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  1. Alex Jones (of Infowars Infamy) admits he's a liar

    The people who believe his tin hat bullshit will not care at all.
  2. Let's Talk About Domestic Violence...

    Oh for fucks sake, I did not, and I know you know that too. In the eyes of the law, abuse toward the mother is not abuse toward the child. Of course it is not a parents choice to abuse a child, but as far as we know this child has not been abused in any way. It is, however, HER choice if she wants to involve the authorities in the abuse she has suffered because her testimony is the only evidence that exists. I have no idea how you have jumped to the conclusions you have about my statements or about the situation as we know it but you've been very committed to being rude about my disagreement with you and not about anyone else stating the same opinion. There's no evidence of child abuse, until such time as there is the focus should be on the victim we know of. Do I think the kid would be better off in an environment without an abused mother? Absolutely. But she is the only one at this point who can take action to do that and anything else will be counterproductive.
  3. Gamergaters Please attempt to claim this isn't objectification

    Funny how the complaint is that the characters are lifeless and devoid of personality that is not solely sex appeal. Of course, that hasn't changed, because nobody seems to have figured out that women, much like men, can be written to have personalities and motivations that have nothing at all to do with sexuality. Any male character could be just as easily written as a female character. We women are regular people, it is no more or less difficult to write an interesting and dynamic character based on gender. If there isn't variety coming out of game developers, that's on them and nobody else.
  4. Let's Talk About Domestic Violence...

    But no threat has been made to the child directly, especially not one that can be demonstrated without her cooperation. In legal terms, the only evidence he has is heresay, which is not by itself grounds for anything CPS can do except show up which will not be welcomed by her or she would call them herself. It will make her feel threatened by the authorities the goal is to someday have her reach out to and betrayed by the poster who it is also desirable for her to reach out to in case something actionable does happen. Again, the bar for CPS to do more than a wellness check is much higher than this and closing dialogue with her will only harm anyone's ability to help. Whether it'd be right for them to do it or not, CPS can't take any action based on some guy said you said he did this to you, not the child. Don't forget this is a country where rapists can sue for parental rights over resulting children. I understand your frustration but that course of action on the current amount of information will cause her to withdraw just as she has in the past and that is clearly bad.
  5. Let's Talk About Domestic Violence...

    It is her choice. You may not like it but only the people involved in the situation have any control over it without concrete proof the child is in immediate danger. As far as we have been told, that proof does not exist. CPS can't do anything without that. Even bruises on the child would not be enough, the burden or proof required to reduce parental rights is enormous. As a woman who has been in a situation not unlike hers, I can tell you the very last thing that will be helpful to her is yet another man trying to tell her what to do. She needs her own agency. You cannot rescue her and nobody else can either. What you can do is listen and encourage her and try to find ways to help her feel empowered.
  6. Let's Talk About Domestic Violence...

    You are correct, if things get escalated to the authorities that has to be her choice alone. I know that sucks but anything else will make things much worse.
  7. I think this is a dangerous assumption. I think the reality is that most rapists truly believe what they did was not rape. They are sane, rational people that their general acquaintance would call "nice." The idea that rapists are people different than normal people is a way that it doesn't get recognized for what it is and victims feel they won't have support if they seek support of any kind. It is very easy for a sane person who is not malicious to engage in this behavior because society doesn't draw a line where all rape is bad or even that all rape is rape. The take home a super drunk girl at last call trope, the get a girl drunk before making a move trope, the trick her into it by pretending to be someone else, the she's mad and expressed it so I will kiss her and that solves it trope, the stalk her until she loves me trope, the I want to try anal so I'll tell her it's an accident gag, most movies that depict sexual or romantic situations directed at young men (even more than the rest of movies which still have tons of this) have horribly problematic content in this way. The way people talk about victims in the media and personally also contributes to the idea that you can be "asking for it" in some way other than giving consent. Don't teach your kids that rape is something that monsters do, it's a monstrous thing, but people just like the rest of us are committing it.
  8. There is no "Right to Drive" in the United States

    TLDR- thread wherein Dundermifflin doesn't understand what the word entitlement means and Scot, a lawyer, tries to explain
  9. If you proceed past the word "no" what you are doing thereafter is not "seduction" or "mild coercion" Consent is not a slope, it's a zero sum game- either you have consent or you do not. If you need to pressure someone in any way- that is not consent.
  10. Really? Let's see some sources. Show us similar cases of different crimes where DNA evidence is routinely collected and then not tested or run against criminal databases. I don't think such a thing exists but if it does we should all be aware.
  11. I think this thread has missed a lot of things that are meant about rape culture. With burglaries, there aren't hundreds of movies out there with the plot of "bother homeowner until they let you in" to normalize that no means yes and that a woman who says no doesn't know what's good for her or that it's funny to get girls so drunk they agree to things they would t otherwise. There isn't a culture for that you can compare to tons of fear that the woman you are taking out on dates might only want the dates and not sex or a relationship with you. You can't compare other things to if you don't respond positively to catcalling you get namecalled instead. You can't compare anything else to the hundreds of little ways women are taught to modify their lives so they won't get raped. I'm not just talking about don't dress like that, don't get drunk, don't walk alone at night. I'm talking about how women are less likely to stop and talk to homeless men or give them money, how we try to smile and be pleasant to strangers in public being awful, how we try to take up less physical space, it's pervasive and it is so ingrained that we don't even think about it. But these are societal pressures that come from the idea that men feel entitled to your attention and that you are responsible for the consequences, not them. I also really really hate comparing rape to robberies. We aren't commodities or property to be taken. We are people, and what we are talking about isn't theft but a violation of our safety, our autonomy, and our physical and mental health. It's not analogous to a beating or to a theft. It's closer to things like molestation and murder. There is no other crime where the cops or your acquaintances might ask what you were wearing when you report it. As though you could wear something that would cause someone to rape you. Most people picture rape as a stranger jumping out of the bushes at night and physically forcing you- and that's not most rape. They don't think the guy cruising last call for girls who are too drunk to consent and bringing them home is the same thing- but it is. They don't think the guy who you've gone home with but something isn't clicking so you stop him short of intercourse who keeps going is a rapist. They don't think the guy who penetrates his girlfriend who says no to anal and claims it was an accident and jokes about it to his buddies is a rapist. But those things are all rape in the eyes of the law. Women are educated about how to avoid getting raped in every part of their behavior and demeanor- but most men are not 100% clear on what behavior of theirs constitute rape, some of which is even very normalized. That's what rape culture is. If you don't see it, it's because you don't want to.
  12. If they are not tested, they cannot be used in any conviction or in the investigation. They need to be tested to be useful in any way. I know you are not as stupid as you are pretending to be. You know a rape kit untested is no better than none at all. You know nobody is saying that not taken seriously = actively trying to protect rapists. Not allowing rape kits in court would be actively protecting rapists, taking a rape kit and not bothering to test them to collect evidence is hard to construe as anything other than not taking the complaint seriously. Also, it's worth noting the police and prosecutors only have the ability to keep you from using rape kit evidence in court by not testing it. It's lawmakers and judges that determine what is and isn't allowed in court. I know you are not too stupid to connect those dots, so the only conclusion I can come to is that you are either trolling or just a tremendous asshole.
  13. HAhahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Okay DM, just google untested rape kits for a second and we will wait here for you to explain how that's taking rape pretty seriously.
  14. So have we as a couple become too couple-y?

    YBD and I (as he's been nicknamed in the dating thread) basically live together and will officially once my roommate leaves in a few weeks. We do not share a phone plan but he has used my deodorant when his was unavailable. Bills are split 50/50 except I pay $100 more because I refuse to share the only offstreet parking spot. I also share my Netflix and HBO accounts with him and my dad and my assistant. We would never share an email or Facebook. Ever. We are both self employed and need to use those things for work stuff but we still wouldn't otherwise. We are very separate people, we don't even make plans. He shows up whenever and has keys, I show up whenever. We never announce when that will be. If I'm not home he just goes about his business and hangs out with my cats. We are more like two indoor outdoor cats that are in the same house. Occasionally it'll be like "when will you be home?" And I'm like "Tuesday, I'm in Chicago." And then he sends a picture of my cat Hugo and him in the bookstore an hour later. It's cool.
  15. So have we as a couple become too couple-y?

    The thing about a shared Facebook account is everyone thinks "okay, which one of you cheated and can't be trusted anymore" unless both of you are 60 years old or older. That's just the message it sends- that one of you lost privacy privileges.