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  1. So was I, but ya gotta gimme kudos for trying to spin the tinfoil. Glad you liked it.
  2. Okee dokey what just happened? I wanna know what the spoiler was and I want to know why you changed your avatar to what looks like a mound of skulls or a diseased kidney.
  3. Okay, this is what happened. Back when BR was LC of the NW the told his underling in training, Qorgyle, to be on the lookout for a wildling boy. Then BR disappeared. Qorgyle became LC of the NW. One day when the rangers stationed at Shadow Tower were ranging they came upon a group of wildlings. They killed all except the boy with the raven wing helm. We don’t know exactly what BR told Qorgyle before he disappeared but Qorgyle passed the information on to the underling in training Mormont. Mance being a wildling child is utter nonsense. Qorgyle, Mallister, Halfhand, and Mormont all knew that RhaeMan was actually Darry in disguise. Darry in the disguise of RhaeMan happened upon the CotF while he was out ranging singing his songs. The CotF told him he must contact LF in KL. LF sent RhaeMan to WF there upon RhaeMan mind skinchanged Jaime when Jaime was doing the wild thang with Cersei. LF thru the mind skinchange of BR thereby told Jaime to rescue and then let Bran go to fall to his death. The RhaeMan, CotF and LF thang is what influenced Cat to behave in the manner she did about Eddard’s bastard. Wait, when RhaeMan disguised as Darry met Jon Snow …. End BS, that is all I got. Ummmmmmm, on second thought, maybe this thread should be linked with these threads
  4. Thank you. Pun as in saying,”Donald, stop.” Verb definition of pun: make a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word. Donald in the above instance can refer to Donald Duck or Donald Trump. Noun definition of pun: a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words that sound alike but have different meanings (synonyms or is that homonyms). Daffy Duck on the other hand can can be used as a caricature to Donald Trumps behavior. Caricature: a picture, description, or imitation of a person or thing in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect. Again thank you. Edit: If I didn’t know what it meant and my British neighbor invited me over for some spotted dick (Spotted dick is a British pudding, made with suet and dried fruit and often served with custard) I would try my best to decline the invitation. There is all kind of comedy in that. Suet is what I go to the store to buy for the birds.
  5. Sorry, I got locked out for a few minutes .
  6. Donald, stop.
  7. I don’t think there is any religious endgame in this saga. I think the religions in ASOIAF are merely part of Martin’s world building exercise. An example of what I am trying to articulate is that most human beings believe in something greater than themselves, be it deity or ethic. Does not matter what country or culture a person lives in, the person adopts the norm of where they were born and raised. Until the individual starts to question the dogma the individual keeps doing the same thing over and over. Most religions in the real world are eerily similar. I am not an academic who has studied religion. I have though gone on my own search for clarity as it relates to my life. Fundamentalists and extremists terrify me. As to Euron and the Ironborn – I do hope Euron summons the Drowned god. I hope the Drowned god is a huge kraken. I hope that kracken snatches Euron off of the deck of his ship and takes Euron to the watery depths. My statement about this fictional character and his brethren may sound harsh and judgmental. Tough shite. What I take away from ASOIAF saga is that people believe what they believe and use that belief to justify their actions. Most every character is this saga believes that they righteous in their behavior. The question is how to live harmoniously. Isn’t going to happen. AND I give you a thumbs up and a .
  8. I was lurking around reading the posts. I had not signed in yet and that add blocker message came up at the bottom of the page. I also have a warning that is not secure.
  9. Could it possibly be that all the god stuff in the books is a shout out to the modern day world? As in, my god is the only god? Poor god whatever its name is gets the short end of the stick every time. Its just sittin’ up in the heavens looking down smiling and sometimes crying thinkin’ the piss ants will never learn, they just keep killing each other in my name. Dogma, a principle or set of principles lain down by an authority as incontrovertibly true. How many times throughout history has god been blamed for atrocities that humanity committed? Take a gander at the list of religions Martin wrote into his story. In the particular instance of Mel and her R'hllor there is an adversary. The Great Other, whose name can't be mentioned. Smoke and mirrors, the Ironborn hold a man under water long enough to almost drown him, yank the man out of the water, and if the timing isn't quite right, and he can't be revived, blame the death on god.
  10. I am not a fan of the Rheagar Mance theory. Rhaegar died. Martin said the body was cremated. The thing I don’t often see brought up in the RhaeMan threads is at least two men saw dead Rhaegar. Granted the quote doesn’t mention Rhaegar’s helmet -- whether it fell of when Rheagar hit the ground or whether in a fit of fury, King Bob yanked it off after Rheagar hit the ground. Either way, I think Robert would want to look upon the face of the man he believed raped his Lyanna. As much as I want Mance to have an interesting story in the upcoming books I don’t think Martin is going to keep Mance around very long. Hopefully Mance won’t be written out until he discloses how he came to be in possession of that raven winged helmet and reveals who Qhorin Halfhand was before he came to the Wall. Jonothor Darry, this is what the coffee table book says. He died. A personal opinion I have is that not every cracked pot, tinfoil theory can be backed up by merely saying witnesses, characters, and text material is unreliable and biased.
  11. Back to the make up thawg, pumpkin is not a good color especially for Caucasians It took a while for companies to get that insta tan correct.
  12. Shucks, don't matter. This is the age of Trump.
  13. I agree that here has been no evidence that Mance can read. The thing with Mance is I don't know his age. I don't know if he left the NW while Qorgyle was LC or if Mance left while Mormont was LC. Halfhand was stationed at Shadow Tower. Halfhand is the one who gives Jon the story about Mance. Mallister, the boss at Shadow Tower was the one who tried to make Mance get rid of his tattered cloak. Expanding on the quote you provided If I have an enemy standing on top of an ice wall who is going to rain arrows down upon me and my men I had better come up with a plan of defense before I attack. As has been said, tactics were common sense. It that is an unacceptable response, I will go back to what I said in my post in this thread.
  14. The Great Other whose name may not be said? It surely can't be the caricature of the Night King that is provided by the thing that cannot be mentioned in the book forum. According to Mel and Moqorro. Bran the coma boy woke up when he saw the heart of winter. The Great Other’s domain is supposed to be death and the dead are his soldiers. Wight's are dead things, human and animal. The Other's are graceful, speak a language and like the wights have blue eyes and appear at twilight. So WHO is the Great Other that lives in the Land of Always Winter? I didn't buy the coffee table book. This is what the search site"bring+the+cold" I do not know.
  15. What Sansa smelled on her auntie was sour milk that could not be disguised by the smell of perfume. Back before there was hot and cold running water coming out of a faucet people did what is call washing high and low. Evidently Lysa didn't wash that day. I would think that there was stuff available to the women of Planetos to paint lips, brows and lashes especially since there were mummer shows traveling around. The broads in the olden days used to pinch their cheeks and bite their lips to add a bit of color. Sounds a little painful.