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  1. Finished the Deutsch exams ! The worst thing that i did was the dialogue part in the oral exam. I couldn't remember most of the things i had to say. But all in all, i did much better than i expected, and definitely more than i deserved lol. Going to rest for 2 days before i get back to studying once again.
  2. Thanks ! Yeah it would awesome if I go to Berlin. Always wanted to go to a Europe! Hope that things just work out and that i will be able go to Berlin. Yeah seems that many people are coming back, guess the weather feels Asoiafy.
  3. Dammit! next time i am getting it right, mark my words! Alright going to do that now Later guys
  4. Thanks ! Get well soon ! Try to rest yourself to get better fatser. Well finish the rest of the exams then rule the world! how about that for a plan?
  5. You were right ! thank you
  6. Back from the exam and fortunately i did much better than i even dreamt on doing ! Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. 2 more Deutsch finals then i am done and will start my regular finals. Yeah i would totally love to. I just hope that i don't laze out when i get the opportunity lol.
  7. Kein Problem. lol never! The only foreign language that i am kinda good at is English and that is only due to listening English and American music, watching movies and reading in English. Sadly there isn't many German channels here in Egypt so I can't do the same. Yeah we kinda have something like Erasmum going on in the University, we can have a semester in Berlin with almost the same price that we are paying here (That was when 1 Euro was equal to 8 EGP, now it is equal to 20EGP). I am hoping that one day i will be able to do it before i graduate but with the current state of the Country it will be hard unless I find a job. Thank you ! Yeah i understand I am basically the same with French too, feels like 10 years were wasted learning the language. But you can still do it ! And there are also lots of ways of apps and sites that can be useful in for practicing languages so you will only need to make the decision.
  8. Thank you ! I am still in Egypt, land of "civilization". And actually I know 4 languages till now: Arabic, English, French and now i am learning Deutsch because i am in GUC (German university in cairo), so it is obligatory to take survival level Deutsch. I am taking so many languages for someone who doesn't know how to study languages tbh . Erasmus is the word !
  9. Thank you ! I will do my best. Hey i have seen that word in my Deutsch book ! and hope that feeling goes away as soon as possible !
  10. Well I just came back from hell Worst semester in my life! Never have i studied that much in a semester before and yet i am still praying that i will pass all the courses in the semester. I only have two exams tomorrow which seems so few compared to all the things i had yesterday! Now i am studying Deutsch for the first time this semester and hope that i won't screw up that much tomorrow.
  11. Heyall !! *hides away again*
  12. It's too late I know but Happy new year everyone !!!
  13. and also it would have been better than having Varys help Robert's attempt to poison Daenerys then siding with Dany himself. And for me i would go with Stannis' humour too. And all the moments that made Stannis appear more human and actually listening to Davos.
  14. Probably because she wanted to kill him herself.
  15. I don't think he would have won. She just says that as an escape of why she couldn't give him the victory he so wanted and to be able to keep him closer to her.