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  1. I hope Casterly Rock looks cool.
  2. I've also heard people claiming Alerie will be at Highgarden with Olenna in season seven. I guess it's possible, but I don't think they'd bother with her. She's a non-person in the books, too, so it's not like she's a big player there either.
  3. Dany will never be queen (Theory)

    It would certainly be an interesting twist. How would it happen? I don't think she would just die, she would bring the Night King down with her.
  4. I hope Melisandre comes back in a big way season eight. I could see her coming back when Jon is on the verge of death or something, and saves him, giving her life in the process.
  5. Who's Jonah lol? Since we're sinking to pointing out spelling and grammar errors, apparently.... Your fixation on me is getting tiresome. As I've told you multiple times, BLOCK ME. I'm not going anywhere. If you feel the need to make conspiracy theories about whether or not a stranger on the internet has read a series of books or not, I feel sorry for you. But not enough to continue this pointless debate.
  6. So Robert beating Cersei was him avenging all the people her father hurt, is that it? Or was it Melara he was avenging? Look, I get your point, but these are apples and oranges. Cersei being crazy has no correlation with Cersei deserving to be in an abusive marriage. Yes, Cersei hit him too once, but a woman whose never worked a day in her life is really not gonna do too much damage to one of the strongest warriors in the nation. But when Robert slaps her, her face swells up and turns purple. Cersei deserves to be executed for her crimes, not raped and beaten by her husband.
  7. And as I have said multiple times, no Robert did not kill those children. But his blood is still on their hands. He rewarded Tywin and defended the decision to do it. And no, "the Robert of old" would still have killed those kids if Tywin beat him to it, as they were threats to his throne, and Targaryens. If you think Robert would have given the children a slap on the wrist and let them live happily ever after, we fundamentally disagree. And yes, Robert did kill Rhaegar. Your insistence that this is "factually incorrect" baffles me. Targ supporters, who still existed well after the Rebellion (Varys), would most definitely see this as murder. And if my choice of words is what is triggering you so much, maybe take your own advice and stop mincing words when you're proven wrong.
  8. you are going great lengths to excuse domestic violence, and it's not a good look. i suggest you drop it.
  9. Alright, well... It was not Cersei's obligation to be nice to Robert and be "submissive and respectful" to him. It was her obligation to marry him, which she did. She fulfilled her duties, she married him, went through with the demeaning bedding ceremony, and the rest is history. Also, in the show, which we are discussing, they tweaked things. Cersei worshipped Robert, was thrilled that she was marrying the strongest warrior in the kingdoms, and cared about him. All that ended when he called her Lyanna. Cersei's nastiness came out, and she started cheating on him and being very cold. Robert would get drunk, and either cheat on her with someone else, or show up in her bedroom and force himself onto her. He slapped her when he didn't like what she was saying, because how dare a woman speak her mind, right?
  10. Prequel Discussion

    Yeah I think excluding a prequel because we know how it ends is silly because that's the point of a prequel, that we know what happens next. Doesn't make the journey any less enjoyable. Look at the Star Wars, we all know that Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader, and all the shenanigans that become of that. But that doesn't make Anakin's life and fall from grace leading up to that any less interesting. And yeah, I don't love the prospect of D&E being adapted. To be crass, I think it'd be very boring.
  11. robert slaps cersei in the face on screen and threatens to do it again. You really think that was the first time in a 19 year marriage that he ever raised a hand to her? Especially with her muted reaction? I agree Cersei is untrustworthy and will lie/has lied to manipulate others, but her inner monologue in AFFC where she recounts Robert getting drunk and forcing himself onto her, and her having to hide bruises Robert gave her from Jaime are not manipulations, they are memories. She's not telling it these stories to anyone to make them feel bad for her, she's just thinking about them because they happened to her. I'm not saying the abusive husband excuses Cersei's behavior, it DOES NOT, but it's just an unequivocal facet of her life that she was treated poorly by Robert. She treated him poorly too, and cheated on him, and eventually killed him, and we know that two wrongs don't make a right. But I wasn't aware that Robert being a bad husband was even debatable, I think it was fact.
  12. Alright. I don't understand the logic of accusing cersei of lying about something Robert admitted to doing.
  13. Hitting your wife is ok if it's only every once and a while? Is that really the stance you're taking here?
  14. Robert is guilt of making it ok. And yes, aGoT Robert would do the same. Have you forgotten his obsession with assassinating a pregnant, teenaged Daenerys? Ned talked him down on his death-bed, but because of her last name, Robert wanted her dead, and he would've wanted the same for Elia and her children. This convo is getting off track. My point was and still is that people doing terrible things to get the Throne is not unheard of, and that people in history who acted much like Cersei still had armies, because nameless soldiers might not be as loyal to dead people as you originally thought.