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  1. I just want to hit a "like" button, but alas they don't exist here yet, so I will just tell you : I really like and agree with your post.
  2. Exactly! I completely agree with your analysis. Renly wanted to get rid of the Lannisters because he perceived them as a threat (correctly), especially Cersei. He also was very geniune in wanting to ally with Eddard Stark, and I personally think Eddard's greatest mistake was not allying with Renly. Again, I totally agree. He reaches out to Eddard several times!
  3. This has probably been discussed before, but my search for answers was unsatisfactory. So, I am wondering, what do you think Cersei would do if somehow her two children died. Stannis is now heir to Iron Throne no matter what. In the Dance of Dragons, Aegon III was placed on the throne after his Uncle died. Is it possible that there would be any more support for Stannis in this scenario, or are we all assuming Aegon is going to take the Iron Throne, so it doen't matter anyways? Who would what's left of the Lannisters declare King or Queen?
  4. Jaeharys I. An honerable second place to Viserys II, who probably saved the realm from complete destruction by his two oafs for nephews.
  5. 1. R+L=J : I don't even consider this one a question anymore. 2. Arianne will marry Aegon and tell her father to bring his army in support of Aegon. 3. Aegon is not Aegon Targaryen. I would guess he is a Blackfyre, probably through Ilyrio's late wife. I would like to see him admit this (but that is only my own wish). 4. Sansa will kill Petyr Bailish or be directly responsible for his downfall (again this might be wishful thinking, but I think it could happen). 5. Jon Snow is not dead, and only injured in some serious way. Melisandre will save him. 6. The Riverlords will rise against the Lannisters soon, led by Lord Tytos Blackwood (I got give my namesake some shout out). The BwB along with the Riverlords will be responsible for some massacre to the Frey's family tree. I also wonder if the Riverlords won't help Aegon in some way just by eliminating Lannisters. 7. The Children of the Forest are not what they appear. Bran probably ate Jojen Reed. That story line is murky outside of that, but I think it could be a very morally gray storyline. 8. Tyrion will continue to be worshipped by fanboys and fangirls no matter how many whores he rapes. They will defend his every action reminding us all how rape culture works. 9. Catelyn, Sansa, Daenerys, and Brienne will continue to be hated no matter what they do, by a certain subset of the fandom *cough sexists and mysigonists cough*, reminding us all how sexism works. 10. A lot of people will die.
  6. Fair enough and well said. Yes, I agree with you, he should have given Shae more depth. She is far from the only character I want this from, say the entire Dothraki race. Or the Mereenese. Giving someone like Jhogo or Irri who have been in 4 out of the 5 books more depth could really make the Dothraki society more real. My partner pointed out just recently that Irri and Jhiqui seem like scenery almost. Also, although I like Shae more in the show than the book, I like book Shae more in that it exposes Tyrion. She clearly doesn't love him, but he sees what he wants to see. And in the scene where she dies, in the show she attacks Tyrion. It can almost be seem as self defense on Tyrion's behalf. Not so much in the book. However, I agree whole heartedly I would have preferred her to have a lot more depth. In fact, Shae and that whole storyline is one of the reasons I don't like ACoK as much as some others do. He spends so much time on it but yet tells so little real information about her at all. Sorry for mistaking your point from before. I hope I didn't offend you at all. I guess I have seen all these sleezy guys around my friends, and Tyrion reminds me of them so much. (which is why I can imagine them seeing my friend how Tyrion sees Shae) Maybe if GRRM could just have someone call Tyrion out for the rapist/abuser he is...
  7. First, I don't understand why my two quotes are sticking together. So to start off, I am responding to Serafina. Firstly, I loved a lot of what you said, especially the parts on Catelyn, which is why I quoted them. Secondly, just wondering, do you know any sex workers? I am not denying some of what you said, and even agree with some of it. I just wondered your reasoning on why someone like Shae could not exist. I have friends who are sex workers, and they have customers who they eventually have developed relationships with that look a lot like Shae/Tyrion. Now, of course, they are not undeveloped book characters, so they have a lot more to them, but to be honest, I could see how their cutomors may view them the same way Tyrion viewed Shae. Now, some of my friends are more like show Shae, but I also have at least few friends I think were somewhat similar to book Shae. I was not their customer/date, so I saw them from a different perspective, but we never get a different perspective on Shae other than Tyrion's. Since I feel like everyone will be wondering why I have so many friends who are involved in sex work...I had several ex-dates/girlfriends who were transgender. They all had friends in sex work, some by choice and some by circumstances. Unlike perhaps some men, I simply viewed them as people and befriended them as well. As well, I have occassionally befriended people who happen to be sex workers while traveling, usually beginning with me politely declining interest in their sevices, followed by offering my friendship. Most are not interested (because they have to work), but some are. I like to think I am just an open person willing to be friends with anyone, ESPECIALLY while traveling. I love to meet new people^^. To answer your final question, and to be honest, the reason I decided to even respond (I at first just wanted to read women's opinions and learn from them), I actually relate to the female characters more than the male ones, and usually do in pretty much every form of media. As several other men have mentioned, I have more female friends than male ones. I simply find women easier to get along with than men, and don't relate to them, especially to the hyper masculated Americanesque image of male-hood. Catelyn Tully is my favorite character, and that would be mostly because she was the most relatable character early on in the books for me. Her relationship with Eddard is by far the most similar to the relationship I have with my partner. Their love is born out of partnership, friendship, and trust (despite Eddard badly damaging that trust because of a certain promise), and not the popular eros-filled honeymoon like lust love that Hollywood normally craps out. Although I am not a parent yet, she also reminds me of my mother who I try to emulate as much as possible (and will do even more when I become a father). Although for some unforseen reason (cough...sexism..cough), fans seem to deem her as somehow being a bad mother, literally everything she does, politically or otherwise, is for her family. Her strength while staying in a role women are allowed may never be something I experience, but it is one that I admire. However, Catelyn is not the character I relate to the most. That would be Brienne. I relate to her because she is feels constantly as though she does not fit in. Not only that, but her choice to take on a role usually occupied by men, brings back my own experience as I repeatedly have put myself in roles normally occupied by women. In a way we are opposites, but in other ways, I see many parallels in my life similar to what she experiences. People constantly deeming her as a freak and demeaning her. One commenter on here mentioned she is unrealistic because she does it alone, but that is exactly how I feel. I don't have a group of male friends who think like me. Often times I don't fit in with either women (I am not accepted into their group simply because I am not female and quite frankly, they understandably don't trust my motives) or men. I teach kindergarten, and am pretty much always excluded by the other teachers. They are always kind to me as coworkers, but they don't invite me to join them outside of work. I also relate to Sansa, as I grew up with childish fantasies of love. I wanted a princess to come save me and sweep me off my feet. (You will have to grant me that I simply didn't care about gender roles when I fantasized, nor do I currently, but I was forced to conform at the age I imagined these things). Now, as to Jahaerys Tyrell, I also agreed with a lot of what you said, but especially this quote! I agreed with everyone about the fact I think GRRM might be attracted to Daenerys, and I just don't think any human beings think as much as she does about her body. Way to many scenes describing the sweat on her breasts or whatever. How she is described really distracts from her narrative. I try to basically ignore it and focus on what else is happening, as I like Daenerys, but don't need to hear about her breasts that much, especially as it just doesn't seem like how people anyone would think about themselves.
  8. ...I think literally every human being has loved someone and been turned down, especially when we were teenagers (although for the most part I think teenage love is lust and not love). However, most, if not all of us, have moved on by adulthood. I agree with you that Petyr is obsessed, but he wouldn't be a completely different person if Catlyn had returned his love. That part of his personality was already present, as he was clearly obsessed with Catlyn, and not in love with her.
  9. Quote of the next paragraph after refusing Renly, "He found himself wondering if he had done the right thing by refusing Lord Renly's offer." He goes on to say he will need his swords, then he sends for LITTLEFINGER! So he decides to trust Littlefinger, and doesn't even bother to send for Renly. He realized his mistake, and sent for Littlefinger, which was a bigger mistake. On Renly : I don't think so. I don't think Renly had decided to proclaim himself King at this point. I think Renly wanted rid of the Lannisters as much as Ned. He had an ally sitting in the same city as him and never did anything about it. Loras Tyrell was also a potential ally who he shamed publicly. Anyways, I think Renly would have supported Eddard at least for a time. On coldness : Eddard is described as being close with his men. I absolutely think his men felt this. As Addam Yoza said, I think he is considered a good lord who cares deeply for his people in the North.
  10. I know this has probably been discussed before. I know it is probably to most of us fans, but I honestly just want to complain, and hear your frustrations as well. I am rereading AGoT for the fourth time. Each time I have read this book, Eddard Stark's actions make me more and more disappointed. To me though, the most infuriating and confusing choice he made, was not taking Renly's offer of 100 swords. At this point, he already knew he might need support. Yet, he does nothing. He even painfully regrets the decision a few minutes later, but does nothing about it. Renly was literally returning to sit by Robert. GO BACK TO HIM! I admit, as I know what will happen, it angers me more, but even on my first read I didn't understand it. Renly gave sound advice. He basically offered Eddard his support. Something Eddard had practically none of. Actually, to go back farther, let's talk about Eddard's lack of any attempt to befriend ANYONE in King's Landing. He should have been attempting to befriend Renly Baratheon since the moment he entered the city. It even seems that Yohn Royce has stayed in Winterfell before, yet he makes no attempt to speak to him or spend time with him. Eddard Stark is rightly praised in the book for being a lord who cares for his men. He invites them to eat with them, listens to them, and frankly, cares for them. He cries over Jory's body in a way I doubt any if the Lannisters or Baratheons would over their underlings. Yet, all this clearly good planning disappears in King's Landing. He makes no attempt to befriend or care for anyone. He invites no one to dinner. He seems to forget all the good lessons he passed on to Jon and Robb as soon as he arrives. And this brings me back to Renly. Despite Eddard's lack of effort to befriend him or treat him as a younger brother or anything, Renly still offers him 100 swords. He even realizes he needs them. He should have taken those swords, and he should have found Balon Swann, Yohn Royce, any of the other lords not loyal to Cersei. He could have had 200 men supporting his move. Poor, poor Eddard just never realized the opportunity he had. So what do you think is the most infurating move by Eddard Stark?
  11. How would you know? Maybe,...ask her...., the fundamentals of human communication would probably do. Didn't Catelyn beg him not to? I feel like she had already turned him down before the duel even took place.
  12. I would respect Catelyn's wishes, because she is not a prize for me to win. I would never have challenged for her hand in the first place after she turned me down. I would have probably stayed in Riverrun, and been a loyal subject. I would be wed to some amazing woman who loved me in return, but still friends with Catelyn (after some time to recover from my heartbreak).
  13. I think you are confusing riding a dragon and being a dragon lord. A dragon lord is a term from Valyria referring to those 40 families in power, and not just a common noun for someone riding a dragon. A dragon rider is a normal person riding a dragon. A dragon lord is special title, and House Targaryen are the only dragon lords after the doom. Marrying a dragon lord does NOT make a family a dragon lord family. If that was the case, GRRM would have said so. It makes no logical sense. Read the quote below by maydisdottir. As he/she said, Middleton is not suddenly a royal family. It doesn't work that way. Let's give another example. Catelyn Tully married Eddard Stark. However Catelyn Stark doesn't get a dirwolf. She doesn't suddenly have the ability to warg. As well, her name does change to Stark, but Edmure's does not. Lysa's does not. When you marry a family, your entire family does not take on their traits. No one expects Edmure Tully to say "Winter is Coming" because those are not his words. I don't understand your logic, at all. Actually,when it comes to your second point, I am unsure. I would guess however, that even if you are dragonless, you are still considered a dragon lord, as it is a title and not a common noun. Exactly. Thank you for explaining this so eloquently.
  14. Wow, talking on here has gone downhill. Is everyone here now so eager to argue with people even when they agree with them? One. I know of Laenor and Laena as well, although since I am literally commenting in my spare time while riding the subway, I think pointing out every insubstantial character to be a bit .... pointless. I could remember Addam Velaryon 's name off the top of my head, so I said his name. 2. Marrying into a family does not make that family into a dragonlord family. That is literally nonsense. Rhaenys and Rhaenyra's dragons come from house Targaryen, not house Velaryon (as well as your other examples). 3. I am tempted to also say that as House Velaryon probably doesn't own any dragon eggs, so they even barely count. However, maybe they do have eggs. The fact was with the exception of Laena, Laenor, Addam, and the three other dragonseeds, no one but Targaryens controlled dragons. I doubt any dragon eggs were kept by anyone other than a Targaryen before the dragons stopped being born. I don't know the qualifications for being a "dragon lord", but I garuntee it isn't "if anyone in your family marries a dragonlord, your entire clan are now dragonlords, too. P.S. If you had been more pleasant in your response, I would have been as well. Try being civil if you want a civil discussion.
  15. If you think Loras was planning on going alone....really? Do you actually think the son of the lord paramount of the Reach was planning to ride in alone? Hint : he wasn't. Obviously he was planning to bring a force of men.