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  1. Ummmm, I’m thinking that the Mad Mouse is a free agent looking to collect on some coins. He was able to locate Sansa while Brienne did not. Will the IT make good on Varys’ promise? I dunna know because Varys disappeared after the Tyrion/Tywin incident. I assume it was the royals who issued the bounty. I’m thinking Shadrich would need to deliver the girl to Cersei. As an aside ---- it appears to me that in these Sansa threads people kinda bypass the Sansa Lannister part.
  2. I don't think Sansa will marry Harry. It is some hogwash LF is telling her. Sansa Lannister is wanted in connection to King Joffrey's death. The Mad Mouse has found his target. Until the Lannister's are usurped and her marriage is annulled by hook or crook, Sansa is a fugitive. The War of the Five Kings is finished. The Vale did not participate. Why would the Vale lords now rise against the IT? As it stands Stannis is waging war on the new Warden of the North, Roose Bolton.
  3. Arrrrgh, boots. Dunna ya be runnin' girl. Spill da beans bout da boots. All playing aside I am having turrible trouble reeding or postulating on this site. Yes, yes spelling mistakes were intentional.
  4. I see a number of problems with this. Some of which may be wrong. Feel free to correct me. I’m thinking that Davos lost his good luck charm in the water at Blackwater Bay before he ended up on that rock/spear and was rescued by a passing ship. A Storm of Swords - Davos I The sail was almost on him. A few moments more, and the ship would be safely past, and he could die in peace. <snip> My luck. His shortened fingers patted at his chest, groping, finding nothing. The pouch was gone, and the fingerbones with them. <snip> Old habit made Davos reach for the leather pouch that was no longer there. "I lost it in the river." Davos rarely spent time around Shireen. Maester Pylos was the person who taught Davos to read. Shireen is at Castle Black with her mother. Davos is on a mission to find the Stark kid. The LC Snow and Val have a conversation in DwD Jon XI about grayscale/grey death which ends with A Dance with Dragons - Jon XI " Val seized his arm. "I want the monster out of there. Him and his wet nurses. You cannot leave them in that same tower as the dead girl." Jon shook her hand away. "She is not dead." "She is. Her mother cannot see it. Nor you, it seems. Yet death is there." As of the end of DwD’s --- The pink/bastard says Stannis is dead and LC Snow is dead or wounded. I do think Shireen is going die and that her death will somehow be a result of her grayscale or is that greyscale. I guess my question is if Davos had his lucky finger bone charm on him at the battle of Blackwater and Mel was at Dragonstone ---- how, when and where did she get Davos’ lucky charm? No, I do not see a fake glamored Davos luring Shireen in the flames.
  5. lol, book two
  6. While I can agree with your thoughts I would like to clarify I was not complaining merely expressing an opinion as you were.
  7. While it is fun and enjoyable to read the false history about the Targs it does nothing for ASOIAF unless it clears up the BR and Rhaegar mess. I am sincerely asking; a reader buys Martin’s A Game of Thrones and gets into the story only to find out that half of the information is missing. Not only is half the information missing Martin refuses to release the information. Unless a person is an obsessed fan of this never ending story the person is not going to purchase all the extra material. If Martin wants to leave a footprint his ASOIAF story must stand alone. His story is not going to stand alone until he releases the next two books. In the meantime I am not using the app, nor am I buying the coffee table book. Dunk and Egg was fun. Adventures that supplied information about BR who the reader doesn't meet until ASOIAF book five The person who randomly pick's up the A Game of Throne and reads all five books is not going to know who Bran meets in the CotF cave. Even Blood & Fire I is not going to address how Blodraven got into that cave, is it?
  8. I spy an old building. A theater. The building has been left to ruin for many years. Are there any engineers out there in internet land? I want to rebuild that old theater. What is the process? Do I have someone come in to investigate the space? Does someone tell me the pros and cons, the safety concerns, the permit laws and regulations, the amount of time and resources that will be involved in the renovation? Rebuilding the theater takes how many years? At least three? Meetings and details. The reason I mention this is not that I begrudge Martin and the projects he is involved in. He has done good works. Are there any television production people out there in internet land? How long does it take to get an idea for a show to the place where production actually occurs? Three years? There are a multitude of individuals involved. Most importantly the money lender. Meetings and details. I want to spend time with my spouse. I want to travel. I need to maintain my abode. I need to eat and sleep. I want to read books and play with my toys and write my books. I get side tracked with my multiple projects. Suggestions? Well, the analyst says ---- pick a priority. You have some age on you now, if your writing is a priority I suggest that you take a sabbatical. Go. Close off the daily interruptions. Submerse yourself in your story. Complete it. If, of course that is your priority. Otherwise stfu and hire a PR person and get a new editor. Btw, I am proud that you are getting your, what is it called, Grillmillion published in two volumes. Yes, yes, I understand the second volume is incomplete. I have to confess though; since the Dunk and Egg tales are incomplete, and the ASOIAF series is incomplete I really do feel the need to disclose that in my opinion you lack credibility and I no longer purchase nor read trilogies until they are complete. Sooooooooooo, my bill will arrive within the week. Prompt payment will be appreciated.
  9. I’m curious as to what is happening toward the end of DwD’s. Vic has lost half his fleet while on his journey to Dany. Who ferried the Golden Company across the sea? How many ships does Euron have at his disposal? A Dance with Dragons - The Iron Suitor In the Stepstones they had taken on grain and game and fresh water, after the long voyage along the bleak and barren coast of Dorne with its shoals and whirlpools. There, the Iron Victory had captured a fat merchant ship, the great cog Noble Lady, on her way to Oldtown by way of Gulltown, Duskendale, and King's Landing, with a cargo of salt cod, whale oil, and pickled herring. The food was a welcome addition to their stores. Five other prizes taken in the Redwyne Straights and along the Dornish coast—three cogs, a galleas, and a galley—had brought their numbers to ninety-nine. Nine-and-ninety ships had left the Stepstones in three proud fleets, with orders to join up again off the southern tip of the Isle of Cedars. Forty-five had now arrived on the far side of the world. Twenty-two of Victarion's own had straggled in, by threes and fours, sometimes alone; fourteen of Ralf the Limper's; only nine of those that had sailed with Red Ralf Stonehouse. Red Ralf himself was amongst the missing. To their number the fleet had added nine new prizes taken on the seas, so the sum was fifty-four … but the captured ships were cogs and fishing boats, merchantmen and slavers, not warships. In battle, they would be poor substitutes for the lost ships of the Iron Fleet. The last ship to appear had been the Maiden's Bane, three days previous. The day before that, three ships had come out of the south together—his captive Noble Lady, lumbering along between Ravenfeeder and Iron Kiss. But the day before and the day before there had been nothing, and only Headless Jeyne and Fear before that, then two more days of empty seas and cloudless skies after Ralf the Limper appeared with the remnants of his squadron. Lord Quellon, White Widow, Lamentation, Woe, Leviathan, Iron Lady, Reaper's Wind, and Warhammer, with six more ships behind, two of them storm-wracked and under tow. Taking into consideration the app and the preview chapters what do you see happening at Meereen during Dany’s absence? What is the outcome of Vic’s invasion of Meereen?
  10. In the realms of power, wealth and status as takes place in Westeros love is not #1 on the list of top priorities.
  11. I can actually get on board with this. From reading your post you have in my mind pretty much summed up my thoughts.
  12. The only dead weirwood tree that I know of is on Lord Tytos Blackwood lands. It is said that the stumps of cut down weirwoods never rot. For some odd reason the ravens like to roost in weirwood trees even at the Citadel. A Dance with Dragons - Jaime I Through their thick, diamond-shaped panes of yellow glass Jaime glimpsed the gnarled limbs of the tree from which the castle took its name. It was a weirwood ancient and colossal, ten times the size of the one in the Stone Garden at Casterly Rock. This tree was bare and dead, though. "The Brackens poisoned it," said his host. "For a thousand years it has not shown a leaf. In another thousand it will have turned to stone, the maesters say. Weirwoods never rot." "They come at dusk and roost all night. Hundreds of them. They cover the tree like black leaves, every limb and every branch. They have been coming for thousands of years. How or why, no man can say, yet the tree draws them every night." Blackwood settled in a high-backed chair. "For honor's sake I must ask about my liege lord." Oddly Bloodraven is a progeny of a Blackwood and a Targ. BR choose as his personal coat of arms a white dragon with red eyes on a black field. The sigil of the Blackwood’s is a dead weirwood tree surrounded by ravens. This is where I get lost. I don’t understand the connection between Blackfyre and Blackwood If a tree produces leaves and sap it is not dead. It can be wounded and become ill. No, I dunna believe the weirwood trees are undead as speculated in the original post. My inclination after reading five books is to look at the connection of old gods, CotF, weirwoods, and ravens. Especially considering that Bran ends up in the cave with BR, the CotF and ravens.
  13. Leech, Billy and Kissed great stuff.
  14. Sorry sadly I am not well versed to give a show and tell. People have been saying the tag is a song of ice and fire. The tag is song of ice and fire. You will need to look at Martin's blog. He seems to use different tags for different subjects. If you look at the Alas post you will see that he used song of ice and fire not a song of ice and fire. Your guess is as good as mine as to why he uses different tags. Did you by any chance click the song of ice and fire tag in his Alas post? Did you read three pages of his blog and arrive at Dragon Time. .. shite... look on the side of his blog and read the multiple tags. Click and see if you can find the difference.
  15. Har!