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  1. It will be interesting to see how "home delivery" groceries may grow over the next decade.
  2. Well the Police Chiefs and Police Commisioners arent union members. There is so much emphasis on officers misconduct, Im not hearing many calls for accountability from their supervision. Afterall these officers are working under the conditions set by their superiors. They are responsible for the rank and placement of those officers, the duties and conduct of those officers. How much responsibility should they take for bad decision making when they and their policies result in mayhem on the community? .
  3. U.S. health care spending grew 5.8 percent in 2015, reaching $3.2 trillion or $9,990 per person. As a share of the nation's Gross Domestic Product, health spending accounted for 17.8 percent.Dec 6, 2016 Historical - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services CMS.gov › nationalhealthexpenddata › n...
  4. Im on the outside looking in regarding police unions so I couldnt properly judge the role of their union and how it functions between employer/employee. This is also why I find it ironic that so many from outside are always critical of many unions without being part of them or even being in the same field. With only a small glimpse into a relationship (employer to employee) you'd only be , at best guessing, at guaging the whole picture in my view. That said, as I mentioned in the earlier post, I'd feel safer with less cops on the street, they seem like too big of a danger to American society as they are presently constituted and managed. What responsibility the union has in that situation, I could only guess right? But as in any employee/employer relation, I would think the union isnt any more culpable than its management. Supervision is making decisions on staffing, workplace protocal and so forth. They deserve as much culpability as the employee (policeman) who goes about trying to navigate by the rules they may not have designed nor had any authority over. In other words, its disengenuous to blame the guys following orders, while ignoring the entity that gave those orders.
  5. I agree with all of this. 1. I'm sick and tired of the narrative that unions are responsible for so much of the economic problems in America. This is a ridiculous notion, especially when we weigh the fact that unions only represent a little over 5% of todays workers. We are a miniscule minority yet we somehow seem to be constantly blamed and attacked in a never ending narrative that we are responsible for everything thats wrong, everywhere, all the time. I've heard these notions for years, the majority of the time its coming from someone that isnt nor ever has been a union member. But they claim some expertise on everything thats going on in your union cuz reasons...and anectdotally they know a guy that worked on a assembly line and their daddy said he was a real lazy s.o.b. and so on and so forth. Lets get real, 5% of the workforce is too small a sample to be taking all the blame and prejudices for the majority of problems out there. A lot of this is clearly ingrained prejudices against organized labor, similar to racism, those prejudices can exist over generations, I know because ive witnessed those attitudes my entire adult life. 2. Regarding your eta- I too share that hopelessness and bewilderment that we are at a point, as a society, that its okay for badged, armed thugs in uniforms, to get away with murdering completely innocent civillians just trying to go about their daily lives. Its pretty chilling, I worry for my sons life at times. I would like to see some significant downsizing of police forces nationwide, I know I would feel safer with these guys (police) off the streets. What a mess.
  6. This is really key for me. And not compromising on core platform issues that affect workers, reproductive rights, equality, keeping the separation between church and state, pension and SS protections, protecting the environment, we cant sell out our values just to win. When we sacrifice any of our core values at the altar, for the sake of pandering to one group today, we will wake up tommorrow or some not too distant tommorrow as a unrecognizeable party. We may win an election with such a strategy, but we would be left holding fools gold. If we play a game of acting like Republicans to win, then we may as well be Republicans because we wouldnt be Liberals or Progressives, we'd be bought and paid for flipfloppers or weathervanes twirling toward wherever we could get a vote. Fuck that noise, i'll stay believing and caring for peoples issues, if that means the Democratic party leaves me, than so be it. But i'm not going to chase them as they transform into the Republican-lite party just for some quartely poll numbers. Nancy Pelosi isnt the problem with the party, not standing strongly for our core issues would be a problem though.
  7. So last week I walked into the neighborhood Dentist to make an appointment for teeth cleaning. The receptionist took some basic info and after a few minutes she said her next available slot was on the 6th, I thought for a moment and decided sure "I could do the 6th." Just as I was getting ready to leave I decided to fill out one of those appointment reminder cards, the kind people put on the fridge occasionally. I asked her to repeat the date and time again, she replied 10 A.M Sept. 6th. SEPTEMBER ??? I assumed she meant July 6th. A 10 week backlog at this dentist office, man I'm thinking, I just wanted a teeth cleaning session not open heart surgery. So this week I'll be checking around the area for a office that can accomodate me a little sooner than the Fall, considering were only just about a week into Summer. What made the whole thing a little incredulous for me was that I told the reception to never mind I wouldnt be able to make an appointment months in advance, thats just too far out I told her, just drop the appt please. She was genuinely angry with me for pulling out of making the appointment, she gave me like one of those death glares. I was still laughing by the time i'd reached my car, seriously 10 weeks, theres no way im gonna make a "non life or death" appointment 10 weeks in advance. like I said its teeth cleaning not open heart surgery. I'm confident I will find another office with a much more reasonable time frame.
  8. I see where Trevor Noah had the same sickening feeling from the video and same reaction I had, condemning the jurors- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trevor-noah-video-of-cop-shooting-philando-castile-broke-me_us_594b95b3e4b01cdedf00a1ab?n0k&ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009
  9. I think exposure to actual conservatives is the major influence involved in indoctrinating students against conservatives. Students hear them, read them, grasp what they stand for and emphatically reject the conservative agenda in most instances. There really is no need for Professors to indoctrinate when the conservative themselves are such an effective repellant.
  10. I just saw the murder of Philando on a MSNBC report. I'm stunned that a jury would let this cop walk after viewing the dashcam video clearly showing an unjustified execution by the cop, with a child and another adult sitting in the vehicle while the cop unloads his entire magazine into the vehicle. I just cannot believe anyone could see that video and call it anything other than murder.
  11. ^^^Good examples of "engineered/manafactured consent", those are. Its turned to a long month unfortunately.
  12. I loves Pho !! So anyways, super pissed at a very foolish relative that threw out 5lbs of Smoked Brown Sugar Salmon, that I FedEx overnighted them. It was in a cooler, vacumn sealed and on dry ice, no way was that stuff spoiled when it got their next day. Fucking idiots throwing that out, they would be flogged and jailed for such behavior in Wisconsin. Grrrrrrrrrz!!!!!!!
  13. Yoko given official credit as co-writer of the iconic "Imagine" song. Lennons son says he's elated and that John was recorded on audiotape saying that Yoko shouldve been credited as co-writer. Its all in the article below. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/yoko-ono-imagine_us_59427ab4e4b0d3185487518b?ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009
  14. Read a Yoko Ono tweet from back in 2015, at that time she stated that the U.S. had over 1.15 million shooting deaths since John Lennons assassination in 1985. Rolling Stone article pointed out that since 1968 there have been more U.S. civillian shooting deaths than have died in all its wars through its entire history, presumably they arent including the nearly exterminated indigenous populations deaths which would seem to falsify that statement though? Anyways, whole lotta gunning go on. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/1-15-million-americans-have-been-killed-by-guns-since-john-lennons-death-20151208
  15. To borrow a phrase from Comey, I'll just say, "Lordey I hope he's stupid enough to fire Mueller!" Donald just keep digging your own hole bud.