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  1. The Grey King fought Garth the Greenhand

    Renly knows what's up - I owe someone a hat tip for this one, was it @Blue Tiger? I don't think I was the one to notice that passage... Maybe @ravenous reader?
  2. Did Rickon Stark try to make alliance with Tywin?

    What I don't understand is the wave of spam threads you unleash on the forum. All those things csn be just as well didcussed in Small Questions thread. And maybe read Wiki of Ice and Fire before starting a thread... 'Rickon Stark'
  3. Origin of Pycelle

    You started a thread on the very same topic less then two hours ago. Please stop spamming the forum, read the ruled or I shall report both your threads.
  4. The Grey King fought Garth the Greenhand

    In some versions of the legend, Merlin (his body or soul) ends up trapped in a tree...
  5. But it's noted that in Jesus' case it wasn't done. (Luke 23) And: (John 19)
  6. And keep in mind that those coins have faces of kings on them... And who's the most famous king nailed to a tree? Jesus Christ, and scholars often point out that symbolically this act merged them into one, with blood running down the wood. And what happens right after that? The earth darkens, Temple's courtain splits in two, earthquakes crack open the ground, rocks shake and shatter... And the dead rise... And after three hours Jesus dies and is pierced by spear, which was later called The Spear of Destiny or Holy Lance... We see similar story in ASOIAF, at least if we agree with @LmL's theory... Bloodstone Emperor (and according to legends this stone was created when drops of Christ's blood fell on Mt Calvary's rocks)... Azor Ahai... The Grey King... But their (or his, should it turn put they're the same guy) versions of the story are reversed and twisted... They're not saving the world, they just want power and wisdom for themselves...
  7. Cometary Questions: Re-examining the Red Comet

    From Wiktionary: Etymology From Old French comete (French: comète), from Latin cometes, from Ancient Greek κομήτης (komḗtēs, “longhaired”), referring to the tail of a comet, from κόμη (kómē, “hair”). Noun comet (plural comets) (astronomy) A celestial body consisting mainly of ice, dust and gas in a (usually very eccentric) orbit around the Sun and having a "tail" of matter blown back from it by the solar wind as it approaches the Sun. A celestial phenomenon with the appearance given by the orbiting celestial body. Any of several species of hummingbird found in the Andes. And: His hair had grown long while he was deep in his comet-dreams...
  8. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    From Wikipedia: (1) Maybe something similar happened at The Wall, either literally or speaking in terms of symbolism?
  9. Why don't the Lannisters have a fleet?

    You were given numerous reasons why it's to necessary, yet you keep asking... why did you start a thread if nothing will change your opinion? We're dealing with wooden ships here, you'd have to repair them and they couldn't be used for more than 20-30 years. And if there's a need, you can relatively quickly build them... so why dump your money into the sea for nothing?
  10. Why don't the Lannisters have a fleet?

    They have... And it's spelled doesn't.
  11. Why don't the Lannisters have a fleet?

    From SSM: SEPTEMBER 26, 1999 THE LANNISTER FLEET Mr. Martin, we found it peculiar that Tyrion considered the importance of the Greyjoy fleet in aCoK (when Balon's message reached him in KL), since he never thinks about the West's own naval strength and it's usefulness against the Starks. So we began to doubt said strength. Did Tywin ever rebuild the Lannister fleet, after Euron burned it eight years ago? And if he rebuilt it, did he ever appoint a permanent commander of this fleet? Yes, Lord Tywin certainly replaced the ships that were lost. However, as far as naval power goes, the only fleets comparable to that of the Greyjoys are the royal fleet (most of it destroyed on the Blackwater) and the Redwyne fleet, based on the Arbor. Besides the king, the Greyjoys and Redwynes are the traditional sea powers of Westeros. The lords whose lands abut the coast of the Sunset Sea all keep a war galley or three about for coastal defense, and of course those shores are home to scads of fishing boats as well. The Lannisters have a larger and much grander fleet, but we're still only talking about twenty to thirty ships, perhaps. To fight a major battle, they would call the ships of their various bannermen, just as Stannis summoned the lords of the narrow sea for the battle on the Blackwater. For what it's worth, however, their ships would be larger and more formidable than the longships of the ironmen -- cogs, carracks, and war galleys of various sides, up to the great dromonds with scorpions and catapults on deck. The Tyrells are in more or less the same position as the Lannisters, though they depend even more on their bannermen, especially the lords of the Shield Islands off the mouth of the Mander. The Hightowers have only a few warships, but control Oldtown, home to numerous trading vessels
  12. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    Oh yes... A tree full of copper stars is a perfect symbol for World Tree Yggdrasil and axis mundi in general... And a hint that GRRM knows that theory that Yggdrasil = Milky Way.
  13. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    I'm starting to believe that we should keep in mind that all those coins probably have faces of kings on them. And they're nailed to the tree = trapped. So Pennytree is axis mundi with people trapped in it - namely kings - but I'm not sure which kings... Is the tree old enough to remember Bracken and Blackwood kings? Justmans, Mudds, Teagues? Tristifer the Hammer of Justice? Other river kings of old? Or more recent monarchs? Durrandons? Hoares? Targaryens? Baratheons? We know that Pennytree was there at least for over 100 years - but the rest is hard to prove.
  14. If we assume that Antarctica's direction is 'The North', equator is to the south of it. I'm talking about sth like this: We assume that Westeros looks like this: Earth: Planetos: 1 Arctica. 1. The North 2 Equator. 2. The Summer Isles 3 Antarctica. 3. Southern hemishpere But it can just as well look like this: Earth: Planetos: 1. Arctica. 1. 'The South' 2. Equator. 2. Summer Isles 3. Antarctica. 3. 'The North' Therefore, using terminology from planet Earth GRRM might actually make no mistake saying that in the 'northern' hemisphere moss grows on the south side of trees (if we ignore the fact that there are other factors). Maybe this is supposed to be a clue of some sort? Lol... I created a crackpot theory about 'inverted' Planetos... I... I should totally get some rest.
  15. Only on the northern hemisphere. And if there're no other factors affecting the moss.