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  1. Maybe a bit more conversation and a little less personal attacks? Contrary to some opinions, having different views, likes, dislikes, etc does not justify personal attacks.
  2. I'm wondering if Manderly just plans on using him as a pawn to rule the north through. I certainly think his promise to Davos and Stannis is going to be quickly forgotten the second he gets his hands on Rickon.
  3. In the novels, Varys warned Aerys that Rhaegar was planning to call a Great Council at the tourney at Harrenhall. That's why Aerys left to Red Keep for the first time in years to make that impossible. If that's not enough, Rhaegar flat out told Jaime that he planned on calling a council once Robert's Rebellion was crushed. Which never happened.
  4. Well that's pretty much what happened to him in the books.
  5. Eh, I never got why this line bothered so many people. It's not like Jon's heritage invalidated the rebellion. Only the catalyst that caused it was mistaken and "built on a lie." If not the catalyst of Lyanna's "kidnapping" the mad king would've spawned another very easily. Even Rhaegar was plotting against him.
  6. It really depends on how King's Landing falls. If Stannis attacks with everything he has in a forlorn hope to gain the throne, likely Cersei does have Sansa and anyone else important killed. If Renly begins a slow and methodical siege that probably takes him months to even cross the Blackwater, much less surround the city, I could actually see Tyrion coming to some sort of arrangement with Renly to surrender the city in exchange for their lives.
  7. Even without his political blunders, if everything went right for Robb, and on the battlefield almost everything did, Robb was pretty much doomed the moment he let his bannermen crown him. As lord of Winterfell, he had the option of bending the knee at some point and coming to a negotiated truce, as King in the North the the Iron Throne, whoever sits upon it, will seek his destruction without fail.
  8. I'm uncertain how Jon wouldn't look the part. Everyone says he "has more of the North" in him than his half siblings. If conception is an issue, Lord Rickard and Brandon's execution was the final catalyst that touched off Robert's Rebellion. Brandon went to King's Landing to threaten Rhaegar in response to Lyanna's "kidnapping" and it's reasonable to assume she got pregnant in that time frame given she gave birth at the Tower of Joy afterward. So the fictional Brandon birth could easily coincide with a "last fling" before his self inflicted suicide mission. The first issue you raise is probably the most valid, but Ned could conceivably talk himself into it by the rationale that Brandon did sleep around and so he wouldn't be dishonoring him directly, and that his promise to Lyanna to protect him would be best achieved by diverting suspicion away from Jon. No one would suspect that bastard of Brandon Stark was truly the son of Rhaegar Targaryen, especially given how he died. Let's face it, Ned having an affair raises eyebrows and makes people wonder why, especially when he stonewalled all inquiries into it.
  9. Actually one of Brandon's bastards really would've made better cover for Jon. And ensure some domestic bliss.
  10. So Euron takes a literal approach to screwing over his brother?
  11. Not to mention it's hard for his men to plot against him if they can't speak their plots to others.
  12. Maybe reread some of Bran's earlier raven dreams. That was exact words of the text.
  13. Daenerys and Aemon. They'd have more than a few things to talk about.
  14. Well it would make perfect sense for the soldiers to follow Jaime, but as mentioned who knows with the show? Assuming he rallies the Lannister forces in the Riverlands, I'm not sure he'd be able to get Edmure to go along with it. Sure, he withdraws the occupation and maybe hands over his wife and son assuming they weren't at the Twins or aren't at Casterly Rock, but is Edmure really going to buy that he needs to call his banners to march north to fight an army of ice zombies? From Jaime? Best thing Jaime can do is explain the situation, however unbelievable it may be, withdraw on good faith and march north. Then have Sansa send word once he gets to Winterfell.
  15. It's why I think this is the least interesting part of the show. It really seems to be as simple as kill all humans. In the novels there seems to be a bit more to it, and Melisandre's vision of Bran in conjunction with the Great Other was thought provoking, but only a bit more. Really the I find the fantasy elements of this show the least interesting part of it, compared to the political maneuvering and the struggles of the characters.