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  1. Army Power of each house

    Numbers are are a tricky thing. It's really only in the last 100 years of warfare that intelligence gathering began giving reliable information on the opposing orders of battle and even that wasn't a certain thing. Even a side's own troop numbers can be rounded liberally, for dramatic effect be it to impress a potential ally, strike fear into an enemy or even just lesser lords claiming they have more men to make their contribution to their liege lord more significant.
  2. dragons have the size of 747s

    You know whatever else you want to say about D&D, they spring/summer they do give us something. Honestly if Winds is published before they're done with the show I'd be surprised. I can't even see Dream being done in this decade(if at all).
  3. Stannis and the Battle of Winterfell

    Given the Tyrell and Dornish ships were part of the armada and sailing presumably west, it's reasonable to assume the ships are making multiple trips given they have a sanctuary in Dorne and the Reach to land and host troops in.
  4. Baelish and the Wild Wolf

    This does seem like it would be something right up Littlefinger's alley. Certainly he'd have all the motive in the world to want Brandon out of the way, and knowledge enough of his rash mindset. The main questions would be how would Littlefinger know about Lyanna's "kidnapping", and how would he be able to convince Brandon of this without him being suspect of his motives.
  5. Why there is not Baratheon POV chapter in asoiaf

    The only place we're going to see a Stannis POV is in the prologue or epilogue of a book.
  6. Why Tywin doesn't use Faceless men to kill Stannis

    Tywin wasn't even part of the discussion you quoted. As far as I can tell he's never advocated using the Faceless Men. Why would he give up a fortune to solve problems he can very easily handle himself? Stannis wasn't a threat after the Blackwater and Dany is hardly even worth thinking of at the other side of the world.
  7. King without Cock

    Nevermind the minor problem that Theon wouldn't even be able to get the Ironborn to follow him, much less anyone from mainland Westeros.
  8. Let's wildly speculate about Hotah's stupid, pointless plot.

    From your topic title, there would seem to be little speculation required. You've made your opinion quite clear.
  9. Why should Prince Doran get Dorne involved? His objective is to see the Lannisters fall and possibly be the last great lord standing when the political board is reshuffled. As things stand, House Lannister stands on the verge of collapse without Dorne having fought a single battle. Certainly they are on top, but the Lannister armies have been mobilized and engaged since the beginning of the series and are virtually fought out. The remnants of the North are engaged in a civil war along with the remnants of House Baratheon. The Stormlands are under occupation and assault by both the Reach and Golden Company. The Ironborn are virtually fought out having overextended themselves upon multiple fronts ranging from the North, to the Reach to Slaver's Bay. The Riverlands have been fought over repeatedly, looted and pillaged, with the Freys now overextending themselves. The Reach is starting to take losses for the first time in the novels between the Ironborn raids and the campaigns against Dragonstone and Storm's End. The only two great houses that haven't committed themselves in some way are the Arryns and Martells. And it's looking as if Littlefinger is finally getting ready to roll the dice in the Vale, so that might not hold out. By staying directly out of the conflict and keeping his options open, Prince Doran stands an excellent chance of being able to play kingmaker and reaping the rewards of success with very little cost to his own. He's courting both Targaryen pretenders, and keeping his options open should the Lannisters triumph or even in the small chance that Stannis or Euron triumph. His worst case scenario is that his land didn't get involved in a very costly war. The best case, his family is calling the shots in Westeros. And the Lannisters certainly will never be the same again no matter what. Truly the greatest threats to Dornish success in this war have been Oberyn and the Sand Snakes. The former wanting to directly confront the Lannisters and the latter seeking to cause havoc with the Myrcella plot.
  10. House Frey fans... bad news :(

    This might have been an interesting discussion topic absent the bashing of other fans who have the audacity to like something that others don't.
  11. Why women don't take black

    So the solution to save the Night's Watch is to conscript women to be breeding stock? Riiiight.
  12. Les Miserables

    I take a break from these forums for a few months and wow... have we reached a whole new level of crackpottery or has non-exposure made it seem that much more excessive?
  13. Bran vs. Jaime

    I don't know. Bran seems firmly entrenched(or should I have said rooted?) in the North and Jaime in the south. I just can't see their paths crossing again short of Jaime being AAR or something similarly tinfoily. As has already been mentioned he's being hauled before UnMom who he already confessed the crime to, that seems like it's going to be the climax for Jaime's redemption arc or lack thereof, along with any comeuppance for pushing Bran out of the window.
  14. Just how important is Mance?

    I don't even think it's a desire for more hidden identities or anything like that. I think people just want to be the one to figure something out that no one else did.
  15. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    Wait is this really a thing? One tinfoil theory I haven't seen yet....