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  1. This is rather extreme in my opinion. Have you ever been in the military or been married to a member of the military? Area around military installations are/were hotbeds of brothels, loan sharks and dives. Also, in the past it there was the join the army or go to jail choice. The NW has in no way been described by the author as a monastic order. Whore (male or female) has a disgusting ring to it. Like calling someone a slut. A prostitute however has a business ring to it whether the person is male or female. It is a physically dangerous line of work. Martin doesn’t mention STD’s in Westeros, does he? He could get real graphic with that. Prostitution is a business. Men want what a prostitute (male or female) offers. Fortunately the old broads who were once innocent young broads can tell the young broads what to watch out for. In Westeros the women have a healer or abortionist that can supply them with a remedy better than a coat hanger. Have some tea dear?
  2. When is Manderly going to convince Stannis that Davos is not dead but on a mission to bring bring Manderly’s liege back to him? As of the end of DwD Manderly is flopping around on the floor after his throat or was that chins have been sliced. While I can appreciate your ideas and I thank you for providing your ideas they do not address how Manderly came to be in possession of Wex. There is really no answer until Martin releases WoW. A Dance with Dragons - Davos IV There was no parchment in the chamber. The boy carved the letters into a wooden beam in the wall. W … E … X. He leaned hard into the X. When he was done he flipped the dagger in the air, caught it, and stood admiring his handiwork. "Wex is ironborn. He was Theon Greyjoy's squire. Wex was at Winterfell." Glover sat. "How much does Lord Stannis know of what transpired at Winterfell?" Davos thought back on the tales they'd heard. "Winterfell was captured by Theon Greyjoy, who had once been Lord Stark's ward. He had Stark's two young sons put to death and mounted their heads above the castle walls. When the northmen came to oust him, he put the entire castle to sword, down to the last child, before he himself was slain by Lord Bolton's bastard." A Dance with Dragons - Davos IV The mute flipped the dagger, caught it, then flung it end over end at the sheepskin map that adorned Lord Wyman's wall. It struck quivering. Then he grinned. For half a heartbeat Davos considered asking Wyman Manderly to send him back to the Wolf's Den, to Ser Bartimus with his tales and Garth with his lethal ladies. In the Den even prisoners ate porridge in the morning. But there were other places in this world where men were known to break their fast on human flesh. Notice that when Wex threw his knife at the map in the above quote and it landed on a mark Davos thinks his thought. Inconclusive.
  3. I've been polite with you. I have not projected any thoughts on your posts. Frankly sweetheart, we got nuttin' left to say to each other.
  4. I was gonna say I don’t have a theory. Then I decided to check the definition. Theory - a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained. Synonyms: hypothesis, thesis, conjecture, supposition, speculation, postulation, postulate, proposition, premise, surmise, assumption, presupposition According to the definition I must admit, yeppers I got myself a theory. Who sits on the Iron Throne, the power base of Westeos? The Lannister’s do; under the guise that Tommen is Robert’s true born son. I do not dispute that one of Manderly’s sons died and the other was held hostage. I do not dispute that King Stannis with the help of the northern clans cleared Deepwood of the Ironborn. In between Cok and DwD ----- Manderly somehow managed to get hold of Wex. Any idea how that happened? Like I said, the fat man is tricksy. He hedged his bets and out smarted the Lannister’s and the Frey’s AND the Bolton’s ---- he brought no hostages to Barrowton. Paraphrasing, Manderly tells Davos his liege is Rickon. Go find him for me and I will support King Stannis. That is a contradiction in and of itself. So, yes if I go back to my for fun and for free comment that Manderly has Osha, Rickon and the wolf hidden away that means Manderly is lying to Davos and sending him on a wild goose chase in order to get Davos out of the way so that Manderly does not have to commit to King Stannis. Northerners love their Starks.
  5. The fat man is tricksy as proved by his interactions with the Lannister's and the Frey's. King Stannis sent his Hand to treat with him. Send Davos on a wild goose chase and he doesn't have to commit. Story wise as it stands at the end of DwD it is possible that after reading Stannis' letter about King Robert's children being born of adultery and incest that Manderly is hedging his bets.
  6. For me, the Wex & Manderly story is way off. I agree that I had no idea Wex was up a tree. The only thing I can come up with is A Clash of Kings - Bran VII "Then where?" asked Osha. "White Harbor . . . the Umbers . . . I do not know . . . war everywhere . . . each man against his neighbor, and winter coming . . . such folly, such black mad folly . . ." After Luwin sends the children away his conversation with Osha is not revealed. But Osha does later say to the children that A Clash of Kings - Bran VII "We'll go with Bran," said Jojen Reed. "Aye, I thought you might," said Osha. "Believe I'll try the East Gate, and follow the kingsroad a ways." Then for some reason, surprise, Manderly with no explanation has Wex in book five. This reader did not know until Martin told ---- that the word Brienne, as she was being hung said was "Sword". All I am trying to get across is that I do not know which place Wex’s knife marked on the map. Apparently Wex somehow managed to overhear and/or follow Rickon, Osha & the wolf then get captured and was able to convince his captors he had valuable information and needed to be taken to Manderly. Full disclosure, for fun and for free. I speculate that Manderly has Rickon, Osha and the wolf stashed and is sending Davos on a wild goose chase. The fat man is tricksy as proved by his interactions with the Lannister's and Frey's.
  7. On this we do agree.
  8. There you go again with the "we." I did not say what you said I said. With all the tinfoil and cracked pots floating around why is it difficult to imagine that Manderly is playing Davos like Manderly did the Lannister's and the Frey's? The thread in my opinion has brought forth some rather interesting ideas and thoughts. I haven't figured out how to toggle back and forth between the pages to capture poster quotes.
  9. I’m not sure what you are disputing. No, I do not think Wex can read or write fluently since the reference was made that he is being taught his letters.. I answer questions posed to me sometimes in a serious manor and sometimes in a jovial manner and sometimes I ignore the post entirely depending upon what I think. I try to type/write in terms of me & I. Throwing a dagger at a map has nada to do with his intelligence. He has ears to hear and eyes to see. Wex according to Martin is mute***. There is nothing in the novels that insinuates Wex knows how to read or write. How did Wex who supposedly followed and overheard conversations betwixt Osha & four year old Rickon come to be in Manderly’s control yet Osha, Rickon and the wolf evade capture? What could Wex possibly do when he is captured or turns himself in that makes his captors think that he is useful? Factious now ----- Lord Manderly we found this dirty, scruffy mute boy in the woods and we thought instead of killing him we would bring him here to you. Your Lordship he can’t speak but we thought he might have information you would want. You specifically said Wex followed them to the Bay of Seals.Since there are five books and approximately 5000 pages of story and I don't have an eidetic memory could you please show me the way. Someone else brought up the interesting thought and I am paraphrasing here ---- when did 12 year old Wex learn to read maps? Theon didn’t seek Wex out. The father of the boy included Wex in the bargaining price of a horse. I dunna know if Wex's daddy had his bastard taught to read letters or maps.
  10. There is in my opinion a problem with the Davos chapter. I’m assuming that in Martin’s moving around of chapters some information has been lost. Davos goes to Manderly looking for support for Stannis. Cool, makes some sense. Manderly puts on a show for the Frey’s. Cool, I can understand that after it is revealed. Manderly keeps Davos well fed and looked after while Davos is in the dungeon. Cool, I can understand the charade. Manderly wants his son back and the Iron Throne wants proof that Davos is dead. Now, either there is a mistake in that Davos chapter or Manderly is lying to Davos. Please look at the below quotes and the bolded statements. There is a conflict. The lords have been summoned to Barrowton and yet Manderly says he is going to WF. To add insult to injury Roose & Ramsey insinuate that Manderly did indeed go to Barrowton. A Dance with Dragons - Davos IV "Glover. Your seat was Deepwood Motte." "My brother Galbart's seat. It was and is, thanks to your King Stannis. He has taken Deepwood back from the iron bitch who stole it and offers to restore it to its rightful owners. Much and more has happened whilst you have been confined within these walls, Lord Davos. Moat Cailin has fallen, and Roose Bolton has returned to the north with Ned Stark's younger daughter. A host of Freys came with him. Bolton has sent forth ravens, summoning all the lords of the north to Barrowton. He demands homage and hostages … and witnesses to the wedding of Arya Stark and his bastard Ramsay Snow, by which match the Boltons mean to lay claim to Winterfell. Now, will you come with me, or no?" A Dance with Dragons - Davos IV "And now, my lord?" asked Davos. He had hoped to hear Lord Wyman say, And now I shall declare for King Stannis, but instead the fat man smiled an odd, twinkling smile and said, "And now I have a wedding to attend. I am too fat to sit a horse, as any man with eyes can plainly see. As a boy I loved to ride, and as a young man I handled a mount well enough to win some small acclaim in the lists, but those days are done. My body has become a prison more dire than the Wolf's Den. Even so, I must go to Winterfell. Roose Bolton wants me on my knees, and beneath the velvet courtesy he shows the iron mail. I shall go by barge and litter, attended by a hundred knights and my good friends from the Twins. The Freys came here by sea. They have no horses with them, so I shall present each of them with a palfrey as a guest gift. Do hosts still give guest gifts in the south?" A Dance with Dragons - Reek III "Forty wayns full of foodstuffs. Casks of wine and hippocras, barrels of fresh-caught lampreys, a herd of goats, a hundred pigs, crates of crabs and oysters, a monstrous codfish … Lord Wyman likes to eat. You may have noticed." "What I noticed was that he brought no hostages." "I noticed that as well." What I am going to ask is other that the infamous one horned goat quote is there any textual evidence that Rickon is on/at Skaggos? Is there any textual evidence that Wex followed Osha, Rickon and the wolf up the kingsroad to the shore of The Bay of Seals? Is there any textual evidence that Wex, Osha, Rickon and the wolf traveled from WF across Bolton, Karstark and Umber lands considering that Osha said: A Clash of Kings - Bran VII "We'll go with Bran," said Jojen Reed. "Aye, I thought you might," said Osha. "Believe I'll try the East Gate, and follow the kingsroad a ways."
  11. Unless you are carrying around a mouse in your pocket there isn't a we. Would you help me out and give me some text supporting your statement. Thanks. While speculation is fun and lets be honest here, speculation is all that there is past DwD since it ends with so many cliffhangers but let us call speculation what it is, okee dokee. I make many mistakes which people correct and I can be rather dense so I am going to ask you is there any textual reference to Rickon being in/at/on Skaggos other than the infamous unicorn. A Dance with Dragons - Jon I Far off, he could hear his packmates calling to him, like to like. They were hunting too. A wild rain lashed down upon his black brother as he tore at the flesh of an enormous goat, washing the blood from his side where the goat's long horn had raked him. In another place, his little sister lifted her head to sing to the moon, and a hundred small grey cousins broke off their hunt to sing with her. The hills were warmer where they were, and full of food. Many a night his sister's pack gorged on the flesh of sheep and cows and horses, the prey of men, and sometimes even on the flesh of man himself.
  12. I can agree with part of what you wrote. Storm of Swords is in my opinion a good book. In chapter 28 Cersei tells Sansa she is getting married to Tyrion. A Storm of Swords - Sansa III "Yes. You are a ward of the crown. The king stands in your father's place, since your brother is an attainted traitor. That means he has every right to dispose of your hand. You are to marry my brother Tyrion." The above happened after Sansa had been set aside so that Joff could marry Marg and before both the Red Wedding and the Purlple Wedding. In my opinion Sansa’s marriage to Tyrion happens because she told Dontos who told LF that the Tyrell’s were planning to whisk Sansa off to Highgarden. Robb dies in chapter 51 A Storm of Swords - Catelyn VII A man in dark armor and a pale pink cloak spotted with blood stepped up to Robb. "Jaime Lannister sends his regards." He thrust his longsword through her son's heart, and twisted. Joffrey gets married and dies in chapter 60. I can’t seem to find the quote that says the marriage takes place on the first day of the new century. In chapter 72 Jaime mentions fArya A Storm of Swords - Jaime IX She bit her lip. "You may not recall, my lord, as I was littler then . . . but I had the honor to meet you at Winterfell when King Robert came to visit my father Lord Eddard." She lowered her big brown eyes and mumbled, "I'm Arya Stark." Jaime had never paid much attention to Arya Stark, but it seemed to him that this girl was older. "I understand you're to be married." "I am to wed Lord Bolton's son, Ramsay. He used to be a Snow, but His Grace has made him a Bolton. They say he's very brave. I am so happy." And Jaime tells Brienne in chapter 72 A Storm of Swords - Jaime IX Brienne shook her head. "When Lord Bolton learns that your father paid him with false coin . . ." "Oh, he knows. Lannisters lie, remember? It makes no matter, this girl serves his purpose just as well. Who is going to say that she isn't Arya Stark? Everyone the girl was close to is dead except for her sister, who has disappeared." All of the above takes place in SoS before Tyrion kills Tywin in chapter 77. Tywin was very powerful in the Seven Kingdoms. A wheeler and dealer. A Feast for Crows - Jaime III Payne had been the captain of the Hand's guard when he had been heard boasting that it was Lord Tywin who ruled the Seven Kingdoms and told King Aerys what to do. Aerys Targaryen took his tongue for that. Basically all I have been saying is that people want Winterfell. If the Tytells, the Lannisters, the Boltons want WF so badly it must be important to the story. I pray to the old and the new gods that I got those chapter numbers right. As for contenders to the title of Lord/Lady of WF, I’m knocking out Bolton & fArya and Sansa & Tyrion. That leaves me with Bran or Rickon.
  13. Actually I didn't know that. I was trying to be funny,
  14. Numerous people have addressed this. Off topic but let’s talk about Wex --- he is 12 and given to Theon as part of a deal. I dunna think he has traveled the world of Westeros. A Clash of Kings - Theon II "Wex," he shouted over the din and clatter. If he's up with one of those poxy whores, I'll strip the hide off him, he was thinking when he finally spied the boy, dicing near the hearth . . . and winning too, by the look of the pile of coins before him. <snip> Wex had been born dumb . . . which didn't seem to keep him from being clever as any twelve-year-old had a right to be. He was a baseborn son of one of Lord Botley's half brothers. Taking him as squire had been part of the price Theon had paid for his horse. A Dance with Dragons - Davos IV Robett Glover took up the tale. "We may never know all that happened at Winterfell, when Ser Rodrik Cassel tried to take the castle back from Theon Greyjoy's ironmen. The Bastard of Bolton claims that Greyjoy murdered Ser Rodrik during a parley. Wex says no. Until he learns more letters we will never know half the truth … but he came to us knowing yes and no, and those can go a long way once you find the right questions." "It was the Bastard who murdered Ser Rodrik and the men of Winterfell," said Lord Wyman. "He slew Greyjoy's ironmen as well. Wex saw men cut down trying to yield. When we asked how he escaped, he took a chunk of chalk and drew a tree with a face." end quote. This is the problem I have with Wex. Manderly or his cohorts would have had to ask direct yes and no questions. In order for Wex to communicate Wex would need to draw pictures. Unless, Wex knows how to read & write. How did Manderly get Wex in custody and how long has Wex been in custody. I’m being facetious now, did they stand around pointing at places on a map saying to words out loud until Wex nodded in agreement? Did the cripple boy who rides in a basket upon the back of tall Hodor in the company of two crannynog children tell anyone they were going to the Wall or did the Liddle hear reports of the vagabond troupe traveling north via watchers in the woods and hills and decide to check it out? Rickon going to Skaggos is addressed above in the part that describes the problem I have with Wex. For clarification, you are saying Wex followed Osha, Rickon & Shaggy to the shore of the Bay of Seals and then was later apprehended and taken to White Harbor? I addressed this above. Would you agree that Jeyne W. is King Robb’s Queen? Whether she is pregnant or not, is she a contender to be Lady of WF? Both Tywin and Roose seem to under the impression that their sons need to get a baby in the belly of fArya and Sansa. BTW I don’t remember which happened first. The arrangement to give Roose fArya for Ramsey or marriage of Sansa to Tyrion. I do know that Sansa is the older of the two if that has any weight.
  15. This one, ten year old child, who speaks many languages, and was slave but now serve Mhysa does not understand.