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  1. Yeah this. In the normal run of things a council would be convened to name a suitable male heir. Obviously anyone likely to be named to such a council is dead, as are any likely male heirs. Even if it were proven that Gentry is Robert's son, he's a bastard. If anyone were to actually contest the succession, they better have an army to back up their objection. Cersei has the lannister army so, good luck with that.
  2. Literally nothing. Nothing would happen. It would have no impact on the story at all.
  3. Yup.
  4. Delicious.
  5. Special. No. The show has objectively has and average viewership of 10 million plus for season 7. It is objectively the most popular series in HBO history. 1. I am not a pandering casual viewer and I'm a big fan of the show. You think you speak for all the hard core fans? Go watch your porn parody. 2. The "all demographics" comment along with your other comments demonstrates that you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to adaptations. I would explain it but why bother?
  6. Ah, you're squeamish about nudity yet you managed to choke down the porn parodies and a series of novels containing some extremely graphic depictions of sex. Fascinating.
  7. Right. This coming from the person who effectively said no adaptation of ASOIAF would be too shitty to consume, spare me. So tell me, how is the porn parody? How's the GAY porn parody? Does Martins brilliance shine through?
  8. Uh, huh.
  9. Yup. And Game of Thrones is what they'd be working on when taking time off from being Emperors of the universe. Forgetting that there's no proof for any of this, pulling off what you're claiming doesn't take genius at "understanding the market". It takes actual magical powers.
  10. Things were simpler then.
  11. ^ Ever wish you could un-read something?
  12. I think some of what you are talking about will be resolved next year. I would have liked to have seen the Arya-Sansa thing developed a little more before killing Little Finger. I know they cut a confab between Sansa and Bran, but they could have done something between Sansa and Lord Royce. She would need to make sure she had Royce on-side before making her move, so orchestrating a conversation between them with a degree of ambiguity (maybe with Arya or LF spying) might have added to the impact of the final reveal. An extra Tyrion/Varys scene would have been good too. Only because Varys was under-utilized this year and scenes between those two tend to be good. Also, I share a theory as to what's going on with Varys and dropping another hint would be good.
  13. So, hypothetical award show rigging and hypothetical clandestine leaking of footage and scripts explains a viewership jump from 6.88 million in season 5 to 10.26 million in season 7, and, (season 7) 95% critics and 92% audience scores on rotten tomatoes? D&D clearly are geniuses. Edit: Evil Geniuses.
  14. Yeah, and in the final seasons of The Sopranos, they were doing weekly reviews in the New York times and you could see so-and-so's on CNN and Fox news talking about the final season. There was no lack of marketing or buzz for a critically acclaimed show. They still couldn't build the viewership past the season 4 peak. Edit: is there any evidence at all that HBO is marketing more aggressively now than say, season 4,5, or 6? Seem to recall very little in the way of trailers and the trailers came later (closer to the premiere) than previous seasons.
  15. I still think season 7 is excellent but it doesn't quite meet the standard of the previous two seasons for me: It felt a bit "off" to me, right from the beginning of the first episode. I think this is because we had so many prominent story threads end last year, particularly in the final two episodes. When you think about it, they liquidated a lot of the Kings Landing cast in S6E10, some of them having been around since season 1 and some of them being very prominent in recent seasons. Plus no more Walder Frey, no more Boltons, no more Daario, and no more Allister Thorne. It never really hit me how major that was until this season. The pacing was also a little uneven. Six out of seven episodes features a battle! The battles were great but that's a bit crazy. avoiding the internet in the second half of the season for fear of spoilers sucks. There were details that I had spoiled for me totally by accident, because I watch GOT related stuff on YouTube so GOT vids show up in my feed. Some asshole was spoiling show details IN THE TITLES of his leaked footage videos. I can stay clear of the videos but how do you avoid accidentally reading a video title? I had the loot train battle and Viserion's death/resurrection spoiled for me because of this.