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  1. lol Naaah. I actually like LOTR.
  2. Isn't it just standard eliminative materialist arguments relating to substances abuse or whatever? If you drink enough booze to get drunk off your gourd, losing all inhibitions crippling cognitive functions—what does it say about your identity or qualia if a purely physical matter can completely subvert your identity/morals/personality. It's the same just a bit more, uh, high mimetic. With eating ersatz orcs. It's seems like it's exactly within Bakker's wheelhouse and pursuant to all the thematic exigencies he's been going on about this whole time.
  3. Pretty sure that is isn't a continuity error. The 'fought both for and against the No-God' is Mek talking about Nau-Cayuti. Or it could be a Bakkerian ex post facto retcon. But it works.
  4. Kellhus is dead but his soul isn't in the Outside. Ajokli's ranting because he can't find Kellhus's soul in Hell, so he naturally assumes that he entered the Carapace. Kellhus's soul is kicking around somewhere and Bakker commented that we haven't seen the last of him.
  5. This isn't quite right. Someone else way back in the thread had this same misapprehension. Guswuran leads out his Mysunsai in order to form up a with Quya beyond the walls. There's a line about how Cilculiccas recognizes the Grandmaster intent immediately. Sujara-nin sees the Mikka Council compass on his coat or whatever, gets triggered, and go apeshit on all the Mysunsai. Guswuran and the rest are only casting mundane wards and not ones against sorcery because they aren't expecting a fight at all, because they know the Nonmen are allies.
  6. I think that this was Skauras' plan. At Anwurat he was fighting to completely defeat the Men of Tusk, Nansur included. It's only when he invariably loses that he clutches the treaty that Xerius gave him thinking: this is the last hope for my people and faith. Before Anwurat I don't think they were seriously going to concede to the Nansur demands if they could straight up win the war. I'm not sure about Xerius, but I know for sure Conphas wouldn't abide by his alliance with the Kianene after the Battle of Shimeh. He's fantasizing about conquering Nenciphon, Seleukara and pushing all the way to Nilnamesh.
  7. You have about forty days until TUC's release. I figure you could start now. Even if you finished with some weeks to spare, those few days will just up the anticipation factor.
  8. Do Eskeles or Zsoronga do anything of significance, or interact with other POV characters?
  9. Do we finally learn who Anasurimbor Ganrelka II was? Like, specifically how he fits into the Anasurimbor Dynasty tree. Older brother of Nau-Cayuti or a younger brother of Celmomas.
  10. This is super minor: do we find out in this damn book the linguistic provenance of "Golgotterath." We have had no idea what that's supposed to mean for six books.
  11. So there's some timeline conundrums. From Wert's edits of the Nonmen Mythology section. If Nil'giccas is the son of Sin'niroiha and Tsiniru who is born during the wars between Nihrimsul and Siol, how much time passes between the peace treaty between Sin'niroiha and Cu'jara-Cinmoi and Nin'janjin coming to beg the pardon of the Inchoroi? It's gotta be a few centuries right? The glossary for TTT states that Nil'giccas abandons the Great Ordeal after he's embittered by the loss of his remaining sons. So Nil'giccas is born during the strife between Nihrimsul and Siol, but enough time has to pass for him to reach maturity, get married and have plenty of children, but all before the Womb-Plague. Is there a more detailed entry on the Cuno-Inchoroi Wars in the new Glossary that hashes out the specifics of the timeline?
  12. Please. A skin-spy sneaking into a human settlement, and a cadre of skin-spies lugging a massive golden tekne device into the center of a human settlement are very different. Don't conflate a known action with this hypothetical. And again, eliding the issue of when the nuke may have been ready for deployment. As for not using it against the Mansions, your bog standard declaration that you can never veer from is that the Inchoroi are always complete morons: what do you think? I always felt that collapsing Nogaral was more of the Mangaecca openly abandoning their fortress so it couldn't be used against them. After killing Titirga from the fall, they would've been openly enemies of the Sohonc and now there's no reason to stick around at Iros, they can just evacuate to Golgotterath. Also, if Titirga managed to survive with incipient/skin wards somehow—which I dispute virulently—couldn't he just destroy all the falling debris with his Gnostic badassery? Although bringing up incipient/skin wards has caused me to reconsider this a tad. I'll have to reread the beginning of the last chapter of TTT when Achamian falls from the Ciphrang. How far did he fall to survive that, or did he first fall into the sea? Could skin wards protect against a fall from an Echo?
  13. This isn't GoT season 5, where Ramsay can just sneak into Stannis' camp with almost 0 effort. Kellhus would have the entire North fenced with cavalry pickets and the Imperial Trackers and sentries and who-knows what else, you are making it sound way too simple. And again, we have no idea when the nuke was brought out. I will reiterate that it may have been jerryrigged incredibly recently. You are speculating just as much I to declare that Sakarpus was a viable target at that time. I will try to break it down for the arcane footing. Let's say hypothetically that you have a threshold of 100 feet above the ground to cast an Echo. If you are on flat ground and at your 100 foot threshold, you can step down as many intervals as you want with almost no threat. But if you are at your 100 foot threshold and the ground falls down 200 feet or whatever, you will fall down with that Echo and your intertia will stay with you. I like to think of it like there is a ghostly topographical simulacra of the ground that is hanging above the actual ground. If the physical ground changes, that threshold's topography changes too. Which is why Titirga falls to his death. Which is why the Schoolmen marching up to the Urokkas are watching their footing because if they misstep into some massive valley or gulch they will fall down too.
  14. The base of the Viritic Well is below Dagliash, it's the perfect place to set off a chain reaction to collapse the whole shebang, a necessary gamble on the part of the Consult. I don't think they anticipated Kellhus excavating the entire vent shaft. As for Sakarpus, idk. The nuke may be something that they jerryrigged incredibly recently, like months before Dagliash. But this is just speculation. I think this is empirically false. In the omniscient POV sections when the Schools march up to the Urokkas it says they have to negotiate the arcane Echoes of the jagged ground because they are afraid of losing their footing and breaking their necks. If you cast an Echo of the ground, and if you lose that Echo and are cast down like 200 feet and just cast another Echo, you don't magically lose your inertia—you keep your momentum. Which means you go splat. If we keep with my hypothesis and the entire mountain range collapses all the Schoolman would've most certainly died.
  15. Perspicacious as always.