will marry him to Myrcella. After failing an alliance with Daenerys. The guys always have his plans thwarted by his paws.