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  1. I guess the season finished with an Auntie climax. (Stolen from a friends Facebook post.)
  2. I come to these forums just for comments like this one
  3. Did Littefinger say that the dagger is Valyrian steel and can cut through armour like it's paper? Or have I misremembered? If I haven't, then how in the name of the Seven did it not cut through Cat's fingers when she stopped the blade with her hands? Is it a VS blade in the books?
  4. Sure it's fantasy, right?? Oh, and I totally forgot about this. Evidence that the Lannisters do indeed have a time machine of some sorts. Tommen Baratheon and Martyn Lannister is the same person. My better half reminded me again tonight when I was bitching about the show. Watch him reappear as another Lannister in the next season.
  5. HAR!
  6. Everyone has pretty much summed up my feelings on this. After Season 5 I stopped watching. I only watched the sixth series a few months ago as my girlfriend wanted me to watch the new series with her, so I reluctantly did so. As someone said in last weeks thread, I'm glad it has gotten so ridiculous that it means most of this crap won't appear in Winds. I also criticised last weeks episode for it's VFX. I guess I saw where all that lovely budget went. Still, to piss it all up in one awesome battle at the expense of some key character points (Ghost) still doesn't justify it for me. Again, this is just all visual pleasure with zero character development. I hope Jamie is dead now but I really don't think that D&D have the balls to kill him now, or anyone that's a main character, yet this was the kind of realism (that no one is safe) that made the whole thing amazing and unpredictable in the first place.
  7. With regards to Ghost not being there, that sucks. Yes, CG dragons cost money, but come on, the Rock and Highgarden looked like crap. They were pretty much just matte paintings. The animals are the biggest part of CG (especially fur, so I get why they'd rather do dragons that wolves), but Ghost is such an important part of the character of Jon that it's like taking away the soul of the character. Why bother having the wolves past of the story, really? As someone who has done some VFX freelancing, yes, this stuff is expensive and takes time, but, if one guy can do this on his own, then why the hell can't the VFX firms do at least something better with a much larger budget? (And this is using technology from almost 10 years ago.) https://www.fxguide.com/featured/one_man_against_attila_the_hun/
  8. I'm not sure if this belongs here, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any Safari extensions that will block any GOT related content. I, and I'm sure many of you other book readers out there, am trying to avoid all things TV show until the next book comes out and some sort of blocker would help. I was fairly good at just avoiding Star Wars stuff and what not but a blocker would make life much, much easier. So far I've only found Chrome extensions and, since I don't use that, I'm looking for some Safari ones. I'm not being super unrealistic and believing that I can live in some sort of bubble and not hear of any little snippets, but one can try. Mods, if this is in the wrong place then I do apologies in advance.
  9. I will be staying away from here for a while and thankfully I seem to have found a Facebook option. On a post which mentioned GOT I clicked on the little arrow on the top right and there's an option to "Hide posts like this" or something like that. It seems to have worked so far. I don't use Twitter or Reddit all that much so hopefully I might be able to stay reasonably spoiler free. Thanks anyway folks. See you when Winds is out
  10. Hey, thanks for the response. Yeah, I wasn't sure and I marked the title as both book and TV, albeit without the *Spoiler* tag as I didn't feel the need to put any spoiler tags in since I didn't include any content. Alas, there was some of that, but, as you say, mistakes happen. I didn't mean (and still don't want) this thread to be about a comparison and such conversations which may lead from that, it is only my intention to try and find some browser extensions.
  11. Ah yeah, totally forgot about the Kevin epilogue. That's an amazing chapter. Love that. But if it's one, I'm going to pick Davos chatting to Manderly whilst the Freys feast. Just too good.
  12. I'm also a huge fan of the Davos/Manderly chapters. Both of those get me every time. To that I'll add the KitN chapter and A Ghost In Winterfell. Also Jamie when he puts the Freys in their place outside of Riverrun. Perhaps that's across 2 or 3 chapters? Jamie's development as a negotiator and a leader there really impress me.
  13. Har!!
  14. As I said, it's been a while since I read up on the swords so I've probably got a lot of stuff mixed up [emoji15] Curled Finger, I'd be very interested in seeing that spreadsheet of yours, it sounds very interesting.
  15. I like this thread in general, but also this in particular. I did some reading a while back about the Targ swords and one of them (I always get them mixed up) is also described as a bastard sword, which means it is larger than a normal great sword. I have long suspected that Longclaw is the missing Targ bastard sword and this helps to put it in its place a little.
  16. HAR! I'm still awake.
  17. So, a post about writing, editing and publishing and not a single mention of Winds. Time for bed.
  18. Error S06: Book Not Found.
  19. It would take that to lift this New Years hangover.
  20. Lolz
  21. A few have already been mentioned but also Jaime losing his hand. At first I thought they had executed him and I had to reread a few times. ETA: And I still wasn't much of a Jaime fan at this point but it shocked me a lot as I didn't see it coming.
  22. You need to update the World Of Ice And Fire section as it still says it's to be released in Summer or Autumn 2014.
  23. A Warrenpoint man myself. And yes, we come from Narnia ;)
  24. I just got my Lands Of Ice And Fire this week and I came across The Mountains Of The Morn. Where I'm from is called The Mourne Mountains. The very mountains that inspired C.S. Lewis to create Narnia.
  25. Someone mentioned the Ruby Ford a few pages back which made me think of the Rubicon. Events at both rivers changed the course of both histories.