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  1. Yep, most selfish things in the book. Fucking a slave prostitute like Tyrion did, that was way less selfish then letting a prisoner go to try to save your daughters. Telling Cersei your father's plan to get in good with the royal family, also so much less selfish. How about Jaime himself? Flinging a child out a window to protect yourself, way less selfish right? How about trying to kill ur niece because you think she is flirting with your husband? Less selfish? Burning a man because he disagrees with your religion? Killing people because you can (Joffrey, Ramsay, others)? How about allowing tons of people to die because of your right to the throne? By the way, I am being sarcastic. Catelyn's actions were literally taken in an attempt to save her children. They were foolish and desperate, and yes, perhaps somewhat selfish, but so are literally every other character's actions...Tyrion, Tywin, Eddard, even freaking Jon. Everyobe does something selfish sometimes
  2. I used to like Tyrion, however I agree with all of these. He is disadvantaged compared to his siblings, but is quite advantaged compared to most people. He is basically a spoiled prick (who makes me laugh). And his treatment of women is just awful. His rape of the slave girl is basically unforgivable in my eyes. He reached all new lows when he first threatened the girl at Illyrio's mance and then again in that whore house. I still like his chapters, and he is a gray character, so I like parts of him, but his treatment of women has really lowered his standing in my eyes.
  3. I agree with basically everything you said here, and I especially agree that you are right that Cersei may have more to do with Renly's rebellion than Joffrey, or perhaps the combination of the two of them. The one thing I still disagree with you on is the "rebel" lords. I think the government would have been 10 times better if your small council is Jon Arryn, Eddard Stark, Tytos Blackwood (sorry but got to love the Blackwoods), Yohn Royce, and Stannis Baratheon (yeah, I'd still go with Stannis). Perhaps I can grant you that a commoner could do the job well, but Robert doesn't seem one who knew many commoners (besides prostitutes). I guess he is always acclaimed for winning loyalty. Why not use that skill to get the most competant lords from those areas that supported you as your small council. Oh and I really don't understand Robert's treatment of Cersei. It goes beyond just laziness when your suppossed best friend and your own brother AND a father figure don't trust you enough to immediatly come to you with their suspitions. I mean it doesn't take that much effort to just appoint who you want or basically make Cersei Jon Arryn's problem and have him appoint everyone and tell Cersei to go to him with her "suggestions".
  4. Firstly, I agree with you. The Lannisters were far from the only problem, I just see them as the biggest threat. However, your point about Renly is fair. So my question to you is this : Do you think Renly would have rebelled say if Robert had a handsome Baratheon looking heir who was most likely not a sociopath? I am just wondering. I always thought part of Renly's decision to rebel was because of Joffrey. Also, I think Stannis could have been useful if Robert had simply given him the time of day. And Varys and Petyr Bailish should have been replaced long ago. As far as giving rebel houses places on the council, that is actually not what I meant. I don't mean put a Martell or Tyrell on the council, I mean first choice would be to give council positions to Storm, Vale, River, Northern lords, as they were your main allies, but if that fails, Mace Tyrell would still be better than Jaime Lannister or some other Lannister pawn. (However I think trying to find another lord from the Reach would be better). I mean honestly, there had to be better options than Petyr, Varys, or Pycelle for the small council, and Jaime Lannister should probably never have been given so much. I still am also one who thinks marrying Cersei Lannister was a mistake, the Lannisters were obviously not loyal and just jumped on board once the war was already won. Perhaps you disagree, but Lannister control of King's Landing even pre Robert's death was way too complete. For the second part, you are right, Viserys was only his hand once he came of age. I guess I just meant once he was old enough, despite being a rather apathethic King, Viserys kept the realm in order and probably had counselors that worked with him rather than against him, or scheming behind his back.
  5. I agree with literally all of this. If Robert had been just a decent King, it could have really changed things. Don't give Lannisters so much for example, maybe focus more high positions in your allies in the Vale, the Riverlands, the North, and the Stormlands. Hell even bringing in some Reach or Dornish blood could have curbed Lannister influence. Aegon III had a very good hand in Viserys, who at the very least during his reign had no aspirations at the crown and simply governed for his brother. I am not claiming Jon Arryn was a horrible Hand, just that he seems to have wielded very little control unlike Viserys, and Robert probably hurt Jon by filling the small council with snakes besides him. I am unsure of Aegon III's small council, but something tells me they followed Viserys's lead.
  6. Everyone is saying one of the great houses, but I think there preference toward their own regions would always bring resentment from the other Kingdoms. I actually think the Targaryens could have been decent rulers. The inbreeding probably was their downfall. My vote I guess though is for House Blackwood, or another similarly noble house. If they were able to become the leaders by conquest, they could be respected while evening the playing field a little could get then support outside the great houses and help change the entire culture of westeros to one of greater equality.
  7. I totally agree with you. Stannis and Robb should have supported Renly. They could have crushed the Lannisters and made a new government.
  8. Waive the last two items? You are either a poor legal advisor (really poor) or you are only posing as one. This wolf and Stoneheart are not Stark's problems. Lady Stoneheart was born not once, but twice in the Riverlands, and this wolf has never been confirmed as to been belonging to the Starks. Cousin! How fairs your brood? As to you Freys, I concur with my cousin. Once we have the strenths, we will destroy you, piece by piece, until the name Frey is erased from the Riverlands for good. Hope you die, Lord of Raventree Hall
  9. Actually this is true. How tall is Tyrion suppossed to be? What sort of dwarfism does he have? He has to be the most badass dwarf of all time. He kills full grown, fully trained men with ease.
  10. Exactly! Tywin is the worst. What makes him worth than sociopaths like Euron or Ramsay is he has managed to convince everyone his ways are acceptable. He is an evil sick tyrant. I agree. Let's not also forget that Tyrion raped a slave before Jorah Mormont grabbed him in ADwD. And he murdered Shae despite her not attacking him. Anyways, I am so glad to see everyone hating on Tywin. He is a well written character, but he is despicable. He gave Walder Frey the go ahead to murder people at a wedding, he murdered people in a castle (many of which were guiltless), his attack strategy in the Riverlands may be the worst of all (raping and murdering peasants is disgustingly awful), and he treated Tyrion horribly. He is awful. He has absolutely no concious. Anyways, feels good to hate on that ****er.
  11. Garlan Tyrell - Loras gets all the credit cause he is extroverted. Garlan played Renly and basically won the Blackwater. the Dothraki - Just period, they are unarmored warriors that are taking out cities with armored soldiers. They are insanely overpowered. I would guess that GRRM based them on the Mongols, but Mongols used armor and the best military technology available to them at the time. Granted also the Mongols were vastly outnumbered the majority of the time, and the dothraki the opposit way, but I still think to go into battle bare chested ans win basically makes them all like borderline perfect warriors
  12. Honestly; it was a great plan. Littlefinger just beat them to the punch. Tywin would be a fool to break the alliance with the Reach. Honestly, if Mace was more competant or Willas hadn't have been crippled, Willas could have probably made his own attempt at the crown, or some sort of alliance where Robb Stark and him could split up the land. The Reach is obviously the most powerful Kingdom further booyed by the fact that Renly died, and the Westerlands are severely weakened by Robb Stark and Stannis. If the Reach had a capable lord, they may have been able to win many of the lords that turned to Stannis to their side and have been able to smash Stannis in a temporary alliance with the Westerlands, before smashing the Westerlands in a temporary alliance with the North. They could have easily used the other lords to help eliminate each of their opponents before basically being the only army left in the South. Robb Stark could have the Riverlands and the North, they could take the rest without much of a fight after Stannis and Tywin were defeated. The Stormlords were desperate for someone to follow after Renly died (and they didn't like Stannis) Dorne and the Vale didn't appear to be ready to fight them. A few well placed marriages could have won them both areas without a fight. Willas needs a wife; and Arriane was still available, if he was healthy, why wouldnt Doran agree to the match. They would still have the Iron Islands to deal with but if Robb and Willas are allied, they could have presented a united front against them. Anyways, I rambled, sorry.
  13. I guess I think Renly's plans to have Margerry marry Robert and put Cersei aside only makes sense if Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella are not his children. How could you get rid of Cersei if there was not some major reason to do so. I think that it is far from crystal clear. Renly liked to mess with others, and was rarely serious. He doesn't really care either way, but it is far from benificial for him if Stannis is heir rather than Joffrey. I guess I think Renly is rather deeper than most people seem to think. He certainly had a better political plan than Stannis or Eddard. (Using magic to murder your brother is far from military genius; and although I know we can never know, I think Renly would have crushed Stannis if a battle had actually taken place. Also, unlike Robb or Eddard or Stannis, he made the right connections to ensure he could win. I guess I just think people give him too little credit. He was no fool. Yes, we do. I think Stannis is glorified by the fan base far too much, same as Tyrion or Arya, and I think for that reason they ignore his faults. He murdered his brother and he would have murdered his nephew if Davos had not interfered. I do not dislike Stannis, but I think he is a much darker character than his fan base seems to think. He is no Eddard Stark, honerable to a fault.
  14. He knew, sorry but I know he knew based on things he said in the first book. So they were not his nieces or nephews. And everyone should have wanted to kill Joffrey. Wanting to kill Joffrey makes you a good person in my mind. He wouldn't have killed Tommen or Myrcella I think. Stannis had agreed to the plan. Did you read the same books as me? Te only reason that is Edric is alive is named Davos. He shipped him away just in time.
  15. Who did he plan to kill? I really don't remember this. And didn't he take care of Edric Storm, his nephew. AND Stannis planned to kill his nephew....