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  1. So how will Jon react to that, raised by northerners? Suicide? Taking the black? Again...
  2. IF the rumors are true, then of course Jon will be away when Arya and bran returns to winterfell. He will be shagging dany and when he gets back: Jon: "hey guys, you know how I've always shunned intimacy with women for the fear of shagging my mum or sister, I got over that beyond the wall. This is the love of my life, dany" Bran: "dude. She's your aunt...
  3. Just stumbled upon this while rereading "when he was small his lord father had tried to teach him how to swim by throwing him into the pond beneath horn hill. The water had gotten in his nose and in his mouth and in his lungs, and he coughed and wheezed for hours after ser Hyle pulled him out." - a feast for crows, samwell so does this mean Sam serves the drowned god? Or at least the pond god
  4. Bronze is not so inferior to iron... problem with bronze swords is that they tend to bend and needs straightening during fights. a spear reaches further than swords. And knights armor isn't 100%.
  5. In Chinese thinking water, winter, north and cold are connected
  6. The five phases are usually used to describe the state in nature: Wood/Spring=(72 days) a period of growth, which generates abundant wood and vitality Fire/Summer=(72 days) a period of swelling, flowering, brimming with fire and energy Earth=(72 days=4x18days (4 transitional seasons x 18days each) the in-between transitional seasonal periods, or a separate 'season' known as Late Summer or Long Summer - in the latter case associated with leveling and dampening (moderation) and fruition Metal/Autumn=(72 days) a period of harvesting and collecting Water/Winter=(72 days) a period of retreat, where stillness and storage pervades Read more here: Five elements
  7. Is grrm using the Chinese five elements as theme for his world instead of the old four elements of Europe and Asia? instead of earth, fire, water and air: - water - fire - metal - earth - wood on the other hand, the others seams to me to bee the embodiment of ice...? Or are they servants of the drowned god in a cold climate? Is it a coincidence that the iron islands is situated where they are? Was the sea stone chair originally constructed by the others?
  8. Theon will join the secret order of the dickless men to combat the faceless men.
  9. I have written this before, but how do we know that Arya is alive? Maybe there will be a big reveal in season seven where Arya turns out to be the waif on mission to finish aryas list. She asked her about the list in season 6...
  10. Problem of visions, grrm is a bit too much of a realist, to let his stories go down that road
  11. When your king tells you to kill your father... but what if your king is in truth your father... And mad
  12. Guess that means house of the faceless men or a hrollor temple...
  13. What happened to the eggs of the summer hall fire?
  14. So a sorcerer uses the blood and body parts of a boy to perform magic. well there is power in Kings blood. so is varys a targ?
  15. Ok as I understand it, Mel is either a hundred years old or four centuries old, give and take some years. ...actually shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Way back in 2012, Melisandre actress Carice van Houten told Access Hollywood, “I don’t know how old she is, but she’s way over 100 years, so she is a wiser spirit, in a way, but it’s difficult for me to say too much because A — we want it to at least stay sort of a mystery and B — I didn’t read the books.” As you can tell, this interview was given long before the HBO show went into intensive spoiler lockdown. In an interview after Sunday’s season 6 premiere, show-runner David Benioff calls her “Several centuries old.” Similarly, the actor who played Maester Cressen, Oliver Ford Davies, told journalists in 2013 that, according to van Houten, Melisandre is “400 years old.” She offered that fact up by way of explaining why her character survived poison in Season 2, Episode 1, and his character croaked. If she is a hundred years the probably S + B = M is probably true. if she is 400 years old, well there is this daughter of famous person who was called Daenys the Dreamer