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  1. Not sure about anyone else, but in this chapter I found one of the most Earth-shattering events to take place so far in this series......... .......Stannis smiled!
  2. Oh yeah, he's one of my favorites as well. Like Varys, he's gained a position of power through intellect rather than birth...though one wants to save the realm while the other wants to destroy it. It's a great parallel (in a series full of great parallels) to watch LF's brilliance at work in this book while comparing it to Cersei's arrogant, painfully-obvious bumbling as Queen Regent. And Sansa will definitely go into full "student kills the teacher" mode before all is said & done.
  3. I liked Catelyn more as the stories went on (pre-dead Cat, that is). She was a real b---h in the first book, especially towards Jon, but by ASoS she becomes very likable. She puts her family above all else, feels empathy towards those in her family done wrong (Lysa in particular), toes the line between giving Robb good council and allowing him to make his own mistakes (as teenagers will), and the immense grief she feels after Ned's death and what she believes to be the deaths of Bran, Rickon and possibly Arya.