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  1. Hi everyone! A friend of mine is organizing a Game of Thrones Pubquiz in Frankfurt. Would anyone be interested in showing up? Cheers!
  2. Asked once, a while ago, it doesn't hurt top ask again. Anyone in Frankfurt am Main??
  3. A question about the Faceless Men: In Westeros they are usually referred to as professional assassins, who are very deadly, very precise and very very expensive. In Braavos, at the HoBaW it is said that the FM give the gift to those chosen by their god. The Blind Girl, ADWD How can these two views be compatible? So what are they? Assassins that "give the gift" according to rules, or to money? Thanks in advance for the input!
  4. I don't like the fact that I can't "jump" to the latest post read by me. Or am I missing smtg?
  5. :) Cave is a favourite of mine :cheers: Let me know when you are passing by!
  6. I asked at a Facebook group whether there's something like that in Frankfurt. There is actually a cool kneipe around the corner where football matches are broadcasted. It is a nice place (playing very cool music early evening, such as Bowie) but I don't imagine them plaing GoT... and I am too shy to ask :blush:
  7. That is actually the way to go :) :cheers:
  8. Isn't there a way of paying to watch the show online without subscribing to the whole channel? I don't have a TV but I'd like to watch the show anyway on legal terms. Is there any solution such as that?
  9. :cheers: Btw how will you guys manage to see the new season? I don't want to watch it doubled in German. I don't want to have a Sky subscription btw.
  10. Anyone around Frankfurt aM? :spin: