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  1. To be fair that's probably already happening, hence all the chaos.
  2. It does, but it also means people can protest it. Personally I think the protests are counter productive and draw more attention to the person in question, and in the cases of Coulter and Milo that's exactly what they wanted.
  3. Yes and no. He clearly hates that actual work, but he loves being the President. That said, I think the most likely reason he won't seek a second term is because he fears losing. But that's a long ways away. Also, the shut down has been delayed....by a week. To steal a line I heard earlier, "Wouldn't it be ironic if the government shuts down on Cinco de Mayo over a boarder wall with Mexico." https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/28/us/politics/congress-government-funding-stopgap.html
  4. Careful now, we don't want to risk a Bradley Beal situation. It's unwise to trifle with an undead wizard!
  5. Haha yeah, I saw that. Yeah, no. I see your Caps pain and raise you the history of the Minnesota Vikings and two giant middle fingers. Still not as troubling as Goff not know that the sun rises in the East.
  6. Wouldn't a fair starting point be "is this person trying to have a free and honest exchange of ideas or are they here to poison the well?" I'm all for someone like Ted Cruz going to Berkeley to challenge liberals or Bill Maher going to a Christian university to challenge the concept of faith and religion, but someone like Milo was not going to Berkeley for those reasons. He went there to incite people. Now that still might be a legitimate reason to allow him to speak, but his intentions were clearly not above board.
  7. Well I do think there's some truth to that, but often times what ends up happening is teams decide they need a QB and then overspend for the best one available, regardless if he is worth it. I can totally justify the RG3 trade. The Goff trade on the other hand.... And I'm not saying that because I have the benefit of hindsight, I really thought RG3 would be a star. Goff was never better than a project second rounder. Anytime you can make another team do something stupid is a plus, even if you and they aren't contenders and not in the same conference.
  8. I think the Browns played them. That said, I would not have taken him at 3, or 30. None of the QBs in this draft were first rounders.
  9. Also, given how bad the Bears' roster is, they should be trading back for more picks, not trading valuable picks for a questionable QB prospect.
  10. I've said several times that unless there is an Andrew Luck or a Jameis Winston, I'd never trade up for a QB and would rather pick a guy in the third or fourth round every other year until I hit on one. Trubisky is a project, not a ready made hit. I would trade nothing to get him.
  11. Yup. 1 All-Pro, 1 injury bust and another bust that didn't make any sense.
  12. True. He makes Ponder look like a HoFer.
  13. Congrats Browns and 49ers fans. For the first time in ages, your teams proved they were competent! Bears fans, not so much. I'd rather have two third round picks to be honest. Also, did you see his highlight reel? He was throwing deep passing 10 yards out of bounds left and right. None of the QBs in this draft should have gone in the first round, and yet three went in the top 12. DID CHRISTIAN PONDER TEACH YOU NOTHING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  14. Awesome! Man tonight's gonna suck for me. We don't have a pick and now I have to except that we used two first round picks on QBs in the last three years. One blew his knee out and is probably finished and the other is walking ACL/MCL tear waiting to happen. Swear words. All the swear words!
  15. Oh for the love of god. This is like asking, "Why didn't Westbrook set the single season usage rate record when he had a top three teammate?" Look dude, when Durant and Westbrook were teammates they had the highest combined usage rate of any two teammates in the league. What you need to ask yourself is "after Durant left, would the Thunder have been better off if Russ filled most of the void Durant left or should his scrub teammates have?" This. isn't. hard......