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  1. Sarah Palin met with all 3 of them, it was a disaster by any measurement-
  2. That "Blowhard" New Yorker cover a few pages back, is simply Brilliant!
  3. I'm reading these posts and I cant stop thinking how incredulous was it that ICP got headliner billing and Bone Thugs (Grammy winners) were relegated to second of 3 acts? Thats just upside down world! There were clearly some strange forces at work.
  4. It is stunning that "The Orange Buffoon One" somehow manages to make "Bush the Lesser" seem almost competent when you consider them side by side. I did not think that was even achievable, but such is the sorry state of the current Presidency, epic, historic, mind bending idioacy in action.
  5. On their Home page tonight- Huffington Post is leading with a fantastic headliner "All The Presidents Men" with a striking photo of a mass mob of Nazis with torches in Charlottesville. All the Presidents men indeed. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-charlottesville-statement_us_59935477e4b009141640ab00?ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009
  6. Majestic rare white Moose-
  7. Thats right. She has seen Sansa's petulance and lack of integrity from a very early age so she can recognize it now very easily. Sansa may fool many, but she's not fooling her sister.
  8. I loved Arya letting Sansa know she's on to her character deficencies. Loved the reunions as well, ditto to the reveal that Jon is legitimate and precedes Dani in age/succession of Targs. Am now eager to see a Jon/Gendry/Arya/Bran reunion. Also a Ghost/Nymeria reunion would be fun lol. And Cersei is pregnant, I hadnt heard anyone predicting that one. Very enjoyable episode, the writers weaved a nice confluence of characters and events to move this plot along, well done.
  9. http://fox17online.com/2016/12/16/battle-creek-police-investigating-video-of-officers-arresting-disabled-man/ See above please
  10. Arya homecoming Arya channeling Syrio while sparring Brienne Dothraki badass horseriding Drogon The seaside scenes from Dragonstone with the beach, cave and that amazing stair-ed wall that descends to the beach, thats impressive. The episode long tension building- Jon and Dani in the cave, Tyrion watching Jaime as he charged Drogon, Bron being chaseed by the Blood Rider, Drogon and Dani having bolts fired at them, and in the finale as we see Jaime and (Bron?) sinking, in armor, in the pool. The scenes were well executed and managed to keep me on my toes all the way through, it had that unpredictable factor that makes for a great story where were never certain whats happening next, great, great episode.
  11. The horseback work was exceptional in this brilliant episode.
  12. This has developed into the best season since Season 1. Another fantastic episode, another 10 !
  13. Im not certain which episode the reveal will be for viewers, but I predict there is some critical information that Samuel will find while copying the scrolls the archmaester tasked him with. I suspect the archmaester gave Sam the job because he wants Sam to learn something crucial, likely something important to the plot development as well.