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  1. why does everyone blame Renly for Stannis's mistake

    That says something about his character. He held until relief came.
  2. why does everyone blame Renly for Stannis's mistake

    What I meant is that perhaps Stannis’ resentment clouded his judgment. That Robert put the best tried and tested brother on Dragonstone. To get to KL via sea ya gotta get past Dragonstone. Perhaps Stannis underestimated his value. He was tried and tested during the siege of Storms End. If I had to make the call I would rather have him at Dragonstone than Renly. Perhaps Robert understood that an invader would need to get by Stannis and Dragonstone before getting to Kings Landing.
  3. why does everyone blame Renly for Stannis's mistake

    Perhaps Stannis underestimated his value. He was tried and tested during the siege of Storms End. If I had to make the call I would rather have him at Dragonstone than Renly. Perhaps Robert understood that an invader would need to get by Stannis and Dragonstone before getting to Kings Landing. Who is in charge of Dragonstone now? To many details for me to keep up with. Thanks.
  4. Harry & Sansa (Littlefinger is delusional)

    I agree that Sansa is not a kinslayer. Her auntie was going to shove her out the moon door until LF intervened. Sansa is complicit and she did lie about the event. Combine that with Sansa Lannister is wanted for kingslaying. It’s one of those beard rubbing, head scratching moments. The Vale lords already distrust LF and Sansa (his daughter) has lied to them. According to the Lannisters who are in control of the IT the Starks are traitors. Sansa is the wife of Tyrion. The pretty little picture LF is spinning to Sansa that her reveal at her wedding to Harry is going to make the Vale bow to Eddard’s daughter is false. LF is pimping her. As someone mentioned Sansa is going to be interacting with more people now that the tourney is going to take place. How is she going to convince people of her innocence against the crimes she is charged with? OR is the 13 year old going to spill the beans to someone who, like Cersei, cause her great harm? She lied about who killed her auntie. She has no credibility and it doesn’t change that she is Tyrion’s wife and that she is wanted by the Throne for being part of King Joffrey’s death. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Sansa/Alyanne and LF story works out. What is LF’s game? The big shots in the Vale don’t like him and don’t trust him. Why would they believe Alyanne is Sansa Stark nee Lannister? Would the Vale hot shots go against the Crown now that Robb Stark, King of the North, is dead and Roose Bolton, proclaimed Warden of the North by the Throne, is in possession of WF? BTW there is a snow storm happening at Stannis’ crofter’s village and Roose’s WF. LC Snow as of the end of DwD is indisposed. I have a real difficult time imaging the Vale lords leaving a tourney and riding to WF. How long do you suppose the journey from the Vale to WF would take? AND would Reed let them through? Questions. Questions.
  5. Harry & Sansa (Littlefinger is delusional)

    What bothers me about Sansa and LF in the Vale is this. Sansa is the wife of Tyrion and a fugitive in hiding because she is thought to be involved in King Joffrey’s death. I'm thinking LF is taking advantage/playing Sansa. LF spins this marvelous idea to Sansa (13 years of age ?) about being revealed at her & Harry’s wedding and the Vale lords bowing down to Eddard Starks daughter. Sansa is married and a fugitive. The Iron Throne, the seat of power in Westeros is held by the Lannisters who want Sansa and Tyrion for the death of the King. Would the Vale lords defy the King/Throne? The Mad Mouse has arrived at Sansa’s location. Somehow he got information about Sansa’s whereabouts? Brienne was wandering around looking for the girl. Brienne gets part of her face bitten off, ends up at LSH's place, gets partially hanged, shouts out a word and ends up seeking out Jaime. It doesn’t make sense. What's LF up to? If the Lannister's lose the Throne/Crown LF has no clout. Revealing Sansa to the Vale lords would cause a dilemma. They would have to go against the Throne or deliver Sansa to the Crown. It will be interesting to read how this works out.
  6. As Tyrion tells Bronn As Jaime tells Tyrion Who is lying? Who is telling the truth? It doesn’t matter because Tywin gave the order. Now imagine your sister, if you have one, being Tysha. It does not matter who is telling the truth. The girl did not deserve the treatment she received.
  7. Har de har harr, bait much do ya? Tyrion talks about the incident multiple times. Jaime's confessing to Tyrion about his [Jaime’s] collusion in the assault on the girl means nothing? Like words are wind? Soooooooooooo, Tryion miss remembers what happened when he was 13 and Jaime lies during his confession when Tyrion is in the dungeon. What ever the girls motive, she didn't deserve what happened. But hey, this gang rape of young Tyrion's wife is a hot topic. Never mind that young Tyrion's daddy was the instigator.
  8. Tough question. Are you going to participate and reveal yours? One of the least is what Tywin did to Tyrion & his crofter girl wife. Reason -- Tywin forced Jaime to be complicit in the lie. The girl was violently used and the ordeal pretty much convinced Tyrion that no woman would/could love him. One the most was when Yoren snatched up Arya in KL and tried to get her to WF. Also, he wouldn’t give up Gendry to the Gold Cloaks. Reason – Yoren didn’t have to protect either one of them. He chose to – as he told Arya:
  9. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Butting into your and Darkstream’s dialogue about the unkiss: Nothing happened. Sansa sang him a song. Not actually a song. More of a prayer. Her memory of the ^ was skewed. The Hound didn’t kiss her.
  10. A step back and a look at "time" in ASOIAF on the grand scale.

    A step back in time to an archived thread. It is interesting. DwD was released July 2011. The archived thread Time Travel Party Foul started in December of that year. Short thread only three pages. Started Dec 2011. Died out Jan 2013. Me personally, I think Martin is going to use Bran's greenseeing skills & the weirwoods as a device to reveal parts of the story. Wanted to help out even though I am not on board.
  11. Question about the bastard last name Pyke

    Maybe Crappie?
  12. Question about the bastard last name Pyke

    I do not know. There are fish named Pike that are aggressive. Maybe Martin is a fisherman and he decided to change the I to Y when writing his saga.
  13. 7 kingdoms as countries

    Sorry, sometimes my sense of humor overrides my better judgment. Every time I see your avatar and read the word Putin I think of fart jokes.
  14. Let's talk about Tysha and Lannister soldiers

    Why the fuck would a fan of this saga want to keep bringing this shyte up?. Reading the books it seems pretty clear to me that Tywin resented that he had fathered a dwarf child. I guess the ^ above was one of thoses sharp lessons. Strangely though Tywin doesn’t seem to pass the idea along that perhaps Tyrion might suffocate accidentally when Tyrion was a babe. I’m to lazy to look for the quote of when Tyrion was in the cells after Joffrey's death and Jaime told his truth about the situation. Words are wind I guess.