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  1. Obviously I can't offer any personal experience (or maybe it's not so obvious ), but I dated a multi-sport collegiate athlete when we were undergrads and she was a 34DD and she had a good system that worked for her. She'd get two sports bras for her size with one being from a company known to be a little more snug than the other (think like a size 10 Nike shoe is noticeably smaller than a size 10 NB shoe) and wear them at the same time underneath a shirt that was 1 size too small for her. It sounded like a lot of work, but she swore that it was really effective and not uncomfortable (she said she couldn't play tennis without doing this). The only thing she complained about was sometimes having to wear a sweatshirt over all of this because some guys at the gym can be SUPER creepy. To the men reading this post, DO NOT be that guy. There is no unit of measurement that could capture how loud I laughed when reading this.
  2. I thought you lose your heights point value left, not your lowest. At least that's how it should be.
  3. Think all the help on the Death Star that just took the job to feed their families. Luke is kind of a monster when you stop to think about it. And Leia, whoa. How many people died because of her murderous planning?
  4. I think it will go the other way, and the universities will make him take them to court, unless there is some legal reason why it would be more strategic to go your route. Either way though I suspect the universities would win. Also, it will be interesting if universities and states in general will change their locks and make the speaker responsible for the total cost of security for their events. And yeah, your dad made the right call on that one. Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Sadly, these hypocrites never except their own faults. Just look at Kelly's speech from yesterday, where he was lamenting our collective lack of respect for women and gold star families while defending a man who completely disrespects women and has personally attacked a gold star family. You cannot make this stuff up. There isn't a writer alive who could have written everything Trump's done as a fictional story.
  5. Very well put. Aww look at you Scot, bringing facts and information and logiv into a totally absurd argument.
  6. Oh FFS. And I just heard different reporting that the top military brass in that part of Africa (didn’t catch the name) warned that putting Chad on the travel ban list could lead to deaths for U.S. soldiers. They warned Trump this could happen, and the WH tried to keep the deaths silent. This feels more and more like they tried to cover up the deaths of soldiers because Trump recklessly caused it.
  7. Now universities will be legally able to deny him on grounds of student safety.
  8. The story about Trump promising a Gold Star father $25,000 is very telling. It was a total lie, and he lied to someone that was in the midst of grieving. Then after the press finds out about this, the WH attacks the press in a number of ways over the story before the go ahead and send the father the check. What a bunch of scum bags.
  9. It’s also worth noting that the Administration has still yet to address the grieving widow and how Trump’s call offended her and the fallen soldier’s mother.
  10. Yeah, that’s the double edged sword LaVar is playing with. On the one hand it’s a brilliant marketing technique, but on the other it’s put a giant bullseye on Lonzo and he’s going to get punished all year long.
  11. I know it was just one game, his first game and he was being guarded by one of the best defensive PGs in the NBA, but Lonzo Ball looked god awful, and worse, so unathletic compared to all the other players.
  12. Never change, Jace.
  13. IDK if you want to go down that route though. It's a dangerous precedent to set. He lost whatever integrity he had when he suggested, jokingly, that the President should kill members of the press: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2017/live-updates/trump-white-house/trump-comey-and-russia-how-key-washington-players-are-reacting/dhs-head-kelly-jokes-about-trumps-saber-and-the-press/?utm_term=.3ea540ac547d
  14. You're defining it too narrowly. Many traditional, main stream Republicans and conservatives brand benign acts that Democrats take as socialist or communist by nature. And they'll do it even when Democrats do nothing just for the sake of a cheap political attack line. For example, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) recently said (paraphrasing) that if Republicans don't support his terrible healthcare bill that everyone knew was terrible, America will become a socialist state (because a small minority of Democratic senators want to push for universal healthcare). This type of attack line is a lot more common than you would think. Also, keep in mind that most Americans have no idea what these terms actually mean. We're special that way. You've only now reached this point?
  15. Yeah, that's my takeaway as well. It also appears that Kelly confirmed that the Congresswoman was telling the truth: http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/19/politics/john-kelly-donald-trump-niger-family-calls/index.html My best guess is that Trump did try to relay the same message, but he winged it and gave a poor delivery. Trump and Kelly were also tone deaf because yes, that is what you would say to a military man or woman who you know personally who lost their child in combat, but not what you would say to a civilian widow whom you know nothing about.