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  1. The Children of the Forest inhabited Westeros. The First Men arrive. Then the Andals. Then the Targs. I guess there was a bit of mixing going on. Since the Westeors history seems to have started about 8000 years ago the Other's/White Walkers and their wights may have been hanging around in the shadows.
  2. I want it to end in 2018. New buzz word--- penultimate --- last but one in a series of things; second to the last. "the penultimate chapter of the book"----synonyms ---- next-to-last, second-to-last, second-last I dunna know the business transactions but it seems to me questionable that an author would let loose of his unfinished baby and a network would pick up an unfinished work. At this point I will take what I can get. I don’t watch the show as it airs. Sure Martin’s books will be more in-depth. I just accept that much quoted paraphrased “we know the ending.” Or was that --- we guessed who Jon Snow’s mother was/is. Marin releases the WoW & DoS sometime after 2017 but before 2050 when he reaches 102? Yeah, I’m exaggerating. So in the mean time I have the insinuation of Dany & Jon getting their Targ on. Hopefully, the production does their thawg and I get an ending in 2018. Then Martin can do his walk of shame.
  3. Ever heard about the browning of America? White supremacy is passé. As the law makers age and pass on they will be replaced by mestizo’s and mulato’s. Save your outrage. I mean this in a positive sense. My two handsome, intelligent sons are a mix of Fillipo and Caucasian. There comes a time when issues and agenda’s cannot be mixed. Why do people join groups? To be more specific why are there gangs of violent characters wandering around?
  4. Who are you channeling? Facts, facts, facts I don't need no stinking facts. I have social media. Exsqueeze me but who elected the pumpklin as the POTUS? He didn't get my vote.
  5. Wasn’t this about religion, though? Christian’s vs Muslim’s? Slaves in Barbary fell into two broad categories. The 'public slaves' belonged to the ruling pasha, who by right of rulership could claim an eighth of all Christians captured by the corsairs, and buy all the others he wanted at reduced prices. These slaves were housed in large prisons known as baños (baths), often in wretchedly overcrowded conditions. They were mostly used to row the corsair galleys in the pursuit of loot (and more slaves) - work so strenuous that thousands died or went mad while chained to the oar. Gerrit Metzon I had not heard of until you mentioned the name. Algiers piracy I had heard of. What nationality was Metzon?
  6. I’m inclined to agree with Edric being part of Martin’s Storm’s End plot. As to Edric’s location I tend to go with Davos’ thoughts rather than the appendix. A Dance with Dragons - Davos II Davos was a simple man, raised up by chance and war and Stannis. He did not understand why the gods would take four lads as young and strong as his sons, yet spare their weary father. Some nights he thought he had been left to rescue Edric Storm … but by now King Robert's bastard boy was safe in the Stepstones, yet Davos still remained. Do the gods have some other task for me? he wondered. If so, White Harbor may be some part of it. A Dance with Dragons - Davos III "Can you offer any proof of this incest, ser?" Maester Theomore asked, folding his soft hands atop his belly. Edric Storm, thought Davos, but I sent him far away across the narrow sea, to keep him safe from Melisandre's fires. "You have the word of Stannis Baratheon that all I've said is true." But who knows – maybe the appendix is correct and Davos is wrong. Or maybe a mistake occurred somewhere. Like Manderly telling Davos he had a wedding to attend at WF when the lords where actually summoned to Barrowton. A Dance with Dragons - Davos IV He had hoped to hear Lord Wyman say, And now I shall declare for King Stannis, but instead the fat man smiled an odd, twinkling smile and said, "And now I have a wedding to attend. <snip> Even so, I must go to Winterfell. Roose Bolton wants me on my knees, and beneath the velvet courtesy he shows the iron mail. I shall go by barge and litter, attended by a hundred knights and my good friends from the Twins. The Freys came here by sea. They have no horses with them, so I shall present each of them with a palfrey as a guest gift. Do hosts still give guest gifts in the south?" And according to Roose and Ramsey Manderly actually shows up at Barrowton before Roose decides to move the wedding to WF. So I dunna know. Davos thinks Edric & his protectors headed to Stepstones. Appendix says Edric is on Lys. Maybe A JonCon chapter got moved around and that's why the appendix says Edric is at Lys. I do think Edric is going to play a part at Storms End.
  7. Has it been disclosed why that chopper with two state troopers crashed? That was the news, right.
  8. Glad that someone picked up on the plight of the native american. History ain't all about the black. Before ?Americans embraced the slave trade they pushed the native population off their land. Yes, it would be cool if we could all sit together in some sort of purifying peyote ritual.
  9. I don't comprehend what you are alluding to. I'm kinda dense.
  10. You know, I am ignorant to all the bs that transpires on internet forums. Meaning I am not sure how to evaluate your remark. American's have a very short history. Problem is that people jump on bandwagons without knowing context---- Race relations in the USA aren't going to change with the removal of Confederate Statues.There is so much more to the short history of the USA. As to the race relations which part do people not understand? Native people were pushed off their land by Europeans. The decedents of European people brought slavery to the shores of the now USA. The African’s were complicit in the slave trade. That does not make the slave trade and the receivers or exporters immune from punishment. Our news media decides what is shown. That is a lot of power. They can incite massive turbulence. Has it been disclosed why that helicopter carrying two Virginia State Troopers crashed?
  11. I just realized something about this thread --- group think. Keep on keeping on.
  12. Not cool. I went thorough all that word play for nada
  13. People yap about slavery in the USA. Yeah it happened. European people who arrived at the shores of ?America first pushed the native population off their lands before they brought African slavery to their shores.
  14. Correct. If you perchance read the article it said, " Trump ain’t going to do it." Deflect what.
  15. The Office of the Pardon Attorney has announced President Obama has denied clemency to imprisoned Native American activist Leonard Peltier. Peltier is a former member of the American Indian Movement who was convicted of killing two FBI agents during a shootout on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in 1975. He has long maintained his innocence. Amnesty International condemned the decision.
  16. Discussion can not be forthcoming when people try to put words into other peoples mouths. The below is the statement I made.
  17. Ohhhhhhh, now we are going to play with words. Are not biases towards other folks prejudices’? Dictionary definition is ---- preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. WTF does that mean? Racism should be understood as a spectrum? Thank you. Already been down the road of the bigotry definition --- intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself. Let’s go down the road of dictionary definition of bias --- prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair. People can huff and puff --- this is right, this is wrong. Shite, I just read an online newspaper article comments and a person wanted to know why there were confederate statues in Baltimore.
  18. Book readers and show viewers what do you think about the writer’s opinion? The article isn’t extremely long.
  19. I had to correct my prior post if you care to check it. These Nazi wannabes are fruit loops. My saying that makes me a bigot by definition. To try to have a meaningful conversation about the motivation of the off the wall survivalists, gun toting goof balls, white supremacists, and religious fundamentalists--- see what I did there ---defeats the purpose. Common sense does not always win. Sometimes people are just stupid. Did anyone pay attention the If a person were to actually go to the Holocaust Museum located in Washington, DC ---- the person would understand the depths of evil the Nazi regime adhered to --- homosexuals, gypsies, Jews, non-whites it made no difference. The problem arises when little neo nobody’s attach themselves to a cause which isn’t really a cause. The Klan has no real power. There are pockets of slimy bottom feeders to be sure. Saying all of that by dictionary definition makes me a bigot.
  20. My point stands. Are we all bigots.
  21. Har! I do have a choice. There is no need to block you. Freedom of speech and all dat.
  22. No dear, I am choosing not to let you put your words to my thoughts.
  23. Everybody has a story.
  24. Chose your words wisely.