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  1. Considering Dany bangs a Stark, I don't think we can say she doesn't like Starks.
  2. I wonder if Sansa and Dany will ever meet? I imagine it would be frosty at first, but I could see them growing close.
  3. interesting, i hadn't thought of that. if cleganebowl doesn't happen, then what was the point of bringing gregor back?
  4. meh i have hope. and sansa never really gave a fuck about him on the show, but he still liked her i think. he talks about her when arya leaves him to die and such. he talks about how he wished he fucked her until he bled, though, so it's not suuuper romantic.
  5. oh yeah it's def creepy but i also think it's kind of cute that they have crushes on each other lol maybe cersei tries to pull some shit on sansa, so sandor goes to KL in response and we get cleganebowl.
  6. that's too bad. I imagining them running into each other's arms in slow motion.... no but the show seems to have emphasized arya and sandor far more than sansa and sandor, so i'm sure that's the reunion they'll play up. buut, arya and sandor didn't really end on good terms, so there might be some hostility.
  7. do the leaks say sansa and sandor reunite? I can't remember. I'd imagine that would be a very cute scene.
  8. Meh you know I want cersei to die in the throne room. Casterly Rock would work well too, but it wouldn't have as much meaning to me. King's Landing is where Cersei has every single scene since the second episode, if i remember correctly. The Rock would be like "ohhh it's the Lannisters childhood home" but like meh there's no attachment to it.
  9. Yeah Jaime is a bit bland, but if anyone has earned the right to kill Cersei, it's him or Tyrion. I think Jaime killing her would be more poetic and tragic and all that. I think I said this somewhere already, but it would be really cool if one of the last scenes of the series is their funerals. Maybe they are entombed right next to each other in the Rock. Their first scene was them together at a funeral, so that'd be cute and bring it full circle. I'm sure I'd be an emotional wreck, but it'd still be cool.
  10. TBH I don't want cersei to fight the White Walkers. She has been so far removed from that storyline that I wouldn't really be that into it. Let her be about politics and motherhood and warfare and self destruction. I don't need the wights to roll up to kings landing in the last season and suddenly the last seven years of her story don't matter (obviously a generalization, but i do think Cersei's storyline has too much meaning for her to die in a zombie apocalypse).
  11. Yeah Jon and Dany might be reluctant to waste soldiers, so who knows?
  12. Dany has a magical vision/hallucination. Mel sees things in the fire. Cersei was told how she's gonna die. Kind of a different situation. i didn't want to know that Cersei would be strangled by a valonqar, but now that I do, i would think it strange if she isn't. That's not wrong of me to think. A lotta people think Maggy shouldn't have been included in the first place. But she was included whether we like it or not, so we're bound to it now. If GRRM let's cersei live and just goes "prophecies are weird, amirite?" that will not be satisfactory to a lot of people. But the valonqar prophecy was excluded on the show for a reason, so who knows?
  13. I guess, but with the Valonqar in particular, I don't see how that's open for interpretation. I mean, WHO will do it is debatable, but I think we all agree that it will happen. Writing "someone's gonna choke the life from you!!1!" isn't really GRRM leaving his options open, its basically him spoiling his own story. If it doesn't happen, then Cersei's whole storyline in AFFC had no point. He's too committed to this one. If he doesn't follow thru, it'll be dumb af. But I agree, when she dies, it'll probably be in one of the last episodes. I think KL burning/Cersei's death could be 804 or 805.
  14. yeah that's more my fantasy than actual speculation lol. but yeah, if she never sees jaime again, what is she gonna do in season 8? talk to herself and then die? Personally, however she dies, I think it'll be epic and grand and all that. D&D love Cersei, they won't give her some quiet, minimalistic death. She's going out in a blaze of glory, however it will be.
  15. Yeah that's true. I could see Dany/Jon sending him back to KL to oust Cersei and secure the Throne for them. Since everybody went on about the Lannister armies being loyal to Jaime and not Cersei, they could play with that and have Jaime take back his army. He convinces his army to march against Cersei. That would be a shocker, but I couldn't see it happening. There is no way Cersei's story ends with anything but death. Prophecy notwithstanding, the woman is doomed. She'll never stop, she will never be satisfied. If she defeats Dany, she'll just go and pick a fight with someone else. If she loses to Dany but is kept alive, she'll try to get revenge. It is so far from Cersei's character to just give up and retire or something. She will fight and fight and fight until she dies.