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  1. exactly. sansa can make the call but she's no executioner.
  2. Not spoiling anything, but if leaks are to be believed, I think you will get some answers. I think the Dance or the Conquest would be easy to sell. "Before the Mother of Dragons sailed to Westeros, her ancestors conquerored it. Watch as a family of ancient Targaryens and their dragons united the seven squabbling kingdoms with fire and blood." Boom. If I read that, I'd be sold haha. Same with the Dance. "Before the Targaryen dynasty was defeated, they were strong. But in a time when a Queen and a King both vied for the Iron Throne, Westeros was dragged into a war of fire and blood." Idk something like that. HBO will find a way to pitch it. They got people to watch one show about ice zombies and dragons and warfare, they'll get us to watch another one. Especially if it's directly related to GoT. In my opinion, anyway.
  3. Well the same can be said about Dunk and Egg. At leas the Dance has been name dropped enough to at least have some evidence. Aemon mentioned Egg on his deathbed, but outside of that, I don't remember Duncan or Aegon even being named in the series.
  4. There's a million different directions they could go in season eight. The off-season will be crazy lol.
  5. So what are we thinking here, people? The Conquest? The Dance? What else? My vote is for the Dance, personally.
  6. http://grrm.livejournal.com/536859.html GRRM confirms all four scripts are prequels, and outright says there's probably a fifth one coming. He specifically says they are NOT doing Dunk & Egg or Robert's Rebellion. They might not even be confined to Westeros.
  7. I quite like the Reynes of Castamere for a prequel miniseries. Seeing Tywin wipe a couple rebellious houses of the face of the earth would be glorious. They could fudge the timeline and have Joanna still be alive, so we could finally meet the most elusive member of the Lannister family. Young Jaime and Cersei, too.
  8. I'm sure it won't happen the same way, but I think it's fair to assume that Cersei will not be killed by the High Sparrow, and will in fact go on to obtain quite a bit of power.
  9. Yes I think that's a decent possibility. I like the idea of the two of them having a secret child. The story of how that went down could also fill in the holes of her own life. Namely, how it ended haha. Ive heard theories that Melisandre either is Shiera's daughter, or is Shiera herself. I prefer the daughter angle, personally, even though I prefer Mel simply being who she says she is even more But as you pointed out, I think GRRM has definitely established some precedent for S+B=M. Haha thanks!! That whole scene just made my skin crawl, while also making be like "yass bitch!" at the same time lol
  10. Lol yesss. Her being at the center of their whole conflict is interesting to me. I always interpreted it as her being firmly on team Bloodraven at the end of the day, but it'd be cool to see her toy with both sides. Also, I'd be ok with her dabbling in the dark arts, because its high time this series had itself a proper witch haha.
  11. I'd quite like to see her interact with Dunk lol. She was said to be quite the seductress, so I think any encounter they have could be pretty funny lol.
  12. She seems to just be one of those characters that sticks out as being particularly intriguing to me. She seems interesting and elusive, but then she appears to just...disappear. While GRRM has painstakingly crafted the histories of hundreds of characters, living and dead, it seems odd that Shiera just kind of falls off the face of the earth. Melisandre theories notwithstanding, could we ever meet the Star of the Sea in a later Dunk & Egg story, perhaps. Egg mentions her bathing in blood, so I guess you could say I'm intrigued about her. Thoughts? Do you think we will? Do you even want to? Thanks!
  13. Fingers crossed!! Theres very few talk show appearances by the cast members if I remember correctly, but hopefully they'll drag peter and Lena on Colbert or something at least once haha.
  14. Yes I have to admit, I would get quite a bit of enjoyment from that lol. But I'm a team player lol, so I'd rather it to succeed. If GRRM wrote a series about the Dance of the Dragons (fans self) I would swoon. As long as it's good. If it sucks then I'd LOL. And yeah, D&D aren't like reinventing the wheel with their writing or anything. They're solid Hollywood dudes. They're not writing the most sophisticated thing on the planet, but I think calling it "abysmal drivel" is also a bit of a stretch. The scripts are serviceable. I think we will look more fondly on it once we're a little further removed in a few years, and the show hating counterculture thing fucks off.
  15. Exactly. DD have made it pretty well known that they are so over Game of Thrones, so if they're credited as EPs, it'll probably be a vanity title rather than some serious position.