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  1. Just because he was a great guy who did everything right doesn't mean he was a right fit for you. Everybody has to go through tons of guys who don't work out before finding the right fit. You haven't thrown up your hands when dysfunction didn't work out yet, why not give function another shot, or just doing you for awhile?
  2. This will sound harsh and I am sorry but it is meant with love- How are you just figuring out now you are disposable to this guy??? LOOK HOW HE IS TREATING HIS GIRLFRIEND, he's being very sketchy with you behind her back, whilst talking so much shit about her you appear to think this is somewhat her fault (it's totally not, even if he wasn't lying about her, which he almost certainly IS to groom you into giving him his way). That's the person he's with and values more than you, and he's clearly not valuing her either. The fact that you feel almost cheated on by a dude that has a girlfriend is a huge red flag that there are serious issues at work with you here. This is clearly an unhealthy situation for you, you know that, and you are excusing it with "if it wasn't him it'd be another of the same or worse" bullshit. If that's the case- work on it!!!!! You are too cool a person to tolerate this destructive bullshit from him or from yourself. Put on your big girl panties and take some control of your life.
  3. Pleasant unrealizable sexual tension = free emotional labor and ego stroking on demand with no investment on his part, only yours. He's manipulating three perfectly good women right now, stop being one of them
  4. Min, welcome back, I love you. This dude is a toxic fuckboy who has been toying with you this whole time. It was bad and not worth your time as it was before, now it would be completely insane to view him as anything more than strictly a colleague (one who is frankly extremely unprofessional). You should rejoice at being replaced for his mindfucking
  5. Both American and Canadian thanksgivings are dumb racist holidays against my ethnicity and I have no idea how it's still socially acceptable If you are unaware- aside from the whole generally insulting cartoon noble savage shit associated with it- the Jamestown settlement murdered and ATE local natives. Seriously, fuck Thanksgiving.
  6. Too Faced peanut butter and jelly palette is $20 at Ulta right now
  8. Kay was actually K., which was always short for Kelli *gasp*
  9. If you use it a lot I would. If my Too Faced Sweet Peach was being discontinued I'd order at least one more
  10. I'm still pretty sure he was on the board at some point, but I could be mistaken on the screen name. Scott is one of the only current boarders I can identify now as it is
  11. Rothfuss was Pat and some numbers iirc
  12. In the olden times of EZboard he was one of us. As were many young nerds who grew to be celebrated authors in their own right. It was a magical age when this was a board full almost exclusively of people who were into fantasy novels and books in general, not HBO subscribers. There was also a time several years back (but on this iteration of the board) when R Scott Bakker defended himself in a thread about his series and feminism by pretending to be just another fan joining the discussion and of the mind that Baker's works are very feminist. It has been my sacred duty ever since to ensure knowledge of this hilarious gaffe is not lost.
  13. I don't really care when or if it gets published, tbh. They were perfectly readable books on par with eating candy for dinner. I like Pat a lot, I remember when he was a semi regular poster, and there's lots of fun stuff in there. But Kvothe is a little too much for me. He's a gypsy and he's a talented fighter and he's a genius and he's the best at magic and he's a top level musician and a conman and he outfucks the fairies and he joins a vaguely Scandinavian elite ninja squad. His one major flaw? He's a ginger and not considered handsome (though somehow still manages to be up to his ears in the poon) It gets a little eyerolly in that regard. It's not as relatable that he's so unreachably good at so many things. If/when it comes out I will read it, but I'm in no rush at all.
  14. Naked smoky is $27 at Urban Decay and Ulta
  15. Roe is a wall and pro lifers have ladders and planes to get over it.