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  1. It's funny but the same could be said of you. You seem to know what's important to the future of the story, even before the author has written it. Aaannndddd...... you're getting butthurt over us having a discussion that you obviously don't want us to have. It's funny that instead of just skipping this thread and letting us talk in idiotic circles, you want to swoop in and quash any theory that didn't sit well with you. So Dorian Martells Son, why are you so upset with discussion? Why must out discussion for your view of the books? And yes Martin does know his books, not you. He couldn't very well say we having seen the last of Rhaegar if it is true. So your point is invalid.
  2. What I fail to understand is why people think GRRM would give away plot points just because people ask him . So what if GRRM said Rhaegar was cremated "before the books are completed". I wonder what he would have said about Theon if someone would have asked about him between books 3 and 5. Because authors don't like to give away their stories, especially their plot twists. So would he have said "oh he's being held and tortured by Ramsey Bolton and is also secretly Reek (THE 3RD Reek mind you, 2 were indeed secret targs....i mean secret identities.) Or would he have said a vague answer that made most people happy yet still allows his secret?
  3. I haven't read the D&E series yet, so I was unaware of his winestain birthmark. I find that fascinatingly awesome!! The reason being , I have one as well, it covers my entire right side of my neck, and extends along my lower jaw and cheek, and till slightly above my ear. I was always self-conscious of it as a child, as an adult I forget it's there most of the time. But cool, another reason to love BR. Most girls have said it is charming.
  4. 1. I believe so, but you are correct that it's a lep I'm making, albeit logical based on her part in the story. 2. Well, yes. But only if Mance = Rhaegar. That is the basis of my OP. 3. Agree that 100%, I was not saying anything about Jon tho. I said we as forum readers could use that moniker, not Jon.....quite a leap that you made as well. 4. Not at all. I mean it literally. I'm just clever at my wording. Sometimes I think the boards need to take a chill pill, new ideas are usually cast out by the better known posters without much thought. Clearly you are not open to possilites that you don't like, as opposed to having an open mind. No one (not Arya) would ever had believe me if I said Theon would be Reeked in ACOK, but 3 books later he was.
  5. All good points, which could also elude to his parent Wildling marriage. It describes Rhaegar "stealing" Lyanna and consumated the relationship. I'm not being inconsistent. Lyanna is nothing but ice up until she is married, and then she is still ice but also fire by marriage, another bride by fire just like Dany. Most things in these books have multiple and layered meanings, that only become obvious way later on. It still fits the symbolism. Take for example this, which proves that new books give new meanings, with layers of depth : Theons 1st or 2nd line is somehing along the line's of "stupid hodor, at least he knows his name". Initially this just shows his sarcasm and wit, and eagerness to belittle others. In book 5, we learn that he knows his name is Reek. And his comment about Hodor is full on irony. His final chapter as Theon in ADWD shows that he knows he is The on again, giving the Hodor comment a bit of a redemption....he learned a lesson. More to come I'm sure. What you're calling sloppy is me having a broader scope I think. I must repeat that most of this is off the top of my head, but I am more than versed in the books. Read the physical 3 times, and listened to the audio 5 and counting, plus several years of forum use here, which is beyond illuminating. Not bragging, just pointing out that what you say is accurate, but also fits within my bigger idea.
  6. Did Ned warg into Ice right before "Ned as Ice" chopped his own head off.....?
  7. All good points, and I myself am not 100% sold on this, I just think it's very possible, and I like it. I would add to my post about Jaime becoming unrecognizable, that AD in Night's Watch black, with a new hait cut and different facial hair, might be unrecognizable even to those who knew him. Maybe not those that knew.him well, but even another tourney knight might only have seen him in full KG armor and for very short times. And, QH wasnt posted at Castle Black, possible to keep him away from the majority of Brothers, and definitelyall of the new recruits. AnD on QH dying, I think it's beautiful that Jon never desired to kill him, but was forced to by Qah himself, thus he killed the guy who basically ended his public life to insure Jon's safety....and not only that, but QH ended his life AGAIN when he gave it to Jon. Just like a true knight of the KG. This is a wild fancy I admit, but I'm loving how well it fits even if I'm proven wrong. And the payoff will be huge if I'm right. I like how I saw a poster earlier put it (sorry I forgot who posted it)..... .....we must don our Valyrian Foil hats....with bunny ears
  8. Valid point about QH history at the wall, I will have to think and read on that one, how he could have either blened in (unlikely) or usedo some method of trickery. I will say that the books make a HUGE deal on Jaime losing his hand, and then becoming UNRECOGNIZABLE when he shaved his head and grew a beard. So we have both of the "best of their time" swordsmen, both members of the KG, both eventually LC of the KG, losing their hand, taking on a new look, and questioning where their honor should take them: word of the law or spirit of the law. This also sounds like a Martinesque trend....using a past character to symbolically tell a current characters story. If Jaime takes the black, as many theorize he may, it would only add to the analogy. About the fire and lyanna, I disagree. It is a direct reference to Lyanna if QH=AD is true. And we must recognize the Lyanna is not the type to be boy crazy, so it may be possible she was different with Rhaegar. If she went willingly, I would say she was being a wild wolf, with a fiery attitude. If they were married as the quote says they were on their marriage night, she would be Lyanna Targaryen, a Fire and Ice rep. AD would have witness Mad Aerys kill with fire many times, I don't think he would say this quote otherwise,.....he had forgotten that fire could be beautiful, and now he sees the fair maidens and the Targaryen's son making a fire, yet not welding it in such a monstorus way.
  9. Thanks, another great example I hadn't thought of. I'm at work and just spit balling here from memory, so I'm glad that more and more text helps flesh this out. On the quote about AD using his left hand to kill 5, didnt Ned show up as a party of 7? So in theory, Arthurs hand could have been maimed early, and he still killed the 5 with his left hand. That would leave .....only Ned, Howland, and Dayne. Could Howland "saving Ned" be about Howland coming up with the solution, thus saving Neds life (because AD is still a lethal lefty now) AND saving his honor by not having to kill a wounded knight 2v1 that was only protecting his sister? It adds layers of depth to the story and multiple meanings, which is Martins M.O. to a tee. And it could explain why the show chose to show AD's ambiguity in a different way.....saves a good reveal for the books. I've contemplated that if Mance = Rhaegar is true, the show must have dropped that storyline for simplicity.
  10. Something else I just noticed. Martin has shown plenty of times that he likes to pose very honest and real questions in his characters thoughts, and the narrator is always just about to answer these questions ( questions we argue about for years here on the forums) when suddenly some outside event occurs or similar. Here, he gets away with NOT answering our question, because Jon thinks it would be taboo to ask. It would solve way too many questions if he asked. What was Quorin gonna say, "well Jon, I didn't mean myself, I meant your mother, I just forgot how beautiful she was until I saw the fire here, it reminded me of how fair and hot she was, and how she was shy on that night, as I was guarding her and Rhagars bedchamber as they consumated.....oh, er, and, hard har, I'm actually Arthur Dayne.....mayhaps...." Also, one would describe Lyanna, and by extension Arya, as having a firey personality. So comparing Lyanna to a newly made fire would work on several levels.
  11. If QH=AD is true, then he in fact does die defending his royal charge. He gives his life to save Jon Snow. Which also prevents us readers from seeing Mance and Quorin together. It does seem odd that he would abandoned infant Jon Snow and head north to the wall..... Unless you cosider that it could be a long-game plan, to hide Jon Snows existence. Ned agrees to take Dawn to the Daynes to prove his death, while AD becomes QH (He willingly loses his hand, or loses it to Ned and Howland, either way, it hides his EXTREME talent with a sword). He goes North to prepare to continue protecting JS, bc he knows JS will be at the wall......because...... Howland Reed comes up with this whole plan. That's how he saves Ned. He sees the solution, and is a possible greenseer anyway. He spent a year at the Isle of Faces, which would link him to Bloodraven possibly, but at the very least, to the weir woods and the weirnet. Thus, giving him knowledge of the vast importance of this baby. Has anyone ever questioned how odd it is, timeline wise, that Howland goes to the Isle of Faces, spends a year there, leaves just in time to "come upon" the Tourney at HH, befriend the Starks, the war begins, progresses, and within a year, he is with Ned at the ToJ and "saves" Ned and sets the story into motion?
  12. Just a thought to throw out there. While reading the excellent posts above, a thought occurred to me. When the Isle of Faces is said to have a correlation to the Hall of a Faces....what if there is some way to travel quickly to each continent located there? It says the crannogman (Howland) stayed there for a year....what if he was in Braavos, learning the art of Many Faces? Maybe this is how Jaquen travels, it also makes sense that while at Harrenhall he would be in close proximity to the isle. Just a thought.
  13. I agree, the snake to Dorne reference is not the most certain, but it does occur. I think of Dorne as a nest of vipers, not just the Martells, specifically Oberon. Overall, this is a shaky point, and we need more quotes and/or books to flesh it out. Martin is great at using this form of literary allusion and foreshadow, so I think it may be one that just isn't fully fleshed out yet (i.e. we need the new books!!) I don't say the free folk all know Quorin as AD, although they all know Quorin for sure. I think Ygrette may know more because she is close to Mance's inner circle, thus having some insider knowledge. It's just a possibility though, by no means surefire (wouldn't Surefire be a great bastard name for confirmed Targ lines?) Clearly she knows SOMETHING because she knows that Jon Snow knows NOTHING.
  14. Spot on, thank you for pointing this one out to me . Good question . I don't know for certain. However, it never says Howland kills him, and possibly not even Ned says it. He does say that HR saved his life, the assumption being that he killed or aided in Ned killing Arthur Dayne. That is an assumption that I think Ned intentionally fosters in order to keep the secret (just like he fosters Jon) Does Ned actually claim or think in his thoughts that he killed Arthur? Does he only deliver his sword to the Daynes? He delivers Dustin horse....what about Arthur Daynes? Does Arthur ride away without his sword? This would "prove" his death without a body.
  15. I like the idea presented by Little Scribe. To take it a bit further.... Could the KotLT actually "be" Bran? We know he can slip into people as well as trees, would it not also be logical that his next step would be to BECOME THE KNIGHT that he always wanted to be, thus winning the tourney? At this point, he also already knows that historically, the KotLT wins, so it's almost a no brainer for him to also experience it. Also, if words are wind, Bran does indeed speak through trees. The winds rustling are not the words themselves, but sign the tree is speaking.