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  1. So have we as a couple become too couple-y?

    YBD and I (as he's been nicknamed in the dating thread) basically live together and will officially once my roommate leaves in a few weeks. We do not share a phone plan but he has used my deodorant when his was unavailable. Bills are split 50/50 except I pay $100 more because I refuse to share the only offstreet parking spot. I also share my Netflix and HBO accounts with him and my dad and my assistant. We would never share an email or Facebook. Ever. We are both self employed and need to use those things for work stuff but we still wouldn't otherwise. We are very separate people, we don't even make plans. He shows up whenever and has keys, I show up whenever. We never announce when that will be. If I'm not home he just goes about his business and hangs out with my cats. We are more like two indoor outdoor cats that are in the same house. Occasionally it'll be like "when will you be home?" And I'm like "Tuesday, I'm in Chicago." And then he sends a picture of my cat Hugo and him in the bookstore an hour later. It's cool.
  2. So have we as a couple become too couple-y?

    The thing about a shared Facebook account is everyone thinks "okay, which one of you cheated and can't be trusted anymore" unless both of you are 60 years old or older. That's just the message it sends- that one of you lost privacy privileges.
  3. Condolences, Solo. It hurts to see you hurting. Try hanging some capitalist overlords from lampposts
  4. Speaking of Cancun, anyone know if it's best to rent a car or take the first class bus to Calakmul?
  5. For UTIs cystex I think makes this bottle of concentrated cranberry something that works wonders. It's at Walgreens by all the other lady problem stuff
  6. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    For meetings of the Kelleys. I'd rock the shit out of that
  7. Water Protectors relatives and friends update

    It never stopped.
  8. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Guys the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette is so fucking good and it smells like candy. I cannot tell you enough how great it is
  9. ES- thank you! My feline overlords adore YBD. Hugo has always loved everyone he met but I always had Guava's affection all to myself. It's terribly annoying- that's MY baby.
  10. Statistically, the women get custody thing is a falsehood. Men are more likely to get full custody than women *when they ask for it* It's just that they are much less likely to seek full custody. The women get custody thing is just an oft repeated fallacy spurred by men who did not seek what they complain not to have. If you are male and ask the judge for custody- you are more likely to get it. Yes, more women have full custody, but a lower percentage of women seeking custody are granted it by a judge than the percentage of men.
  11. Should an unjust law be broken?

    No conplicated answer for me, just yes
  12. Since he's essentially the PCA to his mentally ill and substance abusing brother and does not currently have to pay rent where he is this would be about as inconvenient as possible for him. So it's definitely not convenience that would motivate him, but there could be a fair degree of reasonable fear that if he does not become more of a serious thing tying me down I'd follow job opportunities out of the state or out of the country. Also, when we first started dating I made my expectations clear that I would not be dating anyone exclusively unless the understanding was that we would eventually cohabitate if things went well and that marriage would never be something I was interested in and that we would be getting a kitten if one of my elderly cats passed.
  13. MMM where have you been?!? Welcome back! I gave him the terms I would need (amount of notice, start day, payment arrangements). I believe the probably could was floating it without scaring me off. I previously lived, in this very same apartment, with his (now former) touring mercy guy- and I HATED it. YBD is aware how I hated living with the last guy (for good reasons) and has been very cautious in many areas to be not at all like the nightmare that guy was. Also, I can do my job anywhere and was recently offered a spot in the Netherlands so I think he is concerned about the very real possibility that a roommate kind of inconvenience would nudge me into just leaving the country. I am pretty cavalier about things like that.
  14. On the horizon my roommate's sublease is up May 1, and she sucks so I'm not keeping her. I've been dating the same guy since May of last year, (does he have a nickname in this thread or his real name? I don't recall but my bestie calls him "young boring Danzig" because she thinks he's boring and looks like devil lock era Glenn Danzig) and when I stated today I'm booting her ass in may and need to decide whether I'm moving after that or what he said "I could probably move in". I have to give her 2 months notice so I have to tell her by March 1 if I'm moving YBD in. He's here most nights anyway, so it won't be a big change. So, hive mind, advise me. How seriously should I take the offer and how should I proceed if I do?