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  1. I think I finally found the way to connect ASOIAF to Golden Bough: ASOS, Bran:
  2. And one of NW's castles is called Hoarfrost Hill: From the Wiki: Westwatch-by-the-Bridge Shadow Tower, the most western castle still currently in use. By 298 AC, it is garrisoned by two hundred men.[9] Sentinel Stand Greyguard Stonedoor Hoarfrost Hill Icemark Nightfort, the oldest and largest castle of the Night's Watch, which was abandoned during the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen due to the high costs needed to maintain it.[14] It houses the Black Gate, a secret way through the Wall sealed by a magical ancient door fashioned from weirwood, which only opens to a sworn brother of the Night's Watch. Deep Lake, located seven miles east of the Nightfort. Originally meant as a replacement to the Nightfort. It was paid for by Queen Alysanne Targaryen, and built by men sent to the Wall by King Jaehaerys I Targaryen.[14] Queensgate, originally called Snowgate. The castle was renamed after Queen Alysanne Targaryen visited.[25] Castle Black, one of the three castles currently still in use. Castle Black is the largest maintained castle,[citation needed] and is located at the northern end of the kingsroad.[22][26] By 298 AC, it is held by six hundred brothers.[9] Oakenshield Woodswatch-by-the-Pool Sable Hall Rimegate Long Barrow Torches Greenguard Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, Long Barrow... Shadow Tower... Greyguard & Greenguard... Who'd live in such places? The Undead obviously...
  3. The Dornish are Annoying Too

    Just small advice: Mayne make one 'Annoying things' thread, so you don't start one thread about the same thing every day.
  4. Indeed, I had doubts. But I did my research and found evidence I needed. In that post I was speaking more generally - sometimes those supposed finds are very weak and improbable. And offer no evidence or justification. Edit: Oh... You were talking to Lord Varys there.
  5. I just wanted to make it clear, as there are many people here who dismiss any posibility of Norse Myth symbolism and references in ASOIAF. As 'GRRM is an American and he doesn't even know what it is'... Well than... It's hard to ignore this evidence. @The Fattest Leech Sveaborg story is entitled 'Fortress' and it's historical fiction. Under Siege is based on it, but contains more... Fantastical elements. They're both worth reading.
  6. I think I know where GRRM got all his Norse Mythology knowledge. From Dreamsongs, Volume I, GRRM about his college: So he studied Norse sagas... Let no one tell you he doesn't know them. He probably knows more about Norse (and not only) mythology than all of us here combined and 99,9% of humans. But here we have definite proof that it's certainly possible that there are deep and hidden references to Norse M. in ASOIAF. And GRRM probably uses a lot of symbolism and many metaphors based on it. Hmm... Origins of Mormont's spiced wine...
  7. Since we know that GRRM studied Norse Mythology, including Eddas (Dreamsongs introduction), we don't have to worry how much Norse Myth references in ASOIAF are intentional. GRRM knows more about that stuff than 99,9% of humans. So: This scene is beginning of Ragnarok. Breaking of Bifrost. That 'Horn of Joramun' =, the horn of Hiemdallr Wall =Bifrost Stannis plays role of Surtr here, while Lightbringer is his flaming sword. Azor Ahai is no hero. He's responsibble for breaking of the moon. And soon will break the Wall as well. 'Surtr advances from the south, his sword brighter than the sun.' - we see similar wording in that Jon III chapter. Stannis came to the Wall from the south and at that moment Lightbringer was abnormally bright. Surtr is ice giant. And: we saw 'gigantic shadows of Stannis and Melisandre upon the Wall, black against the ruddy red reflections on the ice.' I Maybe allowing the wildilings to pass through the Wall was 'breaking' of the Wall, with opening of the gates as destruction of Bifrost. (Bowen even mentions Bridge of Skulls just after speaking about the Wall). But I don't think so. Stannis will do something even worse... Maybe burn WF weirwood? Or weirwood at that isle at crofter's village? Who knows. And to strenghten Stannis-Surtr (which makes him a Night's King figure as well as AA, as they might be the same persin), Surtr shall fight god Freyr... And who is sent by Roose to deal with Stannis? Ser Aenys Frey... or should I cay: Aesir Freyr? (Aesir = some of Norse gods) Surtr moves from the south with the scathe of branches: there shines from his sword the sun of Gods of the Slain. Stone peaks clash, and troll wives take to the road. Warriors tread the path from Hel, and heaven breaks apart. Then is fulfilled Hlín's second sorrow, when Óðinn goes to fight with the wolf, and Beli's slayer, bright, against Surtr. Then shall Frigg's sweet friend fall. Völuspá 50–51, Dronke's translation (quotes from Wikipedia and Jon III, ADWD)
  8. Small Questions v. 10105

    Maybe Illyria and Illyrian Wars?
  9. Brans meddling with the past

    So, you're planning to write such theory one day, as one essay? That'd be really great.

    Thanks for the mention @ravenous reader. Nice title btw. I fear I'm becoming terribly overrated as 'Norse myth expert', half of what I know comes from searching in the internet few minutes before I make the post. I might find something really important from time to time, but most often it's just random funfact that probably has no meaning connected to ASOIAF. For example the ethymology stuff... 'Mormont' and 'mormonte' (wormwood) might seem to be similar, but I highly doubt that GRRM intended House's name to reference that word. Or that 'bran' meanings in half a dozen langages stuff. GRRM said that he's no Tolkien and doesn't spend as much time thinking about linguistics as JRRT did. What I'm trying to say is that we should be careful when dealing with those very deep metaphors, wordplays and symbolism - yes, we can guess that GRRM does in fact reference some ethymology or myth or whatever, but without proof that George certainly knows certain books/poems/works our finds are nothing more than random trivia. If I could find evidence that GRRM is familiar with 'Golden Bough', we could use all information from that book to analyse ASOIAF. But so far I've failed. That Renly-wren trail seemed to be important, but after following it, I couldn't find direct evidence - he could hear about Wren Day from other source or not at all. All of it might be little more than coincidence or wishful thinking on my behalf. 'White Goddess' trail is interesting, as House Graves of the Reach might be a reference to its author. Also, I hope that there is some proof that GRRM read Wendy Doniger's books (House Donniger of the Vale). Anyway, unfortunately I made no progress on my own writing since nie-January, but I've worked on backstory and wrote many pages of notes - I have my 'revange' for nennymoans planned. I tried to find a way to reference both flower anemone (snowdrop) and underwatet anemone by the same symbol and I found the solution - turns out it's pretty easy.
  11. I was thinking about GRRM's source for the Summer King vs Oak King myth. I believe I've found it. Renly is the answer. Or rather wren-ly. From Wikipedia From Wikipedia and from The White Goddess From Wikipedia again: WOW... All of that fits Renly perfectly... popular king, rose to power thanks to others (Robert), paraded through towns and villages (his tourneys and feasts in the Reach) and than sacrificed. (I'm doing a Did you know that... ? trivia for my blog and I've found that wrenly stuff) So far I have this: but it'll be updated weekly. I'm thinking about setting up and general ASOIAF + Amber Compendium + Mythical Astronomy fanpage on Facebook. With daily funfacts or theories and analyses in nutshell. I've rearranged and added few things at The Amber Compendium blog, but so far there're no new articles or essays besides LML's Astronomy Polish translations, one test entry of Encyclopedia (about House Wynch of Iron Holt), Hall of Fame and introduction. But I've added list of planned essays:
  12. Preston Jacobs

    There's that old artwork copyright issue when he used few pictures without permission and someone claimed he 'stole' them to make money from YT and reported him. And than someone claimed it was Reddit or's user who reported him. Old matter and pointless disagreement that never was. I don't think he's actually 'hated' - many disagree with him, but well... each theorist has fans and foes. But I think that many people appreciate his efforts even if they don't belive him. Maybe let's stop starting each new PJ thread with 'I know this will be deleted' or 'I know you all here hate PJ' or sth like that and focus on productive discussion of HIS THEORIES not HIM.
  13. Errors in the WOIAF

    You're welcome, but I wasn't the one to notice Corn King references in ASOIAF.
  14. Errors in the WOIAF

    First of all, Westeros isn't medieval Europe, so even if it had maize, tomatoes and potatoes it woudn't be an 'oversight'. GRRM can choose to add anything he wants to his world. It seems that GRRM knows which plants did and which didn't grow in medieval Europe - Westeros has no potatoes and tomatoes, but he chose to include corn for some reason. On the other hand , 'corn' simply means grain. For example there is mythical figure named Corn King which is often referenced in ASOIAF. From Wiktionary: However, corn in American English meaning of this word is mentioned in ASOIAF: Turkeys live in Westeros as well: