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  1. Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ

    Just heard back from my industry inside man that TUC Arcs are going to be coming down the pipeline very soon, and I have one with my initials on it.
  2. Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ

    I was talking with my friend about how the series could possibly end in the most anticlimactic manner possible. This was sorta the telos of thought we came to. The first series follows the tonal structure of: Competing human factions fractiously divided whilst the obvious larger threat looms on the horizon. The great threat being the Consult. In my opinion, the second series also follows this structure: Competing factions fractiously divided whilst the obvious larger threat looms on the horizon. The larger threat in this schema being the Gods feeding on damnation and suffering. I'm anticipating some sort of Hegelian synthesis between humanity and the Consult to combat their obvious common foe. Now, if we follow Mimara current narrative trajectory; forgiving Galian and forgiving Koringhus, could we potentially see her forgiving the Consult for their sinful ways? Then, freed of their neurotic compulsion to escape damnation, they are positioned to ally with humanity potentially.
  3. Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ

    He's the God-Emperor of like 90% of humanity and the ruler of a massive polity—he's more relevant and powerful than he every was in PON. But once again, he's not a POV character anymore, and doesn't directly interact with most of the main POV characters.
  4. Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ

    There is a line somewhere about them having "flying craft" armed with their spears of light. Sounds like a helicopter or a harrier jump jet with some sort of weaponry. Craft seems very distinct enough from a cybernetic dragon.
  5. Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ

    There had been some speculating on the TSA board about potential new weapon races. We know for a fact that the Inchies had tekne-tanks and helicopters from the Glossary and Scott's comments. We may be surprised to know what armaments they dig up to face the Ordeal. My personal theory is that the Consult have been preparing legions and legions of Ursranc that they've been outfitting with decent weapons and armor. When the Ordeal arrives at Golgotterath as a cannibalized, srancmeat-addicted ravenous mob—in one last dark inversion—it will the Consult's forces that will fight with discipline and order in regimented phalanxes while the human army becomes like the "Horde."
  6. Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ

    He's not really a POV character after the end of TTT. Kraken misspoke when he said that he's "backstage." Kellhus is still one of the most important characters/figures in the story and world but he takes a more supporting role. Other POV characters are the main focus, and whilst Kellhus is the lodestone of attention for many characters and factions, I'm not being hyperbolic when I say that in the three published Aspect-Emperor books Kellhus is only ever onpage interacting with other characters for about 10% of the time.
  7. Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ

    Despite it's present vernacular meaning, apokalypsis means "great unveiling" in Ancient Greek. So the apocalypse in question is Kellhus's discarding of the old ways, parables etc. etc. and the heralding of the new era. An Apocalypse is the assertion of some great truth or revelation, though Bakker has commented that the meaning of apocalypse in this series is always jointly a cataclysmic event/destruction and the assertion of some truth.
  8. There is only one mention of it in TTT, though the skin-spies called it the "Inverse Flame" which Scott retconned to Inverse Fire because he thought it sounded better. Though it is not referred to as such, the ceiling of flame that Achamian sees at the very end of The Great Ordeal is most certainly the Inverse Fire. Yeah, if you have not read "The False Sun", Kraken, you've missed most of the discourse about the Inverse Fire.
  9. Saubon's vision at the Plains of Mengedda is like what?—a single paragraph in that chapter, a tiny blip. Even that tiny moment got closure four books and eleven years later. I agree with the spirit of your statement perhaps, but I have no doubt that some of these tiny moments will be explicated or have some payoff.
  10. The lack of consensus tells me that we just don't know. So I'll add it to my whiteboard of TTT loose threads.
  11. Do we know how Seswatha escaped the Wall of the Dead at Dagliash?
  12. Whoops. I forgot about the very end of the damn book lol. Yeah, when you end your first trilogy on that note between those two characters, of course it's going to have some payoff.
  13. It was supposed to be available on March 31st, I believe. But they pushed it back two weeks, so now the official release date is on April 14th. You can check that on the kickstarter update page. Still no options for buying on amazon or whatever, which is annoying.
  14. This sounds like the deal with the Kahiht, the "Great Souls" or "World-Souls" or whatever. Souls that are greater shards of the God. As Mimara says that Cnaiur's soul is no mere splinter but a mighty shard. Or Eskeles is telling Sorweel when he breaks his Russian nesting doll/vase thing, everyone's soul is a splinter of the God, but some splinters are obviously larger/stronger. I have long suspected that Nau-Cayuti was one such soul, which is perhaps why he was integral to firing off the engine of the No-God, presumably. Perhaps another is needed this time.
  15. MG's comment about how a reread of TTT would be the most important before getting into TUC has got me trying to accumulate an itinerary of several pertinent hanging threads. Kellhus communing with the spirit of Seswatha after hypnotizing Achamian; then not revealing whatever they talked about. Kellhus telling Aurang how the No-God is going to claim this world and is going to return to claim him. My read on this was always that Kellhus was lying just to scare the shit out of Aurang, but it's probably true in typical Bakkerian reversal. Skin-spy with a soul. This has always struck me as the most significant. I hope this isn't just an ad hoc way to handwave how the Consult was spying on the Mandate. Using the tekne to create an ensouled being seems to profound to just be brushed aside. Kellhus/Moe conversation is just a kluge of stuff that we've been over a thousand times but still reeks of foreshadowing and developments that have yet to unfold. The No-God talking to Achamian directly on the Plains of Mengedda in the redux dream.