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  1. Last article I saw said he hasn't called Jones to concede, so that's a soft no.
  2. Democrats do to varying degrees. Republicans for the most part want to make those problems worse for their own electoral gains. This is absolutely a case where the parties want very different outcomes.
  3. Five different polls from Monmouth, Quinnipiac, Reuters/Ipsos, Economist/YouGoc and Marist released over the last two days have Democrats up on average 11.2% for generic Democratic candidate in 2018. That's pretty encouraging, even if these types of polls can be misleading because people always like their own MoC more than other MoCs.
  4. Yeah. They overpaid for the team by close to $300m, and low and behold, that's the amount of salary they dumped. FOR NOTHING. They traded the reigning MVP, who is the third best every day player in the league, for again, NOTHING! And what makes it worse, baseball signed off on it. They knew Jeter was going to do this and they went along with it. As far as the stadium goes, it was one of the most crooked things I've seen in sports. They threaten to move the team if they don't get a plush stadium deal, and once they get it the owner sells the team because of the spike in value. He also back loaded all the big contracts because the plan was always to rob Miami and make someone else deal with all the problems while getting a $1b windfall. Crooks.
  5. What Jeter is doing is unbelievable. If you can't afford good players, you shouldn't be allowed to buy a team, especially not a team with the Marlin's history of terrible ownership screwing over the team over to make money. This is so wrong.
  6. Not only is it wrong, it leads me to believe that you should be kicked in the stomach by a Spartan into a pit.
  7. Create a system where everyone is automatically registered to vote on their 18th birthday.
  8. If it makes you feel any better, we here have come up with a number of better names for the Washington Racial Slurs.
  9. Big picture, I get what you’re arguing. I just think this race is especially interesting, and a deep dive could reveal a lot or nothing. I’m trying to get back to the science part of political science. Totally agree with your breakdown. I just wanted to highlight that the dam is about to break and then the long awaited civil war will begin. That’s what I figured, but it wouldn’t have shocked me if the Republicans tried to sneak that through.
  10. 27% or 37%?
  11. Kal left one thing out, but I can’t fully type it from my work comp. Just make sure when using your fingers that she doesn’t have range, unless you’re into that.
  12. Great. Just freaking great. I make it to the Semifinals in W-B (and W-C), but now I have to pick two of these three QBs: Dak, Foles and Eli. Ugh. *Stares longingly at the rain through the window, thinking about sweet Deshaun and Cro-Magnon Andy*
  13. Also, the biggest victory from last night was not Jones defeating Moore. It was further turning McConnell and Bannon against one another. I told you guys last year not to worry about the Republican party gaining strength. Trump’s victory masked significant fissures in the party, but it was inevitable that they would reemerge. Now they’re about to explode.
  14. Generally speaking yes, but this election could tell us more about the current political climate than the handful of House races over the last year or it could be completely meaningless. Moore historically under performs to begin with and then had all this extra baggage hit him (I wonder if his slavery comment hurt him more than all the child molestation stuff), so it’s hard to tell if the data here means anything. That’s why I want to see the turnout data, specifically in Republican areas.