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  1. No offense taken. I'm not a fan of the ^ either. I guess I could have stated it better. Been more blunter.
  2. It’s a difficult question. I guess it depends where the Merling King has been and what Oswell has heard. A Feast for Crows - Alayne II The Merling King's returned to Gulltown, and old Oswell had some tales to tell./ Merling King was the ship that moved Sansa from KL to the Fingers in SoS. Arya spotted the Merling King in Braavos during FfC. Around KL rumor has it that Stannis has hired the Golden Company, while another rumor says the GC is headed to Volantis. A Feast for Crows - Cersei IV "Whilst we await Lord Walder's death, there is another matter," said Aurane Waters. "The Golden Company has broken its contract with Myr. Around the docks I've heard men say that Lord Stannis has hired them and is bringing them across the sea." <snip> "Little enough," Cersei assured him. "Lord Qyburn has spoken to the crew of that Myrish galley in the bay. They claim the Golden Company is making for Volantis. If they mean to cross to Westeros, they are marching in the wrong direction."/ Later in DwD there are reports that the Golden Company is/has landing/ed. And Jon Con says let them think it is Stannis’ work. A Dance with Dragons - Cersei I "We have had reports of sellswords landing all over the south," Ser Kevan was saying. "Tarth, the Stepstones, Cape Wrath … where Stannis found the coin to hire a free company I would dearly love to know./ A Dance with Dragons - The Griffin Reborn Even before they had sailed from Volon Therys, he had instructed his captains to show no banners during these first attacks—not Prince Aegon's three-headed dragon, nor his own griffins, nor the skulls and golden battle standards of the company. Let the Lannisters suspect Stannis Baratheon, pirates from the Stepstones, outlaws out of the woods, or whoever else they cared to blame. If the reports that reached King's Landing were confused and contradictory, so much the better./ I’m going say I don’t think LF knows about Varys’ Aegon plan. Since FfC and DwD run in tandem it is sometimes for me to know what is happening when. There is no Sansa chapters in DwD so I’m going to assume what LF knows is in reference to the rumors and goings on taking place in KL.
  3. On average children think their parents stupid. When the children become parents they realize their parents knew what they were talking about. Now the children’s children think they are stupid ---- is that a loop?
  4. That is my thought about time travel and loops.
  5. Girlie, I do not know it you are talking Martin's short story or the Starlady video. It will be difficult to get the books. They started in 1990's. The show is in my opinion good.
  6. Not, a problem. I haven't read Marin's other works. Don't intend to. I did like his recommendation of Hap & Leonard. Starlady's video talk was interesting.
  7. As to the thread title. No. These preview chapters, I'm thinking there are about 11 of them, were shared at conventions and on Martin's site. Public. It was the Theon chapter that interested me. That one was a reject from DwD and happened before Jon Snow was knifed. Actually all were interesting. They all give a preview of what is coming but sadly I am in a state of limbo because the WoW is still floating around the twilight zone.
  8. Depends on what your definition of Starlady is. Iffin you be referring to ---- nope that is not me.
  9. Spin it to me, please. Thamks.
  10. Jeyne didna say “we flew.” Theon said we flew. Whether that makes a difference to your thread I dunna know. The way I see it, the 3 eyed crow interfered in Bran’s coma dreams, snapping Bran out of the coma. Book one, Bran lapses into a coma. Bran awakes paralyzed. Book five paralyzed eleven year old Bran is flying with the ravens and running with the wolves. Book six ---- who knows. Serious question. How does Martin get Bran out of the cave? Or does Martin leave Bran in the cave? Bran & companions barely made it to their destination. I don’t think that without the elk & Coldhands they will be able to find their way back the magical Black Gate. Plus they would need a man of the nights watch to say the special words to open the gate at the Nightfort. I know there is a back entrance to the CotF cave that is located three leagues north from the warded front entrance. To access that back entrance a person would need to climb down a sinkhole. To get out of the sinkhole a person would need to climb out a sinkhole. Does that require a rope and an anchor (a heavy object attached to a rope or chain, typically one having a metal shank with a ring at one end for the rope and a pair of curved and/or barbed flukes at the other)? Thread title: Anyone else getting the feeling Bran is going to fall from a really tall height? This anyone thinks that Bran fell from a really tall height when Jaime tossed Bran from a window. How does Bran get out of the cave or does he?
  11. On first read the author led me down the garden path. I din't much like it. Thing is the author failed to follow through with his multiple Jon baby momma drama. This stuff about eye color meaning more than it is intended to mean is ludicrous. My mom had brown eyes. My dad had smokey blue. I have hazel. Knowing what I know about my family dunna even try to tell me mudder mixed it up with someone other than my dad. Damn, wilya please Mr. Martin let loose of WoW.
  12. Har! Add to that no back up information and no camaraderie.
  13. It would be helpful if the original poster clarified their thought. All in all I liked hearing what Martin has to say in his words about what he wrote. Yep.
  14. Golly, one of de na na's children who is about the size of a horse gets wighted? Do tell. You lost me on dat one. You be talking about the wildling skinchanger? I frekking ice dragon ---- not possible----where you find this.
  15. As I said, Ros could talk and tell. Ros knew what was going to happen. Point is kittycat ---- Ros did not disclose what she knew--- Ros is complaisant. For some reason I do not think that the word complaisant is the word I was looking for. Ros knew. Ros said nada. Yes, LSH is apt to whack her.
  16. She was there and did nothing to prevent it. Regardless she couldn't do anything. All Ros had to do was talk and tell.
  17. Would Lady Stoneheart kill Roslin? Sure, why not? She was involved, she could have tipped off Edmure but she didn't. Ros knew --- Ros said nadda --- if LSH knows that Roslin knew what Ros knew ---- yep.
  18. Based on what Martin said I would agree. Taming a dragon is different than trying to tame a cat, a horse, a dog ---- none of them can turn around and fry you to a crisp. Our fellow posters may disagree. In this interview Martin was hyping the WOIAF in 2014. Can Drogon beat Smog --- No --- Drogon is barely large enough to get Dany in the sky. Let me take a few notes. The interview was in 2014 for WOIAF. DWD was released in 2011. Knight of the Seven Kingdoms was released in 2015. Fire & Blood volume one is due for release this year or next. There is a caveat concerning Yandel & Gyldayn. Does that mean that Fire & Blood is Gyldayn’s tale? The ability to tame a dragon is not a simple process. More will be revealed in the GRRMallion. Is that Fire & Blood?
  19. You have been around long enough to know the word play. Some of the stuff Martin writes can’t be pigeonholed into either or. In the story “stealing’ means different things to different people. Ygritte believes Jon stole her when he physically bested her. Jon believes he captured an enemy. Sounds like a cultural problem to me. As I know Jon did not kill her. He let her go free. When Jon is captured by the free folk she defends him. She claims her man. The wildlings, as the people south of the Wall name them, are diverse groups. They refer to themselves as free folk or whatever name they are given to call themselves, such as Hornfoot, Thenns, etc. I doubt that all the groups follow the same mating ritual (s). The northmen seem to follow a bonding rite in front of a heart tree. The supposition is the families set the terms of the marriage. With the free folk it doesn’t seem to work that way. Tormund & Jon chat about how Longspear took Munda out of his tent. It doesn’t say whether Tormund was at home at the time ---- it’s kinda open ended as to whether Tormund would have stopped the process. A few of Munda’s brothers did put up a fight. A Storm of Swords - Jon X "You bloody crows." Tormund's tone was gruff, yet strangely gentle. "That Longspear stole me daughter. Munda, me little autumn apple. Took her right out o' my tent with all four o' her brothers about. Toregg slept through it, the great lout, and Torwynd . . . well, Torwynd the Tame, that says all that needs saying, don't it? The young ones gave the lad a fight, though." "And Munda?" asked Jon. "She's my own blood," said Tormund proudly. "She broke his lip for him and bit one ear half off, and I hear he's got so many scratches on his back he can't wear a cloak. She likes him well enough, though. And why not? He don't fight with no spear, you know. Never has. So where do you think he got that name? Har!"/ Raiders do what raiders do. They raid and take what they fancy. Of course the people living south of the Wall are going to be angry about someone killing people & stealing their possessions. In this story most of the time women & children fall into the possession category. Raiders are a group within a group. A spearwife is a fighting woman such as Ygritte & Osha. The below quote happens when the wildlings are trying to get over the Wall to attack CB and really doesn’t add any support to my opinion. I’m putting it here to show what raiders do. A Storm of Swords - Jon IV The Wall did not awe Jarl's raiders, Jon saw. They have done this before, every man of them. Jarl called out names when they dismounted beneath the ridge, and eleven gathered round him. All were young. The oldest could not have been more than five-and-twenty, and two of the ten were younger than Jon. Every one was lean and hard, though; they had a look of sinewy strength that reminded him of Stonesnake, the brother the Halfhand had sent off afoot when Rattleshirt was hunting them. <snip> Along the east coast the raiders most often built boats to slip across the Bay of Seals. In the west they would descend into the black depths of the Gorge to make their way around the Shadow Tower. But in between the only way to defeat the Wall was to go over it, and many a raider had. Fewer come back, though, he thought with a certain grim pride. Climbers must of necessity leave their mounts behind, and many younger, greener raiders began by taking the first horses they found. Then a hue and cry would go up, ravens would fly, and as often as not the Night's Watch would hunt them down and hang them before they could get back with their plunder and stolen women. Jarl would not make that mistake, Jon knew, but he wondered about Styr. The Magnar is a ruler, not a raider. He may not know how the game is played./ Personally I agree with Jon’s line of thinking. He captured an enemy. Ygritte disagrees with Jon & I. Tormund the father of Munda did not seem to be upset about Munda. I think that when raiders take women from south of the Wall it is kidnapping while the raiders think they are merely plundering from their enemy. Why do men take women during their warring? In the USA for many a year domestic disputes were left to be handled by the family. If the extended family wasn’t interested, too bad you made your bed now lay in it. That of course is dependent upon the social and economical standing. I did.
  20. That may be what the app said. I don't have. According the CoK Jaqen set up the soup plan. A Clash of Kings - Arya IX "A girl will obey," Arya said. "What should I do?" "A hundred men are hungry, they must be fed, the lord commands hot broth. A girl must run to the kitchens and tell her pie boy." "Broth," she repeated. "Where will you be?" "A girl will help make broth, and wait in the kitchens until a man comes for her. Go. Run." Yep, that happens.
  21. I have no definitive answer merely a supposition. My personal interpretation is Roose knew or if you prefer suspected. The relevance in my opinion is that Arya was present and involved with Roose. As the saga progresses, when and if it does, Arya will potentially have information that transpired at Harrenhal during Roose’s tenure. This still leaves me with how does Arya Stark prove she is the daughter of Eddard? I’m not trying to be contrary. Roose is a cagey man. If he knew his cup bearer was Arya it matters not considering the circumstances. A Clash of Kings - Arya X "My lord," she asked, "will you take me with you when you leave Harrenhal?" He turned to stare at her, and from the look in his eyes it was as if his supper had just spoken to him. " A Clash of Kings - Arya X For a moment he looked amused. "I will answer you, just this once. I mean to give Harrenhal to Lord Vargo when I return to the north. You will remain here, with him." Roose is going to leave Arya in Vargo’s control. Roose at one time or another musta came calling at WF. If Roose did call at WF he musta seen Eddard's children. The only straw that I have is that Roose put two and two together concerning Arya/Nan saying “My Lord.” S-T-R-E-T-C-H. Roose gets a bit testy with Theon about the My Lord/m'lord. A Dance with Dragons - Reek III He did not understand. "My lord? I said—" "—my lord, when you should have said m'lord. Your tongue betrays your birth with every word you say. If you want to sound a proper peasant, say it as if you had mud in your mouth, or were too stupid to realize it was two words, not just one." I shared with you. You shared with me. Thanks and cheers.
  22. I realize you are conversing with another poster. I wanted to add my penny's worth. I have done the mental gymnastics as to when Bolton threw in with Tywin. I have not come up with a textual answer that is satisfactory in my pea brain. All speculation and assumption on my part until Martin lets loose of the you know what. Even then this fArya bit isn’t going to matter because I the reader already know that fArya escaped WF with Theon. Theon can identify Arya Stark. Who is going to believe him given his history Depending on when Roose cut the deal with Lannister ---- if Roose came to the conclusion his cup bearer is Arya Stark --- if Roose already has a fake promised to him ---- what better way to deal with the real deal than to let her perish at Harenhall. Let’s say Tywin communicates with Roose. Never know what dem maesters and raven be up to. Was there a maester at Harrenhal? Tywin writes to Roose---- I will give you a girl who is easy to manipulate and will give your legitimized bastard son the womb of WF. The tricky part for me is which book did Martin give Jeyne to Bolton and which book did Tywin marry Sansa to Tyrion. In this instance chapters/pov’s don’t really matter because the story telling is out of whack, as in there is no continuity in Martin’s in book story ---one chapter forward & two chapters back. If the child Arya Stark had revealed herself at Harrenhal after the soup thing that was Jaqen’s idea would anyone believe her? when she said she was Eddard's long missing daughter. It is not until Arya is traveling with the Hound and she is taken by the brotherhood that a Stark loyalist recognizes her and then she is ripe for ransom. Back to Roose and whether he knew his cup bearer was Arya Stark ---- I’ll go out on a limb and say yes he knew and I will further say Roose figured Arya would die at Harrenhal. I’ll step out on a twig and say Arya can claim she is the daughter of Eddard ----- what proof does she have? In story she has no proof of who she is. It all depends on how deeply a person wants to delve into the story of what happened when and supply the relevant quotes. In the end, if it ever come to fruition, whether Roose knew Arya was Arya isn't going to matter.
  23. Lena Headey in Merlin 1998
  24. interesting non biased discussion going on over on reddit. the link doesn't seam to work. use your seach engine ----reddit asoiaf