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  1. Also noticed a couple of shots that were over-the-shoulder, with ned and lyanna focussed and one of the maids in the foreground - that usually represents some form of importance of perspective etc. Interesting!
  2. Interesting! Don't suppose you have a source for this?
  3. Most agree that one of the greatest things about the game of thrones series and books is the incredible character development and transformation (Dany, Jaime, Sansa....) This gets me thinking - everyone's all excited for a cutesy Jon/Arya reunited scene, given their closeness at the beginning of the story, but how could that actually play out? Jon is all honor and glory and stick-up-his-arse, and Arya is... at this point, crazy set on revenge, be it immoral, violent, or implicating innocents (frey pies, anyone?). Arya values vengeance, Jon values honour. Could the two really reconcile? What about their extreme differences? How do their agendas fit in with each other? I think it's much more likely that Sansa and Arya form a dream team, considering that both of them have taken a rather dark turn to revenge. Thoughts?
  4. I know a lot of people, particularly the book readers, are disappointed with the way that Jaime's arc has been treated in the show. Last night's episode was case in point - all the development he had earlier on, losing a hand, etc. seems to have been undone and he's back to being obsessively in love with Cersei, willing to cut down anyone in his path and so on. Though I was at first pretty annoyed with the way his arc was treated in episode 8, I think D&D could possibly be setting him up for a redemption arc despite this. Perhaps, him seeing Brienne again as well as being away from KL reminding him of his "honour" or whatever. I mean, he didn't slaughter masses of Tully forces, he seemed pretty distraught at the Blackfish's death (he admired him a lot, I guess), and he allowed Bri and Pod to escape. Perhaps all is not lost? What are your thoughts? Will he return to KL this season? Discuss.
  5. kunjani! I'm relatively new here. I'm jay, I like reading and watching good films. hope to see you all around!