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  1. It’s not possible, at least not at this point. The president’s tax returns, both current and past, are sealed and are incredibly difficult to access. They could have done it during the campaign, but I don’t think it’s possible now unless the head of the IRS does it.
  2. IDK if that’s true. Obama is more articulate and is a better orator, but Trump is great at playing to people’s emotions, especially their negative ones. If truth doesn’t matter, that’s a powerful weapon.
  3. Lies! Fake News! SAD!
  4. I have a good excuse though!
  5. Nothing in this post is shocking, which is in a way shocking. How we sunk this low this fast? What a wonderful time to be alive in America.....
  6. Vegas serves as a good example of how little we react to these mass shootings. In the wake of Vegas it seemed like almost everyone agreed that the least we could do was ban bump stocks, the device that allows semi-automatic rifles to mimic the fire of fully automatic rifles. Over four months later, they're still legal in most places.
  7. Quit trying to give us good ideas! We can't have nice things in Murika!
  8. Is there any internet wormhole stronger than the history sections of Wikipedia? Last Friday, I started just trying to get some information on a haunted house in New Orleans (The LaLaurie Mansion). This led to me reading about Delphine LaLaurie, a socialite who tortured and killed several of her slaves and was run out of the city and had to flee to Europe. This somehow led to me reading about Maria Luisa of Parma, a Spanish Queen who was the eldest daughter of King Louis XV of France. Naturally I then had to spend 90-120 minutes reading about King Louis XIV, XV and XVI, which then of course led me to read about the French Revolution and Marie Antonia getting her noggin lopped off. My biggest take away though: The Dauphin Dynasty, which ruled France for a total of 447 years, had a dolphin on their coat of arms.
  9. It's hard to know if this was the motivation, but it sure did cause that effect. Trump was going nuts on Twitter. It was like watching a person have a full mental breakdown in real time.
  10. There are at least two posters here who do nothing but regurgitate RT talking points and prop up Putin, so yeah, they're here alright. Well she did use to have a scheme to "take all the monies in the world." No reports though if she's given this up or not.
  11. This thread was made for stories like this one: http://time.com/5164714/mainz-germany-bizarre-news/
  12. How much better is that than the regular Four Roses?
  13. I failed you this weekend, Jace.
  14. Agreed. Best All-Star game I've seen in a long time.
  15. I said last week that Brees was better in basically every statistical category outside of TDs, but I also highlighted that Cousins wasn't all that far behind him. If memory serves me correctly, Brees was 1st in accuracy and Cousins was 9th. Brees was 4th in yards and Cousins was 7th. The point is Cousins isn't that far back statistically, and Brees has more talent around him, so it's not some absurd hot take to argue that Cousins could replicate what Brees achieved to some extent. Another thing to keep in mind is that NO's O-Line was great this year while Washington's was bad. That would also vastly improve Cousins' ability to perform. As far as Brees' decline goes, yes, I expect it to kick in sooner than later. What Brees and Brady are doing is highly atypical, and it would seem to me that the safer bet is that they'll both decline drastically over the next two seasons. You can already see it with both of them when it comes to the deep ball, and that's usually one of the first things to go once a QB hits the decline phase of their career arc. A stat I couldn't find though is what is the average velocity on their passes and how does that compare to 5 and 10 years ago. I'd guess it's dropped quite a bit. I don't believe I've disagreed with this. In fact, I've said before in these threads that I'd be cool with the Vikings signing Brees for two years at $30m a year while I've repeatedly said I do not want them to sign Cousins for the same amount. My argument is that the Saints could still be successful with Cousins, and that's probably true with a lot of the middle of the road QBs. Just look at Case Keenum. He was an undrafted journeyman QB who never looked very good, but he was a top 10 QB this year because he found himself surrounded by top tier skill position players and a decent O-Line. I think you could take a lot of middle of the road QBs and put them in Minny and they'd look good too. Just like with the Saints.