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  1. Cool, thanks for the reply Xray!
  2. Hi folks - I'm a PacNW'er - we have Norwescon in Seattle every year. Anyone know if there's usually any BwB presence there?
  3. Can you elaborate? I can't really think of any parallels here, except that they're both 'legendary' or 'heroic' weapons.
  4. They really are! I'm only a few in, but BryndenBFish puts out some really great content.
  5. I also don't remember any overt mention by anyone else that R'Hllor is a god of shadow. I do remember Mel justifying her perspective on this pretty clearly, though - she states that without light there could be no shadows, that shadows are a creation of the light, and therefore not servants of darkness (paraphrasing of course). So, if this is a general approach by all red priests, it makes sense and there appears to be a reason for it. On the other hand, it could just be Mel's personal approach and her way of justifying her use of shadowbinding while also being a red priestess.
  6. I never realized that, thanks for pointing that out!
  7. I agree with HelenaExMachina on this one. My understanding is that George has a particular interest in 15th century medieval history, particularly the events surrounding the War of the Roses which many elements of ASoIaF are based on. This would have been prior to the custom change, so he probably used the honorifics from that time period from both personal preference and for a sense of consistency in source material. Just my thought
  8. That's really cool - I always just had a picture in my head of sharpened stakes pointing outward in a roughly circular pattern. I know that type of thing is helpful against sudden cavalry charges, but this 'packed earth' method just sounds ingenious.
  9. I plan on being there! One of my favorite parts of Sasquan was meeting you guys. I'm a terrible introvert, so hanging out and attending the BwB party - knowing I was surrounded by Martin fans - really helped me be comfortable and enjoy my first Con ever. I'm stoked to be attending this year - see you all there!
  10. I am seeing some fantastic collections here, dang. I'm pretty proud of what I've gathered together so far so I figured I'd share mine too (WIP...I'll add more as I add to the collection) Books: A Game of Thrones 1st/1st (foil iron throne cover, full serial, signed - jewel of my collection) A Clash of Kings 1st/1st (signed) A Storm of Swords 1st/1st (signed) A Feast for Crows 1st/1st (signed) A Dance with Dragons 1st/1st (signed) A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms The Hedge Knight (graphic novel, signed) The Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword (graphic novel, signed) The Mystery Knight (graphic novel) The World of Ice & Fire (signed by Martin, would love to get Elio and Linda's too!) The Lands of Ice and Fire A Feast of Ice & Fire (cookbook) A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying (core book from Green Ronin) A Game of Thrones Puzzle Quest Game of Thrones Official Coloring Book Games: A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (1st edition, plus 2 expansions) A Game of Thrones: The Card Game (2nd Ed. LCG - plus most chapter packs / big expansions)(I also have a bunch of 1st ed LCG and even some oldies from when this was a CCG) Battles of Westeros Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series Memorabilia and Merch: Calendars 2011, 2012, 2016-2018 Ommegang Brewery - Valar Morghulis & Valar Dohaeris, plus glass Game of Thrones Dragonclaw Goblet Wax Seal Coasters Christmas Ornaments: Sigils Helmets Funko Pop Mystery Mini's...most of them? Don't have many from the newest set though. Funko Pop Oberyn Vinyl figure (one of my favorite characters in the books - SAY THEIR NAMES!) Funko Pop Daenerys Targaryen Vinyl figure Funko Pop Khal Drogo Vinyl figure Funko Pop Jon Snow keychain (x2)
  11. I know this is pretty old, but I have a lot of those cards. If you still watch this, can you link up a pic of the particular art you're looking for (if you still are)?
  12. Interesting ideas here. If the Manderlys do end up out of the picture, that would certainly leave room for Davos at White Harbor. I personally would be pretty saddened if the Manderlys met such a demise; they proven to be very loyal and stout supporters of the Starks when so many others have floundered.
  13. If the scene of her building the Winterfell snow castle in the Eyrie is any indication, it will be her mind that allows the rebuilding/reconstruction of the real Winterfell once things settle down. That scene was very poignent to me and I can't help but feel it was meant as foreshadowing. Assuming just this one thing is true, that also would mean: 1. Sansa is alive 2. Sansa is in the North, at Winterfell. 3. Sansa still has the faculty of mind to organize a rebuilding of this nature. 4. Sansa is in a position of power or, less likely, controlled by someone that is. 5. The North is in some state of peace to allow for prolonged construction 6. Winter will be over (construction of this magnitude is unlikely to start in over-my-head levels of snow) Thoughts? Anybody agree or disagree? If this foreshadowing is true, what other factual things might we infer surrounding the event of Sansa rebuilding Winterfell?
  14. There would be something poetic about him having White Harbor, but what about the Manderlys? I'm not sure that moving them from their historical seat, even if they were given the Bolton lands, would be seen as anything but a slight against them. I could certainly see that happening, too. I think its still safe to expect that those lands will not be in Bolton hands in the end. At least, I hope not
  15. Personally, I'd like to see the whole of House Bolton reduced to nothing. Presuming that we see a Stark-friendly North at the end of the series, I think this is what we'll see. The history of Westeros sets a precedent for disloyalty resulting in the complete destruction of a House. This is not to say they will all be butchered, though; I'm thinking something more similar to what happened to House Hollard. The same precedent applies even if Walda is pregnant w/ a Botlon baby - remember that Westeros is a setting where the sins of the father transfer to the child (ala bastards and wards). House Stark would be making quite a rebound - one that couldn't come without a great deal of help. Someone providing this assistance could be elevated to a Lordship and provided with the land and holdings of House Bolton. One such person that comes to my mind is, possibly, Davos. A theme of his character arc is growing from a humble smuggler to someone of elevated position. He's now a knight and Hand of a king that, if the show is any indication, may not be around too much longer. Currently he's on a personal/secret mission to provide direct assistance to those loyal to the Starks and may be instrumental in protecting the Stark line through Rickon. Thoughts? If this were to happen, can anyone think of any of people that are uniquely positioned to be elevated in such a way?
  16. Yeah...I have no doubt it actually happened. On the bright side, there's a wealth of storytelling options that arise from Jon's death. Martin doesn't make death of main characters come cheap - instead, they have real and far-reaching consequences for the plot. Most of what we know of ASoIAF spiraled out of Ned's death, for instance.
  17. I got about halfway down before I realized what was going on. I should probably just avoid the internet today :/