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  1. As I reread AFfC for the 4th time, I have been noticing more details here and there. I have read many theories on Arianne Martell and why she didn't tell Arys to yield, but there are none on Arys himself. So my theory is fairly straight forward. It is that even if Arianne had told him to yield, he would not have. I don't know if he had planned his assisted suicide from the start or if it was spur of the moment, but I think Arys knew if he was captured, his relationship with Arianne would be exposed as well as his treason to crown Mrycella. I think he then essentially commited suicide thinking a valiant death may allow him to keep his honor and at least hide his relationship with Arianne protecting her honor (he was concerned with that as he seemed to not understand that Arianne having him as a paramour was okay in Dornish culture). I don't have any evidence as we don't have his thoughts on his final actions, but I guess results speak for themselves. Arys honor was in fact kept intact. Neither his affair nor treason was revealed. So, anyways that is my theory.
  2. I choose Ferocious Veldt over everyobe here. His team clearly has some winners. My seven : 1. Small Paul's wight 2. That Bear wight 3. waymar royce's wight 4. A wight without legs (it adds an element of surpise from below) 5. Brynden Rivers (in tree form) 6. Coldhands 7. Wun Wun Whatever (I realize this left my undead theme, but maybe Wun Wun could be a wight too) Alternate : Someone who could direct the wights (can coldhands? could brynden rivers? if not, an other or something to direct them)
  3. Mirroring another gay character and then assuming he is gay because of that is stereotyping dude. What do you think stereotyping is? A definition from google : a stereotype is any thought widely adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of behaving intended to represent the entire group of those individuals or behaviors as a whole. When you take how one gay character acts and then assume other characters that act like that are gay, that is stereotyping. Listen, I actually don't want to argue with you, I want you to realize that what you are saying is offensive and stop saying it though.
  4. I read it. You cannot say I am not stereotyping after you stereotype and then pretend it is not stereotyping. If I say something racist, and then I say that it wasn't racist, what I said was still racist. Saying because a character has a few (very few) things in common with another gay character, so therefore is gay, is the definition of stereotyping. Listen, here is the thing though most importantly. WHO CARES? Rhaegar being gay makes 0 difference to the plot of the story. If he is gay, then great. If he is straight, then great. I can tell you this much though, GRRM wrote nothing to suggest that Rhaegar is gay. Nothing. Because your theory is based on stereotypes and no actual evidence. Many characters in the book could be gay. That is true. But who cares? Obsessing over the sexuality of a character is probably not the best use of anyones time. It makes no difference to the plot. It does not effect anyones character arc. It is not important.
  5. .....Really? You think those situations are the same? House Lannister (because it was House Lannister and everyone knows it, don't pretend like anyone thinks of Joffrey as a Baratheon....oh brother your long rant about that) was about to fight Stannis in King's Landing. Possible outcomes : Without Tyrell alliance : The city is taken. Stannis Baratheon becomes King. With Tyrell alliance : The Lannister/Tyrells win. Joffrey keeps being King. Now, Robert's Rebellion : Without Lannisters sacking King's Landing : Eddard Stark takes King's Landing. Presumbly Jaime Lannister still kills the Pyromancers and Aerys (there is no cause to believe he would act differently). A lot of raping and looting doesn't take place because the taking of the city is ordered by Eddard and not Tywin. Elia Martell and her children are not murdered admittedly. Robert has a tough choice to make, but I think there are options here. With Lannisters sacking King's Landing : King's Landing falls, the children are murdered, a whole lot of raping and looting and murder happens. These are not the same situations. The Lannisters came late to Robert's cause. The Tyrells saved the Lannister's butts. My point is even more so the lack of influence Northern, Riverland, or Valish lords hold after the successful rebellion. I find it quite strange that after Robert's death, three areas of Westeros clearly excluded from power are the ONES THAT ACTUALLY WON HIS WAR. The Lannisters held way too much power considering how little they actually did to win the war. Thank you for using the Hightowers as an example. You realize THEY HELD TOO MUCH POWER RIGHT. It is literally written in the actual text that they held too much power. They started the Dance of Dragons that literally killed all the Targaryen dragons. Again, even more directly, the King had officially announced that his heir was Rhaenerya Targaryen, and then the Hightowers completely ignored this and caused a huge war. Everyone knows during the War of 5 Kings that supporting Joffrey, is supporting a Lannister, not a Baratheon King. Multiple direct PoV perspectives show that no one thinks of him as a Baratheon. People don't refer to him that way, don't think of him that way, and I think the vast majority of those in power aren't even really sure he is a Baratheon. Everyone knows by backing Joffrey, you are backing Lannisters, and they do it. Granted given one less sorceress, Renly would have won the war, but whatever, the point is that Robert gave them too much power. Eddard was right. House Stark or House Tully or House Arryn should have been far more involved in the governing of the realm since they took the throne. Or some competent houses under them but loyal to Robert's cause. The fact that Renly flees the city specifically because he knows that Cersei will murder him says it all. Why the hell does the brother of the King think the only for him to survive is to run? Because the Lannisters hold way way too much power.
  6. I think it is obvious that they did. Many are saying Robert held the real power, but considering he was murdered by the Lannisters, as well as his loyal hands, I find this unlikely to be true. I honestly don't know what the peope saying the Lannisters didn't hold too much power are saying. I will grant them that Robert was lazy and so just gave into Cersei's demands, but that is like the definition of too much power! The reason behind a person of family holding too much power doesn't stop them from holding too much power! The Kingsgaurd was already loyal to Cersei and not Robert (except Barristan). There were so many red cloaks in the city, they basically did as they pleased. Cersei tears up Ned Stark's letter FROM THE KING, and everyone just goes along with it. Jaime was named Warden of the East. Both squires were Lannisters! Do we have a single other example of someone having a marriage pack, two squires, and tons of other honors for joining a cause LATE? No, there are none. Zero. I mean, after Robert's death, it shows in that the Lannister's clearly control the government. There is no one, NO ONE claiming loyalty to House Baratheon despite the fact that Joffrey is supposedly a Baratheon. The Lannisters got almost everything they wanted from Robert, the Handship being their only failure. Another good example is when Robert just agreed to kill Lady. He was too used to just doing whatever Cersei wanted him to do. Stannis and Jon Arryn and Eddard were too afraid to tell Robert what they suspected because they didn't know what he would do. Honors and titles should have been going to Stormlords, Riverlords, Valish lords, and Northerners from the beginning. The Lannisters did nothing to deserve what they got.
  7. No, there isn't.
  8. I am going to go a different way than most of the commenters here did. I actually think Eddard Stark himself would have chosen mostly Northerners for his children, but I am speaking as me, and I would do something similar to Rickard Stark, aiming at an alliance against Lannisters. Robb - My number one choice would be Shireen Baratheon. This would connect me to house Baratheon, and not House Lannister. However, Stannis would probably not agree to this match. So I will change it to Margery Tyrell. If the Tyrells refuse, my third choice would be Ysilla Royce. This would connect me to the strogest non-lords Paramount in the Vale. Sansa - Renly Baratheon. This one works best if Robb marries Margerry or Ysilla. I think Renly might agree and it would connect me to a powerful Lord, one I wish Eddard would have trusted more in the actual book. As a second choice, I have Willas Tyrell. This would be if Robb failed with Margerry, and married Shireen or Ysilla. Arya - Given that one of my best options happen (one Baratheon and one Tyrell), I would marry Arya to Robert Arryn. I know, I know. He is weak. I might also discuss Harold Hardying as a back up in case he dies. I have no back up here because I think Lysa would agree to this wedding. Maybe I am being a fool, but I think if not Harrold Hardying would be on the table. And then convince Robert Arryn to take dangerous paths as he grows older. Bran - With the Vale, the Stormlands, and the Reach hopefully covered at this point, I would turn to shoring up loyalty in the North or Riverlands. However, if I fail with Robert Arryn, and Robb married Maergerry or Shireen, Ysilla Royce may be a good choice again. Anyways, my main plan would be for Bethany Blackwood or Alys Karstark. Rickon - Yeah, I am just gonna go ahead and marry him too. Let's go with Eddara Tallhart (the Lady of Torrhen's Square) as my number one choice. Back options would be Erena Glover, Wylla Manderly (I know she is 10 years older, but so what), or Emphyria Vance (we don't know her age, but I think she is young). Anyways in conclusion, these are my number one choices : Robb : Maergerry Tyrell Sansa : Renly Baratheon Arya : Robert Arryn/Harold Hardying Bran : Bethany Blackwood/Alys Karstark Rickon : Eddara Tallhart/Erena Glover/Emphyria Vance
  9. The above quoted material are stereotypes. There are many characters that like these things that are straight. There are many real people who like these things who are straight. There are gay characters who do not like these things. There are many real people who do not like these things who are gay. Not only does this theory literally have no basis on literally anything, it is based completely on stereotypes. No suggestion. Nothing. Literally your entire supposition is based purely on stereotypes and nothing else.
  10. Me too, I will add that I think it is the best written book, the most complex, and the most thought provoking. I agree with your first point whole heartedly. AFFC is not my favorite book, mostly because the ironborn chapters, but it is severely underrated by the fan community in my opinion. There is a Brienne chapter where they talk about Broken Men which is perhaps my favorite monologue in the whole series. I also love Brienne as a PoV, which I know is unpopular as well. (In fact, she is my second favorite after Catelyn) The Riverlands and the Crownlands. Neither were Kingdoms at the time of Aegon's conquest. The Riverlands was a Kingdom at several times in history, but was not one of the 7 Kingdoms at conquest. As well, the Crownlands clearly have a seperate culture from the Riverlands and Stormlands, I think very much making them a ninth Kingdom at this point. My other unpopular opinions not shared above : 1. Tyrion is overrated. Also, he is a rapist and mostly a dick to everyone. He is super priveleged but acts like he has the worst life ever. 2. My favorite character is Catelyn Tully Stark. I don't think the war is her fault. I don't think the North lost because of her (and Robb and Edmure would have benifited from listening to her more). I think she was an excellent wife and husband. 3. I know I said it above, ADWD is really my favorite book. I love the Mereen chapters. I like the Tyrion chapters despite thinking he is an awful person. (I also love the Theon chapters, but I think that is a popular opinion) 4. Renly would have made the best King or Queen from amongst the possible King and Queens we meet. He was politcally savy, likeable, and had the love of the common people as well. 5. Stannis, although improving, is not the great man many in the fandom think he is. He makes big mistakes and his killing of Renly is frankly, immoral and horrible. He is growing as a character, but he started as a boring harsh man, who had a lot, a lot, of flaws. 6. Petyr Baelish is not all that smart. He is probably great with money, but his political moves are mostly random gambles. He is simply a deceivious scumbag. He deserves zero praise. I also think GRRM protects him a little. I really feel like it is shocking no one has killed him at this point. 7. Arianne Martell is alright. Her chapters are enjoyable. So are Barristan Selmy's, Quentyn Martell's, and Cersei's (I hate her, but I enjoy her chapters).
  11. ....You realize that being pro slavery in the 1850's was part of US culture right? That doesn't make it right... In my high school, it was certainly still part of the culture to be extremely homophobic and racist. Thank god most people didn't have your attitude and started standing against that. If someone chooses to have slaves, and treat them as sub human, they are horrible people. I am sorry, perhaps they can change or find redemption, but part of culture or not, it is awful. I am pretty sure many Americans still make excuses like yours for why we have to accept our parents or grandparents racism. We don't. I can keep making examples if you like. It was part of German culture during WWII to murder Jews. Should we let them off? How about in Japan where they used comfort women (sex slaves essentially) during WWII. Should those people go unpunished because everbody was doing it? (that is essentially the same idea as part of their culture) Honestly, I love this site. I love commenting and being part of a community. However, I am really tired of people defending murderers, sociopaths, or slavery. Jesus people, look at your words and really think about them.
  12. Thanks Curled Finger^^ ....You know she didn't let the Imp go right? I just want to make sure you can tell the difference between Catelyn and Lysa. They are in fact, different characters entirely. Shall we also blame Renly and Stannis for Robert's lack of leadership? Telling someone to trusf your childhood friend is literally human nature. I would automatically trust my childhood friends, without thinking. Are you such a cynical person you would not? Arresting Tyrion was arguably a bad move? I am fairly convinced there were already plans in motiob to remove Robert from the throne. I since Eddard was in trouble either way. If she had gone to Riverrun instead of the Eyrie (at the time was certainly the worse option) things may have ended bery differently (exchanging Eddard and Tyrion, ect). Again, as I said before, letting Jaime go was one made with emotion and not one thought out logically. It was the only way she could think to get Arya and Sansa back. Again, I like to think most parents would do this. If you wouldn't do anything in your power to get your children back, perhaps you have never been a parent. Killing Jinglebells did not cost her her life. She was losing it, Walder had planned to hold her hostage. She had lots of good advice. She was the one who suggested meeting and treating with Renly. She also had good advice for Renly and Stannis when she was in the south. She said not to send Theon, which is honestly the move that cost Robb the war. She repeatedly gave Robb good advice with his bannermen. She advised Edmure to let Tywin pass, which was supposbly the same idea Robb had, which he yells at Edmure for. No one takes her good advice admittedly, but she gave a lot pf it. And lets compare this to other characters and their repeated mistakes. Eddard, Robb himself, Stannis, Balon idiot Greyjoy - They all made many mistakes as well. Yet none earn the vehement hate of the fandom. I am so tired of acting like Catelyn tore down everything on her own. Eddard could have easily made substantially better decisions and ended the war before it even began. Robb could have kept the Karstarks and Freys with better decisions.Say send Rickard Karstark as far away from the hostages as possible! Don't marry some girl that ruins your alliance. I'm done and I'm sorry to everyone who is tired of my defenses of Catelyn. I will however, keep defending her.
  13. ....I am not suggesting Arya did anything wrong, I am wondering what would have happened. I really really doubt that in front of many of his bannermen he would do this. Besides fhe fact it is repeatedly said that Arya looks like Ned, I assume both Tallheart and Glover would at least offer to take her to Catelyn in Riverrun. She could have proved herself to them im a variety of ways as well. She is after all, actually Arya Stark. She could name a lot of things she wouldn't otherwise know. At the point Roose takes Harrenhall, he is very much loyal to Robb and his marriage hasn't been discovered yet, nor had the Battle on the Blackwater been lost yet. Don't get me wrong, I totally understand Arya's decision, I just think any of the three men I mentioned are likely to at least hear her out, and Roose would at least have to make a show of checking who she is. I see the worst case scenario beimg he simply holds her and actually marries her to Ramsay, which granted is awful, but I just don't see any logical reason for Roose to put himself at risk by having her killed. It is simply a horrible plan.
  14. So, I am sure people have discussed this before, but regardless, what do you guys thinks? I personally think she should have revealed herself to Helman Tallhart or Robett Glover or just in a large group of Lords. I think Roose would have no choice but to send her to Riverrun probably with one of the aforementioned Lords or perhaps Harrion Karstark escorting. In the end, this would have never happened as George had other plans for Arya, but just wondering your thoughts. (Also I think Arya would have stayed in Riverrun or perhaps Seaguard during the Red Wedding) As Robb's heir, I really wonder what would have happened to her.
  15. Renly Baratheon seemed to be the best at uniting differing people's. He also seemed to understand the ends and outs of leadership, and was a capable game player as well as leader. He had the same gift Robert did for winning the hearts of his people, but would much more capable once in power. Balon would be a truly awful King, I'm sorry but he was no different than any other random reaver. He had no hope of every holding any castle he captured in the North longterm. If his plan had simply been to destroy Robb Stark chance of competing with the Lannisters, than I guess he was good at that. Robb is so young it is hard to say. His kingdom was only to be the North and the Riverlands and he was certainly liked in the area. We don't have a lot of evidence for how he would have been as a peacetime King though. My guess is he would have been capable though, listening to his advisors and then making sound decisions. Again, he is no Renly (the best option in my opinion) but I don't think he would have been a disaster either. Stannis as of ADwD seems to have changed a lot since ACoK, so I am unsure what kind of King he would be. However, he often seems to think everyone is idiots. This is probably not the kind of King that will ever inspire much love from his people. I think Stannis could even see popular uprisings during his Kingship as lord's just would never grow to love the man. Do I even need to talk about Joffrey? He was an idiot and a monster. Essentially, shall we say, the Donald Trump of Kings. Thinks he is really great even as his polls go lower and lower. Boasts a lot despite having no abilities at leadership whatsoever. Side Note : Davos would make a good King if the people of Westeros could ever accept a man born a commoner. So would someone like Beric Dondarrian, however he may be similar to Aegon V, constantly fighting the lords over their rights.