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  1. Recommendations for two weeks in Japan

    Osaka Castle- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osaka_Castle also great baseball here in Sept. Hanshin Tigers schedule- http://www.thehanshintigers.com/schedule/2017-2/september-2017/
  2. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Well yeah I get that point as well, unfortunately my country rolled the dice and decided electing this idiot would be a good idea. I have noted that all the people at work who were gloating about thinking Trump would be so great (during the campaign) are now absolutely silent, none of them are bragging about voting for him now. It reminds me of the Iraq war cheerleaders only this has happened in a much, much, faster basis.
  3. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Thanks for this point. This is what I was trying to point out, but you've made it much more concise and clear. Trump cant help but get in his own way.....thats a good thing imo.
  4. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Pence, being the more competent person, would not neccesarrily be a good thing though. If the Orange nutjob cannot stay focused on implementing his agenda, why would we want to replace him with a religious zealot, but able minded 2nd in command who will stay focussed and actually get more terrible stuff accomplished. I'd rather not see Pence in there, let the Donald keep burrying himself. Before the terms over he will have all sides united against him and in 4 years we could go back to having a real President again. Trump staying on the job and blabbing about conspiracy theories will slow down the bad policy from getting passed. Either way its sadly going to be a term that Americans will have to suffer through but thats the price you pay for electing a deranged person, the U.S. voted for this now they own it.
  5. Johnny Begone. Chuck Berry died.

    So great that he was able to make it 90 long years, a lot of people that live the touring lifestyle have trouble keeping up their health. My fave Chuck Berry song was always the "Ding-a-Ling" song, especially the live show versions where he was so gifted at getting the whole crowd chorus-ing along.
  6. The Ethics of Halloween Costumes

    Do Mark Twain or Colonel Sanders, they both seem pretty safe. Now im trying to imagine who I should be for Halloween this year? Looks like its falling on a Tuesday for 2017 btw.
  7. Catholocism?

    I think i'm hoping that they could improve upon the terrible problems that have been spotlighted.
  8. What are you listening to? Vol. XXII

    The King has passed-
  9. U.S. Politics: Russian Around

    Perfectly encapsulates the heigth of arrogance and narrow minded people that now run the train wreck formerly known as the U.S. of A. SMGDH!!
  10. Graduation: did you go to yours

    Las Vegas does the classiest HS graduations ive observed. They have them in the Orleans Casino arena which is also a nice concert venue replete with huge overhead mega screens and tremendous amplification. So when the Valedictorian gave her address she was on this huge screen like a rock star, it was super impressive and very memorable for all involved. Better than most college commencements imo. (Of course I am biased because the ceremony was for someone in my immediate family, but thats the way I choose to remember it lol)
  11. Taboo: Tom Hardy's historical drama (BBC1/FX) [spoilers]

    2nd season....Cool !
  12. Im gonna be pissd if they kill off Rosita, actually wouldnt be too pleased if its Sasha that gets it either. They should kill off the Preacher or Mullet head instead.
  13. MLB Offseason: Countdown to 2124

    The Israelis overcame gigantic odds just to reach the WBC, defeating Brazil, Great Britain and Pakistan in qualifying play to earn the tournament’s final spot. They entered the tourney ranked 14th among 16 teams in ESPN.com’s WBC power rankings, and with good reason: Israel’s roster is comprised mostly of minor leaguers and doesn’t include prominent Jewish Major League Baseball stars like Ryan Braun, Ian Kinsler and Joc Pederson.Read more at: http://nesn.com/2017/03/heres-whos-on-team-israel-which-shocked-korea-in-world-baseball-classic/
  14. Graduation: did you go to yours

    I went to my HS graduation and my Bachelors graduation. My college graduation was memorable because the Chairman of Ford Motor Company (William Clay Ford Jr) gave the Keynote and shook hands with each diploma recipient. Afterwards I enjoyed a nice dinner with family. I dont have any regrets commemorating the occasion. Both my HS and University graduating classes were fairly small so that probably influenced my enjoying the experience more than if it was as part of some huge group of strangers.