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  1. I'll give it to Jon. He managed to be a badass without compromising the family values. Unless anyone thinks butchering two men, and serving their remnants to their father and who else knows, an honorable deed worthy of House Stark and not just as bad as anything the Freys did.
  2. That bizzzness ( ), would only make his death guaranteed. We all know every moment of joy in ASoIaF is bought with a moment of pain ten times worse.
  3. Should he? They probably could make one another happy. Will he? To paraphrase, if you think Jon's going to have a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.
  4. The five year gap would've made a lot more sense. In Feast/Dance virtually every major character is in a state of transition. Arya: Instead of currently training to be a Faceless Man, she could actually be one and ready to move on. Bran: Similarly, he could've learned much in how to master his greenseeing by now and is now ready to face his destiny. Dany: The whole Mereenese knot could be untangled off screen, with Dany transitioning in five years later as a successful ruler who overcame a lot. Not to mention her dragons are grown now and ready to dance. Sansa: Her time at the Vale, under Littlefinger's tutelage was productive and she emerges ready to play the game in her own right, possibly married to Sweetrobin or Harry the Heir. Tyrion: Instead of spending an entire novel feeling sorry for himself and traveling, he could've been a slave for years, perhaps setting himself up as the head of the Second sons or he could already be an integral part of either Aegon or Dany's forces, having regained the will to live. Cersei: Maintains a weak grasp on the Seven Kingdoms through Tommen, who is also growing up and growing even more infatuated with Margaery. Jaime: No reason his Riverlands plot couldn't be resolved off screen or wait until the five year gap progresses. Five years is a long time to slowly become even more discontented with his relationship with Cersei. The North: Upon arriving at the wall, there's no reason Stannis couldn't take years to raise an army capable of taking the North at the Wall, trying to win the support of the Northern houses and Iron Bank from Castle Black, Deepwood Motte or even White Harbor. Building from scratch can take a long time, and given both he and Roose have limited forces, it could be understandable that neither would want to commit to a decisive battle. Sam: He's probably a full maester in his own right in five years. Jon: We come to him in five years, secure in his role as Lord Commander, a man and not a boy. He turned down Stannis, and has been colonizing the wildlings in the Gift, with some success, much to the discontent of many of his Brothers. While much of the 4th novel would be catching up and dedicated to backstory, much like the first really, the story would advance and the 5th everyone would be moving ahead full swing. You still could introduce the Ironborn and Dornish characters on different terms as well. As things stand I just get the feeling the final two novels are going to be forced in their effort to tie up all the loose plot ends since we spent a full two novels on transition.
  5. We seem to be forgetting the basic backstory of the Sailor's wife. Tyrion was not a Sailor. Unless you count be shipped across the Narrow Sea in a box, and even that was well after the fact. Her backstory might fit Gerion Lannister, who was a sailor of sorts. If Tyrion does end up in Braavos for whatever reason, it's even odds he sleeps with Lanna, which will have supporters of either theory flipping out.
  6. If you read enough works by a single author, you tend to notice they often tend to use the same descriptive styles, phrases and the such. It really doesn't always have to be some deep meaning buried within the words.
  7. Jaime and Dany. Them having a candid conversation about the Mad King would be very interesting.
  8. Renly getting Storm's End over Stannis probably elevated himself in his own eyes over Stannis.
  9. 1) You're going to be spoiled here. Spoilers for season 6 were all over this book forum when it aired and I don't doubt for a moment the same will be true for season 7. Everything is never going to be filtered, despite good intentions. Between accidents and deliberate trolling, it's going to be here. The only way to avoid being spoiled is for you to take the effort to avoid it. Everyone else isn't going to do it for you. 2) I never said that. I said I want a medium where I can discuss both with an audience there for both, hence point three. I can't even speculate "I think (event vaguely similar to something that happened on season 6) is going to happen in Winds" without technically violating the rules. It pretty much limits all conversation. 3) It's the natural solution.
  10. 1) People collectively rarely follow the rules. 2) You can't have any sort of conversation regarding the novels on the show forum. 3) This problem would be solved by having a joint show/novel forum with book/show subforums instead.
  11. Sure, going around posting spoilers is a jerk move. But let's face it, if you don't want to be spoiled, an internet forum is the last place you should be. It's much akin to a hitting your head while walking through a four foot doorway, because you shouldn't have to duck. Maybe you shouldn't, maybe it doesn't make any sense, but you still have some accountability for choosing to walk through that door. Or logging into a forum.
  12. Irony being... he said that in 2007.
  13. You can make some fairly educated guesses if you read between the lines, though speculation based on the show is forbidden on this forum for some reason... which makes it hard to speculate anything at all that might be similar to what happened in the show, but that's another conversation. To the next novel, supposedly Martin's hoping to announce a release date this year, but we heard the same rumors in 2016, 2015 and so forth...
  14. I imagine the show will run it's course before we see the next novel. I hope I'm wrong, but that's the way it's looking. I also have concerns if we'll ever see Dream. Whatever you want to say about D&D and the show, they give us something every summer without fail. At least we're getting some sort of new content, even if it's watered down.
  15. Their attempts to influence the mainland fail as they all have, and they're driven back to their islands to be ignored by the rest of Westeros until they're done licking their wounds and feeling frisky again in a generation or two.