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  1. Not all bad Targaryens were alike. And IMO Joffrey was not driven by malevolence. He believed beheading Ned was stern but merciful. Compared to the usual traitors' fate. See the Defiance of Duskendale or the tourney for Lord Butterwell marriage. IMO both Cersei and Joffrey are unaware of how evil they are. Both believe they are rightful in their actions. There are no crazy Lannisters. Cersei got it from Aerys. I liked Makk way of saying it: There are plenty of other evidences, like use of the Valyrian word valonqar in Cersei prophecy. Only Jaime is her valonqar, not Tyrion.
  2. Daenerys and her Dothrakis part of the NW is hilarious. But I totally agree, you don't need these fucking oaths to defend the 7K.
  3. Lysa accused the Lannisters of poisoning Lord Arryn. IIRC, the lords knew it. So keeping their distance from Cersei is logical. More so with all the shit raining everywhere in the south and winter coming. Sweetrobin is their Lord. He is not very smart but has a soft spot for Sansa. Who is a no nonsense woman, and of Lysa's kin. I image many of the Vale's lords would be happy to marry Sansa with Robin. An alliance Stark-Arryn would make sense anyway. And, if as it seems they believe the threat of the Others, it makes sense to contribute in the North, to the defense of the 7K.
  4. An hereditary madness. Cersei and Joffrey are both affected. Tyrion said such things as: "Cersei is as gentle as King Maegor, as selfless as Aegon the Unworthy, as wise as Mad Aerys. " "Not Robert the Second," Tyrion said. "Aerys the Third." (speaking of Joffrey)
  5. Tywin would have killed him. Someway, an unfortunate accident. IF he was sure he wasn't his son. But he didn't know. And kinslaying was a line Tywin didn't want to cross. Nothing else was preventing it, IMO.
  6. Yes. I remember now, "At some point". It felt more idle curiosity than serious question. Tyrion joking about how he became Daenerys' Hand, "drunk most of the time". Just filling time and exchanging banter between 2 old friends. It sounded like "How did you finally escape the old cunts? You know, I felt sorry for you." Varys too, is usually sharp in his questions.
  7. Should be. But it's a frequent speculation. Maybe. But as it seems, the Harpy is dead. The Dothrakis have been nice peace keepers, no rape, no slavery, no free killing. Meereen is at peace and happy with good Daario's ruling. Yunkai's slavers are properly subdued. Everything is fine!
  8. If you are projecting to after the LN. Yes the NW will not be needed. But I believe we will still need Watchers. And some seriously stable kingdom, like the Great Empire of the Dawn and its God on Earth.
  9. In books, yes, it has been catastrophic. In show everything seems fine now. Maybe we will learn that Daario has become Cleon the Great, the Butcher King. And now, no one is left alive in all Slaver's Bay. But I doubt it. Daenerys = "Nissa Nissa"? I would not like it (for Jon). But yes, D&D could do it.Better than dying in childbed anyway.
  10. Yes! I've been waiting for it in every episode. I have no problem with Jon leaving the NW. This organization has lost its mission. Is only hindering the defense against the Others. Is one of the worst slavers organization. Jon is better fulfilling his purpose out of it. But how can Tyrion or any other southern folk would not ask: How is it that a brother of the NW is now KitN? Then Jon would have to explain: "Oaths mean nothing if they are not serving the right purpose", or "I served until my death", or "I wear no crown, I seek no glory, I'm still the watcher on the walls".
  11. Yes! That's it! The mindset of a tree, and stones, and winds. Makes sense now.
  12. Someone is no less a criminal because we don't know/like the victim. Jon would be concerned, because it is the woman he bent the knee. And is in love with. I don't see the Randly's and Umber's betrayals alike. But that's could be argued. Not sure if Jon would disagree with Daenerys' decision. But still, it was a bad choice with everyone losing. Better when your enemy died on the battlefield. I believe the point was to have Daenerys still more hated in Westeros. And more fuel, if I could say, to Cersei's arguments. I don't see the White Walkers defeated soon. Or too many Wildlings south of the Wall.
  13. Who was this lieutenant? Jon? At the time it was the right decision. I will reuse Mance words: - They followed me because they respected me. Because they believed in me. The moment I kneel for a southern king, that's all gone. - But if you can't understand why I won't enlist my people in a foreigner's war, there's no point explaining. And who knows? All those following Stannis died at Winterfell. And in book, much Free Folk refused to bend the knee and pass the Wall. There went much of the 100k. It was very very courageous of Mance. Like it was for the Tarlys. In Mance or any Free Folk shoes, I would have bent the knee and fled later, at the first opportunity. An oath is something you give freely. If you have no other choice than death, then you are not committed. Maybe Mance should have done differently. But I can't think differently than giving my deepest hatred to Stannis for what he did. That is a view I will never change. I see we totally disagree here.
  14. Found this, me who is not a kneeler: So, I was happy that a big step forward was taken in the episode I got to do this season is where he has fallen for her both, you know, emotionally and politically I think. He recognizes what she’s capable of, and is ready to bend the knee as soon as his knees bend. What he knows of "what she’s capable of"? I thought Jon had learn from Mance (not book but HBO, the scene before the pyre), that a king cannot bend the knee, agree to something, that is not the will of his people. And in no way, the North would agree to be involved in the wars of the South.
  15. I would believe half the RK's cats are his heirs. Bastards of course. As for Robert. But who cares?