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  1. Not that I believe GRRM will go that way. But I feel Jon achieving something because it is know he is Rhaegar's son, legitimate or not, would diminish the power of his arc. Something like Targaryen's loyalist or Daenerys accepting his advice, order or leadership only because of his father. Yes. My preferred choice. It becomes known (or not), by the end of the story, after everything else is said and done, that he is the son of Rhaegar, and the prince of some half-forgotten prophecy.
  2. Just today, at work, I was listening to colleagues talking about delays for freezing some software component. We talk french, but we commonly use English words, like "freezing", to describe specific activities., like putting in a reference, making stable and final, a software item. So I didn't resist to ask: "is winter coming?". I'm known at work for a GoT freak.
  3. If he was so convinced Aegon was the PTWP and Lyanna's baby would be a girl, then he could have legitimized Lyanna. However, given the folly of his actions, and the risks he took, I would believe he knew, somehow, Aegon was not the PTWP. BTW, I believe the main point is Jon doesn't need to be legitimate or to have a claim to the IT to be the man of the prophecy. The deeds and what "powers" the gods gave him, count more than the birthright.
  4. Stannis case seems desperate. But I believe it's only an illusion. The Manderlys and Freys have another business than attacking him. And some holes in some lake could be to his advantage. He knows his betrayers. The Boltons can't say as much. The situation inside Winterfell is explosive. I doubt Lady Dustin and most Northmen are really holding to the Boltons. Even Ramsey may feel the opportunity to get rid of his father without looking the murderer. I believe Stannis will win Winterfell. But he will be too weak to influence much thereafter. With Jon probably now obviously AAR for Melisandre. With all remaining Northmen likely behind Rickon and whoever is with him (Benjen?). My guess is Stannis will take to Black and become the next LC. Or at least to fully dedicate himself to the fight against the Others.
  5. There will be no LC after the 999th. There will be no need of a Wall or a NW. Jon will be the undying shield that guards the realmS of men.
  6. Euron went to places we have no idea. Possibly even Stygai. Who knows what he found. Or what found him. I have no problem with him handling or bringing back stuff forgotten since the Great Empire of the Dawn and its God on Earth. Or the heroes of the Dawn Age.
  7. The Brave Companions would fit better for this role. But sure, GRRM has very creep clowns. Yes. It's my POV also. After the 3rd or 10th major problem, they should have been wiped out completely. Like Skane or the cities of the Dothraki Sea. But the Seastone Chair seems evil, pushing anyone near it to evil deeds.
  8. I first took them for a bunch of losers: Balon, Victarion, Aeron, Theon, even Asha. Quite boring too. Then you hear about Euron. And assume he is a loser too. But when you learn more... IMO the sorry state of Theon's family is, in part at least, to disguise for as long as possible the importance of Euron.
  9. Looks more a random word generator than anything AI. Just some crap to get attention.
  10. But that leaves the question of why Lyanna was 10 leagues from Harrenhal. It's not a morning stroll, even for a rider like her. And how Rhaegar could have found her, if not on the Kingsroad. Was she in route for Riverrun? Rhaegar too? If so, why not say it. Like it was said of Rickard and Brandon motive to be on the road.
  11. I believe GRRM likes to have more than one explanation or interpretation for important things. And Rhaegar 3 children and Azor Ahai 3 attempts to forge his sword may be one such. I like this idea. BTW, an awful lot of people died in relation with Jon's birth: Lyanna, her brother, her father, Rhaegar, his wife and children, his father, the 3 Kingsguards at the ToJ, Arthur's sister and child, even more people thru the rebellion.
  12. Benjen joined the Night Watch. Why? He didn't seem proud and stupid like Waymar Royce. I bet he knew what pitiful life was waiting him. He was nearly the same age as Lyanna. While their older brothers were much older. Already men at Harrendal's tourney. She couldn't talk with them as with Benjen. He was training Lyanna with sword, maybe secretly, maybe with lance too. She couldn't do everything alone. A child like her. Benjen knew and helped. Maybe he had nothing to do with the escape. But he knew things. Why we will see him again I guess.
  13. I believe Daenerys is where GRRM wants her for now. Her coming to Westeros would disrupt everything he built there. And he has not yet finished. fAegon, the Faith, Doran, the Lannisters... I don't think Daenerys will enter this "Game of Thrones". I believe she and the Others are to overthrow, to topple this petty game. Her dismal Essos adventures are to infuriate her and to bend her on her Fire and Blood penchant. Her true opponents are the Others, they will join on their battle field, Westeros.
  14. I swore a vow to the Night's Watch. If I don't take my own word seriously, what sort of Lord of Winterfell would I be? He refused Stannis because it would break his vows. Because his word would have no value anymore. Stannis being king or pretender. But he considers the others, by killing him, broke the vows. Not him. Aye, I pledged my life to the Night's Watch. I gave my life. For all nights to come. They killed me, Edd, my own brothers! You want me to stay here after that? The murder was kinslaying. Anyone could execute the mutineers. Not just the LC. But I agree, more or less a D&D's story loophole. I don't think it will happen that way in the books. Not everyone wanted the LC dead. I don't suppose the mutineers will survive the night.
  15. Yes. It's really how D&D are dealing with GRRM's story. But it's not since S6. It's since the beginning. D&D have a pretty good liking for the 1st 3 books., less so (as some other people) for the following books. They chose to go by themselves. And they did, IMO and as you said, an awful job of making characters "acting like they would act in real situation".