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  1. This is the hottest new bestseller, M. Isikoff and David Corn's Russian Roulette. Connecting the dots between Trump and Putin, sounds like a fascinating read- https://www.npr.org/2018/03/13/593122414/russian-roulette-authors-seek-to-connect-the-dots-between-trump-and-putin
  2. He's a disgusting tub of orange sloth......lazy, the man is intellectually and physically lazy.
  3. Tillerson was a hand picked Putin traitor, he should have went to the gallolows right next to the orange traitor that hired him. So anyways, has anyone yet asked Putin if he has approved Tillersons replacement?
  4. Noone can really say for certain what the health of any teams will be in the NBA post season after 100 games of going full tilt boogie on the hardwood ( season+preseason ). Thats why the whole qualifyer of "if healthy" is meaningless. We should just presume every team will be banged up by the post season and all sorts of intangibles will be in play (experience, coaching strength, style of play/chemistry, matchups, rotation depth, etc). Its only decided on the court the day of that game, having won 65-70 games during the season is still no guarantee you wont get bounced in the post season if you end up on the wrong side of a few of those factors I mentioned. Thats why I stay firmly in the camp of skeptcs that it'll be GS or Houston in a cakewalk this year. I'm not at all convinced that the WC will take the Finals this year.
  5. Just watched Patriots Day. I would definately recommend it. I cant really explain why, but Khandi Alexander really left an impression on me in her role as the Muslim "Special Interrogator." She really had a certain gravitas in that role even though it wasnt a lot of lines.
  6. Wow 24 yrs old, collecting Grammies, speaking out against gun violence, for Womens Rights, for Parental responsibility, donating a million dollars to Chi Public Schools......he's the IHeartMusic Awards Innovator of the Year, he's Chance the Rapper, and he's the very welcome, inspirational evolution of Hip Hop. So cool to see this mentality burning a path-
  7. Notre Dame, USC, Nebraska, Penn St. all not in. Wisconsin missing the tourney for the first time since the 1997-98 season.... Big Ten only sending the Buckeyes, Boilermakers, a streaking Wolverine squad and Sparty. I'm pulling for Sparty, but i'll be happy for any Big Ten teams advancing. Outside of Big Ten teams i'd be cool with a Xavier or Cincinatti getting some accolades.
  8. If they click at you just click back in Xhosa
  9. Let the Dance commence!
  10. ^^^April 5th I will be seeing them Rock out Green Bay!! "One life I'm gonna live it upI'm takin' I said I'll never get enoughStand tall I'm uh, young and kind of proudI'm on the top, but as long as the music's loudIf you think I'll sit around as the world goes byYou're thinkin' like a fool cause it's a case of do or dieOut there is a fortune waiting to be hadIf you think I'll let you go you're madYou've got another thing comin'You've got another thing comin'That's right here's where the talking endsWell, listen, this night there'll be some action spentDrive hard callin' all the shotsI got an ace card comin' down rocksIf you think I'll sit around while you chip away my brainListen I ain't foolin' and you'd better think againOut there is a fortune waiting to be hadIf you…"
  11. From the WaPo, imagining this thing. https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/this-is-how-nuclear-war-with-north-korea-would-unfold/2017/12/08/4e298a28-db07-11e7-a841-2066faf731ef_story.html?utm_term=.d3ea281e696d
  12. Now available in 12 packs at their website.
  13. Theres a neighborhood diner that destroys their otherwise fine omelettes by putting nasty fake cheese slices on them. I fell for this twice, there will not be a third visit to partake in the gruel they are passing on.
  14. Im getting nightmares of him becoming our latest Josh Smith, for those that remember, the team immediately improved as soon as he was waived. Im missing Tobias Harris, who was a much more efficient Forward than "Captain Chuckit" Griffin.
  15. The Pistons are a under achieving wreck on the year. Low chances of making the post season unless they can pull off a couple strong winning streaks. Probably the best development on the year was Andre pulled his FT shooting out of the gutter finally, winning a mental battle he was capable of all along.