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  1. Not really. It's hard to extrapolate how his All-Star and international play would translate to him being on a better team. His All-Star averages are actually kind of bad, and his international averages are better. Seems like a wash to me. As far as stats vs. watching the games goes, why not both? It's the only way to get a complete picture. And when I watch Melo, what stands out to me is that he is slow. Melo was a great player, but at this point in time he's a fringe All-Star who gets in on name recognition more so than actually ability. He'd be a great 6th man for the Cavs, but I don't think he would be a big net plus if he was a starter.
  2. Well I'm going to give it to you anyways. The dreaded Carmemo Anthony has a lower career 3PT% than Love and George, and his career average is lower than the NBA league average for 2017. Moreover, the league average has been higher than his career average for the last 19 seasons.
  3. It makes sense for the Clippers, but it's making less and less sense to me for the Rockets. Paul seems like a bad fit and he's probably going to leave after a year.
  4. No you don't. George has the higher career percentage from 3 (albeit by a tiny margin), and shoots at a higher volume. http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/g/georgpa01.html http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/l/loveke01.html
  5. I can't say I agree. This iteration of the Clippers is going to be remembered as a giant failure, and they'll be bad for some time. On the plus side, this opens up an avenue for the team to be moved to Seattle.
  6. Decent D isn't enough. The Cavs badly need a really good to great defensive wing. The 2016-17 Cavs were statistically the worst defensive team to ever reach the NBA Finals. Adding Melo absent any other changes doesn't fix this.
  7. Early report, CP3 just got traded to the Rockets.
  8. Other than the curry contract, it by and large can be replicated. You just have to hit on a three or four consecutive draft picks and get a few value contracts. And thankfully, that's just where my team is. That said, I agree that if they can flip Love for a wing that can defend, adding Melo makes sense. But absent that it doesn't improve them all that much. And again, I don't think they can get Melo now that Jackson is gone.
  9. If the club scene is all you care about, yeah, the Twin Cities is not for you. But if you're open to pretty much everything else, it's a home run. Just look at LaVine. We all saw his draft day reaction, he really didn't want to come here. Now he's saying that one of the hardest things about being traded is that he has to leave MN because he fell in love with the state. And that's how most people react when they come here. Also, the winters aren't that bad. It was really mild here in Minneapolis. We had next to no snow and it was cold for like 2 weeks. The Twin Cities aren't the same as rural MN, which yes, is a frozen tundra.
  10. All the stuff about how the Warriors constructed their roster is irrelevant. And my logic was perfectly sound. Melo does not address the weaknesses the Cavs have versus the Warriors, and that's the only thing the Cavs should be focused on. They need a 3 and D wing and a better bench. Melo would help with the latter, but he does not address the Cavs fundamental weakness: defense. Either way the issue seems moot now. I doubt the Knicks will buy Melo out.
  11. Minnesota is a city? Seriously, the biggest problem is that people just don't know anything about Minneapolis or Minnesota and just assume it's the land of forever winter. Almost everyone who comes here never wants to leave.
  12. No, not really. People aren't saying that Melo is bad, just that it's a bad fit because: Golden State is the best offensive team and a top three defensive team. The Cavs cannot beat them if they keep loading up on offense while continuing to be a bottom third defensive team. Melo is not going to address this.
  13. I'll never understand why Minnesota gets this rap. The state consistently ranks in the top 5 states to live in.