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  1. My money is on Catelyn or rAegon
  2. update 6 up next update has to be the one surely?? 7 books 7 kingdoms 7 gods.....
  3. Exactly! hopefully over zealous mods don't delete this thread, we need to know whether it's safe to watch season 6 or not.
  4. "So... where was I? Oh, the lost post. Well, the title was simply "2015." It was meant to be a review of my entire year, personal and professional. And yes, I talked about WINDS, but I talked about a lot of things as well. That was the sort of year it was."
  5. yep he's doing a cliff notes version in smaller chunks. Expect a winds update when he's finished talking about hugo's, football and puppies I guess?
  6. Not sure why my previous topic was deleted, but whatevs, this is big. I can't even remember the last update we had on book 6, maybe a couple years ago? Well the great man himself will be throwing us a bone at last. As some of you may be aware, he planned to write up a 'very very very long' end of year post including info about tWoW which he lost. So now GRRM will be updating on the last year in smaller posts throughout the day instead! isn't this exciting??? EDIT - there's been 5 updates so far. We're getting closer
  7. Because he's the most complex/interesting Also he's the funniest character
  8. Na Thorne is just another of the cardboard villains in Jon's story.
  9. DB Weiss confirmed Jon will warg in season 6 months ago. People don't actually believe he's dead, do they ? As the for episode, dorne has been a waste of time. what was the point of Doran, the friggin Prince?! Highlight was Ser Robert Strong