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  1. Another issue with smoking...

    I've been pointing this out for years but noone is bothering to think it through. The largest sums are spent on that uber expensive "end of life" care. Healthy types that live longer draw more resources out of the pool over the long run, the unhealthy ones that pay in for years but die off just before or after retirement age are not the major expense drivers. I thank them for their sacrifice.
  2. Arya will become Queen

    Arya will make the perfect Queen.
  3. Another issue with smoking...

    Non smoker here, but exposure to third hand smoke seems trivial. I wonder if anyone is studying the 2nd and third hand exposure to the bombing armaments the U.S. drops all over Middle Eastern populations, depleted Uranium and other toxic residues? That seems so much more relevant and dangerous than some smoky smelling clothes on suburbanites.
  4. NFL Offseason: What's a Chris Collins Worth?

    Good riddance Hernandez POS. REST IN AGONY.
  5. Overbooking, Flightcrew over paying passengers, the United incident

    It was United that broke a contract, why shouldnt the emphasis be over how to deal with their actions? Afterall United took this victims money, upfront as well.
  6. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    Trumps Mar-A-Lago resorts kitchen has been slapped with 55 citations since 2014 from Florida Health Department inspectors. No wonder the guy wants to cut business regulations. He wants to be able to serve spoiled meat and not get fines and bad publicity. http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/13/health/mar-a-lago-health-inspection-trnd/?iid=ob_homepage_deskrecommended_pool
  7. Overbooking, Flightcrew over paying passengers, the United incident

    Regarding that stock price slide United is experiencing........I'm just imagining how United could have spent $1.5 billion in other ways and avoided this unwanted bad publicity? Looks like they couldve bought a few shuttle planes exclusively for transporting their employees lolol. 747 models and costs- 747-100: US$24 million (1967) 747-200: US$39 million (1976) 747-300: US$83 million (1982) 747-400: US$228–260 million (2007) 747-8I: US$351.4 million 747-8F: US$352 million And still had money to boot, at least from where they are sitting today
  8. Overbooking, Flightcrew over paying passengers, the United incident

    Well to me the lesson is that just because a practice is legal doesnt make it wise. United made the assumption that it was okay to inconveniance its customers because it wouldve been difficult to get their employees to another state in time. That assumption doesnt seem wise right now. Even IF no laws were broken by the carrier, they should be rethinking their practices at this point. If they cant learn from this past few weeks (going back to the "legg-ins wear" controversy) then they will continue to pay dearly in the market place. Inconveniencing hundreds of customers and pissing off thousands more is poor business practice, consumers are going to expect solutions from United in the future, not excuses about how their jobs are hard or its difficult to get their employees to a certain destination on time. If they stay in defiant mode it will just be digging the hole deeper. To me thats what impression ive had of Uniteds initial responses from these controversies, defiant, excuses and a bit of victim blaming to boot. Not looking wise to me at all.
  9. Overbooking, Flightcrew over paying passengers, the United incident

    Regardless of public opinions against Uniteds mgt practices right now or the Dr's history, United is getting hammered in the market place over this story. Recent headline noting they have already seen their stock plummet over a billion in value. The CEO apparently just made things worse with his blame the victim stance. That CEO has earned a good paycut from his shareholders. Thats the follow up news I'll be watching for. In other words, i'm not sure a new law is necessarry here, the market place is exacting the reward/punishment pretty efficiently here. Now more carriers will be much more cautious about how they would handle future events like this. Losing billions in stock valuation is a great motivator for not repeating such behavior.
  10. NHL 2016 - The Kids Are Alright

    ^^^Well you know Little Caesars supplied the majority of the .....dough.....for the thing.
  11. I couldnt even tell you what marmite or lutefisk taste like. But Mayo is disgusting, I do like horseradish, mustard and tobasco though.
  12. NHL 2016 - The Kids Are Alright

    The Red Wings new Little Caesars Arena is going to be something special. 3 escalators, a practice rink and the Red Wings locker room alone will be over 25,000 square feet. What a geat monument Mr. Illitch leaves Hockey Town. The atmosphere will be perfect for the Red Wings to start their next playoff streak and hopefully bring back the Stanley Cup again after this rebuild. http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/19111195/nhl-detroit-red-wings-need-do-next
  13. Is The Media Responsible For Public indifference

    ^^^ The bolded above has been my approach since the 2000 elections. I have seen so many sensationalist headlines since that time, headlines and reporting that turned out to be misleading and agenda driven, that I rarely will accept or trust a lot of stuff without seeing several reports and views on a event. Especially events tied to U.S. foreign policy. They seem to be the most misleading and sensationalist of all, often because which ever admin is in the W.H. favors a certain policy. Wasnt it Randolph Hearst who said something to the effect of how he could whip up the frenzy for war anytime with a little creative writing? Ultimately though, the responsibility for taking the media bait falls back to the public imo.
  14. Is The Media Responsible For Public indifference

    "Is the media responsible for public indifference?" It's an interesting question. I tend to hold the public responsible for its indifference. The media reports the U.S. bombs a Mosul neighborhood on St.Patricks day, killing over 200 civillians and theres all kinds of excuses and rationalizing and within a few news cycles its like noone even remembers it happened- http://www.latimes.com/world/middleeast/la-fg-mosul-civilians-airstrike-20170324-story.html Yet a few weeks later a tragedy happens to Syrian civilians and the cries of outrage are nonstop. The same people (public figures) who trivialized (or were silent) Mosul civillian deaths are leading the chorus three weeks later. For me its not that people are indifferent, its troubleing to see the selectiveness that they will use to rationalize away events when their own government is responsible for the crimes, all the while raging when another group commits heinous acts. How does one fail to be equally disturbed for both crimes? I dont blame the media for that, I blame a public that is complicit in acting hypocratic, swinging from indifferent to outraged when it feels theres a convenient bogey man. We should look in the mirror and identify our own actions, not just resort to only caring when theres someone else to blame.