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  1. He may have no choice. We're being hammered over the head with the belief that Dany can't have children. And that most certainly means she WILL have a child, and we very likely saw that child's conception in yesterday's episode. Jon is never going to allow his child to be a bastard, he will marry Dany for the child if for nothing else.
  2. There's uncle/niece marriages in the Stark family tree. Why would Jon be so opposed to it, if it's been his family history.
  3. GRRM said himself Valyrian steel is forged in dragon fire. Sure there may be other elements of magic, so it's not the only ingredient, but it's definitely one of the ingredients.
  4. GRRM's original plan didn't include dragons, but he was going to give Targaryens actual pyrokinetic abilities. So they didn't need dragons, they were going to be able to manipulate fire themselves. So instead of giving them that power, he gave them dragons instead. So it's very safe to say that dragons will be very relevant in the end, they are the stand-in for Targaryen superpowers basically.
  5. I would be very very surprised if she survives the series. I just don't see her arc ending in any way other than her death. Or maaaybe her leaving Westeros forever and exploring the world alone. I think she's too far gone to ever truly return to her family, and despite what some posts here have said, I don't think at all that she's learned how to rule or even be head of a household. She's been learning how to kill, not how to be a Queen or Lady.
  6. Probably the person who posted links to threads by Apple Martini, a poster who absolutely hates Dany.
  7. Drogon is Lightbringer, not the other two dragons. AA wields Lightbringer, Dany is Drogon's rider. The other two will be ridden/warged by other people who aren't AA, therefore they are not Lightbringer. Drogon's egg was literally placed next to Drogo's heart in the pyre. He was essentially "forged" in Drogo's heart, like how Lightbringer was forged when plunged in Nissa Nissa's heart. AA originally had certain elements he forged, or tried to forge, Lightbringer in. Water, a Lion, and his wife. Dany has the elements but in the opposite fashion. Dany isn't male, so the elements she has are a contrast to AA's original elements. She has fire (instead of water), she has a lamb (MMD, a Lhazareen aka "lamb men", instead of a lion), and she has a husband (instead of a wife). She's got the opposing elements, she just does it all at once instead of trying the forge one at a time. Hell, Viserion even "shatters" the egg when he is born, like how the failed Lighbringer attempts shattered.
  8. Preserves what though? Fire is consuming, like passion is or love. Ice is hate and inhumanity and revenge, so if it's preserving those things, then it's certainly not beneficial. Could be why the Others have been so patient, their hate and desire for revenge has been preserved for thousands of years until the moment is right.
  9. Yet the poem likens fire with desire, and ice with hate. George likens fire with passion and love, while ice is revenge and cold inhumanity.
  10. Doesn't look like that to me.
  11. Jon isn't the balance, if that's who you think the answer is. Either the Others are ice or the Starks are ice, it can't be both. So which is the enemy, the Others or the Starks? Because if it's the Others, then Jon isn't the balance. He isn't part Other.
  12. It's Aerys. You can read her lips if you know what to look for. The name starts with "Ae" as you can see her mouth open with the A formation. Then her lips curl inward to produce the "r" sound. You can tell it's not Aegon because her mouth isn't forming the g, it's definitely not Jahaerys, and it's definitely not Aejon as she's not forming the J. She doesn't close her mouth to produce the M in Aemon, so it's not that either. And the actress confirmed that she actually spoke actual dialogue that was muted, so the actual name was said. They didn't just give her jibberish to say.
  13. X2. She has more direct power than ever before. She's Queen in her own right now, not as Robert's wife or as the mother of a King. The prophesy won't be fulfilled until she's truly cast down.
  14. Yeah that's basically what D&D said. That she's headed down a very dark path and there should be worry there.
  15. Why would she need to? Her 3 dragons will lay eggs eventually. Would be a waste of a lot of money.