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  1. Okay, not funny. You been around this site for a while. You know how to quote. A person with an sense of integrity does not insert stuff in to another persons post. I get it. You don't agree with martin's story? If you had quoted properly I would flap my trap. Whine me a river.
  2. Har. What does Jon need an excuse for? LC Snow is supposedly dead by the knives of his men. If Mance is working for anyone he has his own best interest involved. Why would Mance take the women to WF when the girl they were seeking was supposedly near long lake?
  3. Perhaps he said what you said he said. I dunna know what martin speak is for mayhaps.
  4. @kissdbyfire, ever heard of the bait and switch technique? Does not matter what you say. The bait switcher turns it and spins it.
  5. Nice to see you chatting again. I am among one of the few that think Ramsey is behind the killings in WF.
  6. As people in this thread have expressed, in the long run guest right is not going to change the long term goal of the saga. What is happening in WF is a combination of variables. Yes, Lord Varys, Robb and the northmen are considered traitors by the Lannister/Baratheon IT. Yes, Roose made a choice to betray Robb. In return Roose received the title of Warden of the North. Roose also was given a fake daughter of Eddard. Walder said: A Storm of Swords - Catelyn VI "Bread and salt. Heh. Of course, of course." The old man clapped his hands together, and servants came into the hall, bearing flagons of wine and trays of bread, cheese, and butter. Lord Walder took a cup of red himself, and raised it high with a spotted hand. "My guests," he said. "My honored guests. Be welcome beneath my roof, and at my table." "We thank you for your hospitality, my lord," Robb replied. Edmure echoed him, along with the Greatjon, Ser Marq Piper, and the others. They drank his wine and ate his bread and butter. Catelyn tasted the wine and nibbled at some bread, and felt much the better for it. Now we should be safe, she thought. Walder lied. The northerners knew Walder was angry. They hoped that the wedding between Tully and Frey would ease the tension. Unknown to them was that a massacre was planned. The WF situation is a different ball of wax. The northmen are still in a state of rebellion against the Lannister/Baratheon IT. Roose, trying to bring to northmen to heal, summoned the leal lords. Roose told them to bring hostages. Roose moved the wedding from Barrowton to WF because he is trying to bait Stannis. Again, Roose is supporting the Lannister/Baratheon throne. The northerners went to Barrowton and traveled to WF under duress. If you prefer, their Warden summoned and they obeyed. Show me any textual quote that Roose or Ramsey welcomed their honored guests or that the leal lords were pleased and in agreement with the marriage of Jeyne to Ramsey. Since these threads get blurred. LC Snow did not send Mance to WF. Mance went there on his own accord. Yes, Mance requested spearwives from Moles Town. Yes, a member of the NW retrieved them. Ohhhh, <sarcasm> LC Snow should not have cooperated with Stannis. Well, Stannis is the one who showed up. No one else answered the call. It goes on and on. Did the gardener actually have a plan? Did martin think he was being witty with the pink/bastard letter? Because of a preview chapter on martin’s site I know Stannis has Theon and Jeyne. There are too many moving parts. The story is left open to personal interpretation until martin lets loose of WoW. BTW: this is 2018. If a person has been living in a bunker since 2011 because they dunna want to know about spoilers, do not search the internet for ASOIAF or George Martin, and don’t expect me to coddle your desire to remain unspoiled. And yes, the question will be what does all of the above have to do with guest right. Nothing, absolutely nothing. It's a concept martin made up drawing from his study of history.
  7. Okay. Roose is not the host. Roose is Warden of the North as per the Lannister/Baratheon IT. The northmen are still in rebellion. We have a communication problem. That is why I said I have to pick a side. As far as I am concerned the frey pie bs is fan site bs. Does that extend to Harrenhal under Tywin and Roose?
  8. The WF scenario is not about guest or host. The WF scenario is about that the rebellion is not yet finished..Roose summoned the lords to Barrowton. The lords were to bring hostages. Roose decided that the wedding be moved to WF to bait Stannis. Roose does not claim WF. Ramsey through an imposter is laying claim to WF. As I have said before, I have to pick a side in this tale. I side with the northmen.
  9. True. Leaving the individual to look at the context in the chapter. Okay, I can accept that. You dunna think that the broad is embellishing stuff and pumping Theon for info? Me and you seem to me missing the communication meld. What is it you and I are trying to ascertain. I forgot.
  10. It was easy to dig up the quote. The broad even says “they are not my sisters.” I didn't see the 50000 men, so you are going to have to help me out. A Dance with Dragons - The Turncloak " They're not my sisters neither, but they're sweet." The woman leaned close. Her breath smelled of wine. "If you have no smile for me, tell me how you captured Winterfell. Abel will put it in a song, and you will live forever." "As a betrayer. As Theon Turncloak."/ This is where the long wait for the book WoW comes into play. Mance asked for six young, pretty spearwives. A Dance with Dragons - Jon VII "Young ones, and pretty," Mance had said. The unburnt king supplied some names, and Dolorous Edd had done the rest, smuggling them from Mole's Town./ According to Theon, when Mance turned up at the gates of WF, Mance had two sisters, two daughters, a wife and his old mother with him. The description doesn’t match six young pretty spearwives. A Dance with Dragons - The Prince of Winterfell . Lord Manderly had brought musicians from White Harbor, but none were singers, so when Abel turned up at the gates with a lute and six women, he had been made welcome. "Two sisters, two daughters, one wife, and my old mother," the singer claimed, though not one looked like him. "Some dance, some sing, one plays the pipe and one the drums. Good washerwomen too."/ It is true the broad in the Turncloak chapter asks, “Tell me how you captured WF.” Theon doesn’t tell her. The author tells the reader how Theon took WF,” I had ropes, Theon thought. I had grapnels. I had darkness on my side, and surprise. The castle was but lightly held, and I took them unawares. In the below chapter one of Mance’s spearwives wants Theon to show her the crypts. A Dance with Dragons - A Ghost in Winterfell "What do you want?" "To see these crypts. Where are they, m'lord? Would you show me?" The women have been asking Theon multiple questions. Then there is a little tidbit at the end of Ghost of WF about Mance waiting to meet with Theon. A Dance with Dragons - A Ghost in Winterfell You want to die as Theon? We'll give you that. A nice quick death, 'twill hardly hurt at all." She smiled. "But not till you've sung for Abel. He's waiting for you." It is revealed in Theon I that Theon did indeed meet with Mance. Where they met is described below. A Dance with Dragons - Theon I The jape is on you, Abel, you and your murdering whores. You'll die for the wrong girl. He had come this close to telling them the truth when Rowan had delivered him to Abel in the ruins of the Burned Tower, but at the last instant he had held his tongue. I have ask myself, is Mance wanting to know how to get someone (which can mean himself) out or is he wanting to know how to get someone in. What say there is a grand northern conspiracy and the little northern rebellion is not over? Get Jeyne/Arya out of WF and the northern lords are free to do what they will.
  11. The citizens of Westeros understand martin’s guest right better than citizens of the 21 century. The scene plays out below. A Game of Thrones - Bran IV Robb was seated in Father's high seat, wearing ringmail and boiled leather and the stern face of Robb the Lord. Theon Greyjoy and Hallis Mollen stood behind him. A dozen guardsmen lined the grey stone walls beneath tall narrow windows. In the center of the room the dwarf stood with his servants, and four strangers in the black of the Night's Watch. Bran could sense the anger in the hall the moment that Hodor carried him through the doors. "Any man of the Night's Watch is welcome here at Winterfell for as long as he wishes to stay," Robb was saying with the voice of Robb the Lord. His sword was across his knees, the steel bare for all the world to see. Even Bran knew what it meant to greet a guest with an unsheathed sword. "Any man of the Night's Watch," the dwarf repeated, "but not me, do I take your meaning, boy?"/ In the ^ above quote it was made clear that Tyrion was not welcome. Later when Robb changed his mind Tyrion decided winter town was the place to stay. A Game of Thrones - Bran IV Robb Stark finally sheathed his sword. "I … I may have been hasty with you," he said. "You've done Bran a kindness, and, well …" Robb composed himself with an effort. "The hospitality of Winterfell is yours if you wish it, Lannister." "Spare me your false courtesies, boy. You do not love me and you do not want me here. I saw an inn outside your walls, in the winter town. I'll find a bed there, and both of us will sleep easier./ No such courtesies were exchange between Mance & Roose or Mance & Ramsey. Ramsey did not say, "My guests. "My honored guests. Be welcome beneath my roof, and at my table." Roose did not say, “My fellow northmen, come let us put our differences aside and let us rejoice.” Since some people are determined that LC Snow sent Mance to WF and therefore LC Snow via Mance is guilty of breaking guest right ----- I say neither LC Snow nor Mance are guilty of breaking guest right.
  12. Interesting suggestion, LM.
  13. I'm guessing you didn't agree with my guess. What say you tell me why you think Mance was interested in how Theon took WF. Thanks.
  14. Because this is the internet. Same reason a few rabid fans attack those who do not fall into the party line. I say a few because the site numbers have diminished. There was a time that a hoard would descend upon a poster. What has recently plucked my nerve is when two long term humble posters in the small questions thread were maligned. There is a difference between playfulness and bullshitism. Controversy encourages disagreements. Disagreements increase numbers. Sometimes a poster asks a simple innocent question, sometimes a poster is baiting, sometimes ----- fill in the blank.
  15. As one poster would say, namely that @Dorian Martell's son BINGO.