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  1. Football: fixture congestion

    Congratulations to Leicester City Reserves on beating Derby County Reserves in the FA Cup replay...
  2. Do you have more irons in the fire? I have a cold and haven't left the house since Saturday. My boss expects me back in the office tomorrow so we can chat about cover for a colleague's upcoming three-week-holiday. I can't say more than two words in succession at the moment due to wheezing. I intend to take paper and pen so I can write my responses...
  3. Sick of Being Unhealthy

    *hugs* Do you have access to an SAD light? A friend who recently moved to London from Seattle swears by hers... she sits in front of it for five or six hours a day to make up for the winter sunlight to which she's accustomed. I always think January new workout regimes etc. are a nasty trick to play. Motivation and energy are rare in winter. Focus on surviving to spring first...
  4. Eastercon 2017, Birmingham

    M, S and I are going.
  5. UK Politics: The Overton Defenestration

    "Hard Brexit" means retiring later, Britons warned Not that that is in any way concerning. On the plus side for the national finances, the impending lack of healthcare will mean that we all stop living long enough to retire...
  6. Something Strange in the post. Flowers Solved.

    Agreed. This is absolutely unacceptable - so sorry, Pebble...
  7. The Penderel's Oak is generally less busy than the Montague Pyke, but is that bit further out, in Holborn...
  8. Yes. Maybe hubby and baby as well depending on timing (I am working until 3pm on 28th and will be able to come straight to the pub afterwards: hubby is not working but his attendance therefore depends on baby's nap times).
  9. I could do from 3.30ish on either the 28th or 29th if we are going for an afternoon. Sam, will you be OK to do something after the HP tour? If there's any concern about your tour length it might be better to suggest 28th if we are doing an afternoon.
  10. I can do any of those dates. Samantha, when are you going to be in the theatre? We wouldn't want to cause a scheduling clash.
  11. Working, with small children

    Thank you, all. Deedles, I've been factoring the childcare cost into my salary instead of both because if one of us didn't work, it would definitely be me. This isn't for immediate sensible reasons - I earn a little more than he does - but because he, the extravert in our marriage, has a need for adult company daily that I lack entirely (plus the factor of putting me back to two full time jobs and a part time job without factoring in parenting. Not that I'd get to do much parenting midweek as I'd be leaving at 7.30am and getting home at 6.30pm). He contributes financially and in terms of parenting, and if I did go back we would split the nursery fee cost. Pebble, working from home isn't an option as, in order to be permitted to do it on other than an emergency basis, I would have to prove that the baby is in nursery, which defeats the objects of spending more time with her and less ££ on childcare. Part time is indeed a serious option. Unless I resign in the next couple of days I'm going to put in a request to work four days a week. (Zabzie, I have a specialist admin job - print procurement - rather than lawyer, accountant etc.) Going to less than four days would involve a job share arrangement. Calculations would also be required regarding monthly or annual travelcard versus pay-as-you-go for shorter weeks - I haven't figured out where the cut-off lies yet. There's always the option of trying it and then giving up if it's driving me totally up the wall...?! The nursery we've pencilled in only wants a one month notice, same as work. I may feel differently after restarting work depending on how quickly I can type my second draft, as the book work from that point will be a lot less intense till I'm at early draft stage in a future book. I dislocated a finger the other week and while I can type with it, it's stiffer than normal and will slow me down.
  12. Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Having requests for fulls is always a good sign. Even if those agents refuse the manuscript you then know it's got legs, or the full wouldn't have been requested. I hope your energy comes back... Ooh, good luck. I finished my first draft of The Next Book yesterday. Title for The Next Book is currently under discussion due to all the possibles being the same title as something else, so we're working on selecting the best option - its working title is The Wages of Sin. I'm currently staring at chapter 2 and wondering how I can do better with some pacing/character introduction aspects.
  13. Working, with small children

    Comma in title entirely intentional. I am due to come off maternity leave on 3rd January (the first working day after Christmas). After paying for nursery fees and travel to/from work, my take-home will be approximately £300 per month. This is causing me some serious qualms about going back at all, and I have another week to make up my mind. Plus sides of going back: £300 per month adds up, workplace pension contributions continue, national insurance payments continue (assuming the state pension still exists in thirty-five years or so), procurement is a useful skill to hone, career gaps are difficult to explain, and I'd be eligible for maternity leave again if we have another child. Minus sides: I genuinely enjoy being at home with the baby, I've got a lot of writing done that I wouldn't have done as quickly were I working 8.30-5.30 as well (when my boss gave my leaving speech he announced I was taking a year off to write another novel. He was right: I finished the first draft yesterday), we may be able to make up the income - though not the pension contributions - from elsewhere, and my stress levels would be far lower. For those of you who did and didn't work while parenting toddlers, how did you balance life?
  14. To Hell With you 2016!!!

    I'm so sorry.
  15. Queer characters in fantasy

    If comics and graphic novels are to anyone's taste, The Wicked + the Divine - collected as four graphic novels and counting: it started in 2014, though I only started reading it this year - is effectively urban fantasy that contains significant trans, gay and bi characters. All the characters' identity feels organic in their development - no shoehorning - though beware the straight character with yellow fever (the text mocks him for having it).