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  1. Also, if you go by SSM entries, GRRM mentions that Rhaegar's body was cremated: ... so there's that.
  2. He's basically #NorthAF One of my top 5 characters.
  3. My gripe with this is that if Mance=Rhaegar, then why on earth would he allow such a defining trait of his to be so publicly known?
  4. Don't ask me who did but it seems like Gregor Clegane wasn't the one who smashed baby Aegon's face. In fact, he seems to have only smashed Elia's face. [Disclaimer]: The above transcript is from a fight-scene. One in which Gregor was a little bit preoccupied with a trial by battle and might not have recounted things the way they actually happened. Having said that, it seems strange to me that this is the one piece of first-hand evidence we get of the events involving Elia and her children. The fact is that Gregor killed at least one of her children (I think it was Rhaenys). "I killed her screaming whelp"; notice how he only says one whelp, not whelps. Then he says that he crushed Elia's face. Why would he say that? Wasn't it supposed to be baby Aegon's face which he smashed? I'm not usually one to be so nit-picky about something that was said in passing, but this just struck me as odd. And GRRM is known to be precise about most things he says. All throughout the series, we're reminded of how Gregor smashed baby Aegon's face - making it conveniently unrecognisable - and yet suddenly, Gregor says it was Elia's face which he smashed. What say ye? Am I onto something, or just reading too much into it?
  5. Jon Snow Tyrion Lannister Daenerys Targaryen Arya Stark Sansa Stark Bran Stark
  6. Anyone can beat anyone. GRRM / Selmy tells us this. The problem is that The Mountain has such a high probability of defeating most of his enemies due to his advantages of his size/strength/speed.
  7. In reference to what the times actually are: What is this method of telling time that GRRM uses? Here's a breakdown of the Named Hours which you might be interested in: Hour of the Bat: some time during deep night to early morning Hour of the Eel: just after the hour of the bat Hour of Ghosts: just after the hour of the eel Hour of the Owl: a few hours after the hour of the bat, yet till before dawn Hour of the Wolf1: "the blackest part of night"2, coming after the hour of the owl and preceding the dawn3. Hour of the Nightingale: the period coming directly after the hour of the Wolf. Most likely dawn.
  8. You may be interested in: Did Illyrio Mopatis know what he was doing when he offered dragon eggs to Daenerys as a wedding gift? and Where did Magister Illyrio Mopatis get the dragon eggs from?
  9. Good. Then the mystery has worked on you. You will enjoy when it is finally revealed
  10. Kate Dickie (who plays our favourite aunt Lysa) also has a small role in the TV mini series - London Spy.
  11. Really? When? I don't remember that he was the Maester at the Dreadfort; you sure you're not confusing with when Roose made him temporary Maester at Harrenhall? (I could also be mis-remembering)
  12. Ok, so the infamous Theon/Ghost in Winterfell chapters had the Bolton company in Winterfell and apparently beset upon by Stannis' army outside. There was the distinct and ominous blowing of the horns that basically went on all night, clearly signalling the attack. But just before Roose sends out the Manderly and co. armies out for battle - the scene where "Big Walder" Frey is found dead and Wyman the Legend says “Though mayhaps this was a blessing. Had he lived, he would have grown up to be a Frey.”; Roose has a parchment which apparently says that Stannis' army is three days ride out. So what on earth is going on? Had Stannis sent some horn blowers in advance to scare the shit out of Winterfell? Was it some other group? Who was blowing the war horns outside of Winterfell?
  13. He didn't necessarily agree with the stranger per se, he agreed with the Knight's code of honour and that stranger's cause. It didn't matter that it was Dunk, it could have been some other lowly knight or a high ranking landed knight; Baelor stood up for the honour code and that's all that matters - in his mind it couldn't have gone any other way.
  14. The only time that a "red door" is mentioned in a POV besides Dany's is in Cressen's POV chapter: Not sure what it means yet, but there you go. There are other mentions of "sort of" red doors as well. In a few of Ned's King's Landing chapters, there's mentions of doors with red lanterns hung on them, mayhaps Dany is remembering a door with this similar effect...