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  1. If those texts did not include a breakup, yes. Her behavior was childish and shitty (probably at least in part because you were children at the time), but a week of her not responding doesn't automatically make you broken up. Especially as a kid, there's all kinds of reasons you could be away from your phone a long time- being grounded, phone broken, etc. But if she didn't know for sure from you or vice versa and would probably assumed that you weren't going to do that, then yes.
  2. The best rule for any is it cheating scenario is that if you have to ask the answer is yes. also philandering husbands should keep their wandering dicks from the space time continuum, no wonder we got into this Trump timeline
  3. I have all of the naked palettes. Heat and 3 are AMAZING if your skin is more cool toned, probably wouldn't be if you're more of a warm tone. I still say the Too Faced Sweet Peach is my all time favorite plus it smells fucking great. It's like having fragrant candy eyelids
  5. Oh hey I just saw this, thanks guys! However with the exception of Ini your gifts must have all gotten lost in the mail
  6. I'm driving to Missouri to watch
  7. Wow, Larry, that sucks bad. You gotta get out of there stat. But, fall on the side of not your business. Your feelings can't be helped and are totally understandable but don't get mad at them, they're adults and not property. Get out of there, keep your distance if it helps (and I think it will), but feeling wronged is only going to make things worse for you going forward. Professing your undying love is nearly always a terrible idea. Stoically walk into the sunset with your dog
  8. I've heard great things about KvD liners
  9. Renewed for a regular 10 episode season
  10. If you are worried about damaging your hair you can use olaplex (if you can get it, though it's kind of expensive), or you can use 20 volume developer and leave it on longer for the same amount of lift. If you use 30 or 40 volume, leave it less time
  11. Turquoise in Jerome Russell Punky Colour (which you can get at Ulta) lasts sooooo long compared to other brights, and fades in nice ways too. Same with their violet shade, which starts out extremely dark, takes a long time to fade (I've never gotten it out completely without bleaching). These are my two go to low maintenance brights
  12. Are we about to get into corporate personhood?
  13. Fucking up the David and Main thing wasn't Jimmy doing anything morally wrong though, he just made a commercial and aired it once without permission. It was ill thought out, but he wanted to be able to demonstrate how effective it would be when he pitched it. I think those kinds of problems just come from his personality type, not his moral failings. Some people just don't do well with structure. He was unhappy at Davis and Main, he was much happier in private practice and he knew that, so he left. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. He's done a lot of things that are totally wrong, but I don't judge the whole Davis and Main bit because it was a bad fit for him.
  14. I still think Jimmy is a great lawyer when that's what he's doing, he just has a compulsion to buck authority and morals. But when he's arguing a case, he does a great job. Remember, sandpiper only became a case because Jimmy was looking out for his clients getting wills done (which he was doing for a low price and to their satisfaction- imo, a great job). When he's done legal work for Mike, he did a great job. He knows his business and he's good at winning an argument. Chuck didn't want to see him succeed with Davis and Main either. Hamlin has actually been a really good guy through all of this except for trying to embarrass Kim in front of Mesa Verde, he's just been the fall guy for Chuck's assholery. And we've seen Chuck bend the law with telling Ernie it'd be illegal for him to tell Jimmy things, which he knew it isn't. I think they are a lot more similar than they seem and in a lot of ways Chuck is less compassionate
  15. I don't really think Chuck is the moral guy some of you think he is. He's been very dishonest, sneaky, and underhanded with Jimmy. He just uses the law as an excuse. He has some kind of resentful superiority to Jimmy he likes to lord over him, which is why he is so weird about Jimmy practicing law specifically- that's the biggest thing he has to hold over him. And while Jimmy is a really sketchy dude, he is a great lawyer. He's been doing a good job for his clients whenever we see him practicing law, which is what he's supposed to do. And while he doesn't have the right reasons for doing it and I hated watching what he did to Irene, he is totally right that drawing out a settlement on poor elderly people in a nursing home is going to mean many of them never get to see their payout. They're 80, not 20, and more money years from now is not going to do them as much good as the money they were scammed out of (plus some damages) sooner. And I think that is more what bothers Chuck than Jimmy's morals, is that he is a good lawyer. I think Jimmy and Chuck are very similar in that they are both underhanded, motivated, dishonest, and very convincing. Chuck just doesn't wanna see himself in Jimmy. Also as an aside I totally don't get why Kim didn't just hire Jimmy as her paralegal. He's not allowed to be a lawyer but I'm sure he could do that, she's mentioned needing one, she is clearly needing help that Jimmy could provide, and she has the money.